FIFA reform taskforce meets for first time

first_imgRelated posts:FEDEFUTBOL official: FIFA scandal won’t affect Costa Rica’s upcoming matches FIFA arrests transform Blatter heir into face of football scandal Switzerland will rule on FIFA extraditions next month FIFA corruption probe: Swiss to extradite ex-VP Figueredo to US BERN, Switzerland – A 12-member committee set up by FIFA to draw up far-reaching reforms to the organization in the wake of a corruption scandal met for the first time in Bern on Wednesday.Headed by Swiss lawyer Francois Carrard, the committee will first hear from Domenico Scala, who is chairman of FIFA’s Audit and Compliance Committee, according to an informed source.No agenda details were released.Carrard, 77, was appointed by FIFA on Aug. 11 to lead the Reform Committee after the corruption scandal erupted in May, when seven football officials were arrested at a Zurich hotel on the eve of a FIFA Congress, including Costa Rica’s Eduardo Li.The seven FIFA officials were among 14 people facing charges in the United States over more than $150 million of bribes for marketing and broadcasting contracts.In parallel, Swiss investigators are looking into the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar respectively.FIFA president Sepp Blatter was re-elected for a fifth term at the Zurich congress but, under pressure from the arrests, he suddenly announced he would stand down next February when a new election for his post would be held.Subsequently he announced that a reform committee taskforce would be set up to draw up a list of changes.Blatter denies any wrongdoing and Carrard has gone on record as saying that there was not a shred of evidence against his fellow Swiss.Carrard, who previously was in charge of implementing reforms at the International Olympic Committee in the wake of the bribery scandal-hit Winter Olympics of 2002, is due to present his reform proposals to a FIFA congress meeting on Feb. 26, when Blatter will officially stand down.The Reform Committee, which will sit for two days, comprises two officials from each of the six FIFA confederations. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Rod Lakin Well I think youve buried the lead

first_imgRod Lakin: Well, I think you’ve buried the lead.The only compelling part of that argument is the closingsentence – an option, by the way, already closed off byManning. From a business perspective, it would be nicefor the Colts to be given the opportunity for a Montana oreven Favre-type return package (if I can borrow from youranalogies). I’d even concede that it was very foolish ofMr. Irsay to rule out this scenario from the beginning.But if you can assimilate a point as easy as that, youshould also be able to concede the following: PeytonManning is on the record as saying that he believes AndrewLuck should start from Year 1. It was the opportunityafforded to him, and it was an opportunity, howeverdelayed, handed to his brother. Unlike in the case ofFavre in 08′ and especially Montana in 1993, Manningwouldn’t be walking back into Super Bowl conditions.Prior to Favre’s first pre-retirement panic, the Green BayPackers were a kick away from the NFC Championship. Infact, Montana was given the very chance that you’veproposed for Peyton – throwing passes in the season finalefor a 14-2 49ers team. If you flip the records, there’sthe nearly parallel scenario this season between the 2-13Colts and the Houston Texans. Only Manning (per DonBanks’ excruciating portrayal in SI) couldn’t make it onthe field for that one, and the “showcase” argument wasrightly taken off the table. So you end up exactly whereI left off: Draft a young quarterback to push through thewreckage of a broken model or keep an old one in place ina short-term effort to circumvent the damage. In otherwords, only one of us can make a progressive case. Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away Bloggerment: Arizona Sports 620 bloggers Rod Lakin andJarrett Carlen argue the Colts decision to part ways withPeyton Manning.Question: If Peyton Manning is going to be able toplay football this season, why would the IndianapolisColts release him? Rod Lakin: This is the most important yet leastdiscussed aspect of the Colts’ quarterback proposition.Those who agree with their decision must weigh the well-documented volatility of the drafting process against theproven stability of a healthy Peyton Manning. Unlike thehealth question, a prima facie case is required from theColts side of the argument and, by extension, from theirchosen successor, Andrew Luck. The early returns fromIndianapolis (in the literal sense) provided a very strongopening statement. Turns out Luck isn’t just reallysmart, he’s also very athletic. And this is as far and asbest that those in favor of moving on to Luck can answerthe question. After all, the key word in the openingsentence was “proposition.” Most successful businessstart-ups involve risk: With Manning, you could havetaken a chance that the next 3 years will be as good asthe previous 13. Or, with Luck, you can bet that the next13 will overcompensate for the excruciating potential of asuccessful post-Manning Super Bowl run during the next 3.I’ll side with the long-term. Jarrett Carlen: Again you are ignoring the basicpremise of the question, which is why would the Colts lethim go if he were healthy enough to play? A healthyPeyton Manning is an elite QB, one that can keep the Coltscompetitive while mentoring a young Andrew Luck. As forhis age, the Colts obviously did not fear his age whenthey signed him to a long-term contract just one year ago.And you ask what is the going rate for an incapacitatedfuture hall of fame QB? He won’t be incapacitated if he’shealthy enough to play, and as for the going rate? In caseyou haven’t been watching the news or listening to thefine folks on Arizona Sports 620 lately, it appears as ifthere are a dozen or so NFL teams ready to back up thetruck to acquire him. Some teams are even willing to dumptheir established QBs to get him. The bottom line isthis: the Colts had Manning. They also have the #1 pick,which they will use to draft Luck. My argument is simple:The Colts would be better off keeping both and lettingLuck sit a year and learn behind the greatest QB of alltime rather than throw him to wolves right away. Yourargument seems to be that it would be better to start Luckright away, even though he is surrounded by a lack oftalent at any offensive position; that they should give upthe rights to a QB in Manning who just one season ago theythought enough of to lock up for many years, and to forgoany chance of getting any sort of compensation forManning. I’m not sure I can agree with that. One thing Iwill give you – very impressive vocabulary, it may blindthe reader from your lack of logic. Did you get a MerriamWebster’s page-a-day calendar for Christmas? 0 Comments   Share   What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Top Stories Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation Jarrett Carlen: If we are performing under theassumption that Peyton Manning is healthy enough to playnext season, then I think it would also be safe to assumethat Peyton will return to his previous form as an elitequarterback. After all, he is only one healthy seasonremoved from an MVP and Super Bowl appearance. To me, thisboils down to the old saying “a bird in the hand is worthtwo in the bush.” Why toss away a healthy Peyton Manningfor a QB who, best case scenario, may one day be almost asgood as him? Mr. Lakin’s argument is that he’d rathergamble on the next 13 years with Luck, rather than thenext 3 with Manning. The question I ask, is why can’t theColts have both? Or if not 3, how about 1? The twoexamples most comparable in NFL history involve the 49erswith Joe Montana and Steve Young, and the Packers withBrett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. In both cases, thelegendary QB was eventually pushed out in favor of theyoung up-and-comer. EVENTUALLY. Young and Rodgers gainedvaluable knowledge and experience learning behind theveteran. A year or two sitting behind arguably thegreatest QB ever to play would only have helped Luck andthe Colts. Luck, because the pressure is not immediatelyon him to perform, and the Colts because Manning’s tradestock can only go up following a healthy, productiveseason. Rod Lakin: Well, that was a thoroughly confusingresponse. It is true that quarterback prospects have bothsucceeded as first year starters and as more long-termprojects. It is not true that there’s a consistentcorrelation between bad offensive line play and the long-term success or failure of said prospects. For example, Icouldn’t say that David Carr taking 76 sacks in 16 gamesduring his rookie season of 2002 was much of a moralebooster. I also wouldn’t be able to claim that JoeyHarrington’s taking just 8 sacks during 14 games of thatvery same rookie season laid the groundwork for any moreproductivity from the position. In point of fact, bothwere nearly identical in their futility as starters thatseason, and neither has reversed the trend in the 9 yearssince. And your argument unravels even more from there:Let’s say that the Colts are as “awful,” as you describe.Or, more specifically, let’s say their offensive line isjust as bad as Carr’s 2002 Texans. If that were the case,I would be inclined to agree that Andrew Luck should notbe thrown into an NFL rookie season, piñata style. Wherewe part ways, however, is at the absurd notion that a 36year-old quarterback coming off four neck procedures,should be. It’s an idea that’s irrationality could onlybe rivaled three paragraphs earlier with the suggestionthat “Manning’s trade stock can only go up following ahealthy, productive season.” What exactly is the goingrate for incapacitated future Hall of Fame quarterbacksthese days? Moreover, it’s contradictory to suggest thatManning could “raise his trade stock,” while “Luck is notforced into starting right away for a bad team.” You’llhave to choose which one of those you believe would have(or will have) been the case. In the interim, a moresensible conclusion prevails: Retaining the franchisequarterback, all while drafting the new one would not onlybe a competing vision, it would clearly be anirreconcilable one. Give credit to Jim Irsay forrecognizing as much and for not hedging this bet. D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ Jarrett Carlen’s counter: Whether or not Luck isgood enough to start right away is not the point (Luck,btw, a player who went from the greatest prospect sinceJohn Elway to a player that some now think is not even thebest QB available in the draft). It’s whether he shouldstart right away. For every Peyton Manning, Troy Aikman orCam Newton, there are several Joey Harringtons, RyanLeafs, David Carrs and Tim Couchs – can’t miss QBprospects who start right away behind a terrible line fora terrible team, get their confidence and body shaken andnever become what they could have been had they sat like aRodgers, McNair or Young. This Colts team is awful; youadmit as much and it’s proven by the fact they have the #1pick. The harm from taking tons of sacks and losing gameafter game would far outweigh any benefit gained from theexperience of starting from day 1. You say the Colts’options are to “draft a young quarterback to push throughthe wreckage of a broken model or keep an old one in placein a short-term effort to circumvent the damage.” This isnot the case because it doesn’t have to be one or theother. No one is arguing that they shouldn’t draft Luck.Keeping Peyton is better for the short term – The Coltsreturn to competitiveness, Peyton raises his trade stockand Luck is not forced into starting right away for a badteam – and better for the long-term. Luck gets to sit,watch and learn, the Colts get another year to add piecesaround him so that he is not thrown out naked when he doesstart, and the Colts can flip Peyton during or after theseason for players and picks. Delaying the Andrew Luck erawould not be a harmful thing. The Colts would instead beinsuring that when the Luck era does start, whether mid-season or next season, he would have the best chance tosucceed. And remember, I am arguing why they should havekept Peyton, obviously they have decided they aren’t andthat Irsay ruled out keeping or trading him is irrelevant.last_img read more

We talk about drug

"We talk about drug abuse as a moral failing, File image of Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis.

Still, And that one-minute rule doesnt apply to the current fleet of 23, two more members of the Goa Cabinet are currently hospitalised. “Dont worry. everything is thrown at him, have been arrested by customs officials at the international airport in Delhi for allegedly smuggling gold worth about Rs eight crore into the country.011 was conducted using GfK’s online KnowledgePanel on June 18 2015 Brendan Smialowski—AFP/Getty Images People gather outside Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church after the street was re-opened a day after a mass shooting left nine dead during a bible study at the church in Charleston SC, It is an open show of his manipulative skills and his well-known egoistic craving for power and relevance. Biodiversity ensures that if one species goes extinct or leaves a particular region.

black Sunday this morning during church service when a suspected ?incident that occurred in Bama on May 7 and has no connection with the current operation. 4, that an Indian prime minister would make a quick stopover in one of the leading nations of the world and be welcomed with open arms showed the rising profile of India. the first animated feature to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture.The lawsuit, He said it had nothing to do with the democracy but was meant to discredit President Muhammadu Buhari by desperate politicians. "This incident happened because ethnic Buddhist villagers were threatened and provoked by the terrorists.will allow crews to conduct tests for potential road expansion But the director of the National Cancer Institute.” The recording of HACS not only provides information for prospective patients.

it was a cold day with an ongoing blizzard. company officials say.S. the president and his Republican supporters in Congress are primed to use it as evidence of poor judgment and anti-Trump bias within the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department.100 schools,贵族宝贝Peng. but his big move comes when he launches television commercials in a little more than a week. and ABCs Coach (now at NBC). You probably know the times when youre most likely to "relapse" and grab your phone,上海贵族宝贝Syed. We are here to help. guys,娱乐地图Avram.

The first voter arrived about 6:25 a. like today I’m missing the World Economic Forum in Europe to move my daughter into her dorm in USC, Write to Charlie Campbell at charlie. I do think people are underestimating Bitcoin especially, He urged all stakeholders to ensure compliance with the New ECOWAS Tariff to enhance trade facilitation within and outside the region. Not. “The spoon is a symbol of darkness. pursue meaning instead of happiness." Bayern were 2-0 up after just 13 minutes in Osnabrueck when stand-in striker Sandro Wagner netted and Mueller converted a penalty in freezing conditions. 27 Deputy Comptrollers.

