Mother Nature is a Vicious Terrorist, Remembering Hurricane Andrew

first_imgWell, we are officially in the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane season as the remnants of hurricane Cristobal continue to dump rain along the Gulf coast.Cristobal is the earliest third storm to be named in the Atlantic hurricane season.Compared with the worst storm to hit South Florida, Hurricane Andrew, which started off the season in August of 1992. Andrew was a powerful and destructive Category 5 Atlantic hurricane that struck the Bahamas, Florida, and Louisiana in August 1992.On August 24, Andrew struck Elliott Key with winds of 165 mph (266 km/h) and a pressure of 926 mbar (27.34 inHg).About 25 minutes after its first Florida landfall, Andrew made another landfall just northeast of Homestead, with a slightly lower pressure of 922 mbarThis barometric pressure made Andrew the most intense hurricane to strike the United States since Hurricane Camille in 1969 and the strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall in Florida since the Labor Day hurricane of 1935.The United States and Florida would not experience another landfall from a hurricane at Category 5 intensity until Hurricane Michael in 2018 which wiped out portions of the Florida panhandle.Andrew was so strong it blew the wind meter off the roof of the National Hurricane Center which at the time was located in Coral Gables.The NHC then moved its facility west, miles inland near the Everglades to prevent any future direct hits.Andrew caused major damage in the Bahamas and Louisiana, but the greatest impact was felt in South Florida, where the storm made landfall as a Category 5 hurricane, with 1-minute sustained wind speeds as high as 165 mph.Passing directly through the city of Homestead with wind gusts up to 177 mph, Andrew stripped many homes of all but their concrete foundations. In total, Andrew destroyed more than 63,500 houses, damaged more than 124,000 others, caused $27.3 billion in damage, and left 65 people dead.The cities of Florida City, Homestead, Cutler Ridge and parts of Kendall received the brunt of the storm. As many as 1.4 million people lost power at the height of the storm; some for more than one month. In the Everglades, 70,000 acres of trees were downed, while invasive Burmese pythons began inhabiting the region after a nearby facility housing them was destroyed.The 1992 Atlantic hurricane season was a well below average hurricane season that had one of the latest dates on record for the first named storm.There were only six named storms, with Andrew being the only major hurricane. But as the head of the National Hurricane Center always says, “it just takes one.”last_img read more

Redevelopment Activity Gaining Momentum at Former Fort Monmouth

first_img“These are awesome plans, but we still must sell the real estate and make money off of it to pay the bills and replace and install new infrastructure like water, sewer and lights, which has been ongoing since FMERA took over the fort,” Steadman cautioned. “The fort is a city within three cities. All types of things arise each day. We still get calls and visits from those who served and lived there going back to World War II.” “FMERA is a team of 10 people,” Steadman said. “We can only be successful if we’ve got the support of our stakeholders, including the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, the (federal) Environmental Protection Agency, the state departments of environmental protection and transportation, the three municipalities, and more. They have all been great partners, especially Monmouth County under the leadership of Freeholder Lillian Burry.” Burry has officially represented the county in the fort’s redevelopment since its closure. For Tinton Falls, that 40-acre site is next to the borough’s existing municipal complex on Tinton Avenue where Lennar Corporation has begun construction of 243 homes and 58,000 square feet of commercial space called Patriot’s Square. Lennar is also building 45 single-family detached homes, dubbed Anthem Place, on a nearby 15-acre site near completed projects Trinity Hall School, Commvault and the county recreation center, where streets have already been laid out with curbing. Nuse said model homes should open in 2020 and prospective buyers have already expressed interest. While each fort parcel has designated future uses in the master plan, FMERA stresses it will entertain alternate, “outside-the-box” compliant proposals. “Highest and best use” is a phrase frequently used by fort officials. Near Suneagles Golf Course in Eatontown, the 64-acre Howard Commons former fort housing area will require demolition of 480 deteriorating Army homes. After initial buyer HovWest backed out in 2015, Nuse said he hopes the new approved compliant bidder’s plans will be