A case study of interest mapping and social mapping

1. on interest mapping and social mapping

what is the interest map


interest map is a network that shows "I like this.". A map of the common interests of people and people, based on shared interests, but not necessarily people. It’s a web map that shows "I like this", and the interest spectrum brings people together through the same interests.


‘s interest,


, "interest" in the Internet, is a tool for organizing user groups and grouping information. (personally think it’s an effective management of UGC) read more

n the Tencent territory WeChat and hand Q can coexist

these two days has been concerned about the movements of Ali and Ma’s outgoing, but less attention to WeChat. Today, I occasionally saw a dispute over WeChat on a grid of electricity, but suddenly found that these days, the Tencent debate has not stopped. In fact, the focus of the debate about WeChat focused on the coexistence of WeChat and Q. As we all know, Ma Huateng has repeatedly publicly praised WeChat’s value in large public places, which inevitably makes it feel red eyed and dissatisfied with the mobile phone QQ of Tencent’s mobile platform. After all, WeChat is a born just 3 years of mobile phone products, and QQ with the desktop version of QQ Tencent to go all the way now, Q is not the dominant hand on the qualifications of registered users, Q is WeChat win, but this is a software for WeChat has become more and more be forgotten. read more

How do SMEs bring customers and orders through the web site

with the rapid development of Internet, many small and medium-sized enterprises have been transformed into the Internet marketing industry. They want to expand their business and improve their sales performance and profit through this platform. According to relevant data, there are millions of enterprises engaged in network marketing (e-commerce) in china. Although so many enterprises to enter the online market, but the real money, stable money, brand companies are not much, what is the reason? Check Hongjiang is considered to be the main enterprises lack really understand the network marketing network marketing talents, skills and strategies need to perform. So what do you do, read more

Electricity providers do brand it this is the way to survive in the future

some people say that the current electricity supplier is the happiest thing alive. Compared to two years ago, crazy money, stride forward singing militant songs, now the business a lot of low-key, television advertising has not seen, building advertising is no longer their favorite fight for every inch of land, even the subway, is now no longer advocates "squeeze more health", "all the phenomenon that the electricity supplier listless".

electricity supplier status quo

some crazy money supplier seems premature premonition, even if crazy money may not be able to create a good brand effect. Just do a solid foundation, still waters, and occasionally play with the low cost of marketing, now live well. read more

Key words website promotion indispensable tool


keyword is an important part of search engine optimization, network promotion in the field, the appropriate choice of keywords search volume will affect the enterprise website and conversion to a great extent, is a tool to do network promotion and SEO integral. Then what is the key? The words can be divided into several categories according to the characteristics of what keywords? How to select the enterprise website to promote the rankings and sales? These questions will be from the northwest network promotion leader a housekeeper for you to answer one by one. read more

Langtaosha quality is the personal website of the future

recently with other webmaster chat, deeply feel the current personal Adsense survival crisis. Faced with in the field of big website financing constantly, listing and financing of venture capital, and let them have the strength to get bigger, and those of us with no capital, no background of the individual owners, facing the survival pressure surge. Want with a force, compete with this company, from the market to get a piece of meat to eat for many however, easier said than done! Chose to do the station as a webmaster and entrepre like me to stand as a hobby for the stationmaster, want to give up station in fact not so real! And what we should do, can do is to face this "before the wolf, a tiger" situation, find a suitable for our personal webmaster development path, read more

From Xiao Shenyang talk about how to seize the hot video to do traffic

experts predict that video will dominate mobile Internet traffic within 5 years. 09 years, the most fire man is Xiao Shenyang, and today open Baidu video http://s.video.baidu.com/ hot search ranked first is Xiao Shenyang, and then check the Baidu index, the daily user attention is about 80 thousand. Visible power of video traffic.

now say, webmasters are most concerned about the traffic problems, how to catch hot video, bring traffic to your site. How to find the hot video, how to publish the hot events to their website for the first time, how to find the relevant places to promote?. read more

Eight major reasons for the site to do little

1: space is not good, do not

space can be selected to pay attention, just like the house is everything, will take away the rotten house spider! I was like this: stability and speed is necessary, even the most basic are not up to you, sorry, next! Oh, money is not a problem, the problem is. No money! No money, no small, no bad!


2: domain name is not good to do, except the master

this corn is very important, this is a kind with clothes, wear beautiful clothes, do not know in front of, behind certainly a lot of people see! What good buy corn? Most people first thought is easy to remember, easy to remember is to consider, but not the most important, is BD remember that because the corn bigger? Sina is easy to remember because the corn only bigger? What people what to wear, what station with what meters, depending on what you want to do keyword selection, it can not be sloppy, seriously consider, once laid down, don’t change! If the corn and keywords with this, it will be more effective, handy! Because any search for very large weight of rice to read more

How to operate the video game city

with the tense pace of modern life, more and more people have more demand for entertainment, with more needs, the emergence of video games, to meet the needs of the majority of consumers! Want to open the video game city, how to operate the video game city can have a prior understanding of the line, today, to listen to the successful operation of the game city shop he, to introduce how to open his own video game city how to operate it.

came to Shanghai, the initiation of entrepreneurial idea read more

How does the website dig profit point to gain profit

for the webmaster, the ultimate goal of the station is nothing more than to achieve profitability through the site. (except for ORG), but now the Internet situation, we are all obvious, not every site can make money, and more frightening is to make money just a few stops. So what would you do if you want your website to be a profitable site?

first of all, let me talk about the problems I’ve encountered with the webmaster.

website builds up, stationmaster suffers from the promotion that carries a website, rank PR value is expected to arrive when a more substantial number. Owners have started to worry, how to make your site profitable?? information, information, have, flow, and then began to kick start along the west east hand to find profitable way, cooperate with others, do offline activities, make friends gathering….. Still can not achieve their purpose, and strenuous physical and mental. Of course, if you only make money from the most basic Google ads, I really don’t have anything to tell you. read more