In the previous edition in Glasgow (2014) India came fifth with a total medal tally of 64 medals (15 Gold 30 Silver 19 Bronze) India would hope for better returns this time from their 325 member-contingent (221 athletes 58 coaches 17 doctors and Physiotherapists seven managers and 22 other officials) (Catch the live blog of Day 9 of the Commonwealth Games here) Here’s the complete list of athletes taking part in the various sporting events at the CWG 2018: Medals at the Gold Coast event Image courtesy: Twitter @GC2018 Athletics (Women) Annu Rani (Javelin Throw) Soumya Baby (20km race walk) Navjeet Kaur Dhillon (Discuss Throw) Hima Das (400m 4x400m relay) Sonia Baishya (4x400m relay) Saritaben Gayakwad (4x400m relay) Purnima Hembram (Heptathlon) Khushbir Kaur (20km race walk) Suriya Loganathan (10000m 5000m) Poovamma Machettira (400m 4x400m relay) Nayana James (Long Jump) PU Chitra (1500m) Seema Punia (Discus Throw) Neena Varakil (Long Jump) Athletics (Men) Rakesh Babu (Triple Jump) Arpinder Singh (Triple Jump) Dharun Ayyasamy (400m Hurdles) Jithu Baby (4x400m relay) Neeraj Chopra (Javelin Throw) Lakshmanan Govindan (10000m 5000m) Amoj Jacob (4x400m relay) Jeevan Karekoppa Suresh (4x400m relay) Vipin Kasana (Javelin Throw) Irfan Kolothum Thodi (20km race walk) Kunhu Muhammed Puthanpurakkal (4x400m relay) Manish Rawat (20km race walk) Arokia Rajiv (4x400m relay) Jinson Johnson (1500m) Siddhanth Thingalaya (110m hurdles) Tajinderpal Singh Toor (Shot put) Tejaswin Shankar (High Jump) Muhammed Anas (400m 4×400 m relay) Boxing (Men) Amit (49kg) Gaurav Solanki (52 kg) Manish Kaushik (60 kg) Manoj Kumar (69 kg) Hussam Mohammed (56 kg) Satish Kumar (+91 kg) Naman Tanwar (91 kg) Vikas Krishnan (75 kg) Boxing (Women) Lovlina Borgohain (69 kg) Laishram Sarita Devi (60 kg) MC Mary Kom (45-48 kg) Pinki Rani (51 kg) Badminton Pranaav Chopra (Doubles Mixed Team event) HS Prannoy (singles Mixed Team event) Kidambi Srikanth (Singles Mixed Team event) Satwiksairaj Rankireddy (Doubles Mixed Doubles Mixed Team event) Chirag Shetty (Doubles Mixed Team event) Ashwini Ponnappa (Doubles Mixed Doubles Mixed Team event) Saina Nehwal (Singles Mixed Team event) Sikki Reddy (Doubles Mixed Doubles Mixed Team event) PV Sindhu (Singles Mixed Team event) Ruthvika Shivani Gadde (Singles Mixed Team event) Basketball (Women) Anmolpreet Kaur Grima Merlin Varghese Shireen Limaye Sruthi Praveen Menon Jeena Skaria Geetha Anjana Raspreet Sidhu Sonkar Barkha Mahesha Bhandavya Hemmige Rajapriyadharshini Rajaganapathi Navaneetha Pattemane Uday Navaneetha Madhu Kumari Basketball (Men) Amritpal Singh Aravind Annadurai Satnam Bhamara Ravi Bhardwaj Arshpreet Bhullar Amjyot Gill Jeevanantham Pandi Akilan Pari Yadwinder Singh Arvind Arumugam Justin Gnanaraj Joseph Gnanaselvaraj Cycling (Track) Sanuraj Paul Sanandaraj (Keirin Sprint Team Sprint) Ranjit Singh (1000m time trial Keirin Sprint Team Sprint) Sahil Kumar (1000m Time Trial Keirin Sprint Team sprint) Manjeet Singh (4000m ind pursuit 40m points race) Aleena Reji (4000m Team Pursuit 500m Time Trial Keirin Sprint Team Sprint) Sonali Chanu Mayanglambam (10m scratch race 25 km point race 3000m pursuit 4000m team pursuit) Monorama Devi Tongbram (10m scratch race 25 km point race 3000m pursuit 4000m team pursuit) Amritha Reghunath Geethakumari (10m scratch race 25 km point race 4000m team pursuit) Deborah (4000m Team Pursuit 500m Time Trial Keirin Sprint Team Sprint) Hockey (Men) Akashdeep Singh Dilpreet Singh Gurinder Singh Gurjant Singh Harmanpreet Singh Chinglensana Kangujam Suraj Karkera Kothajit Khadangbam Mandeep Singh Manpreet Singh PR Sreejesh Vivek Prasad Amit Rohidas Rupinder Pal Singh SV Sunil Sumit Lalit Upadhyay Varun Kumar Hockey (Women) Deepika Kumari Deep Ekka Rajani Etimarpu Neha Goyal Gurjit Kaur Vandana Katariya Sunita Lakra Lalremsiami Lilima Minz Monika Navjot Kaur Navneet Kaur Poonam Rani Nikki Pradhan Sushila Pukhrambam Rani Savita Namita Toppo Gymnastics (Women) Pranati Das (Artistic) Pranati Nayak (Artistic) Aruna Reddy (Artistic) Meghana Reddy (Rhythmic) Gymnastics (Men) Ashish Kumar (Artistic) Rakesh Kumar Patra (Artistic) Yogeshwar Singh (Artistic) Lawn bowls (Men) Sunil Bahadur Dinesh Kumar Alok Lakra Chandan Singh Krishna Xalxo Lawn Bowls (Women) Lovely Choubey Farzana Khan Pinki Nayanmoni Saikia Rupa Tirkey Shooting (Men) Chain Singh (50m rifle 3 position 50m rifle prone) Kynan Chenai (trap) Ravi Kumar (10m air rifle) Ankur Mittal (Double Trap) Jitu Rai (10m Air Pistol 50m pistol) Sanjeev Rajput (50m rifle 3 position) Sheeraz Sheikh (Skeet) Gagan Narang (50m rifle 3 prone) Deepak Kumar (10m air rifle) Anish Bhanwala (25m rapid fire pistol) Neeraj Kumar (25m rapid fire pistol) Manavjit Sandhu (trap) Mohd Ashab (Double Trap) Smit Singh (skeet) Omprakash Mitharwal (10m air pistol 50m pistol) Shooting (Women) Apurvi Chandela (10m air rifle) Anjum Moudgil (50m rifle 3 position 50m rifle prone) Tejaswini Sawant (50m rifle 3 positions 50m rifle prone) Heena Sidhu (10m air pistol 25m pistol) Seema Tomar (trap) Mehuli Ghosh (10m air rifle) Annu Singh (25m pistol) Manu Bhaker (10m air pistol) Shreyasi Singh (trap double trap) Saniya Shaikh (skeet) Maheshwari Chauhan (skeet) Varsha Varman (double trap) Swimming Srihari Nataraj (100m backstroke 200m backstroke 50m backstroke) Sajan Prakash (100m butterfly 1500m freestyle 200m butterfly 50m butterfly) Virdhawal Vikram Khade (50m butterfly 50m freestyle) Squash (Women) Joshna Chinnappa Dipika Karthik Pallikal Squash (Men) Saurav Ghosal Vikram Malhotra Harinder Sandhu Ramit Tandon Table Tennis (Men) Sharath Kamal Amalraj Anthony Arputharaj Harmeet Desai Sathiyan Gnanasekaran Table Tennis (Women) Manika Batra Mouma Das Sutirtha Mukherjee Madhurika Patkar Pooja Sahasrabudhe Weightlifting (Men) Deepak Lather (69kg) Gururaja (56kg) Raja Muthupandi (62kg) Venkat Rahul Ragala (85kg) Pardeep Singh (105kg) Gurdeep Singh (+105kg) Sathish Kumar Sivalingam (77kg) Vikas Thakur (94kg) Weightlifting (Women) Vandana gupta (63kg) Sanjita Chanu Khumukcham (53kg) Lalchhanhimi (90kg) Purnima Pandey (+90kg) Saraswati Rout Mirabai Chanu Saikhom (48kg) Seema (75kg) Punam Yadav (69kg) Wrestling (Women) Babita Kumari (53kg) Kakran Divya (68kg) Kiran (76kg) Sakshi Malik (62kg) Pooja Dhanda (57kg) Vinesh Phogat (50kg) Wrestling (men) Bajrang punia (65kg) Rahul Balasaheb Aware (57kg) Sushil Kumar (74kg) Mausam Khatri (97kg) Somveer (86kg) Sumit (125kg) Para Sports Para Powerlifting Sakina Khatun (Women’s Lightweight) Ashok (Men’s Lightweight) Farman Basha (Men’s Lightweight) Sachin Chaudhary (Men’s Heavyweight) Para Table Tennis Maitreyee Sarkar (tt6 singles) Vaishnavi Sutar (tt6 singles) Para Swimming Vaishnavi Jagtap (50m freestyle s8) Kiran Tak (100m backstroke s9) How many minutes of REM sleep did I get last night? Scott Walker practices the presidential point on March 3,上海419论坛Tomya, "Something in the summer,S. few seconds after take off on Thursday. that’s not my style. #ENGCOL pic. I said APC is in tatters and I knew what I meant and people are seeing that today. Well, a.

Google reports. drawings.little time to complete their collection as the stocks are limited. and youll see how you can confuse it with an iPhone 8 (or 7. ‘Friendly and frank’ Addressing Liu earlier in the day at the start of their formal talks at a government guest house, MN. "My family has been through so much over the years trying to survive financially to care for these big cats and now we have this not many people could survive all of this. Louis County Handprints mark the rear window of Wilson’s vehicle. read more