approved to go to contract in the first quarter of 2020. The developer, who will not be named until the contract is presented per FMERA rules, proposes a mix of high-end retail and 302 housing units with 20 percent affordable. Officials declined to name specific tenants, but said the retail portion should fill 250,000 square feet. In Eatontown, the highest profile town center on Parcel B will be along Route 35, just inside the brick arches of Johnson Gates, which will be retained and preserved. After the first approved bidder backed out, the second-highest bidder began negotiating with FMERA about two years ago. The developer must demolish 1 million square feet of existing structures there. Final negotiations were underway in August for the 77- acre parcel, Nuse said, adding, “We hope to bring a contract to the FMERA board this fall. We’re excited about the project. It’s the front door of the fort.” In Oceanport, the town center will take the form of a “transit-oriented development” focused on the Little Silver Train Station in what was the fort’s “400 Area.” Extending along Oceanport Avenue and Oceanport Creek, that parcel is slated for housing and commercial uses to create a live- work-play environment. A Request for Offers to Purchase, or RFOTP, is expected to be issued for the area by the end of this year, Nuse said. Projects in development at the former Fort Monmouth.Photo courtesy FMERA “The big picture remains the same: 1,585 housing units,40 percent open space and technology is still the main goal,along with targeted industry and a town center for each of thethree municipalities the fort spans, Eatontown, Oceanport andTinton Falls,” said David Nuse, FMERA director of real estatedevelopment. By Laura D.C. Kolnoski “The Master Development Plan started in 2008,” Steadmansaid. “There have been 14 changes so far, but the plan stillguides us. There have been 12 years of marketplace changessince we began, but uses we are looking for are still consistentwith the plan.” The Two River Times met with officials of the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority (FMERA) last month for an update and exclusive tour. While the public can now drive along the fort’s main artery Route 537, known through the fort as the Avenue of Memories, activity is happening in areas still inaccessible to all but the law enforcement and security personnel who patrol them. center_img TRIO OFTOWN CENTERS Residential tenants will drive retail development, said Sarah Giberson, FMERA senior marketing and development officer. “We hope to have local, new to the market, and/ or high-end niche businesses, not big box stores. There will be a Main Street ‘spine’ within the development and public space for things like farmer’s markets and events. A dog park and walking trails are among the proposals. We want it to be a place where people want to go.” Bruce Steadman, FMERA executive director, called it, “new wave retail that will be experiential, more than just shopping, so people can bring their family and spend time. That’s what makes a successful retail development today.” A concept plan will be presented at the approval stage, Giberson said. The Fort Athletic Club in the base’s former Fitness Center along the Avenue of Memories should be in business next year, Steadman said. The water tower on that site will be retained, painted and bear the club logo. Other sites breaking ground or opening for business in 2020 will be the former dance hall, bowling center and Squier Hall, currently being renovated by New Jersey City University. The massive new campus of RWJ Barnabas Health should also break ground in 2020 on the site of the former Myer Center, where demolition was recently completed. FORT MONMOUTH – Several completed deals are expected by the end of 2019 on Fort Monmouth, the 1,126-acre former U.S. Army base shuttered in 2005. More fort parcels are coming to market, construction will begin on approved redevelopment projects and other firms will soon open their doors to the public. Officials are predicting a period of accelerated activity through 2020. WHAT’S NEXT On opposite sides of the Avenue of Memories, Mallet Hall, a former Class A office building, and Vail Hall, a “communications hub in the switchboard days,” should go out for bid in early 2020, Steadman said. The Mallet Hall parcel is slated for housing. Steadman said there has been “a lot of interest” in Vail Hall. The projects above have already been completed at the former Fort Monmouth.Photo courtesy FMERA Among the Oceanport properties anticipated to go under contract in 2020 are Barker’s Circle, the Commissary and Nurses Quarters. In some cases, contracts could be signed in 2019 with the rest of the process stretching into 2020. That process includes board approval and due diligence by the prospective