Senior Burnout

first_imgWhen you start to read this, you will think that I am just repeating an earlier blog.  However, I thought about this and I think I have a little more insight into what is going on.  I still do not agree with a senior who does not compete in a spring sport that they have been in their previous three years in school.  I think they owe it to their teammates to compete in their fourth year.  Their leadership and experience is needed for a championship team.  Where I sympathize with the kid is the fact that after getting up at 5 a.m. for four seasons of sports such as football and basketball, they are simply tired.   I know the coaches of these major sports I just mentioned are tired as well of the year-round rat race, but they are forced to do it because the competition is doing it.  If they cut back, you can guess what the results will be for their programs.  The IHSAA and other state organizations must do something to stop the madness.   Any senior who has gone through one of these programs (football,  basketball, and recently added to this are soccer and volleyball) comes to the spring and realizes he/she only has a few months of high school remaining as just a student.  This is why they don’t want to participate.  Most spring sports are not 12-month sports, and therefore, can just be enjoyed.  So, seniors, just go out and have fun–you will help your team while having a ball!last_img

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