Exbank execs remain free on bail after fraud convictions

DOVER, Del. — A federal judge says four former executives for the only financial institution criminally charged in connection with the federal bank bailout program do not have to begin serving their prison sentences while appealing their fraud and conspiracy convictions.The judge on Wednesday granted requests by the former Wilmington Trust executives to remain free on bail during the appeal process, which could take a year or more.The four defendants were convicted last year of hiding Wilmington Trust’s massive amount of past-due commercial real estate loans before the bank was hastily sold in 2011Former Wilmington Trust president Robert Harra and chief financial officer David Gibson were sentenced to six years, while chief credit officer William North was sentenced to 4 1/2 years and controller Kevyn Rakowski got three years.Randall Chase, The Associated Press read more

SC concludes hearings no date fixed for judgement

Earlier, a stay order issued on the dissolution of Parliament was extended till Monday, December 10th. The order was extended by the Supreme Court when it continued hearings into the petitions filed against the dissolution of Parliament today. Yesterday the Supreme Court extended the stay order till tomorrow.However this evening the Supreme Court extended the stay order till the ruling is given. The Supreme Court (SC) today concluded hearings into the petition filed on the dissolution of Parliament but a date was not fixed to deliver the judgement.After four days of hearings the deliberations concluded tonight. A seven member bench is hearing the case. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Liberian rebel group disqualifying itself from future leadership role – Annan

“The Secretary-General is outraged at the continued high incidence of civilian casualties in and around Monrovia, as the result of indiscriminate shelling,” a UN spokesman said in a statement in New York.“He joins others in demanding that all concerned respect the ceasefire agreed to in Accra (Ghana),” the statement added. “It is imperative that the siege of Monrovia be lifted, so that desperately needed humanitarian relief can be brought in, peacekeepers can be quickly deployed and President Charles Taylor can depart.”Mr. Taylor has promised to step down once a West African peace force lands in the country.“The Secretary-General reminds those who continue to wage war in Liberia and to use means that cause so much suffering to the civilian population that they will be held individually accountable for any war crimes they commit,” the statement concluded. “By their reckless and criminal behaviour, they are disqualifying themselves from any leadership role in the future of their country.”Speaking to reporters, Mr. Annan specifically named the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) group as having disqualified itself from a future leadership role. “I cannot see how they would expect the people to accept them, after the suffering they’ve put them through. So they should think about that,” he said.Mr. Annan, who on Friday expressed pleasure at an announcement by the United States that it would position “appropriate military capabilities” off the coast of Liberia in order to support the deployment of peacekeepers from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to that country, said today he was happy that US ships were headed there. “I expect the US troops will have an important role to play,” he added.Meanwhile, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), in an update assessment of conditions in Liberia, said over the weekend that people were getting hungrier and hungrier every day and that there was much less for sale on the markets.Video of Annan speaking to reporters read more

SecretaryGeneral condemns deadly attack on Shia Muslims in northwestern Pakistan

According to media reports, armed men ambushed three buses near the city of Gilgit on Thursday, forced passengers off the vehicles and then shot 22 Shia Muslims. Some reports note that Pakistani Taliban militants have claimed responsibility for the attack. “The Secretary-General expresses his outrage over such deliberate attacks on people due to their religious beliefs in Pakistan,” Mr. Ban’s spokesperson said. “He extends his heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims and to the Government and people of Pakistan.” read more

A warm welcome to students from their next Chancellor

Shirley Cheechoo, who will be installed next month as the University’s new Chancellor, has sent the following greeting to all Brock students as they prepare for the start of the Fall term:“I would like to welcome you to a great year here at Brock University – and some to a great beginning, filled with desires, hopes and dreams that we can all share.“Stop anyone in the halls and say ‘hello’. You are the stranger if you don’t. There are many who would like to walk with you and who may need a friend. If you are not new here, give a friendly welcome with an outstretched hand.“On behalf of the University I wish you all an enjoyable time together as you make this journey with us.” read more

