Can I Afford to Have LASIK? Aurora LASIK says Yes

first_imgFacebook9Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Dr. Jay Rudd, Aurora LASIKOne of the most frequent questions we get about LASIK is, “How much does it cost?”  Rightfully, most of us are cost conscious. However, those considering blade-free LASIK should weigh the cost alongside the tremendous lifelong benefit of clearer vision.So, let me first address the issue of LASIK pricing.If you’re considering LASIK, you’ve probably noticed widely varying prices advertised by LASIK providers. Some are hard to resist. However, people quickly learn in the disclaimers of bargain basement pricing that there’s a catch. Either it’s the additional cost of “enhancements” that aren’t included (but are essential for the best outcomes). Or, the provider is not using the latest technology that will deliver the kind of results you want for the only two eyes you’ve got!Dr. Jay Rudd helps patients see better each day at Lacey’s Aurora LASIK.As a fellowship-trained surgeon for over 16 years, my highest priority has always been to provide the most advanced options available for clearer, brighter vision. So when we opened Aurora LASIK late last year, we were determined to offer transparent pricing that ensures you’ll get the highest level of care available in the U.S., with no pricing surprises.  After all, who wants to cut corners when your vision is on the line?We also want to ensure that, not only will our patients be thrilled with the results (96% of our LASIK patients are seeing 20/20 or better), they can count on their investment lasting a lifetime. So we offer our lifetime enhancement policy that delivers peace of mind into the future.Now, let’s talk about that investment. It’s always interesting to me how people will spend $5/day on a latte (that’s $1,820 a year) or $100/month or more for digital cable (or $1,200/year), yet when it comes to LASIK, they’ll trust their eyes (and future eyesight) to the lowest bidder.Aurora LASIK’s Lacey offices provide the most advanced technologies available. Photo courtesy: Aurora LASIKEven those who turn to contacts or eyeglasses often fail to consider the compounded cost that can run, conservatively, $500 a year (or $5,000 over a ten-year period).The national average for blade-free LASIK is about $2,250/eye. At Aurora LASIK, our $2,200/eye pricing includes all pre- and post-operative care, in addition to our lifetime enhancement policy — to bring you the best vision outcome possible.And for a limited time only, we’re offering our summer special of $500 off LASIK.To make it even more affordable, we have special 100% financing through Alphaeon Credit, allowing you to create a payment plan that fits your budget.Isn’t it time you invested in something that will open up a new world of better vision — for a lifetime? Call us today at (360) 459-LASIK to schedule a free screening. Or join us for one of our free seminars, and you’ll be entered to win $1,000 off LASIK!last_img

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