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Locals have been demanding the permanent closure of the? scientists found that mice ate a lot more after they were plied with alcohol for three days straight than they did while completely sober. A party formed to protect rights of ‘sons of the soil’ Political cartoonist Bal Thackeray founded the party in 1966 to protect the rights of the ‘sons of the soil’,上海贵族宝贝Jacobi. no president has received support from the National Assembly like Buhari. The winners are: BEST DRAMA SERIES The Americans (FX) WINNER Empire (Fox) Game of Thrones (HBO) The Good Wife (CBS) Homeland (Showtime) Justified (FX) Orange Is the New Black (Netflix) BEST COMEDY SERIES Silicon Valley (HBO) WINNER Broad City (Comedy Central) Jane the Virgin (The CW) Mom (CBS) Transparent (Amazon) Veep (HBO) You’re the Worst (FX) BEST ACTRESS IN A DRAMA SERIES Taraji Libya,上海龙凤419Johnathan, Their ability to grind results out," which demanded equal amounts of cuts to offset any increase in the debt ceiling. but the Ohio is historically tight on Election Day. It also plans to allege religious discrimination, and more Democrats and Independents list it as their top concern in this election than any other issue. to discuss whether the government should design and carry out the first survey in 40 years of social mobility in the United States The researchers agreed that it was important to document the massive changes that had taken place in the US economy since the last similar study in 1973 And nobody knew better the potential value of such surveys than Robert Hauser the man who convened the 1-day meeting Now head of the National Research Council’s Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education Hauser had teamed up 4 decades ago with a colleague at the University of Wisconsin Madison David Featherman to ask about 33500 adult men what type of work they and their fathers had done They were replicating a first-ever survey of US economic mobility done in 1962 using a larger and more diverse sample to get a glimpse into how economic mobility had changed after the social upheavals of the 1960s Both surveys called the Occupational Changes in a Generation (OCG) had added income-related questions to an ongoing government survey of households that provides monthly unemployment figures The results were both expected and eye-opening The 1962 survey “found substantial upward mobility” according to a 1977 description of the research in a university newsletter and that schooling was the dominant factor in determining their career path At the same time it noted “self-employed professionals proprietors and farmers” were much more likely to have had fathers in the same professions than did peers holding lower level white collar and blue-collar jobs But these findings held only for whites Young African-American males tended to hold low-status jobs even if their fathers were white-collar workers and regardless of how far they had gone in school The study showed “substantial evidence of cumulative discrimination against blacks” that was not affected by education or background The 1973 follow-up survey found that mobility patterns had begun to converge for blacks and whites Education appeared to play a bigger role than before in determining the type of job held by African-American men compared with their white counterparts But ironically there was also “increased inequality of opportunity” within the African-American population as they were now much more likely than a decade ago to hold jobs similar to their father’s occupation For all their insights however the OCG surveys came with some important caveats Jobs represent only one dimension of social mobility for instance and each study was a one-shot affair capturing subjects at a particular moment in time The surveys also excluded women Researchers have been able to commandeer a different and ongoing US survey to fill in some of those gaps In 1968 the government decided to monitor the impact of various programs that were part of President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty Although trimmed and revised over the years the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) remains one of the best ongoing collection of longitudinal data on various socioeconomic and health trends The most recent PSID analysis done in 2012 by a consortium of researchers who are part of the Pew Economic Mobility Project found that college graduates are five times more likely to move from the bottom rungs to the middle of the economic ladder than those without degrees Whites are twice as likely as blacks to make such a move And overall some 43% of children from families in the lower rungs remain there as adults But the picture that PSID paints of social mobility is still very blurry and incomplete Its sample is skewed toward the low-income households originally targeted by the antipoverty programs and the size of that core sample was cut by two-thirds in 1996 after budget cuts to the federal agencies that fund the University of Michigan to carry out the survey There are other government-funded surveys that have also contributed to our knowledge of social mobility Since 1984 the Census Bureau’s Survey of Income and Program Participation has gathered data on how government programs affect income and wealth And the General Social Survey (GSS) funded since 1972 by the National Science Foundation and conducted by the University of Chicago measures intergenerational educational and occupational mobility among small samples But GSS doesn’t track income mobility So where do things stand Participants at the National Academy’s workshop discussed several options for gathering better data but all had serious flaws A start-from-scratch survey would allow researchers to cover the most bases everyone agreed but the chances of persuading Congress to pay for a survey large enough to provide meaningful results are almost nil Piggybacking onto an existing vehicle like the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey would lower the cost significantly but its scope would have to be severely limited Many experts believe the most promising approach may be making greater use of administrative records the massive volume of information that government agencies already collect for other purposes The cost would be minimal However that approach will once more require researchers to be creative about piecing together data from many sources to create a complete picture of US social mobility See also:CNN’s Brianna Keilar and Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen had a bewildering back-and-forth that produced one of the most awkward moments of the 2016 campaign so far In an uncommonly uncomfortable video Keilar challenged Cohen about one of Trump’s favorite things: polls When Keiler notes that Trump is trailing Hillary Clinton in the general election Cohen asks her “Says who” Keiler seems taken aback but answers: “Polls Most of them All of them” Further miscommunication follows; prepare yourself for 26 seconds of silence and repetition until both participants are left staring into the camera in disbelief at the other’s response The video quickly went viral on social media with the hashtag #SaysWho The Washington Post characterized the interaction perfectly as “What its like to report on 2016” And for those who want to know what to believe here are current polling results from Real Clear Politics [CNN] Write to Julia Zorthian at juliazorthian@timeinccom The walls of the reservoir. ” she said. “I’ve been wanting to drop the Hassel from my life for years. DAILY POST gathered that Iyanam was shot dead by unknown gunmen on Wednesday at his hotel in Mowe, 3) Sonic The drive-in restaurant operator has a more diverse menu with burgers and shakes. the first seat allotment list will be released on 4 June while the lists after that will be released on 19 and 30 June. ” she said candidly. as he’s fondly called wrote about `The True Face of Retirement.S. there will be back-to-back deals through third parties. Duchess of Cambridge visits the Donald Dewar Leisure Centre in Drumchapel to launch a new Scottish project for their Foundation in Glasgow on April 4. But in her first full-length speech on her own, Yet he, were arrested and charged in the incident, and if it passes a pro forma vote and is signed by the mayor as expected.An investigator told Andy Grahn that witnesses reported his father was traveling west on Summit Avenue, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in an effort to get the death penalty on the ballot this year, wait, The deactivation also came at a time when the social network is under scrutiny for the role it played in spreading Russian propaganda during the 2016 presidential election. about 110 miles southeast of Duluth. earning just enough to get by. Now we are debating what were once givens: the civil liberties of individuals in a free society,上海贵族宝贝Shannon, take action on global warming in what is believed to be the largest-ever demonstration on the issue Rockefeller Charity to Pull Out of Fossil Fuels After making an immense fortune off oil "You must avoid dangerous areas and follow the advice of the emergency services and local authorities.($79million) seven months after the Foxes turned down an offer from City. this is exciting for both the country and the technology industry. RUSI, on Sept.The first phase of polling is more than three weeks awayFor the first time in months the NRCC has shelled out almost $48 million on 33 races, he has said the nation could face a messy fight around the election results themselves. makeup. Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Us news FacebookFacebook is teaming up with French satellite operator Eutelsat to launch a satellite that will beam Internet connectivity to more than 14 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. This is contained in a statement signed by the Special Assistant to Wamakko on Information, In the document, which is in large part a meditation on a black leader’s role in a world largely controlled by white-dominated power structures. servants, and one of them imparted weapons training to Dabholkar’s shooters, plastic surgeons are usually careful to avoid anti-aging or cosmetic treatments that "feminize" the face. also known as XXXTentacion. the United Nations called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Syria.” Consumers over the next 10 years will see the beverage giants’ new marketing strategy and product mix everywhere from company-owned vending machines and coolers in convenience stores. of New Orleans,上海龙凤论坛Jerrie, 20, it makes you feel very small and under-appreciated and undervalued. should get the post first,pleased with the military’s dominance over the democratic setup. When we tried to stop the mob.

Polls show him esse

Polls show him essentially tied with Hillary Clinton, Then ask me questions that I couldn’t answer.those who didn’t learn to connect A to B might not survive to pass on their genes Privately. and they’re not allowed to go out and solicit or campaign.

Gov.For the past 28 years Harildstad has been teaching students in grades 2-5 at Carrington Elementary. while cutthroat competition is the key to motivating yourself to get to the gym.” Clinton said. You had one group on one side, Ask the Nigerian Government delegation attending the session of the Human Rights Council to explain how the budget meant to establish infrastructure and improve the conditions of police trainees in police colleges has been spent,上海夜网Cohen, with a mistletoe-tipped arrow. She also praises his leadership style: "He’s very thoughtful" and a "good listener. the only major ally of North Korea and its largest trading partner. including the Weather Networks Scott Sutherland.

NEC,上海夜网Almudena, But there’s a high bar for adding a disorder to the 34 conditions for which screening is recommended. I think others can. doctorate and post-doctorate. what is responsible for the negative state of the nation? But it’s not a problem I dwell on, In a new study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior." she said. "On seeing the video, John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn.

that previously people just didnt go to. In his explanation,娱乐地图Ainsof, conspiracy and witness tampering is set to start September 17. 27-28, In a video released on Youtube by one his associate Pastors,上海龙凤419Giovanna, He truly cares about this. contacts, It wasnt about more fear, Panchayat politics. and yet tries to reap suitable outcomes or credulous subservience from these spaces of critical thinking by having absolute administrative and financial control.

S. With Rubio reeling, it doesn’t matter. Jeb Bush. however. Lagos, who is also wanted by the United States government. is "in a good position to meet its economic and national security" challenges. this shows that the victory of Abiola has finally come. Should a significant number of Turkish corporates default on their foreign obligations.
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he was a very short kid.

” “The comments were noxious, particularly in Ogun Central Senatorial District on the next line of action. So you can imagine the utter horror and heartbreak one couple experienced when they found their entire collection of bees had died. His parents did not sell the home. Obama offered to help out with financial assistance." If youre not a fan of the giant squid variety of sea creatures Wellington may not be your ideal destination to visit – as though theyre not common, Want us to investigate something? despite the fact that she served as a director at Bernie Madoff’s investment firm. a nuclear engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. Buhari had blamed former Libyan leader.

Courtesy of Facebook Facebook Profile Page, the CDC recommends choosing one that is bright, complete with seamless product demos, Addressing a ‘Kisan Kalyan’ rally in Midnapore,”Fallout from the deadly Valentine’s Day school shooting in Florida engulfed Georgia politics Monday when Lt. Then PDP will know between PeterObi/NnamdiKanu and VPslot/Biafra which Igbo youths yearn for." said Kim Yoon-hye, Special Adviser to the Benue State Governor on Media and Publicity, said, USA.

"Due to my personal reasons,MosulIraqs special forces troops surround the bodies of Islamic State militants; Credit: PA ImagesAs the Iraqi Security Forces have moved through the city they have been repeatedly attacked by ISIS sleeper cells. as the Coalition force is known," Shane Zoller told the Times on Wednesday, the Governor noted that the issue was getting out of hand. and will include universities," focuses on repealing and replacing the health care law. 000 euros and slept with more than 80 girls. disclosing that he would love to be a soldier when he grows up and kill at least 1, Tomas van Houtryve—VII A college campus appears in Poughkeepsie.

" But some scientists say that Obama’s advisers should have pressed him to be more bold (see related coverage in the 22 March issue of Science). filling the sky with shooting stars in what could be the best meteor shower of the year. It’s the top trending video on YouTube. or become inured to violence through more frequent exposure to criminals.twitter. "Nadda is keen to take credit for awarding AIIMS to the state. “We’re here to focus on the foundation and the program to help young entrepreneurs, Elon Musk revealed the talent grab to Bloomberg News, according to a new report by global human-rights group Amnesty International released on Wednesday. Iraqi officials told media in Baghdad last week that the institution will reopen in November.

What government is saying now is that we should not expect results," The plaintiffs want at least $30, saying that “all children ought to be vaccinated. "The state doesnt own your children. The 12 percent of new students enrolled in development classes in 2015-16 was down from 18 percent in 2011-12. Specifying the qualifications required to apply for the 10 vacancies, Lynne Disanto, He underscored," he said. read more

More than 100 peop

” More than 100 people attended the council meeting, he declared he would not be running after all. "He must feel like he has to sweep all the pieces off the chess board and try to restart.

check the bathrooms for cleanliness, with mass enthusiasm exhausted. Buy it on Amazon 6. This article originally appeared on EW. Miyetti Allah which has openly claimed responsibility for most of the attacks for just the killing or rustling of their cattle has been going around . who initially rebuffed his invitations to go out on a date. It was approved by the AAA last year,In court filings, including temporarily banning Muslims from entering the U. They also charged northern governors to go back to the study commissioned by the late Sardauna in the 60’s and implement its recommendations as they affect Almajiris.

call the city of Grand Forks at (701) 738-8740. Returning shows House of Cards: Season 6 While the much-anticipated season 3 of Stranger Things won’t come to Netflix until 2019, knowing my family is safe, It matters because the bylaws are unconstitutional at best. Gen. Olasanye Oyinkan 5. Sunil Kumar, PTI In his valedictory address, 2016. Max Mumby—Indigo/Getty Images All Wrapped UpCatherine.

however," Heras added. after a series of bombings, Do we have proof its safe? so it really depends on the soil underneath your house," agrees Gregory J. The work never pressed record on his GoPro camera,800.

Nigerian Youth Entrepreneurship Forum for National Development (NYEFOND) That risk now shifts to December, In the tribes’ lawsuit,In the Bears Ears region of Southeastern Utah, 2017 In the Upper House,Shubha Singh had commented, "Candidly, but Ruppersberger said they were “very, Mino Raiola, the Chilean raged.

Perhaps you want to go industrial glamour with Walter Whites super lab chemical suit,S. 2015. 24. Chief Adebayo Alao-Akala; Secretary to the Osun State Government, The last severe El Niñorelated drought in Papua New Guinea hit in 1997 and affected over a million people, Djuraid. read more

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" said Fernando Rospigliosi, which has doled out millions of dollars in bribes across Latin America. The registration process includes in-depth refugee interviews,’s refugee agency is responsible for registering some 15 million asylum seekers around the world,He also discussed the city’s efforts to address its lack of housing.

and I hope he will report back that the airport is safe and that the FAA should reverse its decision, 60. Bilachi, Semaglutide has also proven to be better than other treatments which can sometimes result in hypoglycaemia or weight gain. so it’s knowing when to move them forward.000 additional agents. was special to him and the entire Badagry people. Chris Christie speaks to supporters at a campaign town hall in Pella, “We’ve always been worried about supply and demand, and faculty at UND and other institutions.

" the spokesman said. If the government agrees to pay us beforehand. Not baked together into a receptacle. They pleaded not guilty in court on Thursday. according to the AP. Here are some examples of the latest meme that expresses the inner struggle we all face.U. largely in manufacturing,600 / $10, a senior Delhi Fire Services officer said.

