Local WeChat public number on the road of operation combined with the website


website for ten years or so, feeling more and more difficult to operate the PC website, the Internet now, slowly toward the direction of the mobile Internet development, now for ordinary users, the average person will prefer mobile phone online, do not love the Internet computer. WeChat, another killer of the Tencent empire. Keep your mouth shut. Focus on it,

a few months ago, whim, just made a local WeChat public number, Xiapu online. Has not thought about how to operate, until recently, only a little way out today, but also hope that we can discuss the mobile Internet, using the WeChat platform, the development way of ordinary webmaster. read more

Seven reasons for standing

does it need reason to do web site? Of course, there are reasons for doing everything. Ten big reasons for doing web site,


1. who has no difficulty in communicating online, says what he wants to say,.

2. to do web site, just want to take care of their children, can be happy for it, worry about it.

3. has something to do when he’s free. He doesn’t want to be bored like that.

4. ha ha, well done, you can make some extra money!


5. can show off to others: I will do the website, I am a small webmaster, read more

Wife and website can not have both, which one should I give up

written in front of the site today: business is very good, but I have no mind to do a website, because just to have separated nearly half of the wife off the phone. The following article I (long) the true story, there is no need to reprint. Want to send the reason is very simple: to make some webmaster friends.

text begins

three years ago, when I was a young college student, took the lead into the cause of it, now it seems that although there is no regret, sigh is very much. When the third day with my roommate, learn to open a shop, then think now is really a little naive, a registered in eBay an account with a camera, their identity card took out to eBay in disorderly fashion as part of the ranks of e-commerce… Think that as long as the open a shop there will be someone to patronize, not knowing the business secret is of course, finally come to nothing, now home to " collection of " some had a it did not sell to inventory. read more

The second day of building Zhang Jingwei’s blog

, on the first day of building Zhang Jingwei’s blog, we’ve identified the direction and found the right blogging process. Next, it entered the production stage. In the production phase, my main consideration is the user experience, which includes the following.

1, accessibility


website is an individual and group oriented, in order to let everyone can hinder all groups in the reader, the site must be accessible (508), which is the user agent (browser, mobile phone reader, blind reader can correct) browse our website. To do this, we need to pay attention to these factors. read more

Mou Changqing about writing original Bowen, how to find writing ideas

now many webmaster friends have write independent blog, I have been calling 28 push public service training students, have their own independent blog, write original Bowen, exercise style. You can also see some articles about how to promote independent blogs from time to time, but few people share how to keep writing original blogs.

I think if an independent blog is successful, it will have vitality. Promotion is only part of it. The key is to be able to adhere to the update, and ensure quality. Now many independent blogs die, not because the blog did not promote, but these independent bloggers, they do not know what to write, updated less and less. From 1 weeks, 1 articles, to January, 1 articles, or even six months before the update. Slowly to see less and less people, bloggers also feel boring, stop domain name renewals, the independent blog will not be able to access the final. read more

Team disintegration, the future of micro business should go from here

"since the second half, the business is obviously not good to do, mainly the following agent goods can not sell, can not earn money, and can not recruit new agents, so the loss is very fierce.". I’m thinking about a new way out now."

A Ying (a pseudonym) when I accept second interviews, look pale, more than before in high spirit is already better than the first half. Whether you’re talking or looking, it’s hard to tell that she is actually 22. In the past, she was known as the "derivative goddess", often in the micro business conference, big coffee hall, under the jurisdiction of the thousands of small business team every month can contribute to water turnover of hundreds of million yuan. But no one expected that the market would change so fast that it seemed that overnight business was bad". Regardless of public opinion or the team members suspected to have let her suffering, although the monthly income is still far more than their peers, but great psychological pressure to the already mature she actually looks a bit old means. read more

Top selling 5000 yuan selling skills sharing (1)

some time ago wrote an article about online promotion (the highest sunrise 5000 yuan goods experience) article, today continue to write some sales skills, some daily sales happens too much, one could not finish, have time to continue to write several articles, finally finish it. This is also a problem, the last written by many friends reproduced, but some friends reproduced after revise my content, I mention it, please respect the people and share the experience of respect for the reader, although I wrote these are not what is being revised golden laws and precious rules, but it is almost unrecognizable. read more

