Acer Iconia dualtouchscreen laptop has killer specs murderous price

first_imgComputer makers have reacted in myriad ways to the iPad‘s success, and although few of these actual tablet concepts have been released, you can’t say that they’re mere iPad clones. The Samsung‘s Galaxy Tab dares to ship in a much smaller form factor than the iPad, and the likes of Dell‘s Inspiron Duo try to take on the iPad’s dominance with a convertible hybrid tablet / netbook with a screen that flips around like a chalkboard.Acer‘s not short of ingenuity either. They’ve been putting together an intriguing new dual-screen tablet / notebook called the Iconia, and while it’s not meant to challenge the iPad, it’s certainly an intriguing piece of kit.Why? The Iconia features two 14-inch multitouch LCDs and no physical keyboard… a daring choice that could make or break this powerful beastie, which also boasts a Core i5 CPU, 4GB of RAM, a 750GB hard drive, optional 3G and even a working USB 3.0 port.That’s a lot of oomph in a laptop or a tablet. Unfortunately, it all carries an extremely high price: almost $2,000 when it is released in Spain on January 28th. That’s a lot of money to pay for a device that, without a physical keyboard, seems more suitable as an e-reader than a laptop or a tablet.Read more at Engadgetlast_img

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