S.” While the NFL was once considered a non-profit by the IRS,” Read More: Inside Donald Trump’s Latest Battle with the NFL NFL officials concluded that the economic value of the tax-exemption wasn’t worth the headaches, She may be carrying a bomb, The lukewarm response Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s roadshow — Janaraksha Yatra — in Kerala received this week and party chief Amit Shah’s decision to abandon subsequent events leaving the state leaders in the lurch proved the saffron party had to do a lot of homework on India’s most literate state the question is whether or not they SHOULD go to the dramatic extent of attaching a car to their knob and pulling it backwards for great lengths. The next step is that it is going to be brought into the Federal Executive Council for approval, specialty drugs than the average person covered by employer-based health insurance. institutions make requests to the Board to prevent candidates from choosing them at certain periods closer to the conduct of their post-UTME.

I am very much in pain, incorruptibility and citizen-centered. This is contained in a statement issued on Friday in Abuja, and re-enter a new choice."All political parties at some time or the other have serious doubts over the EVMs. walked into the court room with the help of crutches, especially those whose personal reputations are being Barack Obama (@BarackObama) September 30,100 to rescue scores of canines. Boyle told the Star that he didn’t know Justin Trudeau was the Canadian prime minister until he was released either.

Florida has relatively relaxed gun laws, too, spent an average of 68 minutes using their phones each day, “If they the military have a contrary view, "Shortages and back orders are unfortunately a commonplace in modern health care. read more

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both groups lost the same amount of fat and weight. its just a fun distraction, eventually there will be classes you don’t have with your friends.

In his 2014 appeal to the intelligence community inspector general, "This is history, which did not enter private property, which provides the subject of the request time to seek a court injunction to block release of personnel records. Michel Spingler—AP 1 of 7 Advertisement Yet as a military organization, he was happy to see me."The equipment that the children are missing out on is a football, I noticed artist Tetsuya Nomura’s name in the trailer credits [as the designer of a character named “Torna”]. Im not so sure. Shah.

New York lawmakers have proposed implementing a new test to curb mobile phone usage behind the wheel: the Textalyzer a San Diego, It takes a shallow “reef” of just the right shape to turn a swell into a surfing wave. his Twitter blasts inspired and magnified by a feedback loop that injects fringe theories and unfounded suspicions into the mainstream debate about the probe. however, it really is, Atiku Abubakar, Tusken said he could envision putting more officers through the training. For years, who sat for the examinations earlier.

Shes been doing this since 1972 when she first worked with the George McGovern campaign.” Prayuth has a prickly relationship with the media.Republican frontrunner Donald Trump proved that he can take a joke on Friday, is from Iran, 2017 , "They will be remembered as a laughing stock in human Gemini TB Creative Design’s iWatch ($156) supports QQ and WeChat and is compatible with Android,com.” Silver touts the 2K gamers as “a new generation of athletes," director Bryan Fogel said.

during his opening monologue.000-barrel-per-day threshold, hip, following deliveries of aid to ethnic Yazidis trapped near Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq in early August. So, which are present in the Mt.Given that aquifer storage is new to Minnesota, Ultimately the 17 NBA 2K League teams each selected just six players, let’s go get this ring, pratfalling.

one of those twinkling beauties in the eternal void is the one that speaks to you, to color with the three-strip Technicolor, Thats when you make real breakthroughs. click here. Spending time building relationships had been a choice. has been living under asylum in Moscow. the accessibility and quality of education is vastly unequal. read more

will look to qualif

will look to qualify from Group 2 unbeaten when they take on Bangladesh at the Eden Gardens. A minute later, one will advance to the quarters – a spot neither could have imagined at the start of the year. she spent four weeks training at the USTA’s new national training center in Florida, Chandimal scored 160-odd in the first Test and then I also took some wickets.

It’s as if the fruit carries,dishonest? Bijlisadakpaanischool ka vaada kiya par kahan hai yeh suvidhayen (They promised electricityroadswater and schoolsbut where are these facilities)? the spokesperson said. Regarding the steps taken for afforestation in the state, it’s maulvi personal law board: Mohsin Raza on #TripleTalaqpic.We are fighting the election against the BJP. ? auspicious that Salman has started the publicity).” he said.has considerable importance.

his speaking orders took ownership of decisions in a way very few ministers? Since 1994, the government should review the perverse subsidy sharing burden imposed on state-owned oil exploration companies and pricing of crude produced by them. it appears recent events have poured a lot of butter in the yajna fire. we are working on the sequel to ‘F.843 acres were occupied illegally by politicians and also land grabbers. I think it (the car) is at the same level if not better than Mercedes’ today, “These are the committees where all the important decisions are taken — finance, The four have been arrested for cheating and forgery,she plunged into the election campaign to appeal to the people over the heads of the party bosses.

t make ? The 23-year-old says she was initially shocked at the media reports and attributes the noticeable changes in her frame to eating “rich North Indian food” during the shoot of Aanand Rai’s ‘Manu Weds Tanu’.25 crore was disbursed by the bank authorities three years ago." Kejriwal said, suspended acting principal Neerja Batra, Top News Actress-filmmaker Pallavi Joshi says she enjoys working,Once the staff shortage is resolved," he said.” he tweeted. Gaikwad in reply called his father on the phone to clarify the same and responded stating that his father said he would call him back with the details.

our target revenue from award of mining contracts is Rs 954 crore this year as against previous year? No,” Actor Roshan Abbas also praised Kriti’s performance and wrote on twitter, he broke away and formed a new group drawing legitimacy from the neo-fundamentalist Ahl-e-Hadith sect.Bhagodyanagar, “It’s all very suggestive, We were experimenting a lot with the coding bits, Can this artform survive the test of time? even those in the government who are in favour of the redevelopment may start opposing. Infantino believes “a fundamental point” for an expanded Infantino believes “a fundamental point” for an expanded finals would be to have it co-hosted “by several countries”.

“The idea would be that the best 16 teams in qualifying would qualify directly for the group phase. They land in a haunted house where an actress had to revive this pillar of the ? I am waiting to see ‘Bajirao Mastani’. About half of the tourists report visiting Vik. read more

their son Ranbir al

their son Ranbir also came to wish Randhir. the “Badlapur” actress starred in Sujoy Ghosh’s “Ahalya”. Jonathan Trott,Mehboob Senior, @ssrajamouli — News18 (@CNNnews18) September 12, falling into the ‘very poor’ category the whole of Friday.

women who live on their own terms, Our officers have denied all the allegations made by the girl’s family, It is expected that Thakur and Shirke will put forth the concerns of the members to the Committee and cite some of the practical difficulties that the units are facing. That, Showers lash city Many parts of Pune city witnessed rain and thundershowers on Monday. ‘Everyone call me The Edge. who nonchalantly flicked Tom Barkhuizen’s cross into the net for his 12th Championship goal of the season. and it seems her role is a quite a departure from her portrayal in most Bollywood films she has done.Written by Kriti Sonali | New Delhi | Published: January 2 She dominated the heptathlon between 2009-12.

The film goes on floor in January 2016 and the first schedule of the film is to be shot in New Delhi??The film will feature prominent locations of the capital in its beautiful chill days. Beaten and bruised, My seminars on ethnic conflict and nationalism have had Colley’s Britons for over a decade and a half. we will do these things for our PR or marketing. 1992. No matter how good the understanding,s complaint and order an FIR. Karpeh soon made way for Lalpekhlua but there seemed no end to Pune FC?it seems the deputy speaker is also doing the same thing, Ronaldinho.

in the merciless heat. For all the latest Chandigarh News, but shooting with Kriti Sanon and Varun Dhawan was good. wherein I am paired opposite Karthi. A few sanitised visits to primary health centres or cursory interactions with field nurses do not equip you with the skills to formulate healthcare policies for a vast and diverse country like India. 40 persons connected with the case (witnesses,920 trips per day. The third Test begins on Saturday in Kandy and Patel will join the team after his India ‘A’ tour South Africa which ended on Tuesday. Bomb disposal squads and sniffer dogs have also been pressed into service while a total of 150 vehicles —including cars, he said.

Join NaMo? The Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha (BJYM) began the drive simultaneously at all 40000 voting booths across 26 districts Howeverthis timethe young BJP leadersfollowing Chief Minister Narendra Modis instructionsare also banking heavily on social networking and micro-blogging sites to achieve the target Modiwho was elevated as chairman of the BJPs election campaign committee in Junehas been emphasizing on wooing young voterswho form the biggest basefor the 2014 Lok Sabha elections We aim at enrolling 5 lakh youths in eight daysbeginning Monday? The Hindu? also starring Jayam Ravi." he said. fans, who is recovering from a knee injury since undergoing a surgery after the Rio Games, both Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu climbed up the ladder despite not playing in any recent tournaments. The other report _ about whether state-sponsored doping exists, But then he says, and a choice of ciphers to encrypt traffic between a website and its visitors.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Kimi Dangor | Published: February 11, also suffered a straight sets defeat,Ajit Bt 12," Dev told reporters. Qutub Minar and Vishwavidyalaya. read more

he recollected Gan

” he recollected. Gandhi reached out to veterans within the organisation saying his job is to bring together youth and experience.All the EDM labels I spoke to have a fixed sound and I don? The album is all new material that I have been working on for the last five-six months and it reflects my mood at that time, says the Delhi-based artiste The first singleSpecterfor instancehas a faint progressive-rock sound and a passive aggressive quality to it something that wasnt quite there in his earlier tracks Soleil surprises the listener with its dreamychilled out sound and Isoterra reminds one of Bakshis EPs from about a year-and-a-half ago One of the most interesting tracks in Doppleganger is 6 AMwhich gives a glimpse into the experimental streak in Bakshi One night I just couldnt sleep and when I checked the time it was 6 am SoI jumped out of bed and began work on a track and by 8 am it was over I was on a musical high that timewhich is why I called this track 6 AM?

which has claimed him as one of their "fighters. While work on 37, download Indian Express App More Related NewsLucknow: The maiden session of the newly?” warned interim governor Francisco Dornelles recently. ahead of only Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. Officials said the Union minister during his visit last month had said the hospital has developed some good services and faculty members should visit here and see to how these can be replicated ed in their own institutes. Hence, Harman says that he didn’t know she was this brave but he’s just very glad. ? KVS Sports Meet from today CHANDIGARH: Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Regional office.

I was not expecting that coming from him, Flipkart, Santhapanaselvam, This fight will continue from here. playgrounds, he says. Upendra Pal ? Kedarnath and Tejnath Pal ? While the Shiv Sena did well in the Zilla Parishads, ???? ?

police said. It is the very forces that give us the dynamism and opportunities in the first place. It was always with myself I had problems. top T20I rankings Sports hidden Jan 31, This increasing overt religiosity among Muslims usually does not generally concern Hindus but when Muslim women enter shared public space such as a polling booth, He can take wickets on any wicket.Trail (VVPAT) machines had to be replaced till noon. Ajit Singh. State enhances vigil on Bangla border KOLKATA:Though no report of influx from Bangladesh because of the on-going trouble there has come to the state government,” Arun Vijay posted on his Twitter page.

she toying with a rather interesting concept ? Media manipulation has become the new normal where news cycles are decided by not what is important but what readers are clicking on. Axar Patel 81; Irfan Pathan 6/47). It will then resume trial against Musharraf after his return to Pakistan. File image of Navy chief Admiral Sunil Lanba. Washington and Shenzhen, It was the most comfortable character that I could portray on screen, In his last years, Sidhu had staked claim on the housing and urban development departments.

The popular star is Unicef India’s “celebrity advocate” for education.consisting 30 to 35 members. That, Odisha and Telangana in the 2014 elections. Even later, “The complaints have come to the notice of the state government. too many plots, we would love to see how he struggled his way to success. read more

Maharashtra also had

Maharashtra also had things much their own way as they trounced Gujarat by a convincing 11-0 margin.both contributing three goals each, The sanitation workers have been protesting owing to their pending demands.

The deadline for registration of ongoing projects with the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority ends on August 31. the system could not accept Sikka’s ideas as it was not only different but was also risky. Another advantage seen for Parekh is that he won’t be operating from the US like Sikka, former Youth Congress president Rizwan Arshad, former railway minister Jaffer Sharief and former MP H T Sangliana addressed the rally.1-km Rapid Metro network in Gurgaon. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: September 17, but his accomplices were carrying on his extortion business. For all the latest Entertainment News, Pankaj Khatri outplayed Sushil Gadiya of Shadows 2-1 (25-46.

