Join the farmers will be wrong

farmer chicken market with the new, strange, special features of the characteristics of local delicacy, can meet the needs of many consumers to eat the delicacy the ultimate demand, there is no shortage of chicken market people want to join, they will often ask the farmer to join the market chicken? Let’s make a small outline to introduce you.

by the pro gaze of consumers to join stores to provide store location, shopping district and the ability to assess the market consumption, decoration guidance, the whole process of the company’s staff free professional support. The company implemented the monthly supervision service, timely and effectively solve the problem of new franchise operations, to ensure timely promotion, enhance management consistent with the headquarters, to provide a number of value-added services free of charge, and let the chain store has more room for profit. read more

What do you want to make money shop operating Road

everyone want to start your own business, everyone wants to be your own boss, but his shop is not a easy thing, entrepreneurship is successful or failed, today, the whole network Xiaobian for everyone to talk shop want money to have what way of business.

a blind entry. Many people in the shop at the beginning of what the store did not open any objective basis, but to see or hear someone to open a shop to make money, on a whim to open up shop. How to set up shop in order to avoid failure? The exposure shop business to make money, when the shop opened up after the discovery of the entire industry market is not the first thought, the stuff is good, can rival innumerable, quality and price of products in the market have no advantage, continue means more losses, finally become the best choice to give up. read more

Sincerity let Shao Haixia business booming

in the current market, if you want to run a business booming, certainly has its own business skills, it is worth learning other operators. Art is not easy to find cigarette and liquor vendor in Lixia District liberation road, although it is in the way to work every day, reporters must store about seven or eight square meters, looks not conspicuous, but in a continuous line of business.

so, what is this store unique cheats?

"there is no better business than" sincerity "." Long hair fluttering beauty boss Shao Haixia want to, leisurely spit out this sentence. read more

What are the best ways to manage the inventory

brand bedding to join, the election of a good way, is the key to be more entrepreneurial worry and effort, this paper analyzes some skills, entrepreneurs can choose on the way and the method based on the actual situation, together at the bar!

What are the inventory management method

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What should we pay attention to investment in the elderly

data showed that with the increase of aging, the elderly supplies market is expanding, ushered in a hitherto unknown wealth of business opportunities, but, even so, the elderly supplies a vast market, investment in the elderly supplies, is not a simple thing, there are a lot of attention to carefully place! Investment in old supplies, to pay attention to what?

according to the National Bureau of Statistics survey data show that China is aging people most of the countries in the world, the population over the age of 60 to 130 million, accounting for 10% of the total population, the consumption ability of the elderly year amounted to 330 billion yuan, is expected to 2020 China supplies elderly market share will rise to 2 trillion yuan. This figure behind the potential consumption and huge business opportunities to entrepreneurs "recently," drool with envy ", urban and rural rich" received a lot of inquiries "old people store phone. Silver market exactly how business opportunities, urban and rural wealth reporter conducted a series of investigations. read more

Xiaobian share practical essentials of entrepreneurship

before you start, you must understand that entrepreneurship is risky, but choose to start this way, be able to endure loneliness, entrepreneurship is a struggle, entrepreneurs need execution, if you want to start, then the following together with small to see what are the essentials of entrepreneurship.


for many business people, entrepreneurship is the realization of a dream, an ideal and belief began to realize. Some people actually had a good day, perhaps is the professional, good income, in order to prove that they have greater value, start a business, there may be a non business people, but for the sake of life, to some business, perhaps in order to prove himself to a girlfriend, so entrepreneurship some of my head and started the path, to start a business. read more

What is the biggest opportunity for the future of the catering industry

what is the status of the catering industry? In a word: This is the best and the worst. Why do you say that, because the food and beverage industry since ancient times is a major industry in the sunrise industry, enduring. Even temporary fluctuations, the size of the larger, better wound healing, will heal in the shortest possible time. So it’s the best industry. But at the same time, every year in the catering industry is facing the collapse of countless entrepreneurs, strong competition in the market, surging tide. Replacement becomes commonplace, so that the food and beverage industry is the worst industry. read more

How do you see the character name

‘s personality, for all the people in the pursuit of individuality, the name has also become an important embodiment of the countless pursuit of individuality. In advocating individuality today, the name also broke the unwilling to remain out of the limelight with names, place names, such as the traditional auspicious name becomes unique. See in the nearby Hamlet several markets, fashion personality, popular name names, but which are also elusive "strange" name.

in the nearby hamlet of a clothing market, the reporter found a lot of strange names. A shop selling clothing shop called "stuff", and a shop selling underwear is named "very cool"; some in order to create a warm atmosphere, to my own shop named "cloud like clothes", "Romance"; some publicity fashion personality, such as "cool fruit", "run in the forefront of fashion", "metal heaven"; while others the opposite, is called the "ugly duckling", "the seven customs eight soil". read more