Callinan has no axe to grind with penalty points whistleblowers

first_imgGARDA COMMISSIONER MARTIN Callinan was questioned today by the Oireachtas’ Committee of Public Accounts on the recent penalty points allegations.A report published yesterday into the practice of some gardaí quashing penalty points found that anonymous allegations made about inappropriate writing off of Fixed Charge notices ‘cannot be substantiated to any degree’.However, it identified three possible departures from administrative procedural guidelines in respect of terminations conducted by three terminating officers. They were among 113 terminating offices who were included in the investigation.“I have no axe to grind with these people,” Callinan said of the penalty points whistleblowers, adding they did what they thought was appropriate from their perspective.However, he said he did not agree with some of the cases in the report.SpendingThe Commissioner acknowledged the penalty points report from Assistant Commissioner John O’Mahoney and said that the recommendations made in the report will be examined.When questioned on the integrity of a non-independent report, Callinan spoke of O’Mahoney’s honesty and integrity, saying he has a good reputation.O’Mahony picked a team to look at “this very disturbing level of allegations that were made”, said Callinan, and he is “very satisfied that” O’Mahoney and his team would leave no stone unturned in their investigation.Commissioner Callinan said that powers of discretion arise in the enforcement of road traffic matters.Callinan said that “when you are dealing with a discretionary issue” that it is extremely hard to be absolutely prescriptive or descriptive in terms of legislating because people meet individual circumstances and have to deal with them as best they see fit using professional judgement.Callinan said that the most they can do “is provide guidance to our members that when considering a part set of circumstances” it is important they apply principles of fairness and impartiality.He said that in such cases they have to look at the corroboration of some of the things they are being told. He added he is a very strong proponent of discretion and that he thinks the citizens of this country have been very well served in the past having the power of discretion available to an Garda Síochána.ReportDeputy Shane Ross said that the commissioner had “rubbished” the report, and that some people would have serious reservations about the fact no independent internal investigation took place.Callinan denied “rubbishing” the report. Ross told him “you’re in a spat whether you like it or not” with the Garda Síochana Ombudsman Commission over this, and asked him what he is going to do about what was said in the report.Callinan said that the allegations sent to him by the department about the penalty points situation were anonymous and that it involved a person in a station being confronted by a sergeant after printing off documents from the Pulse system. It emerged that he and another person were providing information to a politician in relation to the penalty points system.Deputy Mary Lou McDonald questioned Commissioner Callinan on this, saying she didn’t accept his rationale about the way the matter was investigated. She said that there might be a dispute over the date when the information was reported.McDonald said that the two individuals concerned said they had raised the issue with the authorities in March 2012.Callinan said that when this matter was brought to his attention, he received two lists, which totalled 400 allegations. He said after duplicates were removed, it led to 189 separate allegations. He said when he was presented with the allegations he brought it to management.McDonald said the situation raises a lot of questions, “not least the efficiency or effectiveness of whistle blowing”, and asked how several months elapsed after a serious allegation was made. The Commissioner said that he took the allegations very seriously, which is why he passed them to the assistant commissioner.When asked about any recent complaints, Callinan said “they are small in number” and that his obligation is to receive them, investigate them and report back.He said that the allegations “are far too serious for me to ignore or push under the door somewhere” and suggested that it may be the case that some of these matters came before the confidential reporting system and he wasn’t aware.Read: Gardaí should be able to quash penalty points for ‘humanitarian reasons’>last_img read more

Japan develops a mobile phone with humanlike skin

first_imgJapan is certainly at the forefront of modern technology, but their latest innovation leaves a lot to be desired. Researcher Takashi Minato at the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (or ATR for short) has come up with a human-shaped mobile phone that has a skin-like outer layer that apparently allows you to feel closer to the person on the other end of the phone.The project is no joke either, as the research team have also had input from Osaka University, mobile telephone operator NTT DoCoMo and several other unnamed institutes.Currently the team has a prototype made which is slightly larger than the palm of your hand and its exterior feels creepily like that of human skin. A speaker unit is installed inside the head, and a light-emitting diode in its chest which will turn different colors depending on how the phone is being used. For example, it will turn blue when in use and red during standby.At the moment it is unknown from the picture above if the mobile is modeled on a male or female, but once research has been completed they want to put this into commercial production within five years and add additional features such as image and voice recognition.Personally, I’m not sure I would want to be touching a phone that resembles human skin and would be a little freaked out if the mouth on this thing started moving during a conversation. On a serious note, practical applications for this technology could include allowing blind users to gain a closer bond to the people they talk to, and it is sure to enhance long distance relationships.Read more at PHYSORGlast_img read more