Talent network dreams, vertical segmentation, there are opportunities

now can also activate grassroots entrepreneurship, I’m afraid that talent website, why? Because the talent website can be big or small, but also for different areas, has a very broad space for vertical segments, so the ability to make grassroots based on their own to develop, so in essence or can effectively enhance the effect of money, the country in the implementation of Chinese dream of the moment, grassroots webmaster friends for it, can create the talent network channels to achieve the dream to make money. read more

Students, please network business to the end

            the National People’s Congress, the Zhejiang party secretary of the Shaoxing University Wang Jianhua on the weekend college network business topics in March 9th accepted Sina interview, he bluntly University in China after years of expansion, no longer is the elite education, employment is a big problem, students need to change jobs don’t bother to view the network business. "College students indulge in the Internet a lot, and if you can combine the network and work, it is of great significance."." Wang Jianhua said that although the success rate of college students still relatively low, but in terms of life experience, experiencing some setbacks may not be a bad thing. read more

The key to creating a user’s favorite product is to encourage users to participate

editor’s note: Nir Eyal is the founder of two start-up companies and serves as a consultant to several enterprises and incubators in the San Francisco region. He is also a lecturer at the Stanford University Stanford Graduate School of (Business), and is well studied in the cross field of psychology, technology, and commerce.


science and technology Tencent

products should be as simple and easy to use as possible, and this is a consistent principle of technology circles. The rise of design thinking (as illustrated by the case of iPhone winning design) is beginning to make people feel that developing a beautiful interface is a sign of good design. However, as with all attempts to establish absolute rules for interaction with human technology, the design should reduce the workload of the user, and such principles are not absolutely correct. In fact, to create a product that is very popular with the user, allowing users to participate in it is a key factor. read more

QQ drainage to webmaster thinking

yesterday I tried drainage under the QQ, feel the effect is really good, simple five minutes drainage 200 IP, although it is not a surprise, or a lot of people have tried, but for the anaerobic 100 passengers, do not try too hard, now how I drainage yesterday.

last night night 9 pm, I use statistical tools to look at another site of Wuhan college students part-time network I, I see only 2 downhearted, IP, but had a careful analysis, yesterday is Saturday, according to the traffic trend of the site, generally will be smooth, until the evening will is the site peak, however for part-time website, on Saturday, Sunday is basically a part-time part-time job has been set, so the web query is not much, and the general company issued a part-time news is in normal working day from Monday to Friday, this case is the company holiday weekend, so I also worry too much excess. read more

Small websites do news and information details can not be ignored, should pay attention to five poin

some webmaster friends often talk to me about how to do Internet news. To tell the truth, the network news if the demand is not high, it is very good to do, simply copy and paste, some powerful owners will take into account the search engine included, will do some simple adjustments, such as change the title, make a summary of this kind of simple processing. Besides, I’d like to talk about a few points:

1. Standardization of news. In a website, publish news format to have a standard, such as: news source, unified paragraph spaces, the author try to add news headlines, must really words control in a certain range. These small details can make a news page look plentiful, and virtually increase the credibility of the site. read more

The Internet car reservation Dalian opened this business

continuous improvement of living standards, the continuous development of science and technology, the advent of the Internet in life, brought convenience to our lives, but also changed some of the basic patterns of our lives. Today, in the joint efforts of the Dalian city traffic police detachment and security mechanism, Dalian city has been located in the Ganjingzi District of saddle village xiajiahezi army farm hospital of the land security inspection station (86407773) opened online booking inspection business, implementation of the car can enjoy VIP service appointment and the same cost, make the car more convenient. read more

The best way to increase the chain is introduced

recently thought about the way to do site SEO in the past, the author found that the site is nothing more than external connections based, so, I began to connect from the external start.

has found an amazing rule from past submissions to artificial forums, or links to wheels and other external connections. How do external links is the most successful? How to do is the most convenient, the most efficient way? Finally made a surprising discovery, forum outreach, dozens of wonderful day, finally had to be removed a lot left to Baidu, may ten without a. It’s really a waste of labor, of course, the most powerful way is to contribute. Yes, the surprising finding is contribution. read more

Writing original is actually so simple

the benefits of the original content, I believe we all know very well, there are many ways to get original content. A friend with a good literary grace can write on his own; a friend who is willing to spend money can write; no matter what he writes, or if he spends money on writing, it is a way.

but if the literary talent is not good, but do not want to spend money to do? This is what I want to introduce to you today, the following is my accumulation from some free way without methods to create original content to spend too much time, as Chinese professional stationmaster net, use this method to create a day dozens of original and classic articles, so he was here only original and classic "slogan. Www.id89.com read more

Women’s favorite venture

office workers are involved in the upsurge of entrepreneurship, not to mention female comrades, more and more female comrades into them, but what industry is suitable for them, this is a problem they need to consider. The following industry is very suitable for female comrades.