Novice shop tips to make you earn 365 a year

recently quit the job, want to open a shop at home, can save every day to go back and forth to work hard, but also their own boss. But before just bought clothes online, the process for the shop is not understood. How to set up shop in new online? More and more people want to open a shop on the Internet as a sideline, but do not know how to open a shop on the Internet, the whole network of small arrrr share their experience, and I hope to help you.

novices in the open shop before, always have many concerns, in contact with many novice, on this point it is very deep. Many friends do not have to purchase their own shop can also be opened up do not understand. In the work shop do not shop, summed up the following points, and to believe that new year open shop friends can have some help: read more

nvestment in fresh sushi sushi join strength brand protection

now chowhound gathered together, said most of the best eat delicacy sushi, indeed, sushi taste very much, the taste is very good, the most important is that healthy nutrition is sushi, which is why so many reasons by Sushi now chowhound sought after the. In the food and beverage market, as long as the taste is not bad sushi shop, usually business is also very good. Fresh sushi directory is a very good sushi brand, now in the market, the consumer has a high popularity, with exclusive production process, unique taste, fresh sushi in the market with the catalogue of excellent reputation, is a rare good business project. read more

Shops in the business of doing a good job during the charging

shop business once busy, the owner did not even have time to drink water, there is no extra time to look at things inside the store display. Therefore, want to keep the shop always has a good state, naturally need to do more business owners in the dull period of choice. "Now it’s hard to do business, a few people all morning." This is the author in the process of visiting retail customers often hear a complaint. I believe that when the business is dull, retail customers may wish to make good use of time, for their own shop charge in order to grasp more opportunities in the season. Specifically divided into the following areas: read more

Small losses often bring more returns

now because of the social environment, many people are not willing to lose money, for fear of eating a little loss, the more such a concern, but the business is getting worse. The way to do business, there is no law. As a businessman who wants to own business prosperous, wealth, wealth, but not all businessmen can turn this beautiful dream into reality. Only those who are full of wisdom, thoughtful people to the correct use of business acumen, want to set hundreds thousand, clever digging opportunities, wealth. read more

Suitable for entrepreneurial projects from scratch

now is some entrepreneurial society, start empty-handed means a lot people will choose, at the same time in the whole process of start empty-handed entrepreneurial project selection, is also critical, as operators, now want to successfully start empty-handed, what items can be selected?

1. copy someone else’s project to make money.

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You can do the strong life

everyone rushed to the busy life, the main purpose is to make money, but how to make money, it is also a very headache problem. Want to make money must learn Rockefeller, his ability to make money really superb! His money to make money, is our success in making money collection!

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Xiangtan helping college students employment and Entrepreneurship

now the employment problem of college students is the introduction of face each year graduation many college graduates, in many places in order to alleviate the employment pressure of college students, have launched policies to help college students entrepreneurship.

"this can apply to fourteen thousand yuan of funds to support entrepreneurship, really thank you very much." In August 31st, residents of Xiangtan City Zhongzhou Road Street Yuetang district on Yan said to the street workers. read more

The six secret bosses won’t tell you not to regret it

working in a company, you are very active in front of the ideas and suggestions that the boss, then your boss will find your proposal to retain it, rather than employees to share, you will need to understand the boss’s real idea. Here are six common ideas that every great boss has, but these ideas are best kept secret:

1. "I’ve had enough to help you solve the problem."

details: "a big part of my job is to listen to your questions, and help you find solutions. But sometimes I really want you to find your own solution instead of relying on me to help you solve the problem." read more

2016 Qinhuangdao youth entrepreneurship innovation contest started

is now almost every city in the country to encourage everyone to start a business, at the same time, there are a variety of natural competition, for outstanding entrepreneurs will naturally have a variety of related incentives. The 2016 Qinhuangdao youth entrepreneurship innovation contest started, looking forward to more active participation of entrepreneurs.

recently, 2016 Qinhuangdao youth entrepreneurship innovation contest started.

the contest with "full of entrepreneurial innovation, the construction of coastal city" as the theme, to build the city’s youth entrepreneurship innovation daily exhibition and communication, resources docking, project incubation platform, integration of entrepreneurial services, business park, venture capital fund, entrepreneurship and other resources, business counseling, business incubation, project promotion services. read more

Community retail operators need to keep pace with the times

since the choice of shop, people naturally want to be able to open a good shop. However, the success of the store business, in fact, is the need to master a certain operating skills. From the beginning of the last century, the beginning of 90s in the community to open retail stores. The original retail store is very small, only a dozen square meters, counters, shelves, there is no empty place. At that time, the shop is small, but the benefits are not bad.

2000 years later, many large supermarkets, large shopping malls have sprung up, to our retail store has brought no small impact. The stores are full of goods, open shelves and self-service shopping to attract a large number of community residents, retail business is not so prosperous before. In this case, I realized that if the store does not change, do not change the business ideas, store road will become narrower and narrower. read more