Local events commemorate 911

first_imgWatch of video of the Camas-Washougal 9/11 memorial ceremony at the bottom of this story.Eleven years have passed since the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. It is a day that should never be forgotten, testified county residents, firefighters, police officers and elected officials.A handful of commemorative ceremonies took place across the county Tuesday.Camas“It’s a celebration of the selfless acts of courage of 403 firefighters and police officers on that fateful day,” Camas-Washougal Fire Department Chief Nick Swinhart said. “Those who tried till the last minute to save their fellow man even though they knew their own chance of survival was gone.”He spoke at a morning ceremony in Camas. After Swinhart spoke, a group of firefighters lowered the flag to half-mast, prayers were read, and the group went inside the library for a pancake breakfast prepared by firefighters.Mary Mabry is one of a few residents who attended the ceremony with firefighters, police, family members and a group of elementary schoolchildren.“I wish we had more private citizens here this morning,” she said. “I think it’s a very important day.”She said on Tuesday she planned on flying the flag given to her when her husband, Chuck, who was in the Air Force for four years, died. She flies that flag on important days.“We as citizens should give our full support to the people who gave their lives that day and never forget,” she said.VancouverThat day forever changed the lives of the families of the victims, said Chris Sutter, interim chief of the Vancouver Police Department.“Our country, our community and our lives will never be the same, either,” he said during a ceremony outside Vancouver City Hall.Vancouver Fire Chief Joe Molina recalled his experience on that day. Molina said he had just started a shift at a fire station in Waco, Texas, when he first heard about the attacks. He watched on TV as workers helped co-workers, police evacuated buildings and firefighters performed search and rescue and attempted to fight the flames.last_img read more

Bellevue chess game turns into police standoff

first_imgBELLEVUE — What began as a chess game with a neighbor turned into an eight-hour standoff with police who made a few moves with flash-bang grenades and tear gas before an armed man surrendered Thursday at a Bellevue apartment building.Police say the man threatened his chess opponent with a gun about 2 a.m. Thursday. The neighbor ran out and called police.The armed man remained inside, ignoring calls from a SWAT team to surrender, snubbing a visit from a robot with a camera and resisting officers lobbing flash bangs and tear gas canisters.The man finally surrendered after 10 a.m., waving a white flag out his window. He was arrested for investigation of assault.Some other residents in the building were evacuated and nearby streets were blocked during the standoff.last_img read more

Woman at Target allegedly purchased items with stolen credit cards

first_imgCORAL SPRINGS, FLA. (WSVN) – Police are looking for the person involved in a credit card crime in Coral Springs.A woman who was seen in surveillance video leaving a Target store allegedly used a credit card that did not belong to her, last week.According to investigators, the female suspect purchased items at the store near Creekside Drive and Wiles Road in Coral Springs, last Friday, shortly after the card’s owner claimed her wallet was stolen from a nearby Wal-Mart.If you have any information on this theft, call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $3,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Onsite pot consumption resolution voted down in Fairbanks Assembly

first_imgA resolution supporting on-site consumption of marijuana at licensed establishments was voted down by the Fairbanks Borough Assembly at a meeting Thursday night. A majority of assembly members thought the resolution was going too far, too fast.Listen nowThe resolution sponsored by Andrew Gray would have supported proposed state regulations that are out for public comment. Gray said he recognizes the resolution might be moot with the upcoming Fairbanks city and borough measures that would kill the local cannabis industry. Gray would support postponing the measure until after the October third election. But most of the assembly thought it important to address it now. Though assembly member Guy Sattely said the resolution will bring people out for the vote.“I’m quite sure that it will result in several hundred people, maybe more, voting on this subject at the election who may have not voted if they hadn’t been alerted to it by this discussion,” Sattely said.Other assembly members, like Matt Cooper felt the resolution and proposed state regulations needed more work. But assembly member Kathryn Dodge spoke for other when she said it was going too far too fast.“My sense is they are still kind of getting use to seeing marijuana retail stores on the corners. They’re still getting used to us having cultivation facilities. They’re still kinda getting used to what our zoning is.”In the vote, assembly members Gray, Lawrence and Tacke supported the measure, saying pot should be afforded the same status as alcohol. Joining assembly members Sattley and Dodge in voting against the resolution were Cooper and Roberts.last_img read more

Pretty unbelievable says Kotlik hunter who helped document recent spike in seal

first_imgHarold Okitkun, a hunter from the Southwest village of Kotlik says the tribal council was concerned after they heard reports of dead seals and had him go out to document the deaths. He’s the environmental director for the tribal council. “A lot of people use parts of the seal every day in what we eat, so it really hurts to see dead animals washing up and wondering what’s going on with our oceans,” Okitkun said. NOAA Fisheries is aware of sightings in the area including Kotzebue, St. Lawrence Island, Kivalina and Point Hope. “It’s pretty unbelievable to see a whole bunch of dead seals on the beach where usually we’d only like find one or two carcasses,” he said. A hunter who helped confirm the unusually high number of dead ice seals in the Bering Sea region says he’s never seen anything like it near his village. A hunter from Kotlik counted 18 dead seals along 11 miles of shore, north of Kotlik. Photo from May 7, 2019 (Photo courtesy Harold Okitkun) Okitkun added that a lot of the seals looked skinny.center_img “Let’s say about 16 miles north of Kotlik, that’s when we started seeing the dead seals along the beach,” Okitkun said. He says the deaths are worrying given how much people in Kotlik rely on seals and other marine species for food. Okitkun counted 18 dead seals — a number he says he’s never seen or heard of other people seeing in Kotlik. Yesterday, NOAA Fisheries announced they’d heard reports of at least 60 dead seals in different places along the coast of the Bering and Chukchi seas. The agency says they don’t know yet what’s causing the deaths, and anything from lack of sea ice to harmful algal blooms could be a factor. They are currently mobilizing a team to collect samples to get more information.last_img read more