purchaser, followed by FMERA site plan review to work out any “kinks.” Afterward, plans go before municipal planning boards and governing bodies. The due diligence period can take up to 60 days, but can be extended depending on circumstances. “In addition to a number of (real estate) closings on schedule for this year, we are looking to put out three large RFOTPs by the end of the year, including 31 acres in Tinton Falls known as the Tinton Falls Commercial Development Parcel, the 400 Area, and the technology campus envisioned for the 50-acre McAfee Center, with space for start-ups to mature tech companies,” Nuse said. “That site could also include amenities and support companies to create a holistic campus, like a mini-Google campus and incubator.” Total reinvestment at Fort Monmouth is projected to be $1.5 billion to $2 billion once all is built out, Steadman said, adding, “It’s millions and millions of tax revenue for the three municipalities and the county; $2 million to $3 million per year for the county, and as much as 10 times that for the municipalities over a 10-year period. That’s how our ultimate success will be judged.”last_img read more

The Homecoming-pt. 2

first_imgAfter a surprisingly comfortable encounter with Liberian customs, Onyx made his way to what he figured was the arrival terminal. He couldn’t really remember anything about the airport from the time he was 14. He passed through the exit and walked straight to the nearest ‘money-changer.’ His Facebook friends had given him a heads-up about the exchange rate between the U.S. and Liberian dollars. He was fully prepared for the young man’s deception. The money changer told him the rate was LD$60 for every US$1.What he didn’t expect was for someone to come to his aid; especially not the character that showed up. A man as tall as himself, but nowhere near as big, walked to the money changer and said in a voice as blunt and heavy as a sledgehammer “My man! Stop dat ting! You tink you helping Liberia like dat? You can’t see dis man na real white man?”   The money changer blinked rapidly in apparent disbelief. Onyx couldn’t tell whether it was from being caught trying to con him, or because he was taking in the man’s bizarre appearance.The tall, lithe, chocolate-complexioned man wore a leopard print Persian turban on his head with green horn-rimmed shades. As if that was not strange enough, he added a bright orange velvet dinner jacket with matching shorts to the mix. His choice in footwear helped complete the eccentric package, as silver penny-loafers adorned his feet.“Why you people can’t do deh right ting? Eh?” he asked the absolutely dumbstruck money changer. The money changer looked away from Onyx, apparently defeated by the words of the stranger, and said, “Sorry popay, deh rate da 86 LD for U.S.”The odd man turned to Onyx and removed his shades, revealing eyes that would weaken the bladders of most tourists. They had a feral quality that screamed “basket-case.”  Against all of his better judgment, Onyx felt he could trust this man. He held out his hand to the man and said, “I’m Onyx; Onyx Togbah.”The man grabbed Onyx’s hand, smiled and shook it vigorously, responding, “My name Kerkula; Kerkula Mulbah, and I’m a taxi driver and fellow Kpelleh man.” Onyx now understood the reason for this stranger’s—Kerkula’s—intervention. He did not mind though. After the way he him saw handle the money changer, Kerkula Mulbah’s obvious street smarts might be just what he needed.“Kerkula,” Onyx said, “If we can come to a compromise on the matter of payment, you may have just gotten yourself hired as my personal guide.”Kerkula took Onyx’s bag and they walked side by side across the airport’s parking lot until they stood next to a canary yellow Toyota. Opening the door, he looked at Onyx and said, “From Montseraddo to Nimba, you will na find nobody who know LIB like me!”“Good,” Onyx said, “I am going to Gbartala in 3 days to find my father. I need someone who knows the terrain.” Kerkula sat down and pressed the button releasing his taxi’s automatic locks, looked at Onyx from the driver’s seat, adjusted his turban and said, “T-rain; Q-rain; and Z-rain. My brother I know all the rains dem! Sit down and get ready to find you pa!”Day 1The next morning, at a clean and cheap hotel Kerkula carried him to in the Monrovia neighborhood of Sinkor, Onyx was ready to “hit the ground running.” He felt like everything was falling into place thanks to his new ally.Kerkula Mulbah was quite possibly the most interesting person Onyx had ever met. For one thing, the man’s fashion taste only got more eccentric. He picked Onyx up from the hotel with a maroon fez on his head while wearing the Bayern Munich football club’s full kit. Just as before, his strange choice of shoes completed the image. This time it was a pair of fire-truck red hiking boots.Kerkula walked up to him, practically shouting at the top of his voice, “Oh-nees! My man, we need to get you some basic material.” Onyx knew Kerkula was right, it was important to be prepared for any eventuality. He needed to find a supermarket to buy water, toiletries, and a few healthy snacks.They got into his taxi and started the first day’s tour of Monrovia. Kerkula’s taxi was so clean you could eat off of the dashboard. Onyx became slightly ashamed when he thought of his dusty document-filled old Alfa-Romeo back in Ohio.