The whole Patty joined home

snack street, we will always throw the most sincere look at the meat pie, maybe you can not help the flow of saliva out. How can the snack industry be able to do this? Today Xiaobian is to recommend a relatively good meat pie to join the project – Home Patty

home company was founded in 1992, the initial investment scale of only 3000 yuan, but only a few tables of the shop — the friends of the restaurant two. In the early days, the company’s hometown of the soul of the field teacher believes that as long as the cause to do, there is no reason not to survive, can not develop. At that time, the company’s own home in the form of franchising and licensing, the pursuit of a step by step, steady development. The home always adhere to the tenet is "quality is a little better than others, the price is lower than others, and truly let consumers, guests feel real money", so the home to get the majority of consumer support and love, the company quickly grew up home. read more

Clothing to join the need to pay attention to what

many people choose to venture this way, the shop is a lot of people’s hearts dream, there are a lot of people on the market to choose clothing to join this entrepreneurial approach, this round a lot of people want to be the boss of entrepreneurial dreams. But in the face of a lot of clothing to join the risk, the article introduces some methods.

The basic concept of read more

Entrepreneurial heroes have ignited countless entrepreneurial passion

a lot of people usually like to see some chicken soup story, not only to motivate themselves but also want to learn some of their entrepreneurial path. Deng Feng is an entrepreneurial hero, his story exciting, but also inspire more entrepreneurial passion.

in Silicon Valley, ignite entrepreneurial impulse Deng Feng met classmate Ke Yan Qinghua and another partner Xie Qing, three young men started work in planning their own future. At the beginning, three people did not quit their jobs, but in Deng Feng’s garage, every Saturday to start a business project, and then a week two times, and then every night to meet. Soon, Deng Feng resigned from Intel’s "golden rice bowl", give up $1 million shares of Intel, the business on the road, they put the new company named NetScreen, to solve the problem of network security through hardware. read more

Textile shop manager need to have what quality the whole

home textile shop by everyone’s attention, if you want to open a home textile shop, the store manager is very important, so the manager needs to have what quality? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

first, home textile chain store managers need to have the strength of the industry. As a shop long, home textile store manager to have what quality? It is also the spirit of all the staff of the industry strength, home textile chain store manager in the first to follow in order to reflect the maturity and stability, with orders to our majesty. read more

Disabled Teachers’Self taught a rich technology of vegetables

disabled people in modern society is difficult to find suitable jobs, the Chinese government has been encouraging the disabled employment by entrepreneurship, Yongnian county a disabled by teachers to grow vegetables, diligent entrepreneurship eventually get rich.

he ill fated, youth suffered two accidents, a left forelimb was cut, a 4/5 spleen was removed; he Shencanzhijian, repeatedly suspended due to health reasons, but never give up learning, and finally to   a university student; he loves drilling research, self breeding technology, became farmers breeding expert well known; he insists to do poineering work independently, unremitting self-improvement, now opened a supermarket, and has a stake in two breeding enterprises. He is   Yongnian County, West Village, Hexi village, farmers, experts – Liu Yongxian. read more

2016 deployment of economic development in the fourth quarter of Hefei

Hefei as the capital city of Anhui, with the continuous development of the economy has made a series of significant progress, become a more developed modern city, in the city’s comprehensive strength has been significantly enhanced. The day before, park economic operation analysis will be held in Hefei circular economy demonstration park organization, for the first three quarters of the economic operation of the park inventory, summary, and arrangements for the fourth quarter economic development work. read more

Helu sushi what franchise Business

Japanese cuisine shop general people are willing to choose the most popular sushi shop operating their own brand, the Japanese sushi brand to join the small and medium for you to recommend the green sushi. So how about this brand? Join what need to meet the conditions? See the following detailed combination:

green rotary sushi was founded in October 1997, is characterized by a rotating belt, operating Japanese food catering group. Now in more than and 30 cities in the country has more than 180 direct chain stores. Our aim is to provide customers with fresh, healthy, high-quality products and enthusiasm, patience, and thoughtful service. Wo Green food for guests with 200 species, divided into sushi, appetizer, sashimi, burn, fried noodles and rice, drinks and other seven species. All products produced by the traditional Japanese technology, the integrity of the preservation of the nutritional content of food, with a delicious, light and not greasy features. Green sushi sushi to the popular price, these will be recommended to the Japanese cuisine, so that consumers more choices. read more

Old Beijing intelligent machine sugar small business good money

How old Beijing sugar

intelligent machine? In our life, has always been a very popular choice. The best choice for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, joined the old Beijing sugar project Intelligent machine. Old Beijing intelligent sugar machine join, worthy of our attention!