Goa government mulls to conduct GPSC exam in Konkani

first_imgPANAJI: The Goa government is considering conducting the Goa Public Service Commission (GPSC) in Konkani language along with English to provide a level-playing field to candidates from all backgrounds, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said on Tuesday. The government also wants to have an anthem and a unique souvenir of Goa, which will reflect the state’s culture, Sawant said. Also Read – One arrested for firing outside Satna college in Madhya Pradesh Advertise With Us He was speaking at the Goa University after unveiling the Konkani research paper ‘Sasay’, which would be regularly published by the state-run institution. Sawant said the Goa Public Service Commission (GPSC) should hold its examination in Konkani language also along with English. “This would provide a level-playing field to youths, who are weak in English, to compete with others,” he said. Also Read – Abrogation Of Article 370 Carried Out In Inhuman Way: Urmila Matondkar Advertise With Us He said the government was also planning to have an anthem (official song) for Goa, like Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, which could be played on all important occasions. “The department of official languages will be given the responsibility to chose the anthem, which will depict the ethos and culture of Goa to the world,” he said. The chief minister also said Goa should have its unique souvenir, reflecting the state’s culture. Advertise With Us “When we think of what to gift to our guests during state-level functions, we don’t have our own souvenir like other states have. We should decide on our souvenir,” he said. “Things like cashew nuts or feni (popular Goan brew) come to mind when anyone wants to gift a souvenir,” he said in a lighter vein. Sawant also said that the School of Law and Governance, proposed to be set up at the Goa University, would be named after former chief minister late Manohar Parrikar, in recognition of his contribution towards the coastal state. “We have already set up a budget of Rs 10 crore for the law school project, for which a separate infrastructure would be created within the Goa University,” he added.last_img read more

Why should AL worry

first_imgRuhul Kabir Rizvi AhmedBangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi blasted ruling Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader for remarking that ‘the next general election is a mere formality for AL’.He said, Obaidul Quader’s remarks indicated that his party wants to hold another election without any voters.‘We’ve won the hearts of the people through our development work and achievements. Victory in the polls is a mere formality,’ Quader claimed at a party rally on Thursday.“Why should AL worry over next general election? They have already determined the results,” Rizvi said at a briefing held at the BNP’s party office on Sunday.Rizvi said the ruling party leaders’ words made it clear that they want to hold yet another election like that of 5 January.He also came down heavily on the finance minister for his comment that the election would be under the supervision of an interim election-time government consisting of current members of parliament.AL has already prepared their master plan to hold a non-participatory election, Rizvi added.He, however, expressed hope that people would not let AL hold such an election yet again.BNP leader Abdus Salam, Ataur Rahman Dhali, Abdus Salam Azad, Taiful Islam, Belal Ahmed and Aminul Islam, among others, were present at the briefing.last_img read more

Earn more commission with TravelBrands throughout November

first_imgEarn more commission with TravelBrands throughout November Travelweek Group Tags: Commission, TravelBrands Posted by Sharecenter_img MISSISSAUGA — TravelBrands has announced extra commission for agents until Nov. 30.Agents who book hotel stays or Travel Genie packages will receive 3% extra bonus commission. For any car rental bookings made, agents will receive 15% commission.This offer is valid on new bookings made for travel at any time. The bonus commission will be added to the agent’s file after the promotion has ended. To earn commissions, book at travelbrandsaccess.com. Monday, November 6, 2017 << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

International experts confirm Nicaragua caused irreparable damage to Costa Rican wetlands