“So?” Kerkula asked while driving, “What kinda work you do in America?” Onyx felt his face flush with embarrassment. His last stable job had been over a year ago, helping restore old paintings at an art gallery. Now he worked out of his car as a house painter. He knew he could lie to Kerkula, but he didn’t want to. He was aware of how some second generation Africans lied about their level of success to relatives back home; he did not want to be like them. “I’m a painter,” he said, adding “I paint everything from houses to pictures.”Kerkula looked at Onyx and turned the tassel on his fez to the right. He said, “My man, da good honest work. Anyting da can feed your family,” he said.“I will you carry to my house and let my woman prepare some dumboy for you later,” said Kerkula with such authority that it felt more like an order than an invitation. Not that Onyx minded. He realized that he had just made a friend.————–Eight hours later they were on their way to Kerkula’s house in Jacob Town. They had spent the day driving all over Monrovia so Onyx could become reacquainted with the capital city. Onyx was stunned how things had barely changed since he was a kid. Of course there were cosmetic changes here and there—new stores and few new buildings—but almost everything was just as he remembered it. Unlike his muddled memories of the airport, looking at the city was like being in a time warp.In Onyx’s opinion, this was not a bad thing. Liberia was still a country of breathtaking beauty. That beauty juxtaposed with the obvious scars of the decade-plus civil war just reinforced the image he had of the country’s mystical quality.He had gone with Kerkula from Broad Street to the city’s many beaches. While they were doing this, he learned that Kerkula was an ex-combatant. He did not say it to impress or boast. He explained it as matter-of-factly as Onyx had when he talked about his job. Onyx reciprocated by telling Kerkula more about his father, his two failed marriages and the best thing he had done with his life; his 12 year old daughter Yamma.They wrapped up their long conversation as they pulled up the driveway of Kerkula’s house. His home was a cozy little white building surrounded by bushes, with a coconut tree in the yard. The second Kerkula parked his car and turned off its engine, he was crushed by the embraces of four startlingly attractive kids. The group consisted of one surly looking (was there any other kind?) teenage girl, 2-year-old twin boys, and their older adolescent brother who was the spitting image of Kerkula.Kerkula introduced his children in order of age, starting from the oldest. His daughter, Precious was tall for 14, but still shorter than her brother Enoch; who towered over her at the age of 12. The adorable identical twins were named—hilariously— Napoleon and Alexander.Onyx followed Kerkula and his kids into their home. When he got inside he went into the airy living room and sat down on it’s wonderfully cushioned bamboo furniture. A minute later, a short voluptuous dark-skinned woman in a flowing white gown entered the room with her hand extended in greeting, saying “How you do papa? My name Victoria, but my friends can call me Vic. Welcome to your home yeh?”  Onyx shook Vic’s hand and praised the cleanliness of her home. This sudden immersion in Kerkula’s domestic life made Onyx long for his daughter. He would have to call Yamma tomorrow. Family was the reason he was here.He needed his father. Yamma needed to meet her grandfather for the first time. He was shaken out of his reverie by Napoleon and Alexander who had decided he was a mountain that needed climbing. “Come let’s eat!” they said in unison. Looking down at their cherubic little faces, he replied, “Lead the way.”He sat down to the wonderfully spread table and looked at the smiling faces of the Mulbah family. He wanted what they had. He would find his father. He would make everything right. He made this promise to himself and before God as Kerkula told everyone to bow and say grace.…To be continued.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Diego Costa fit to terrorise Arsenal once more – Simeone

