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Calif. in 2004 or President Gerald Ford’s was on display at the church he attended for years St Margaret’s Episcopal Church in Palm Desert California In a statement House Speaker Paul Ryan said of Graham that lying in honor will be a fitting tribute to a man who advised 12 US presidents and reached millions via radio television and later the Internet Write to Olivia B Waxman at oliviawaxman@timecom The van also had a "CNN SUCKS" sign and a photo of Clinton with a bullseye superimposed on her face. investigate something to which you are a party? “An offence has already been committed. " It isnt clear what, Canada also is taking advantage of the international market by supplying cannabis worldwide, Officials stopped traffic for several hours in about a three-block radius of the bear, where he spent much of the morning napping. as the Apostolic Administrator of Ahaira Diocese,com applications and sites.

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By Rachael Rettner in Live Science The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington,"The hazing statute in the state of North Dakota has certain elements, For the last six months of the study, has given insight into why government negotiated with Boko Haram for the release of abducted lecturers of the University of Maiduguri and 10 women from captivity. but the original link of the fake news had already been widely circulated across multiple mediums on the internet and had already caused massive loss to her reputation. 2016 Square open again. and might become kinked and blocked when the heart was placed inside the chest wallScans showed her heart and stomach growing outside her developing body” the lawmaker added Abdullahi Adamu and Solomon Ewuga no one ever got prosecutedStudent Gavin Grimm was barred from using the boys’ bathroom at his local high school in Gloucester County said finding out about deforestation early on can keep it from spinning out of control The state agencies after initial softness decided to deal with the emerging situation with a heavy hand please contact us"Pruitt also is coming under withering criticism for renting a condo from the wife of an energy lobbyist under unconventional lease terms that permitted him to pay $50 only on days it was actually occupied — with a total of $6 Jordan" David Petraeus however Imam Imam” The group said the Anambra State House of assembly enacted the Anambra State Vigilante Group Law in 2004 “The Inspector General of Police failed woefully to address his mind to the reality that in some States like Anambra “I travelled to Nigeria and made a song entitled ‘My Girlfriend’ using my stage name Kimora “talk to them that it is about Nigeria easing visa constraints and removing other unnecessary barriers would contribute to boosting the continent’s economies fairness and equity our watchwords but we are praying and hoping that God will grant her freedom someday while tradesmen and women must be between 22 to 26 years by March 1 “The policemen overpowered the bandits even as many of them escaped with gunshot wounds” Im afraid Ive got some bad news for you” she wroteFew days after the Nigerian Army Council headed by President Goodluck Jonathan approved the promotion of 59 top officers reports say the Nigerian Army may have dozens of Generals and Colonels removed The promotions saw 22 Brigadier Generals promoted to the rank of Major Generals and 37 Colonels to the ranks of Brigadier Generals The officers were on Friday directed to proceed on terminal leave a move obviously meant to prepare them for their final disengagement No reason has been given so far for the dismissal and the identities of the affected officers have not been revealed In an interview the Director of Defence Information Mohammed Yerima said the retirement of the senior officers was part of the routine reorganisation in the Military He declined to give further details Kohl died on Friday morning at his home in Ludwigshafen according to German media He was 87A bear of a man whose provincial accent and unvarnished folksy style led opponents to underestimate him in his early years Kohl was a passionate advocate of European integration whose outlook was shaped by the two world wars that ravaged Europe and claimed the lives of his brother and uncleTogether with French President Francois Mitterrand the enigmatic socialist with whom he developed an unlikely personal bond Kohl helped steer a peaceful course for the continent during the twilight years of the Soviet Union when the foundations of Europe’s post-war order crumbled and had to be resetBy committing to anchor Germany within Europe under a commoncurrency he overcame resistance to reunification from Mitterrand Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher the British prime minister who feared the return of a powerful united GermanyIn a 2012 tribute former US President Bill Clinton described Kohl as one of post-war Europe’s defining statesmen "His vision helped to usher the global community into the 21st century to build bold and lasting relationships that endure to this day" Clinton saidFor all his accomplishments as chancellor Kohl’s life was tinged by controversy and personal tragedy after he left office in 1998 as Germany’s longest-serving leader since BismarckIn 2000 he was forced to resign as honorary chairman of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) the party he had led for 25 years after admitting to receiving $1 million in illegal cash donations during his time as chancellor which he doled out to local party organizations at his whimHe refused to reveal where the money had come from saying he had given the donors his "Ehrenwort" or word of honor not to disclose their names The scandal made him a virtual pariah in his own party for yearsAngela Merkel the shy physicist from communist East Germany whom Kohl had plucked from obscurity to join his cabinet after the November 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall turned on him at a crucial moment during the scandal ensuring his exile Ties between the two had been frosty ever since A year after he was dropped by the CDU Kohl’s first wife Hannelore who suffered from a debilitating allergy to light committed suicideSHAPED BY WARKohl was born on April 3 1930 the youngest of three children in Ludwigshafen on the Rhine a center for the chemicals industry and one of the German cities most bombed during World War TwoHis father Johann who worked in the local tax office fought in both world wars Returning from the front in Poland in 1940 he told his children: "If we ever get paid back for what we did there we will never have anything to laugh about again"Kohl’s parents are described in Hans-Peter Schwarz’s 2012 biography as skeptical of the Nazis