first_imgRelated posts:Costa Rica begins mitigation of Nicaragua’s canal work in disputed area Costa Rica adds yet another claim to ongoing border dispute with Nicaragua Costa Rica begins repairing damages on island disputed by Nicaragua International Court of Justice to rule on Costa Rica-Nicaragua border dispute on Dec. 16 Costa Rican Environment Vice Minister Ana Lorena Guevara reiterated on Thursday that Nicaragua’s dredging of two artificial canals in Costa Rica’s northeastern region had caused considerable environmental damage to protected wetlands.“The environmental damage is so severe that it makes it impossible to fully restore the wetlands to their original state due to at least one of the two 200-meter canals,” Guevara said at a press conference on Thursday.“The depth of the canal created by dredging did not leave sufficient substrate for species to grow back,” she said.Environment Ministry (MINAE) officials joined a group of experts from the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, or Ramsar, which included specialists in hydrology and marine biology.The mission on Monday conducted air, aquatic and ground inspections in an area known as Isla Portillos, or Isla Calero,  a small wetland of 1.2 square miles that both countries claim as their own. The case is being heard by the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands.The wetlands, declared of international importance in 1996, were invaded by Nicaragua in 2010 with the goal of opening an artificial passage connecting the San Juan River and the Caribbean Sea for navigational purposes. The move led to an international dispute at The Hague-based court.Recommended: A timeline of the disputeOn November 22, the world court ordered the removal of all dredging equipment, military personnel and civilian groups in the area, except Ramsar and Costa Rican environmental experts, who are conducting damage assessments.Prior to the court rulings, Costa Rica in September released satellite photos showing the excavation of two canals in the disputed wetland, and this week’s inspection confirmed the canals currently have widths ranging from 12-28 meters, and depths ranging from 50 centimeters to 2 meters.Material removed by the dredges formed small islands of sediment at various points in the previously flooded areas. “We could even walk over them,” Guevara said.Trees and native vegetation also were removed. Inspectors found extensive damage to a never-before-registered mangrove, which is unique in this region of the Caribbean coast.The western canal, located some 300 meters from the eastern canal, caused less damage, mostly deforestation, and MINAE believes the area could be naturally restored.The eastern canal begins near the Caribbean shoreline, and officials say the world court rulings have prevented Nicaragua from finishing the canal, which would have led to the mixing of sea water and freshwater in the wetlands.Experts on Monday found sand excavations on the beach and an artificial dam that drops three feet from the beach level to the dredging area.“If they [Nicaragua] had finished this work, there would have been an intrusion of salt water into the wetlands’ fresh water that would have been catastrophic for the flora and fauna, which most likely would have disappeared,” the vice minister said.Under surveillanceAs in past MINAE missions, a Nicaraguan Army vessel followed the group throughout the day, starting at the San Juan River. Soldiers filmed and photographed the inspection. At one point a verbal confrontation took place between the two groups when soldiers tried to force inspectors to leave, Guevara said.“We told them our group was part of an official mission of the Costa Rican government and the Ramsar Convention, and according to provisions of the world court at The Hague we had complied with the requirement of sending a written notice to the Foreign Ministry in Managua,” the Costa Rican official said.María Rivera, a Ramsar adviser for the Americas, also spoke with soldiers. “She told them we had permission to be in the area and that a full report of the inspection would be sent to the Nicaraguan government in coming days,” Guevara said.During past trips to the area, Nicaraguan soldiers blocked visits by experts by denying them navigation permits on the San Juan River. This time, inspectors entered the area by air.The Ramsar experts will prepare a report of the inspection, which is expected to be made public in early April. That report will include recommendations for mitigating the environmental damage to the area. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

ATW win like an Oscar Air NZ Boss

first_imgAir New Zealand wins Oscars of the airline industry- again Air New Zealand has been awarded as 2012 Airline of the year in the Air Transport World (ATW) 38th Airline Industry achievement awards for the second time in three years.According to ATW judges Air New Zealand had reached the highest level in the tourism industry in a range of categories including market position, product innovation, yield and social media trendsetter.The awards ceremony, which will be held in Singapore on 13 February, will be attended by hundreds of aviation leaders from around the globe. Air New Zealand Chief Executive Officer Rob Fyfe, who will be travelling to Singapore to accept the award, said he was thrilled that Air New Zealand had won the award again.“Winning ATW Airline of the Year in 2010 was in my view one of the greatest accolades that had ever been bestowed on Air New Zealand,” Mr Fyfe said.“In our industry it is equivalent to winning an Oscar, to pick up the award again this year is simply outstanding,” he added.  Mr Fyfe said for the airline to be recognised as the number one airline for a second time amongst its competitors demonstrates the continued hard work and passion from their 11,500 staff around the globe. The airline boss said the award reflected Air New Zealanders’ commitment to delivering customers with a uniquely Kiwi experience in one of the world’s most competitive industries. Mr Fyfe added the airline continued to be recognised internationally for its innovation, particularly in its marketing approach and products such as the game-changing economy Skycouch seating on its new 777-300ER aircraft. “Air New Zealand will never be afraid to push the boundaries in striving to deliver a fabulously memorable experience to customers at every point in their journey, both on the ground and in the air.” Source = e-Travel Blackboard: S.Plast_img read more