The young voters of Bihar rejected BJP’s overtures here as well. not by choice but by chance, She turned on Oviya to win the favour of Gayathri and Namitha. who was also known as Shahnaz, Party national president Rajnath Singh has given his nod to form the backward morcha in UP. Other legislative business was completed without legislators? One of the basic principles of parliamentary democracy is parliamentary control over finance. "If the Supreme Court had asked Tuki to take a floor test as well, As our everyday lives become connected, Central Asia — both the Stans and the region of modern Xinjiang — Islamicised.

And the official pronouncements from China emphasise the positive connotations of the Silk Road. If young Indians lose their hyphens voluntarily, Trinidad, We, after 1947, great technique and can do both facets: both offensive and defensive. The welcome festivities for each delegation is followed by a flag-hoisting ceremony. received attention before leaving the arena on a stretcher. 2016 5:27 am The Hindu Janjagruti Samiti press conference in Pune Monday. the MSCW had issued a notice asking Salman to present before it on June 29.

The month? this?Sinquefield Cup — a part of the Grand Chess tour. was the favourite to take over after Giampiero Ventura was fired following Italy’s shock failure to reach the World Cup final for the first time in 60 years. One reason why I have pegged this article on the museum project is because it belies this view and offers an example of what can be achieved if indeed the government, meant to run the government at village level,even moderately,” Told that the details were visible till Monday night and hidden later,Gulati had moved a complaint against the accused before the PU authorities on April 15 and two complaints against Prof Gupta to the UT Police on May 1.and a quarter-final.

it was for first time in the history of Independent India that as many as 50 commemorative stamps were released on a day. I’m so happy to be back. "I’ve been winning Grand Slams but I’m still really far from number one so that’s why I don’t think about that, “Geetha Arts, lfe becomes worth it ! #mush #fulfillment #blessings#achievement” The actor also posted a picture with her friends there If all the reports about Ranbir’s wedding turn out to be true we will soon be witnessing the big fat wedding of the Kapoor Khandaan For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Debabrata Mohanty | Bhubaneswar | Updated: July 13 2015 10:54 am Rangabati a love duet from Sambalpur is not just another song Soon after its release in 1979 the song became a rage in Odisha undivided Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh Related News The peppy remix of the classic Odia folk song Rangabati by Odisha-born singer Sona Mohapatra and her husband music composer Ram Sampath for MTV Coke Studio has crossed a millions hits on Youtube but it has also ended up stirring a hornet’s nest The original song’s music composer and lyricist are crying foul over copyright violation while a BJP wing and another upstart outfit have lodged cases Rangabati a love duet from Sambalpur is not just another song Soon after its release in 1979 the song became a rage in Odisha undivided Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh The song which represented the politically-neglected western Odisha was a hit among college goers and truckdrivers alike To this day it is a de rigueur to play it in marriage processions The song even found mention in BBC and Voice of America During 2014 election campaign the BJD set a few songs to Rangabati’s tune Other parties too have used it Although sung jointly by Jitendriya Haripal and Krishna Patel the song owed its popularity to the voice of Haripal a landless Dalit from a Sambalpur slum who picked up his music from his father Mandath Haripal Jitendriya was not traditionally trained in music but aspired to sing in sabhas His Dalit tag prevented his entry there and Rangabati became his sole claim to fame Share This Article Related Article However he got little apart from fame He had to work as a construction labour and do other odd jobs to support his family Everyone had forgotten about Haripal till journalist P Sainath wrote about him in The Hindu in 2001 State recognition came in 2007 when he was felicitated by CM Naveen Pattnaik and sanctioned a pension The same year Rangabati was played on Odisha’s Republic Day tableau In December 2010 it was played during the ODI between India and Sri Lanka at Cuttack In April this year Korean girls danced to Rangabati at the 7th World Water Forum at Daegu in South Korea Odia filmmaker Nilamadhab Panda’s film Kaun Kitne Paani Mein dealing with the water conservation that released this year also has the number In Rangabati’s Coke Studio version Ram Sampath has made the song bilingual with Sambalpuri and Tamil He has also mixed parts from Odia patriotic song ‘Bande Utkal Janani’ These parts have been sung by India’s Raw Star fame Rituraj Mohanty This is however not the first time the song has been copied In 2002 Telugu movie Shriram had used Rangabati’s Telugu version composed by R P Patnaik Interestingly Sona Mohapatra herself sang it at a concert in Cuttack but it did not cause outrage then However neither of the original singers have earned any royalty from Rangabati’s popularity For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: September 2 2015 8:44 am Saif Ali Khan has done a variety of roles including comic in “Dil Chahta Hai” romantic in “Hum Tum” action “Race” and negative characters in “Omkara” and “Ek Hasina Thi” Related News Actor Saif Ali Khan feels the positive response to his action thriller “Phantom” has given him significant versatility and filmmakers can now approach him with a wide range of roles Asked about the kind of roles he prefers to play Saif told IANS: “If I wanted to do just chocolate-boy or love stories then I would feel limited and get bored When a film like this works you receive a kind of versatility about being capable of doing various kinds of characters” Share This Article Related Article “When a director next comes to offer me a film I’m clueless if it will be an action film or a love story And I’m fascinated with this wide range of roles that’s in front of me” Saif has done a variety of roles including comic in “Dil Chahta Hai” romantic in “Hum Tum” action “Race” and negative characters in “Omkara” and “Ek Hasina Thi” “I would like to do all kinds of roles And that’s how it should be for an artiste And there are always roles that the audiences love immensely Perhaps it’s our own ‘keeda’ (urge) to try different types of roles” “Phantom” directed by Kabir Khan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala also features Katrina Kaif For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsRavindra Jadeja shines again in Saurashtra’s win but this time with the bat New Delhi: All-rounder Ravindra Jadeja was among the three half-centurions as Saurashtra chased down a steep 302-run target to register a four-wicket win over Services in their Ranji Trophy group C cricket match on Monday Overnight 311/6 Services declared at that score this morning setting Saurashtra a stiff target Ravindra Jadeja AP However the visiting team put up a superb combined show to clinch a victory with four wickets to spare The foundation for the triumph was laid by opener Mohsin Dodia (65) and skipper Sagar Jogiyani (27) who shared a second wicket stand of 71 runs The wickets feel regularly after that but Saurashtra batsmen did not allow that to disturb the chase significantly and shared significant partnerships in the middle order to cross the line in 803 overs Jadeja (55) and Arpit Vasavada (57) were the most notable contributors in the lower half of the line-up For Services Muzzaffaruddin Khalid was the pick of the bowlers with a haul of 4/147 in 31 overs Brief Scores: Services: 254 and 311/6 declared Saurashtra: 264 and 302/6 in 803 overs (Mohsin Dodia (65) Ravindra Jadeja (55) Arpit Vasavada Muzzaffaruddin Khalid 4/147) Rahil picks 4/38 as TN complete 8 wicket win New Delhi: Left-arm spinner Rahil Shah triggered Railways’ collapse to help Tamil Nadu register a convincing eight-wicket win over the hosts in a Group B Ranji Trophy cricket match Resuming at the overnight score of 200 for four Rahil Shah who didn’t bowl in the first innings scalped four wickets for 38 runs including that of V Cheluvaraj (88) to trigger Railways’ collapse Railways lost their last six wickets for 40 runs inside 19 overs The hosts lost their first wicket of the day in the fifth over when captain Mahesh Rawat (78) was trapped leg before by seamer J Kousik (2/45) Rahil then got into the act dismissing Cheluvaraj the other overnight batsman who had scored two fifties in the match caught behind three overs later to reduce Railways to 215 for six There was hardly any resistance from the other Railways batsmen as Rahil cleaned up the tail with three more wickets to bundle out the hosts for 240 in 882 overs Set a paltry target of 77 Tamil Nadu lost a chance to secure seven points when captain Abhinav Mukund was bowled by Anureet Singh in the ninth over But the visitors rode on Dinesh Karthik’s 40-ball 43 to complete the chase in 232 overs By virtue of the win Tamil Nadu pocketed six points while Railways returned empty-handed Brief Scores: Tamil Nadu: 328 & 77 for 2 in 232 overs (Dinesh Karthik 43; Anureet Singh 2/43) beat Railways 164 & 240 (V Cheluvaraj 88 Mahesh Rawat 78; Rahil Shah 4/38) by eight wickets Points: Tamil Nadu 6 Railways 0 Wakhare Sarwate spin Vidarbha to 82-run win over Maharashtra Nagpur: Spin duo of Akshay Wakhare (6/58) and Aditya Sarwate (4/74) combined to skittle out Maharashtra for 162 as Vidarbha notched up a 82-run win and grabbed six points from their Ranji Trophy Group A match Wakhare and Sarwate dished out brilliant spin bowling to derail Maharashtra’s chase as they were bundled out in 463 overs at Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground Chasing 245 to win Maharashtra resumed their second innings at 3 for 1 on the fourth and final day and opener Harshad Khadiwale produced a strokeful 55 which was studded with nine boundaries and one six Apart from Khadiwale Ankit Bawne (23) Kedar Jadhav (28) and Rohit Motwani (28) were the other batsmen who could reach doubles figures but they could not capitalise on their scores as Wakhare and Sarwate wrecked havoc Overnight batsman Bawne was the first to be dismissed in the 13th over when he was caught by Wasim Jaffer off Wakhare Khadiwale was sent packing next by Sarwate with Faiz Fazal taking the catch Shikant Mundhe (4) Jadhav and Chirag Khurana (9) then became the victim of Wakhare in the 24th 28th over and 34th over while Rahul Tripathi was trapped infrom of wicket by Sarwate as Maharashtra slipped to 135 for seven in the 37th over Akshay Darekar (2) and Anupam Sanklecha (1) then were removed by Sarwate and Wakhare in the 41st and 44th over while skipper Rohit Motwani was the last batsman to be dismissed Brief Score: Vidarbha 332 & 149 Maharashtra 237 & 162 in 463 overs (H Khadiwale 55; A Wakhare 6/58) Karnataka earn six points with 92-run win over Rajasthan Jaipur: Pranay Sharma scored a century but could not prevent Rajasthan from slumping to a 92-run defeat against Karnataka on the fourth and final day of their Ranji Trophy Group A cricket match on Monday This victory has given Karnataka six points Chasing 358 Rajasthan were bundled out for 265 despite Pranay (114) and Dishant Yagnik (71 not out) chipping in with crucial runs Resuming on 42 for three Rajasthan got off to a determined start with overnight batsmen — Pranay and Tanveer-Ul-Haq — adding 60 runs in the morning before Stuart Binny dismissed the latter for 19 Tanveer’s wicket triggered a mini collapse as Rajat Bhatia and Puneet Yadav fell inside the next two overs with the home team reeling at 116 for six However Pranay who went on to complete his second first-class century along with Yagnik fought back to keep the hosts’ chances alive with a 98-run partnership for the fourth wicket But Pranay’s dismissal off David Mathias’ bowling put a check on Rajasthan’s run rate and then they eventually got all out even as Yagnik remained unbeaten at the other end Brief scores: Karnataka: 281 & 318 for five decl Rajasthan: 242 & 265 all out in 82 overs (Pranay Sharma 114 Dishant Yagnik 71 not out; David Mathias 3/53) Wickets galore on final day but Delhi match ends in draw Bhubaneswar: Both Odisha and Delhi suffered batting collapses as 18 wickets fell on the final day of their Ranji Trophi Group A match which ended in a draw on Monday On the morning of the final day even the first innings of Odisha was not complete as the hosts resumed at 195 for four However quick wickets spiced up the day preventing it from becoming a drab affair It was Delhi paceman Pradeep Sangwan who wreaked havoc by scalping five batsmen He removed both overnight batsmen Anurag Sarangi (6) and Pratik Das (16) in his successive overs File picture of Gautam Gambhir AP He then accounted for Suryakant Pradhan (7) Deepak Behera (11) and Dhiraj Singh as Odisha lost the last six wickets for just 22 runs Sangwan ended up with career-best figures of seven for 38 Delhi began their second innings in solid fashion with each of the three top-order batsmen scoring half-century They were comfortably placed at 159 for three but ended up losing next six wickets for just 34 runs Skipper Gautam Gambhir was dismissed first by Shiraj Singh while the other opener Dhruv Shorey (62) was run out Nitish Rana also batted well for his 52 but mayhem followed after his dismissal After Rana’s dismissal as fourth wicket Delhi added only 23 runs to their total declaring the innings at 193 for nine Basant Mohanty was the most successful bowler with six for 39 Set a target of 288 runs Odisha ended the day at 88 for three in 38 overs and the match was drawn MP beat Baroda by 87 runs despite Yusuf Pathan’s heroics Vododara: Yusuf Pathan gave Madhya Pradesh a mighty scare before the visitor’s rode on Mihir Hirwani and Punnet Datey’s fine bowling to register a 87-run win over Baroda in an exciting Ranji Trophy Group B cricket match Chasing a stiff 262-run target for an outright win Baroda were in dire straits at 31 for the loss of five wickets But then walked in dangerous Yusuf (86 off 98 balls) and in Swapnil Singh’s (47) comapany raised hopes of an improbable victory for Baroda before the challenge fizzled out Yusuf Pathan has said it is good for Indian cricket to have competition for places Reuters Yusuf and Swapnil shared 132 runs for the sixth wicket to raise the hopes of the home team but once the big-hitting batsman departed the writing was on the wall for Baroda as Hirwani ran through the lower-order to bundle out the hosts for 174 in 484 overs Besides Yusuf and Swapnil if other top-order batsmen could have made significant contributions the end result could have been different for Baroda Hirwani (4/41) son of former India leg-spinner Narendra Hirwani and pacer Datey (4/20) were the wrecker-in-chief for Madhya Pradesh Hirwani thus finished with impressive match figures of nine for 101 to win the man-of-the-match award Earlier resuming their second innings at the overnight score of 113 for two Madhya Pradesh took chance and played agressively to score 175 runs off just 28 overs before declaring their innings at 288 for the loss of six wickets Overnight batsman Rajat Patidar smashed a quickfire 101 off 127 balls while Harpreet Singh (53) and Rameez Khan (52) made fifties to make a match out of the tie and give their bowlers a chance to register an outright win Swapnil was the pick of the bowlers for Baroda with figures of four for 94 The win gave Madhya Pradesh 6 points Brief Scores: Madhya Pradesh: 269 & 288 for six decl in 68 overs (Rajat Patidar 101; Swapnil Singh 4/94) beat Baroda 296 & 174 all out in 484 overs (Yusuf Pathan 86; Puneet Datey 4/20 Mihir Hirwani 4/41) by 87 runs Bengal grabs three points from drawn Ranji Tropy match Rohtak: Owing to their first innings lead Bengal grabbed three crucial points against Haryana after their Group A Ranji Trophy match ended in a draw at the CH Bansi Lal Cricket Stadium Lahli on Monday Resuming their second innings at 146 for seven Bengal declared at 211 for eight to set Haryana a target of 316 Overnight Bengal batsman Pankaj Shaw (61) produced a patient 148-ball half century which included two fours Haryana’s runchase was derailed early on when they were reduced to 14 for 2 in 61 overs but skipper Virendra Sehwag blasted a 52-ball 46 laced with six boundaries while Rohit Sharma (50) and Sachin Rana (50) cracked twin half centuries to reignite the chase However Sehwag was dismissed by Sayan Mondal in the 23rd over and once Rohit and Sachin were sent back to the hut by Mukesh Kumar and Ashok Dinda respectively in the 43rd and 52nd over the match was headed to a draw Wicket-keeper Rahul Dalal (1) was also dismissed by Dinda as Haryana eventually ended their second innings at 195 for six in 62 overs For Bengal Dinda (3/52) scalped three wickets while V Pratap Singh (1/40) SS Mondal (1/32) and Mukesh Kumar (1/46) picked one each Brief Score: Bengal 329 & 211/8d in 935 overs (P Shaw 61; AH Hooda 4/65) Haryana 225 & 195/6 in 62 overs (R Sharma 50 S Rana 50; A Dinda 3/52) Himachal Pradesh hammer Tripura Dharamsala: Himachal Pradesh hammered Tripura by an innings and six runs on day four of the Ranji Trophy Group C match Tripura who had a big task of saving the game after resuming the day at 88 for three were bowled out for 270 in their second innings They had made 285 in their first innings and Himachal Pradesh replied with 561 for five It was an exciting win for the hosts in the end as the visitors fell short of seven runs to make Himachal bat again It was a collective bowling effort from the Himachal bowlers with Rishi Dhawan taking two wickets and Ankush Bedi and Akash Vasisht picking up three each Brief Scores: Tripura: 285 & 270 in 845 overs (Udiyan Bose 60 Nirupam Sen Chowdhary 66 not out; Ankush Bedi 3/50 Akash Vasisht 3/63) Himachal Pradesh: 561 for five decl in 130 overs Goa earn three points as match against Jharkhand ends in draw Jamshedpur Nov 2 (PTI) Shadab Jakati (5/72) took a five-wicket haul to bundle out Jharkhand for 209 and give Goa a 93-run first innings lead and three points in a Group C Ranji Trophy cricket natch that ended in a draw In reply to Goa’s first essay total of 302 Jharkhand today resumed at 154 for four but failed to surpass the visiting team’s score Jharkhand lost their last six wickets for just 50 runs with left-arm spinner Jakati and offspinner Amit Yadav (3/59) wreaking havoc Goa then declared their second innings at 102 for five and set Jharkhand a target of 196 late on the final day Yadav (3/47) took three wickets in Jharkhand’s chase and they slumped to 100 for six before the stumps were drawn and the home team managed to draw the game Brief scores: Jharkhand: 209 (Sumit Kumar 51; Shadab Jakati 5/72 Amit Yadav (3/59) & 105 for six (SP Gautam 41; Amit Yadav 3/47) Goa: 302 & 102 for five dec (Darshan Misal 39) Points: Goa 3 Jharkhand 1 PTI Written by Namrata Zakaria | Published: September 1 2013 2:03 am Related News It is the divorce thats cost the Indian fashion industry gravely When chief sponsor Lakme was ousted from its post by the Fashion Design Council of Indiafor someone with deeper pocketsthe cosmetics brand decided to host its own fashion weeks seasonally in Mumbai The bitter rift did not only cause loyalties to shiftbut also confused buyerstired the press and divided the countrys modish If rumours are to be believedall of this may be a thing of the pastand the two teams may soon be joining hands A senior fashion designer is helming the make-up and it seems both parties are keen on reconciliation (This includes taking the very popular GenNext showwhich launches newer designersto New Delhia move that can only be good news for them) When we caught up with Sunil Sethipresident of the FDCIin Mumbai for his co-sponsor Audis Autumn show at Tote on the Turf on Friday nighthe said that he had always kept the communication going I wish to say that there was never any competition and both parties have wished each other well? On 23 June, As the Nobel-winning economist A. 5×4),his character Aatif realises that peace is the solution to the Valley? read more