long ago, let the people quite like sugar, let everyone very sweet. With the progress of the times, the previous manual sugar although rare, but such high-tech equipment instead of sugar machine appear, such as the old Beijing intelligent sugar painting machine! read more

Kyrgyzstan capricious significant advantages of joining the project board wings

catering market, has been very hot. Since entrepreneurship chose to join Ji wayward chicken wings board project, is a very wise choice. Join the board Kyrgyzstan wayward chicken wings? Very advantageous projects to join, you are still hesitant what?


catering industry what is better? Kyrgyzstan wayward chicken wings board loved by consumers, Kyrgyzstan board is not only having a wayward chicken wings very delicious delicacy, but also a very high popularity, has been listed by the consumers in the countless any, become our Ji Ren’s most loyal fans of wing board. In less than half a year’s time, it has spread throughout the country, is currently a very hot business. read more

K&Q chaopai creative creative theme hotel Business

we all know that the creative theme of the hotel is always very attractive to consumers. K& how about the theme hotel of Q tide theme hotel? Brand hotel, creative, trustworthy choice. The best choice for successful entrepreneurship, ah, to choose to join K& Q tide creative theme hotel?

K& Q tide Seminal Hotel has a fixed training and management institutions, to take the European and American hospitality industry science, advanced management mode, the management and training of the chain stores, so that the unity of hardware and software. If you want to ask the creative theme hotel which is better? K& Q chaopai Seminal Hotel headquarters precise research, accurate measurement, engineering survey, design and assessment, to ensure the feasibility of the shop, brand marketing operation + system + hotel sales = hotel performance guarantee. read more

Good business sales without the best choice free

now, air purification market, has been a very hot market. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the air purifier market is very advantage to join selection. Of course, we all know, with good sales, is the best choice for our business worries!

any time, air purifier franchisee must focus on the operation of the loss of customers. Saving old customers can save money and time because it is easier to maintain a relationship than to build a relationship. Air purifier franchisee must know the reasons for the loss of customers, in order to find the problems existing in the operation and management, to take the necessary measures to prevent the loss of other customers. read more

How nice the popularity of Manuka molecular dessert

sweet career, always very attractive to the eyes of consumers. How about Manuka? Good taste, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, no doubt, is a very wise choice. How about joining the candy? Good project good choice!

Manuka molecular dessert market demand is very large, the venture capital investors will join in the market will easily achieve their wealth dream. Manuka molecular dessert as a set of fashion and leisure as one of the advantages of delicious food brands, it appears, not only for the consumer market has brought more diversified products and good business opportunities, at the same time, with the increasing number of partners, the brand will be the development of the huge market space in a more spectacular. read more

How delicious baked potato springs can not stop all business opportunities

spring baked potato? Don’t look down on it just a baked potato, choose to join the business, profit. Entrepreneurial choice to join the spring baked potato? Shop is earned!

spring baked potato is how much?

springs delicious baked potato can not stop! In fact many entrepreneurs often have such concerns, do not think this, do that! In fact, baked potato business is really good: baked potato with you springs back childhood memories! Have great originality technology, to create the "potato" to your health. The leading brand of baked potato, delicious, healthy, novel, fashion, all the year round can make money, bring more business opportunities for new read more

Casserole stores management method sharing

stores the prospect of hot casserole, of potential wealth. If you want to use this kind of project smoothly suction gold, how to get a higher competitiveness? If you are a novice, the problem is not very clear, then you can learn about. Xiao Bian provides a few reference, hoping to meet the needs of the market, so that franchisees can rest assured to do business.

casserole franchise owners can timely to decorate, to carry out a comprehensive transformation of the store, the company has established complete management model and comprehensive facilities, has a number of outstanding management personnel, in business varieties and service projects should be innovated, in order to win the favor of consumers. read more

Chongqing gold claw dry pot how high quality projects worry free business Business

we all know, Chongqing dry pot food, always very attractive to consumers. With the characteristics of food, always very attractive to attract the attention of franchisees. Chongqing golden claw dry pot? Not only has a very high popularity, but also joined the Chongqing golden claw dry pot project, bringing new business opportunities to become rich, is a very good business projects!

how about Chongqing golden claw dry pan?

gold claw dry pot is Sichuan gold claw catering key brand, not only has its own product R & D center, central kitchen, marketing company, has a complete set of professional, standard, catering franchise system science, nutrition is an important means to the rapid development of the gold claw. Chongqing gold claw dry pot? Gold claw dry pot has begun to see spot run trend sweeping the country, and creating a stunning commercial miracle in many places. read more