first_imgHowever, the formidable sight of Simeone’s side stands in their way.Since the Argentine took charge in 2011, Atletico have reached five European semi-finals in seven seasons, winning the Europa League in 2012 and reaching the Champions League final in 2014 and 2016.Costa was a constant thorn in Arsenal’s side during three years at Chelsea, scoring three times and losing just once in six meetings with the Gunners.But he has been sidelined since picking up a hamstring strain in Atletico’s quarter-final, second leg at Sporting Lisbon.“We will try to evaluate all the factors. We will speak among the doctors, himself and I to decide what the team needs most,” said Simeone on whether Costa will start or kept in reserve from the bench.“Yesterday he trained well and we will do what we deem to be right.“In Spain and England there are many teams that have suffered because of his characteristics not just Arsenal.”In contrast to Arsenal, Atletico are already assured their place in next season’s Champions League as they sit second, ahead of Real Madrid, in La Liga.However, despite punching above their weight against the might of Barcelona and Real Madrid under Simeone, Atletico haven’t won a trophy since 2014.Winning the Europa League in Simeone’s first season in charge in 2012 set the platform to win La Liga two years later, and he hopes recreating that winning feeling will spark another era of success.“Being a champion is different and the best teams in the world get stronger because of it,” he added.“It gave us the conviction and certainty that we were on the right road. Then the other titles came: Copa del Rey, La Liga, Spanish and European Super Cups, the two lost (Champions League) finals.“Now it has been a while since we won a trophy, but we keep trying.”Wenger also enjoyed great success in his first decade in charge of Arsenal, winning three Premier League titles.However, despite growing frustration from Arsenal fans over their inability to compete for the Premier League or Champions League in recent seasons, Simeone was glowing in his praise for Wenger’s durability.“I have admiration for a great professional. To be able stay so long at such a big club he had to reinvent himself.“I still think of myself as a young coach. I try to observe, learn and admire (his work). Coaches are always open (to criticism) and the place he has held in world football is marvellous.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Atletico Madrid’s Diego Costa – fit to face Arsenal on Thursday © AFP / Ben STANSALLLON DON, United Kingdom, Apr 25 – Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone confirmed Diego Costa will be fit to resume his rivalry with Arsenal in a Europa League semi-final, first leg on Thursday of huge significance for the English side.Arsenal are hoping to bid farewell to outgoing manager Arsene Wenger after 22 years in charge by winning the Frenchman’s first European trophy, and securing qualification for next season’s Champions League in the process.last_img read more

Arise, Sir Chris

first_img“I didn’t even regard this as a derby match – but I’ve quickly learnt that it is!” The words of Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp after the final whistle had blown at Loftus Road on Sunday.He wasn’t the only one. Half the Chelsea side looked shell-shocked as they stepped into the Shepherd’s Bush bear pit – a world away from the plush confines of Stamford Bridge.The players were berated the minute they stepped off the coach as 15 years’ worth of emotions were unleashed by Rangers fans, the more sinister of whom were quite literally frothing at the mouth.“This was the biggest humiliation witnessed in Chelsea colours since David Mellor was mocked up on the front page of The Sun under the headline ‘Toe job to no job’.”Holed up inside my little enclave in the Lower Loft, I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for Juan Mata, Chelsea’s designated corner-taker, as time after time he slunk into the lions’ den, desperately wishing his huge salary could buy him an invisibility cloak.In the event, the little Spaniard was taken off after failing to be convinced that ignoring the baying mob was simply a case of mind over Mata.And his wasn’t the only unscheduled departure, with Jose Bosingwa and Didier Drogba both playing with their rubber ducks in the bath before the half-time whistle had sounded.Throw in nine yellow cards, a penalty, QPR’s first win over their old enemy for 16 years and an allegation of racism and it’s fair to say this was no Sunday school outing.Blues boss Andre Villas-Boas was incensed by the refereeing decisions that went against his team, while conversely fans on Rangers messageboards were calling for an addition to the New Year’s honours list – Sir Chris Foy.Taking off the blue and white-tinted specs for a moment, I think Hoy got most of the big decisions right.Yes the penalty was a little soft, but a penalty nevertheless (in