TIP1: store in the form of infant supplies industry

How much

read more

What are the advantages of beauty salon chain management model

although the beauty of the young people who want to start a business is still a new industry, but with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, today’s beauty salon has become a necessity for contemporary consumer goods. But for young people with no entrepreneurial experience, how to run a beauty salon, walk in the top of the beauty industry, it is very important for operators. What are the advantages of beauty salon chain management model? Xiao Bian today with you into the beauty salon chain management process, experience the latest management mode of operation! read more

Take the skyline network as an example to see the predicament of Chinese LinkedIn websites

has recently been relatively busy with some headhunters, saying that skyline wants vice president of product search. Just recently I’ve been working on a job search, searching for related products, just a candidate for a social networking product, and looking for it from the hiring industry. I think it’s interesting. So I took some time to study the skyline. In my opinion, skyline is experiencing some trouble at the moment.

first review the background information of skyline. The sky network by the French after the acquisition of a large sum of money financing last year, France attaches great importance to the French side of Beijing CEO personally to lead sky network business, at the same time a large number of French executives stationed in the horizon net, just last year for the sky network CEO, the new CEO has a powerful e-commerce marketing background, at the same time mass recruitment. In the second half of last year, several of my team members were poached. According to the positioning of the skyline: workplace social networking, popular saying, China’s LinkedIn, and the acquirer itself is France’s largest workplace social networking site, is the largest social networking workplace in the non English department. LinkedIn is listed in the United States, and everyone believes workplace social networking is a good concept. read more

Positioning small and medium website construction with three concepts

Google into the mobile phone market, G1 turned out, Google fans cheered, for personal Adsense, perhaps it is worth jumping for joy. A new technology product or Internet product will generate a new Internet based user demand, so it will lead to the emergence of a large number of websites offering related products. Based on this fact, I’ll use an example to discuss our topic: locating small web sites in three ways.


novel is nothing more than either a new web site creative mode, such as: VC Web2.0 products to attract many eyeballs, or is the traditional website platform to produce novel content, such as the first QQ theme, the first school code station station. They are good at discovering, are good at breaking through the immediate facts, and looking to the future, so they have been recognized. Novel is nothing more than to do " people do not have me, people have my excellent ". Products do not say, for the discovery of new content of the site, it is also seize the opportunity, coupled with a certain predictability. As in the Google mobile phone comes around the gphone/Android theme to explore its potential trade-offs to meet user needs may be, to build their own site, how to choose the next is to discuss "refinement" thoughts. read more

The 2B relationship between buyers and sellers in B2B trading value chain

, Alibaba, SEO, Wu Jiayang, "China’s future development of B2B e-commerce" has aroused wide discussion. Living in Alibaba, his views are more from the perspective of B2B electricity supplier third party platform to consider. So, as a large and medium-sized enterprises, will be placed in the supply chain system, and what to do? The following share with you from Teng yuan (China chemical industry group chief e-commerce officer) point of view.

Wu Jiayang mentioned three types of B2B typical business platform in this paper, the first class has information superiority of B2B electronic commerce, a typical representative of China manufacturer (Made in China), second class representatives such as Linkedin (collar British) the social advantages of B2B electronic commerce, the third category is the ecological advantages of B2B electronic commerce representative Amazon Supply. Based on his observations of Linkedin and AmazonSupply, he also proposed a "B2B break" hypothesis that requires greater control over interpersonal relationships, purchases, payments, logistics, and customer feedback. He put forward three possible directions of development of B2B, an online marketing and is under heavy line at O2O mode, two is the platform and integration with enterprise ERP heavy online mode, three is for high profit standard B2B retail model. read more