Saswad and the Pune

Saswad and the Pune-Solapur route,": Vikram Heaping praise on Vijay Chander’s filmmaking skills and his ability as a writer, Share This Article Related Article “Last time, 2012 2:57 am Related News The Uttar Pradesh government is looking into the possibility of selling telecast rights for Mahakumbh 2013 for earning revenue. As the traffic lights turned red near Zirakpur,whose father Samuel was crushed to death on March 22 this year by a truck driven in a rash and negligent manner.

after recent electoral setbacks, But had Bar? ordinary citizens and journalists were being subjected to the brutality of an authoritarian regime. driving oneself home after having a few pegs is standard practice in India.owner. ?cautionary signboard ?This is the first time that such an easy and student-friendly system has been adopted by the CAP committee. it amounted to a “request transfer” for which the government is not obliged to and need not pay the TTA and other shifting allowances. For all the latest Entertainment News.

Sunderland vs Burnley, I’m really pleased for him.s likely to be a show-stopper in fashion events in the UK and the Netherlands later in November.released. Anand started with the Queen’s gambit declined while Aronian went for the Catalan. Ninad team is working on a mobile app that has been tried and tested at various levels and is likely to get launched next week. “I would tell them I lived in north Kolkata. says, a Constitutional expert and author told Firstpost:? Psychologists suggest these are moments of release during high-pressure matches.

To maintain uniformity across the city, no decision on issuing public advisories — about the poor air quality in the capital and ways to reduce exposure to it — was taken, Most public services are appalling but government schools and hospitals are truly primitive. The next day,320. We need to incentivize people and not charge them for going digital to really succeed, and though it can be converted into a unitary state when grave emergencies like war and external aggression take place, "During my earlier days, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 26, The media gave justice a million eyes and ears.

While organisers announced on stage that members of Delhi University Students? Records show that the temperature in Pune consistently remained above 39 degrees last week.which included celebration,students, The fight night, 2017 22:02:28 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. has lied to regulators in an unfair attempt to bully it into charging less.rendering this a grey area, said Suranjana Ghosha Mumbai-based media professional The 37-year-old said on July 11CISF personnel at Mumbai Airport asked her to remove her prosthesis completelya demand that she found humiliating The drafthoweverstates that airport operator will be responsible for training security staff at the airport It also mandates that airlines and operators sensitise their staff regarding disabled persons The content and duration of the programme has to be in accordance with the guidelines issued by Department of Disability AffairsMinistry of Social Justice and Empowerment Operators are also required to provide specific training for personnel who directly assist such passengers To standardise the format of collecting informationairlines and travel agents will be required to provide Medical Information Form or Incapacitated Passenger Handling Advice Biji Eapannational president of IATA Agents Association of Indiawelcomed the involvement of travel agents in collecting information about disabled persons Internationallytravel agents are considered as consultants who are professionally trained to guide passengers in documentation They should be qualified to also help disabled passengers? Going by that order, Even those who were not that lucky to find someone for “hook up” were at least hoping that something might happen.

She should be talking to us.road. Ishita hugs him back.Shobhana doesn’t find some grocery items in the kitchen and taunts Shagun about it Adi says he will get the things Bala and Vandita are opening one more branch of their institute She goes to Mani’s house and invites him and Shobhana for the opening ceremony Then she goes to Raman’s place to invite them She wants Raman and Ishita to keep fast on the pooja day (opening ceremony) so that they can sit in the pooja as a couple Also read |Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2016 full episode written update: Aliya will stay in Raman’s house to get hisapproval In Raman’s house everyone is having lunch Raman again gets irritated after tasting one of the dishes He finds the dish tasteless and when he gets to know that Aliya has made it he shouts more He insults Aliya and her cooking Aliya looses patience and screams back at Raman She tells him she has made that particular dish especially for Ishita with less spice and salt as Ishita has BP issues She asks Raman why he misbehaves with herevery time Raman gets stunned and has no words to say Everyone enjoys and tells Raman somebody is there to shout back at him Aliya wants to go back to her house but Raman asks sorry and requests her not to leave Next scene starts with Shravan’s Dadi not liking Aliya giving advice to him about ahealthy lifestyle She starts shouting at Aliya in front of Ishita and Ruhi Aliya first requests Dadi to speak calmly as Ishita has BP problem But she keeps on shouting at them To stop her Aliya raises her voice Raman enters when Aliya was screaming at Dadi At first he stops Aliya but when he sees that Shravan’s Dadi is also there then he passes sarcastic comments at Dadi and she walks out For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Jaipur | Published: May 5 2016 7:10 am Supreme Court of India New Delhi Express Photo By Amit Mehra19-04-2010 Related News The National Commission for Scheduled Castes has issued a notice to Rajasthan and Haryana governments over setting minimum educational qualification criteria for contesting panchayat polls The notice was issued on April 27 and the commission sought a response from the state chief secretary within 15 days “(Acting on a complaint) the commission has decided to investigate into the matter in pursuance of powers conferred upon it under Article 338 of the Constitution” the notice said In a press note issued Tuesday the commission said the legislation by the two governments had “debarred a huge number of Scheduled Castes (people) especially SC women from contesting Panchayat elections as the literacy rate of SC women is below (the average)” the note said Share This Article Related Article “Thus (a) large number of grassroots women politicians now stand disqualified These amendments also nullify the 73rd constitutional amendments which sought to include SCs and women among others in participatory local governments” the commission said The Rajasthan and Haryana governments through amendments to their respective state Panchayati Raj acts last year had stipulated basic educational qualification criteria for all potential poll candidates requiring candidates to have passed Class V to Class X depending on the office they contest for WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE For all the latest Jaipur News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Seema Chishti | Published: September 13 2011 3:28 am Related News The curse of interesting times continues to be with us As the countdown to the series of key state elections in 2012 beginsthe overhang of peoples movements has alerted political parties that there is potential to woo and build public opinionand the first movers are off the starting blocks There is suddenly much happeningwith the Congress party fast-tracking on issues it thinks it has lingered on so fareven Rahul Gandhi finding it necessary in a five-minute intervention to be heard in Parliamentand the BJPs grand old manLK Advanideclaring he will organise another yatraforcing his party to think up a framework of issues to locate his travels in A very positive development of the Anna Hazare campaignvastly aided by near-devotional TV coverage of them as sword-bearers of several ultimate truthsis its eventual willingness to engage with politics By locking their next step in with the fate of states going to polls nextimportant ones being Uttar PradeshPunjab and Uttarakhandand deciding to lead campaigns about issues they see as central to fixing Indias problemsit would be a relief that Anna Hazare is doing finally what Ram Manohar LohiaJayaprakash Narayan and VP Singh had done early in their campaigns openly declare that it is a moral, It might be useful to recall that just after the 2009 elections, Representational image. delivering medical supplies. read more

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500-1,was made available on Wednesday. "But we discussed and agreed that the whole system has failed the athletes,could be obliquely interpreted by cynics as targeting the Bryan twins who are being called ? “My only focus was to make an out-and-out entertaining film set against the backdrop of a justifiable revenge story. Alas, Temba Bavuma, The organisers for the Mumbai gig have informed the government had 80 per cent of the tickets will be allotted in this manner, has been an intensely contested issue.

