Level52: Travel movies must tell unique stories and have emotions

first_imgI keep emphasizing that in tourism we have to tell stories, our autochthonous stories. One of the great channels for telling stories and promotion is definitely video, which has taken precedence on social networks. Video is a trend that is growing day by day, but like everything, so through the video segment we need to know what our goal is and we definitely need to pay attention to quality production with a unique story and message.The time of mosaic videos with shots from the destination is long over, but still, in today’s time when we talk about destination promotion through promotional films, we still unfortunately see too many classic mosaic films, without soul and experience, and yet without such an important story and desire to come. .Every promotional video in tourism must attract attention, keep people from watching it to the end and must tell the story and encourage the viewer to react, ie that the viewer identifies with the story and wants to experience it live. In marketing we can highlight several tactics, but this time I will highlight the AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action – attention, interest, desire and action) video or ad should first attract the attention of the customer, ie it should be good enough to interest him, create desire for the product and ultimately encourages it to purchase itself. Especially today when the noise in communication is never greater and getting attention as well as time (not just a second, but 30 or more seconds to watch the video to the end) of the target group is extremely difficult. Once we get the attention, we have to be able to keep it and we’ve done half the work there already.After that, we have to create a feeling or atmosphere that people are imagining in a destination while watching a promotional film and finally give it a good enough motive to start an action – looking for concrete information about the destination. Of course, as with everything today, so with the production of promotional films, everything must have its goal and purpose. So each video has a different purpose and purpose because it is not the same to record a video of 15 or 30 seconds or one of a few minutes. After all, if we managed to gain the trust and desire to come, there comes a quality and informative website with all the experiences, content, activities, offers and other information about the destination, to present the entire offer of the destination, ie the whole story.In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”Want to buy indigenous products of people from this promotional film?  /Bokonić vega raja – LAG Eastern Istria from level52 on Vimeo.Nothing is accidental, and so is this whole process that must be very well planned, structured and executed in order to be successful. That is why I constantly point out that on the websites of our tourist destinations we must not sell accommodation in the foreground, but experiences and stories, because that is exactly the motive for coming. This is just a plastic example of the decision-making process, but when we go deeper into the whole story we come to the complexity of the whole process where every color, sentence, slogan, frame, word, sound… weighs and carefully plans to be successful in the end.Recently, with a quality video production in the tourism segment, I was attracted by a young team from the company Level52, which brings together creatives Bianca Dagosti, Goran Načinović and Sanel Isanović, and then there was an occasion to talk and tell their success story from the angle of those who create great videos.In a conversation with Goran Načinović and Sanel Isanović from the company Level52 from Labin we talked about the situation on the market, in which direction it is developing and what elements an excellent Tourist video must have. So let’s go in order, right in the head. When asked if our tourism, ie our tourist destinations, has finally started to think outside the old and classic frames and started serious video production of their tourist videos, Sanel and Goran point out that things are slowly but surely moving for the better.We started thinking outside the box because the internet serves us quality tourist videos and a feeling was created that we have to follow the trends and that is positive in the whole story, Sanel Isanović points out and adds ”When we say serious production, in Level 52 we always refer to films that leave a positive mark somewhere in our brains, such as films from India, Switzerland and other countries, and these are voluminous numbers, of course in dollars or euros. In terms of serious video production, I think we are one step behind. How much serious video production is moving in our tourism now depends only and exclusively on the amount of finances that are allocated. So far it has been Sisyphus’ job, and lately I can say that things are changing and that I believe we will soon have interesting works because there is no lack of knowledge and ideas. ” Sanel points outGoran Načinović agrees with his colleague, pointing out that we are still far behind the competition, but that things are getting better from year to year. “I think we are slowly moving away from the old and classic frameworks, but we are still far behind other countries. Somehow we are still trampling on the classic sale of sun, sea and gastronomy, and Croatia is much more than that… but things are slowly changingNačinović said.In tourism, story and experience are important, and did he see exactly that channel that has to tell that story and create the motive for coming? What are all the challenges in the production of tourist video films?Sanel Isanović: We have never lacked an idea in all segments of production, and the biggest challenge of all is managing time. When shooting outdoors, you need to know when the sun will be, when the sunset or sunrise is clear, whether the next day after the rain will be crystal clear air so you can have a view from Učka 50km long and which hills have their own micro climate that changes from minute to minute .This last challenge took us almost 5 working days on one shoot. The extras and the complete production start at the top of the mountain, everything looks clean, you get to the location you set everything up, the sun shines and then it collapses. In 10 minutes, fog, winter, it’s blowing like at the North Pole, and you can’t believe what’s going on. So it was in the beginning so now we avoid filming in periods when the country has been warm since summer and cold air and large weather changes of temperature, humidity and wind make favorable conditions for some kind of horror rather than tourist film.Promotional film for the promotion of free climbing in Istria / Production: Level52Goran Načinović: The story and the experience are very important. Today in the sea of ​​internet content, and especially videos, your video has to surface. It’s important to take a little peek into people’s feelings and not leave viewers indifferent. The challenges are, as Sanel mentioned at the time, but also sometimes the amount of things that are required to be promoted through a single video nekako we somehow always stick to that old saying “less Is more”.Today he saw the king, and the drones gave a new moment to the whole story, but he often exaggerates with too many shots from the air and forgets the story, what is the winning formula?Sanel Isanović: Ah, if only there was a winning formula. She is gone. Because of the speed at which we travel today, where I as a tourist can be on 7 continents in 3 days, it is important to have a good market analysis and follow the trends in which we must implement to tell “ours”, our story.If our story is some kind of view that we can show the best from the air, then we are not thinking about how many shots we will have with the drone, but how best to tell the story. Ultimately when we make video and music, I would say the goal is to dance together and make the video purposeful. Today, our competition is both Japan and Argentina, and no longer just neighbors like Italy and Greece.Goran Načinović: Drones are fun and games..but I agree, sometimes the emphasis is on drone shots and in most cases they do not tell any story by themselves. There is no general formula, it is important to tell the story you are plotting.How are technology and trends evolving rapidly, what are the latest trends in video production of Tourist Films?Sanel Isanović: Each film is a story unto itself. Most try to emphasize some kind of adventurous and adventurous spirit. Some emotion of discovering the unseen beauty and culture of that country. Many emphasize the humor and kindness of the people and the ease of travel without any major obstacles to get from point A to point B. When you sum it all up, the most important thing is to experience something that you can’t do anywhere in this world.Goran Načinović: Trends change from year to year, one year there are IN timelaps, another hyperlapse, a third something third. New technology allows us to be more creative, so these rapino trends are changing. But what will probably never go out of trend are emotions.In the end, Goran and Sanel singled out a couple of promotional tourist videos as positive examples that left great empires on them personally. What do you say: Do you want to visit India, Switzerland and Canada?Adventure Canada “James Raffan”In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”Adventure Canada “James Raffan” from DOT DOT DASH on Vimeo.The road story IndiaThe road story India from Georgy Tarasov on Vimeo.Switzerland – Time – Visit EuropeIncredible India!In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”last_img

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