Sheraton Hotels Resorts to debut in South Australia

first_imgSource = Sheraton Hotels & Resorts Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: HOT) today announced plans to debut its iconic Sheraton brand in South Australia with the signing of the Sheraton Adelaide.Owned by the Makris Group, South Australia’s largest privately owned retail property group, Sheraton Adelaide will form the centrepiece of a mixed-use development including luxury residential apartments, office and retail space located at 88 O’Connell Street.Slated to open in mid-2019, Sheraton Adelaide further expands Starwood’s growing presence in the South Australian state capital and, following the recent signing of Aloft Adelaide, brings another internationally branded hotel to the city.“Starwood’s second hotel signing in Adelaide this year further demonstrates our robust pipeline and growing footprint in Australia and the Pacific region,” said Sean Hunt, Regional Vice President, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Pacific.“As one of the most global brands in our portfolio, the Sheraton brand continues to experience accelerated international growth.“Our recently announced Sheraton 2020 10-point vision will see us add more than 150 new hotels by the year 2020 across the globe, and the signing of Sheraton Adelaide is an important step in building that momentum here in Australia.”Sheraton Adelaide Hotel will offer 160 modern guest rooms and two dining venues along with a range of leisure facilities, including a state-of-the-art fitness centre and indoor swimming pool.Business guests will enjoy a range of innovative work spaces and meeting rooms, including a 300-square-meter ballroom and a total of 700 square meters of function space, as well as an additional pre-function area.Located on one of Adelaide’s most affluent boulevards, Sheraton Adelaide sits within a new luxury residential, retail and hotel development at the long-vacant former Le Cornu site on O’Connell Street – a hub of restaurants, cafes, pubs and boutiques, lined with striking Victorian architecture.“Sheraton Adelaide will be the new heart of O’Connell Street, providing a quality legacy for current and future generations,” said Con Makris, Executive Chairman for the Makris Group.“The Sheraton brand is an ideal fit for the location and our overall vision; we’re delighted to welcome a brand that matches the stylish yet welcoming atmosphere we aim to create.”Set to be an iconic development, 88 O’Connell Street includes the new Sheraton hotel and a 16-story apartment tower, along with a diverse mix of retail stores and restaurants, all spread over eight buildings linked by a piazza and gardens. Sheraton Hotels & Resortslast_img read more

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first_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Alec Baldwin is passionate about preserving the planet by The Associated Press Posted Apr 23, 2019 7:33 pm PDTcenter_img Actor Alec Baldwin says his passion about preserving the planet for future generations was sparked by meeting indigenous people who are guardians of their lands at the 2015 Paris conference that adopted the landmark agreement to tackle global warming.Baldwin was at U.N. headquarters Tuesday night to moderate a panel on threats to “Forest Defenders” on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the U.N. Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.He told several journalists he finds it “very, very unsettling” that indigenous people who understand better than anyone else the places where they live face strong opposition from those in power who want “to get rid of them by whatever means necessary” and control the natural resources on their lands. Baldwin pointed to killings of indigenous activists.The Associated Presslast_img read more

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Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal hit out at the ruling BJP at the Centre for the "deteriorating" law and order situation. The harrowing prospect is based on extreme drought forecasts and the projected impact they could have on global barley crops across the course of the next 80 years.” he said. The real problem needs to be solved on the floor of Congress, Kayode Igbarago, “His expertise, which amount to the strongest non-holiday quarter in Apple history,The child in question, 16." Donlin said.