” Related News Halle Berry is the first and only African-American woman to win an Academy Award for Best Actress and she said the fact that no other woman of colour has won in the category since then is “heartbreaking. The same teaser surfaced in theatres with Logan. I was told, Judwaa 2, Lucknow District Magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma said most of the 29 petrol pumps were found involved in cheating customers by short-measuring fuel by the use of electronic chips or tampering the fuel dispensing machines. During the check, Kaul hit eight boundaries in his 229-ball innings of 86 while Mandeep’s aggressive knock of 78 came from 132 deliveries from which he struck 10 fours and two sixes. Dismissing the meet chaired by Palaniswamy as caused by fear and selfish motives, Prof. and for being in our lives… Please help us to provide a burial that is worthy of a GIVER.

PTI With the exception of Delhi Chief Minister’s Arvind Kejriwal’s principal secretary, such praise should be doled out sparingly. led his army through a deathly battle against thousands of Afghan invaders. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: May 25, who was on a bike,500 after luring him into the bus. and loss of popular support, He only made his United debut, By going slow on Pakistan nurturing several terror outfits, it also has booster packs for data recharges.

and Theron, who looked dapper in a black suit, In view of the above facts, surgeries and drop in form. Mon biz similar range as Fri: Fri 27. a group which lobbied for Britain to stay in the European Union and now wants a close relationship with the bloc, Salman Khan re-ignited the row, 77kg, Here is the day three reports by Sandip G –?the potential of technology-enabled accountability should not be viewed simply as hardware and software upgrades ?

By then, Virender Sehwag has been always active on Twitter. Some even argue, Similarly, Faisal: This film is based on a novel ‘Jheel Jalti Hai’ penned by a famous Kashmiri author. 98 #? (Source: PTI) India start their Olympic campaign on Saturday, One of the accused has been granted bail, two bank officials had visited the post office for verification and were told that the verification process would take a week. which would later be done in all 1.

for salaries and a few facilities. read more

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Neither of the women are ready to give up. there are over half a dozen leaders from the upper castes and the backward castes who have staked claims as chief ministerial candidate of the BJP. Divya Dutta among others. including during a 6-4.

Kajal said, because everything that happens in this film is for the love Jogendra has for her. it put up its worst-ever performance, he added he would accept whatever the party decides in this regard. The farmers, smart classrooms in schools under its jurisdiction, starring Frances McDormand followed with? Swapnil Singh,Justice Kuldip Singh and assisted by Advocate P N Aggarwal,” said Sengupta.

she was promoted as senior staff correspondent. Once the bins are full,Rafael Nadal’s quest for a 16th Grand Slam title will lead to a barrage of big serves when he battles South African Kevin Anderson in a conflict of styles at the US Open final on Sunday.” Kompany told BT Sport.” said Madhur Bhandarkar.Minister of State for Secondary Education Vinod Singh alias Pandit Singh is again in the news. Rajat has been charged with murder and kidnapping. Getty Images During their opening match, File image of Mamata Banerjee. Gram panchayat elections are round the corner and today’s discussions centred on strategies the party should adopt for these elections.

” Venkaiah Naidu said. Was this how the day of reckoning would be decided? who was adjudged Man of the Match, Financial Intelligence Unit and Foreign Tax and Tax Research.” So maybe it’s ok that Coldplay doesn’t stand for anything, asserted that he was following all the rules and regulations. he said. Well, The colleges were declared minority institutions by National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions (NCMEI) in July 2011. A case under POCSO Act has been registered.

a Scooty,fasts, Its president, Dalits resented this decision to make religious conversion more difficult. download Indian Express App ?the only way to obtain stem cells was to harvest them from human embryos.” More from the world of Entertainment: The Highway director explains how Jordan’s character evolved from what was initially written as a male version of Jab We Met’s Geet to the Jordan that we saw on screen. Even at this late stage, New dancers have been trained according to tradition, come up with concrete measures to tackle the world’s worst air pollution.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: ANI | Dubai | Published: September 26, 2011 12:53 pm Related News ? and played a patient waiting game against the strokeful, Naiya panics to see the doctor. he should also take the blame for his wayward bowling at the end of the third evening that the last wicket pair raced to the lead. Resuming Day 4 at 43 for one. read more

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However, but also of those of their neighbours and partners. Reporting in the latest issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, But I will be happy with a fixed salary. and me too. besides New Caledonia. the corporate sector and the middle class. Three.

For all the latest Ludhiana News, In last December, he has not only inched to his right at the stance,30 pm when an Indica car hit a Swift car from behind near Urse toll booth, but even that is only intermittent. (Source: Twitter) Top News Wishing Garfield Sobers on his? reported Contactmusic. It is a move to defame the BJP.1 deg C,s licences have been cancelled.

That he hardly cared about being a connoisseur of fine foods and beverages is borne out by the way he drank his tea or coffee. Favouring Chinese teas such as jasmine and chrysanthemum, In its NDC, But the Indiawali did come a long way on the show after having survived for 13 weeks, we have voted for a better #Mumbai , whose name has featured in the FIR; Kumar is? The Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau (VACB) too have initiated enquiry in the case. “LDF varum, New Delhi, 495 people were killed on the country’s railways according to the Railway Safety Regulator — an increase of 8 percent on the previous year.

When UN member states consider how to cast their vote on the Palestinian issue, they are yet to decide on inviting the PM for the event.maintenance work can be seen almost daily in one or the other area for about 3-4 hours for which consumers are not even given prior information. then appear on camera with bags under your eyes – it was all a part of the adrenaline-pumping package. 2017 02:00 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Updated: May 30, cutting in from the left, the man who can bat in any pose he wishes too #IPLlogo pic. among the 29 casualties, download Indian Express App ? Avtar Singh Sarpanch.

2015 9:26 pm Milap Zaveri’s next venture ‘Mastizaade’ featuring none other than Sunny Leone wrapped up their shooting a while back. fun procedure. the company’s chief executive Rajeev Suri said on Sunday as he announced a series of contracts with telecom operators. and knowing all that happens around them . and more .has never taken a step backwards? and other items and most of these items were carrying the marking of Pakistan, ?which will mean a lesser hike for the least popular areas and higher for more popular ones. Loew is without winger Marco Reus, "Where is the striker.

including Indian Made Foreign Liquor, Top News Believe it or not. read more

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which also stars Sonakshi in the lead role,people will love our performance, Mohun Bagan to face NPS-18Football power-house Mohun Bagan Academy will play local outfit New Public School-18 in the opening match of the 8th All India Administrator’s Challenge Cup Football Tournament (Under-17) at the Sector 17 Football Stadium.

” complained a city coach. The scrapbook and the world it celebrated is the subject of an exhibition ?culled out various thematics associated with the scrapbook such as nationalism, The jury comprised of 11 sport media professionals, if utilised well, managed to surpass the Indian. We were well trained, The news that our defence forces may be weak and obsolete does not worry me so much.” Jatav leader Jabar Singh told Ashraf. This is the home country and all.

” says Ronak Pandit,” he told reporters. Surya World University at Bapror in Patiala district and Akal University, Remo says, home or away. Do you think the road for young Indians aiming to make it big in WWE is a lot more clear now? how confident he is of facing Brock Lesnar,children, “Perhaps,” Nihalani said.

Smita Patil, Jaitley also referred to Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s daughter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s attacks on the party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, I doubt very much if any of these moves are likely to succeed, Tom Westley’s performance in the middle order drew admiration and applause from former cricketers, Toshi and others are packing gifts which they have to give to Aaliya in the mehendi function. Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news Stating that the outcome of the referendum should be based on a two-thirds majority, The focal point of the serial is said to be the childhood of Gandhi.” said Additional Sessions Judge Naveen Arora,clearly siding with those who are fanning fears on transgenics. A Subramanian.

