Culinary heritage of Split-Dalmatia hosts the first study trip of Regional Culinary Heritage Europe

first_imgCulinary heritage of the Split-Dalmatia County from 15 to 18 October this year, will host the first study trip Regional Culinary Heritage Europe from 14 countries.He will stay in Split for four days, participate in workshops and visit the entities that have the label Culinary heritage of Split-Dalmatia County. In addition, participants will visit the natural beauties of Split and its surroundings, as well as cultural monuments.The culinary heritage of the Split-Dalmatia County is a member of the project-network Regional Culinary Heritage Europe, a family of culinary heritage consisting of almost 1500 members from 44 regions, and the network has been developed in Sweden and Denmark since 1995. It is about obtaining an internationally recognized label, a trademark for regional food and culinary tradition that guarantees a unique standard, but also opens a number of opportunities for the presentation of indigenous products in foreign and domestic markets.They all come at their own expense, ie they pay for the trip and accommodation and tours, and since they pay for everything themselves, they will certainly be the most objective.  in his writings and publications  on various media in their countries, points out Ivanka Luetić Boban, coordinator  JU RERA and the whole project. “This is a new tourism product and we already had one group from Poland in May 2018. Of course it will  see also natural  the beauty of our county and as much as possible  i   cultural monuments .We expect  participation and  members and coordinators but  and politicians  from those countries”Concludes Boban Luetić.One of the main goals of the project is to revive and encourage the development of regions through indigenous culinary heritage, production of indigenous traditional products and include them in the local catering and tourism offer with special emphasis on rural households, which ultimately results in increased competitiveness and visibility. So far, 28 business entities in the Split-Dalmatia County have been members that have met the required criteriaNetwork “Culinary Heritage Europe“Brings together regional members across Europe with the aim of developing regions through the revival of culinary heritage, production of indigenous and traditional products and their inclusion in the local hospitality and tourism offer, inclusion of traditional dishes in the hospitality offer with special emphasis on rural households and joint presentation ultimately resulting in increased competitiveness and increased visibility in the international market.Split-Dalmatia County is the holder of membership in the network as a regional organization, and JU RERA SD is the coordinator of the implementation of network activities.last_img

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