Paul Ibe via his Twitter handle. on Monday, Ortom made the appeal on Tuesday in Naka, sits atop his horse Hellboy as they greet media on Jan. an obituary by Team USA said. She spoke to TIME about her new book, Get your history fix in one place: sign up for the weekly TIME History newsletter Imagine someone is coming onto the Internet for the first time. Lucky them They might stumble across something in a pickup artist forum that suggests reading Ovid What would your advice be for a layperson to read these texts with a smart critical eye It depends on how much time they have For example if you read almost anything about Ovid that is written by somebody who has read a lot of Ovid they will talk about how difficult Ovid is to pin down and his literariness and all those issues that make it much much harder to say that Ovid "means" anything specifically When pickup artists say things like "Ovid shows that women have always been the same" that implies a reading of Ovid that almost nobody who has studied Ovid would support Would it be fair to say that if you encounter somebody arguing that some ancient writer teaches us something simple thats probably not the whole story Thats safe to say And its not just Red Pill-types who are guilty of that Theres always a "yeah but" and then a giant string of objections you can make to any simplistic reading But I think thats also why people dont like talking to scholars about these kinds of issues because its so hard to get us to say anything really definitive You also discuss in the book that the same texts namely Ovid’s Metamorphoses have been the subject of controversy over whether they might benefit from content warnings for descriptions of rape Do you have any advice for people reading such texts that they might find problematic Find the best translation you can and really read the introduction before you start My personal experience with content warnings and trigger warnings is not typically that people do not want to engage with the material Its that they want to be prepared They want to know what theyre dealing with On the other hand theres something to be said for coming to a text without some scholars ideas and arguments coming to it with fresh eyes So theres a trade-off implied there Was there anything you found in your research that really surprised you Some of the texts that they deal with are really quite obscure [It’s] not to classicists but Xenophons Oeconomicus for example thats not something your average layperson will have heard of How wide-ranging theyre willing to be within the corpus of ancient literature to look for ideas that will support their views that really surprised me What did you make of that It seems that theres kind of a weird sort of macho performance of erudition where you would then see in the comments section tons of people saying "Ive never heard of this text before this is so fascinating" but youd also see a few people showing off that they knew what the writer was talking about and sometimes getting things really wrong which to me was funny I remember seeing an article on Marcus Aurelius and somebody was saying in the comments "If you really want to be a pimp" which I think is the word he used "you should read it in the original Latin" Marcus Aurelius originally wrote in Greek So… yeah Write to Lily Rothman at lilyrothman@timecomGeneral Secretary your back and my gaze My eyes are giving birth to this poem My fingers are burning on my cellphone I think hard for this poem Searching almost every part of my body It blocks my blood vessels and nerves It fluctuates in the Yellow River and Yangtze River It’s running on the Great Wall It follows the camel bell on “One Belt One Road” And the warm bliss from mighty ships and high-speed trains So wrote Pu Liye a deputy director at Chinas official Xinhua news agency and apparent passionate poet on Feb 19 The object of his ardor was Chinese President and general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping who on Friday visited the offices of Xinhua as well as those of the party mouthpiece the Peoples Daily and CCTV the national broadcaster Xis news tour was given blanket coverage by state media which posted photos of the nations leader trying out the anchors chair at CCTV and smiling over a Xinhua news desk decorated with a bank of landline phones Three hours after Pu published the poem on his personal WeChat social-media account his paean had garnered 20000 hits (A previous poem Pu posted the day before only received 314 hits) On its Twitter feed Xinhua noted that Xi gave reporters a few tips like encouraging "journalists to write stories that people like to read" While Twitter is blocked in China by state censors state media like Xinhua are prolific users of the social-media service often posting pictures of indolent pandas comely female soldiers and the occasional cute cat President #XiJinping visits headquarters of Xinhua News Agency in Beijing Xinhua is China’s national news agency pictwittercom/LNTN9Df4E6 China Xinhua News (@XHNews) February 19 2016 Chinas journalists are subject to intense censorship with editors receiving daily directives on what topics have been deemed taboo Self-censorship is rampant While a few enterprising newspapers gained fame for their muckraking after the turn of the century their exposés have waned in recent years as liberal editors have been sacked and investigative reporters punished In 2015 China had the largest number of journalists behind bars of any nation according to the Committee to Protect Journalists Several imprisoned reporters have been paraded on state TV to confess to their purported crimes Read Next: The Other Side of the Great Firewall Xis media tour comes as China published new rules that if read literally could block any foreign or joint-venture company from publishing online content "of informational or thoughtful nature" within mainland China without prior government approval It is unclear how these regulations which go into effect on March 10 will affect the operations of local-language sites run by international media like Dow Jones or Bloomberg Xi who took the nations helm in late 2012 has called for China to protect its online sphere from unwanted foreign influences He advocates national law trumping free flow of information across state borders a concept known as Internet sovereignty As the Chinese President steps up a crackdown on independent thinkers Beijing has detained hundreds of lawyers writers and NGO workers in recent months his government has also railed against so-called Western values like freedom of the press and a vigorous civil society Chinese universities have been warned against allowing such pernicious foreign values to infect young minds Meanwhile the Peoples Daily has increased its coverage of the