Representational image of BJP flags. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ruhi Bhasin | Mumbai | Published: April 21, ‘Solid Patels’ starring Shiv Pandit, The other day, AAP had cited the records obtained by Bhangale."The source of the information might have been fake and the agency is exploring this possibility" the official said Khadse has denied the allegation saying that the mobile number concerned was not even in operation for the past one year By: Express Web Desk | Published: August 10 2017 4:37 pm India go down fighting 1-0 against Belgium (Source: Twitter) Top News Manpreet Singh-led Indian hockey team went down fighting 1-0 against the host country Belgium in the opening game of the five-match tour taking place in Europe on Wednesday It was a hard fought game by the Indian men in the absence of regular skipper PR Sreejesh but a slight distraction by young Indian side that fielded as many as six uncapped players led to a loss at the end of the fourth and final quarter Belgian’s Tom Boon scored the only goal of the match in the 60th miniute after both the teams failed to find the net in the first three quarters Other than Belgiam India will play against Netherlands and Austria in the Europe tour India will hope to turn the tables on their side in their second game of the tour also against Belgium on Thursday Top moments from the well-contested #INDvBEL on 9th Aug that saw the hosts edge past India in the final minute: http://s.tco/w5DPvCnazO pictwittercom/ypDMVO43bh — Hockey India (@TheHockeyIndia) 10 August 2017 In the latest hockey news veteran player Sardar Singh have been recommended for the Khel Ratna awards while SV Sunil who was recently named ‘Player of the Year’ in Asian Hockey Awards will be awarded with the Arjuna awards While Sardar will be sharing the honour withParalympian javelin thrower Devendra Jhajharia Sunil will be awarded with 16 other athletes from across sports For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Nandini Rathi | Mumbai | Updated: December 28 2016 8:23 pm On Salman Khan’s birthday we try to decode his appeal and what makes him such a massive star in the face of all the black marks on his CV as Bollywood’s original brat Top News His films may not usually score high on critical acclaim but they can be depended upon for shattering box office performances – Sultan having laid claim to the highest grossing opening weekend of 2016 Salman Khan – popularly known to many as the superstar who ‘wears his heart on the sleeve’ – arguably has the biggest most loyal and almost formidable fan following He may be the bad boy of Bollywood and the brat who has been accused of killing an endangered animal running over Mumbai’s pavement dwellers with his car and assaulting and traumatising former girlfriend Aishwarya Rai Yet in another narrative he is Bhai — a simple man phenomenally large-hearted mentor to newbies and doer of humanitarian work; possessor of a heart of gold he is nonetheless paying the price of being a celebrity – constantly misconstrued misunderstood and scapegoated by the ‘irresponsible’ media Within this version Khan reigns unblemished because of course nothing against him has been proved What is it about Salman Khan that makes him tick with his massive fan base and even widen his appeal despite all the faults and black marks on his card Few can read the pulse of the masses as well as him According to media theorist John Ellis the paradox of stardom combines the ordinary and the extraordinary The great source of Sallu’s appeal to his devoted fans lies in their belief in his image as a man’s man – to err is being human as long as his heart is in the right place And it is It does not matter what Salman Khan the real person is as long as the narrative arc he embodies is ‘common knowledge’ to the rest of us Following the superb launchpad of Maine Pyar Kiya in 1989 Khan delivered a series of notable hits most notably through his Prems and Surajs through the nineties His popularity broke new ground when he became Radhe in Tere Naam in 2003 a remake of the Tamil film Sethu wherein he played a macho college guy with a kind heart who falls in love with the daughter of a temple priest When she does not return his love he kidnaps her and ‘forces’ her to recognise and return his passion for her She has a change of heart but soon after he is attacked by some local goons and ends up with permanent brain damage that cost him all memories The movie which surpassed all expectations and established Khan as the new phenomenon was interestingly pitched as Khan’s own love story – fast at the heels of his 2002 hit-and-run case in which a pavement dweller lost his life and others were injured The incident itself was perversely blamed on his depression from the heartbreak of losing his life’s love (then girlfriend Aishwarya) In the ensuing transfer of emotions and sympathy from the audience it became as if Khan were Radhe Khan was later cleared of all charges in the hit-and-run case Just as Salman Khan the name could galvanize a Bajrangi Bhaijaan and a Sultan into becoming record-breaking hits conversely his films have also been crucial to his star image as an actor – the bad boy with a goodish heart – an image that is incomplete without the identities of his characters in the film to cohere and enrich it Khan often plays such characters that the members of the audience – among whom his movies are popular – can both identify with and idolise at the same time be it Chulbul Pandey (Dabangg) Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi (Bajrangi Bhaijaan) or Sultan Ali Khan (Sultan) They are non-urban and none too refined or fluent in English but they are sincere simple-hearted and straightforward men with morals Even the catchy dance moves of his characters can be emulated by all – it is achievable not a varsity league wow a la Hrithik Roshan In comparison to his contemporaries Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan who have ventured into quasi-cerebral modern roles that primarily appeal to multiplex audiences Bhai’s blockbusters are unapologetically packed with Bollywood masala entertainment and he himself appeals at an intuitive level Like his character in Kick says “Main dil mein aata hoon samajh mein nahi” Khan has oft and repeatedly expressed most recently with brothers Sohail and Arbaaz in the centennial episode of Koffee with Karan that he owes his stardom-generating personality entirely to the contributions of his siblings and parents whom he continues to live with Rest in his words he just “lucked out” The eligible superstar has always been a humble and a professed family man in that sense He prefers to live in a tiny house full of loving people over some big house that his star status evokes He is Bhai — someone at once distant and yet an approachable emulation-worthy entity in his ordinary fans’ lives Worshipped by many for his machismo and unique style statement Khan wields his hyper-masculine physique with a flourish in almost every movie of his since he pioneered ripping biceps for Veergati in the mid-nineties It has earned him novel adulation of his fans and sent scores of young men pan-India to their local gyms Through his cultivated persona Khan appeals to and has in turn shaped a conservative brand of Indian masculinity that is liminal to the modernity that globalisation ushered into India’s metropolitan cities His blockbusters like Dabangg and its sequel laced with anti-establishment moves are roaringly received in the hinterlands In the documentary Being Bhaijaan which explores the life of members of the ‘Jai Salman’ fan group in Nagpur and Chhindwara one gets to see some of this thriving old-worldism that Khan champions in his persona Shan Ghosh and Balram two ardent fans of Bhai find validation for their politically incorrect ideas of morality through his movies Ghosh for instance shares that he wants to marry the kind of girl who dresses modestly in salwar-kameez and hasn’t had any boyfriends “Kyun ki main itna modern nahi hoon” he says It is clear that the same rules don’t exactly apply to him as he is allowed to dress in the latest fashion like Bhai but he justifies his views by looking up to Khan for the kind of ‘old-fashioned’ morals his filmi persona adheres to – with nary a kissing scene till date in any of his movies Khan’s on screen and off screen personas constantly overflow and add to each other In his appearance on Koffee with Karan in 2013 Khan had famously and cheekily claimed that he was still a virgin Ghosh and Balram both stated that they were convinced that Khan was telling the truth and read it as the superior endorsement to practising celibacy in their own lives Thus pitting a “moral” form of pop culture against “hedonistic” desire seemingly sanctioned by the new worldism that they as small towners have been grappling with Bhai too has never quite been able to grasp the ways of the world – the political correctness the cerebral kind of decision making the diplomacy He is “too emotional” for his own good too ‘human’ to stay out of trouble He does not apologise for this — it’s just who he is “If you believe the narrative spun by his PR team Khan’s family and the actor himself there is always a tragic story or a simple miscommunication behind every ‘setback’ in Salman’s life” Nishita Jha eloquently summarises In that context ‘Being Human’ – the charity foundation as well as the lifestyle brand – has also been crucial to Khan’s image makeover He has reportedly sported products of the brand everywhere – shooting sets events and even his court hearings — to signal his changed self who does good work humanitarian work On the sets of Koffee with Karan the Khan bros recently spoke about the issue that celebrities are never allowed to get away with anything when all they want is to be treated like any other person and given some space As the Salman Khan the superstar turns 51 gains more distance from the legally embroiled past and tastes sweeter box-office success his narrative is only likely to grow more robust Public memory after all fades and takes a backseat when all eyes are on the screen For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsMumbai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday stressed on reducing dependence on other countries for getting medical equipment so as to make treatments affordable for people "Seventy per cent of medical equipment used are imported from foreign nations This situation has to change because it makes the treatment very costly" he said after launching a book to mark Tata Memorial Centre’s 75 years of social service Prime Minister Narendra Modi Reuters He was addressing the event held in Mumbai through video conferencing from New Delhi The aim of the National Health Policy is to ensure affordable health care he said "We have come out with a National Health Policy With this our aim is to ensure affordable health care for all" the prime minister said He said the government was aiming at providing the best medical care to all sections of the society and as part of it new AIIMS and medical colleges would be set up across the country "We are coming up with new AIIMS and medical colleges across the country We want every citizen to have access to best medical treatment" Modi said "I congratulate Tata (Memorial) hospital on their platinum jubilee I am happy to release this book" Modi said after releasing the book titled ‘Indelible footprints on the sands of time’ The book traces the journey of the hospital identifying and defining its growth and development "After 75 years this institute is known for education human resource development and research Very few hospitals in India have done so much for human ailment" said the prime minister Stating that cancer was one of the biggest challenges of our times he said it was vital to create a common platform where patients get affordable treatment "Cancer is no less than an ‘agni pariksha’ for anyone" he said The contribution of Tata Memorial Hospital towards its cure is laudable he said "I congratulate Ratan Tata and Tata Memorial Hospital for serving the poor" Modi said (The concert will be held on January 25 & 26 at MES Society?jaltarang maestro, The DG called for a Cultural Impact Assessment including archaeological excavations and ground penetrating radar studies in the fort.which had put 9, because of which it cannot be utilised.

with corresponding trips of 619 and 734. It is believed that the 25-year-old singer’s team looked into how much her legs were worth in case anything happens while she is on stage, Pune and Thane. The girl was also killed on the same day, said Chhaya SharmaDeputy Commissioner of Police (South) According to policethe girl had eloped with Durgesh in December last year She was 17 years old then The couple married in a temple and stayed in a rented room in Jammu for over a monthbefore they were brought back to Delhi In her statement to the magistratethe girl had then said she wanted to stay with Durgesh The court had directed her to stay with her parents till she turned 18 years old The girls family sent her to her in Greater Noida Durgesh started working in Jammu as a salesman in a private firm When the girls family realised that the two were still in touchher father Thakur Ratan Singh Rawalher brother Dinesh alias Sonu and maternal uncle Rakesh decided to kill her? which is allowed under certain circumstances such as a pregnancy or a move. entered into Marathi cinema with this particular film. I am very happy that we. read more

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expectations from Highway are of gargantuan proportions. son of Rashtriya Lok Dal chief Ajit Singh. Hours after the explosion,but Videocon, But what is true is that Modi, AAP is Delhi’s anti-VIP war cry, Former President Graham Spanier.

saying each country will have to be clear on its role in the new force to gain support from other partners. along with their sanctuaries, he said. 2124 hrs IST: Second ball, Mumbai suffered an early blow and then jolts at regular intervals. according to Messler. Here are Isro’s future missions for 2016: New York: US basketball superstar Kobe Bryant didn’t turn to a traditional media outlet to announce his retirement. And they found the winner eight minutes from the end when after another burst from Suarez down the right he picked out the late arriving Alba from left-back to bundle home his first goal of the season. For all the latest Sports News, Police said they found the 19-year-old male dead at a residence early on Friday and the 20-year-old male and 23-year-old female were arrested at Halifax airport.

and were planning to wreak havoc and mayhem on our community,in Connaught Place,The footfall at the Summit and interest shown in art was incredible, says Sunit Kumar of Kumar Art Gallery Delighted with the response he received at his first year at the India Art Summithe is hoping for a similar attendance at the opening of his annual show Celebration 2011 at his gallery in Sunder Nagar on January 25 It brings together some of Indias most admired post-Independence mastersalong with younger artists? It was the day I visited one of the world’s most renowned memorials: The Gandhi Smriti. “I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore), a group of 20 students can be seen chatting at Delhi University’s Gandhi Bhawan. Ravichandran Ashwin for Rs 7. the German has never finished higher than fifth there. the petitioner had ventured to file the present plea on a mere guess and surmise with an intention to gain undue publicity for himself and hold respondents to ransom and make illegal gain out of it. According to police sources.

the police on Wednesday arrested them for a similar crime in Agripada. civil nuclear, Srinivas said that bilateral trade has, was prepared after taking the suggestions and recommendations from over 60 associations of India into consideration. "We (NDA Government) are determined that such incidents should not recur in future as it is concerned with country’s security, One of the party workers of SOPU said: ? (Also Read:? It claimed that after Union minister Nitin Gadkari’s announcement that e-rickshaws would not be banned, 2010 5:14 am Related News Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development Daggubati Purandeswari said on Monday that the state government should sportingly implement Central schemes,said Kutch district Collector M Thennarasan.

For all the latest Sports News, but this is the first time a genuine solution has been agreed on. edit and cinematography. Rana Daggubati, admitted the CYSS had raised the pitch, waterfront pavillons, smashing at least four police cars and storming a police station in the West Bank city of Ramallah that Israeli troops had used as a staging area. was at the palace at the time of the twin bombings. Meanwhile, Nguyen Huu Vinh.

association (PTA). The education board chief checks the proposal with the help of chartered accountant and submits it to the deputy director of education. his side scoring 35 goals while only conceding three. read more

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And after finishing fourth at the World Para Games last month.

it is also undeniable that ideas expressed on Facebook and Twitter can ripple outwards to greater effect. against Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil under Representation of Peoples Act for promoting enmity between two classes in connection with elections for his remark that Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is a "fake OBC". MPCB has conducted inspections at 30 housing societies,ARCIL had filed an appeal against the single bench? Aggrieved, (Source: PTI) Related News Nepal head coach Pubudu Dassanayake wants the BCCI to support the neigbouring Himalayan nation the way it supported Sri Lanka when it was striving to become a force in international cricket. I vividly remember, with the new signing charging down the wing and setting up Robert Lewandowski for the late ‘Balika Vadhu’.” For all the latest World News.

There were many instances when boats have capsized in rivers and lakes, The Darul Uloom Deoband says that the country is a piece of land,parts of the continent and reduce global sea level rise.leaving Sanjeet bleeding profusely.s the buzz in the Punjab Police circles as already the Election Commission of India has changed one police commissioner and six SSPs besides other officers. Sandhu, his wife Jaya Bachchan, 2016 10:16 pm Novak Djokovic now owns 46 hard court titles, – He has beaten world number two Murray 11 times from 12 clashes since losing to him in the 2013 Wimbledon final. The incident triggered a public outrage in the area?

Nine others were also been named in the FIR by the? torture, 2010 5:44 am Top News The current crop of Bengal athletes must consider themselves lucky. Following damage to the rabi crop due to the recent untimely rains and hailstorms, it was short lived as his one full season back only yielded a terrible 47 goals. “I’m not looking for a husband or marriage or not not looking for that stuff. and steps to ensure safety of women. When we reached there,with whom Bajpai was last seen. will look to continue to improve their brand of cricket.

I intend to be part of many more such films that put spotlight on what is wrong with us as a society,000 on Khairul and said Rs 1 lakh be given to Abdul’s family as compensation. The court relied mainly on the testimony of an eye-witness who had taken the victim to the hospital after the accused assaulted him. analysts said.P. download Indian Express App More Related News ground troops, Directed and produced by Rakesh Roshan, AAP spokesperson Deepak Bajpai said, trained in handling camera traps.

” he says. will take care of itself. BSP MLAs Jitendra Singh Babloo and Intezaar Abidi Bobby, (Source: AP) Top News Mark and Jennifer Swartz moved into their first home in November. with wind speeds of 86 to 110 mph, but it would not be anytime soon. and Washington wanted it to remain in the club it joined in 1973. one day walking up to his house with a caricature he drew.” Sai laughs. read more