in the early years of the regime and quiet critics later on As practicing Catholics they opposed Adolf Hitler’s rejection of religion and persecution of minoritiesWorld War Two cast a dark shadow over Kohl’s youth He recalled the death of his older brother Walter killed in an aerial attack in Normandy in 1944 as a "life-changing experience" that shook the familyWalter had been named after an uncle who died in World War One Years later when Kohldecided to give his first son the same name his mother asked whether he wasn’t tempting fate"Mother I promise you that he will not die in a war between European states" Kohl recalled telling her He often described his push for a united Europe as his way of delivering on this pledgeJust 15 when the war ended Kohl was drafted into the army and served briefly in a military training camp near Berchtesgaden but never saw combatHe returned to devastated Ludwigshafen and began history and law studies In 1959 he was elected to the regional assembly in Rhineland-Palatinate and a decade later at the age of 39 he became premier of the stateIn 1973 Kohl was elected chairman of the CDU Germany’s largest conservative party and after narrowly losing in his first attempt in 1976 he became chancellor of West Germany in 1982 when the ruling coalition of Social Democrats (SPD) and Free Democrats (FDP) underHelmut Schmidt collapsedAt first Kohl was ridiculed as a country bumpkin lacking the sophistication of predecessors such as Schmidt and Willy Brandt Cartoonists depicted him as a giant pear giving rise to his nickname "Birne" But Kohl soon showed himself to be a skillful tacticianDefying the leftist German peace movement he and his foreign minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher backed the deployment of US intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Germany winning friends in WashingtonKohl became known for wearing his opponents down by ignoring them a strategy known in German as "aussitzen" which has been mimicked by Merkel since she became chancellor in 2005FINEST HOURKohl’s finest hour came in the months after the fall of the Berlin Wall when he was able to overcome the hostility of Western allies to unify the communist east and capitalist westThe breaching of the Wall on Nov 9 1989 caught the West German political establishment and the rest of the world off-guardKohl was getting ready to sit down for a banquet dinner in Warsaw when he was alerted to the dramatic events by his office in Bonn He flew to Berlin the next day and sensing the euphoria at home soon began work on a 10-point plan for German unification that he presented to the Bundestag on Nov 28The speech typed by his wife Hannelore on a typewriter at home to prevent leaks to the media came as a total surprise to Germany’s allies US President George HW Bush was supportive but European partners seethed"Your friend Kohl your partner is a hick from the countryside" fumed Gorbachev in a private meeting with Mitterrand in Kiev a week laterThatcher was also furious "Kohl is capable of anything" she told France’s ambassador to BritainLike the British leader Mitterrand a former prisoner of war under the Nazis was worried about how far German ambitions might goFive years earlier in 1984 the French president had linked hands with Kohl on the battlefield near Verdun where Kohl’s uncle had died in the First World War and Mitterrand had been taken prisoner in the Second creating an iconic image of European reconciliation reprinted in countless history booksGerman reunification was another matterFor decades French policy had been guided by Nobel prize-winning author Francois Mauriac’s adage: “I love Germany so much I’m glad there are two of them”Nevertheless Kohl was able to win over MitterrandAt a summit in Strasbourg a month after the Wall fell described by Kohl as the most "tense and unfriendly" he had ever attended he agreed to start serious negotiations on European monetary union setting the stage for the creation of the euroKohl’s commitment to anchor a united Germany within Europe and his pledge months later to accept the Oder-Neisse line the German-Polish border set after World War Two ensured French support for unification To convince Gorbachev Kohl pledged billions of marks to pay for the withdrawal of Soviet troops from East Germany and the costs of resettling them at home"Throughout 1989 and 1990 Helmut Kohl showed uncommon vision and courage when he seized on the fall of the Berlin Wall to work for German unification" Bush said decades later"FLOURISHING LANDSCAPES"The fall of the Berlin Wall and the march toward unification were a political boon for Kohl whose popularity had been slumping forcing him to fight off a putsch attempt by CDU rivals in early 1989Ignoring warnings from the German Bundesbank he rammed through a 1-to-1 conversion rate of east German wages and pensions into west German marks and easily won re-election in 1990 as “the chancellor of unity”Kohl promised east Germans "flourishing landscapes" but the "Aufschwung Ost" – or eastern economic recovery – proved far slower and more painful than he had imagined The conversion rate increased unemployment in the East pushed up inflation in the West and led to higher interest rates across Europe as Germany borrowed massively to finance reconstructionThe economic hangover from unification and policy inertia in the decade that followed had by the end of the millennium turned Germany into the "sick man of Europe"Kohl tried to win a fifth term in 1998 instead of making way for his groomed successor Wolfgang Schaeuble who polls suggested had a better chance He lost the election to Social Democrat Gerhard Schroeder who was forced to introduce far-reaching reforms in response to Germany’s economic woesA year later the party funding scandal erupted and Kohl was pushed out as honorary chairman of the CDU His wife’s suicide the following year exposed him to accusations of neglect including from his eldest son Walter who later wrote a tell-all book about the familyKohl suffered a bad fall in 2008 and from then on was confined to a wheelchair and had trouble speaking He rarely appeared in public and his second wife Maike Kohl-Richter was criticized in the German media for zealously shielding him from his sons and old friendsKohl’s biggest achievement German reunification looks more of a success today than it did in its first decades Eastern Germany still lags behind the west in many economic measures but the gap is narrowing and cities such as Leipzig and Dresden are thriving Twenty-seven years after east and west merged Germany is prosperous and increasingly influential on the international stageKohl’s other landmark accomplishment pushing through the euro despite widespread public reservations?

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