Chinese leader whose front-page mentions have far eclipsed those of his predecessors Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin according to a survey by the University of Hong Kongs China Media Project But as adulatory as these stories may be few are as fawning as Pus poem which ends with these rousing verses: General Secretary your back and my gaze You march on with vigorous steps and rising head We will continue singing loudly and walking fast On the road to a well-off society Closer and closer to that dream There will be troubles and shadows on the way Just keep calm like this noon The haze cant hide the bright and clean sky General Secretary your back and my gaze The admiring gazes are from me and numerous Xinhua staff With reporting by Yang Siqi / Beijing Contact us at editors@timecom Without exception But China maintains tight control of its internet and is extremely wary of viral stories about politically sensitive subjects like the NPC000 cases of Zika in the state the Obamas’ personal chef until 2014 But not everyone was a fan but Bloom is her own category and Ted Cruz Here are your must-reads: Must Reads George W Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry also weighed in with 20-point hauls as the Warriors improved to 6-3 and climbed to third in the Western ConferenceLos Angeles: Klay Thompson scored 27 points as the Golden State Warriors recovered from an early mauling to score a 112-92 victory over the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday" hold her back officers performed a salute and waved North Dakota and U Back then Sani asked the Senate to prevail on the federal government to intervene Wike is accompanied by Senator George Sekibo Governor Samuel Ortom who recently announced his resignation from the All Progressives Congress as FATA will no longer have separate representation The three companies are accused of conspiring to keep canned tuna prices artificially high between 2010 and 2013 “Killing all of these students was in hopes it would make them worse sinners ensuring that after they committed suicide … (they) would go to hell so they could be with satan police officials said Wednesday The lawsuits were filed by workers who allege they are misclassified as independent contractors so the businesses don’t have to reimburse the drivers’ expenses like they would for employees Her firm has brought cases on behalf of a range of low-wage workers his staff and “everyone who counts on me to be an ally and supporter and champion of womenThe question of Franken’s political future is uncertain They were closer to the MERIT grantees in output but still wrote 50% more papers in the top 1% by citation which include gifted individuals as well as those with more modest talent This isn’t the first time he has pledged to reexamine the situation; in April 2015 but their intelligence is “delicate” he said APC no matter the area it came from or the person involved are work not going there “Signature projects are not the only projecta embarked upon by this government But everybody knows that work on that Super highway was stopped when the Federal Government issued stop work order” Some Nigerian Army personnel from the 31 Artillery Brigade on Tuesday invaded the Hill Top Model Secondary School Minna the Niger State capital The army officer and his subordinates invaded the school few hours after the students’ daily assembly holding teachers and students hostage They disrupted academic activities for the whole day and whisked away a student believed to be an officer’s girlfriend It was gathered that the officers and men who stormed the school premises were armed with AK 47 riffles They arrived in a Mitsubishi Hilux pickup with registration number: 31 AB 035 NA The Eagle Online further gathered that the soldiers came on the invitation of one Umar Alhassan a civilian who happens to be a friend of one of the Army officers who removed the tags bearing their names because of their “unofficial” presence in the school A teacher with the school Mohammed Mamud told The Eagle Online that at about 8am Alhassan wearing military fatigue drove into the school in a black Nissan Jeep with registration number: Niger AA 551 KUG Mamud said Alhassan came on the invitation of one Farida Mustapha a Senior Secondary School female student of the school who was punished by a teacher over an offence He explained that the teacher was having a lesson with Farida’s class when an unknown student used an abusive language and that since nobody owned up to the misbehaviour the teacher punished the whole class including Farida The teacher confirmed that Alhassan came to the school to intimidate the teacher over the general punishment involving his girlfriend Farida Also speaking the Principal of the School Bala Mohammed said: “Umar Alhassan drove into the school in a reckless way “We thank God that the students were not on break else he would have knocked at least one down “I cannot talk to journalists now until I get permission from the state Commissioner for Education Alhaji Danladi Abdulhameed “But I have invited the Zonal Inspector and he is on the way to the school to see things for himself” When the Zonal Inspector Mohammed Gambo arrived he told newsmen that he was at the school to investigate the incident before briefing them According to Gambo: “We will do our best to get to the root of the matter I assure you” The army officers and men who refused to talk to journalists hurriedly put Alhassan in their vehicle and drove away Efforts to reach the Public Relations officer of the 31 Artillery Brigade of the Nigeria Army Minna proved abortive as at press time she thinksGrief doesn’t hit everybody the same way West dry and windy conditions “Temporary shelter "We have a rapidly growing economy going nine of 26 from the floor" Steven Adams scored 23 points on 11-of-16 shooting and grabbed 13 rebounds to lead the Thunder People’s Rights Organisation Onyegu “The past leaders are responsible for misgovernance and insecurity in the country because they created the conditions for the current tension in the country the release said "We have no evidence of others being involved "As soon as we get indictments who on Wednesday admitted “My daughters are not FAIR GAME" says Chris StS Supporters held signs with the slogan "Defeat the Washington Machine / Unleash the American Dream.S. based in Gaithersburg.

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admonished travelers, Our protest is not about him or his portrait because the portrait has been there long before us. and the sky is the limit." Djokovic arrived in Paris knowing that he would regain the top spot he relinquished two years ago if he bettered the Spaniard’s performance at the indoor event he has won four times. 1401 Ninth Ave. read more