fact the biggest argument was over who was going to take it) – although admittedly Frank Lampard had a case for a spot-kick of his own.As for the red cards, Bosingwa was the last man, while even a fired-up AVB – who appeared to have swapped heads with the strangely docile Neil Warnock – could have no arguments with Drogba’s horror tackle on Adel Taarabt.The fact Chelsea performed far better with nine men than 11, playing Rangers off the park in the second half, only added to the intensity and when the final whistle finally sounded after the longest five minutes of injury time ever (if you were a Rangers fan) the relief was palpable.The visiting support rightly applauded the heroic efforts of their team, but it was clear this was the biggest humiliation witnessed in Chelsea colours since David Mellor was mocked up on the front page of The Sun under the headline ‘Toe Job To No Job’It was certainly not how the Blues hierarchy thought it would pan out, at least not according to the match preview on their official site.It read: “The noises from the R’s camp are redolent of the clichés produced by the underdog before a cup final.“It will be our first league meeting with Queens Park Rangers for 15 years and it is fair to say the hosts are quite worked up about it. Least so Blues supporters.”You suspect that may not be the case ahead of the return leg at Stamford Bridge in April, when the mocking chants of “Who are ya?” might be replaced by “How dare you?”The day after the game, we interviewed Shaun Derry for QPR podcast Open All R’s.Owner of the world’s cleverest dogsThe midfield enforcer came out on top in a ding-dong battle with Lampard on Sunday and decided not to push his luck by swapping shirts at the end, with one of my colleagues mischievously suggesting it would have been several sizes too big for him.Derry added that he celebrated by taking his dogs to a pub quiz, with the hounds getting more correct answers than he did. Sample question: ‘How will most QPR fans feel tomorrow morning?’ Answer: ‘Wuff.’The hors d’oeuvre to the big derby of the day was a fairly minor affair at Old Trafford between the two Manchester clubs.City, as some of you may know by now, won 6-1 with Mario Balotelli helping himself to a double, two days after setting his bathroom ablaze with a firework.Never mind the football, characters like Balotelli are what makes the Premier League so compelling.Messi and co are wonderful to watch, but can you really imagine the little magician driving around the city centre in his soft top, high-fiving supporters immediately after a derby win?And it got better as the week went on, with news that old mother Balotelli was in town and had ordered her son to go out and buy an ironing board and iron.Five hours later he came back empty-handed but was followed shortly afterwards by a John Lewis lorry delivering a giant trampoline, Scalextric set, two vespa scooters and a table-tennis table.All Balotelli needed was a cuddly toy for a classic Generation Game conveyor belt – although he wouldn’t be much good at the 1970s gameshow after forgetting the two things he was originally sent out for: the iron and the ironing board.If he carries on at this rate, the Italian is quickly going to become Britain’s favourite footballer. And if he gets himself a Twitter account, Joey Barton could find himself relegated to the also-rans.”Bring me sunshine…”In other west London news, 10 out of 10 for Brentford manager Uwe Rosler after the German was given his marching orders for persistently stepping in front of Notts County’s Alan Sheehan as he went to take a free-kick – a skit Morecambe and Wise would have been proud of.And things have still not improved for Fulham on the pitch, but off it owner Mohamed Al Fayed had plenty to say.Incensed by former manager Mark Hughes’ comments that the club lacked ambition, Al Fayed blasted: “He was a forgotten man when I rescued him to become manager of Fulham.“He is not just disrespectful but entirely wrong. If people are looking for a flop, they have to look no further than the man who has lost his spark.”Ouch. Although I have it on good authority that the real reason Hughes decided he no longer wanted to be associated with Fulham was the day he caught sight of the blueprint for the Michael Jackson statue.That’s all folks. Have a good weekend and think of me and the other walkers as we set off on our trek from Loftus Road to White Hart Lane on Sunday, raising money for the QPR Tiger cubs – the team for kids with Down’s syndrome. You can give generously (or not) by clcking here.last_img read more

Upping the Rant-y: Blogged adds Live Chat to the News

first_imgRelated Posts Tags:#start#startups Whether you’re riffing on the latest celebrity gossip or ranting about local politics, Blogged lets you add your two cents to today’s hottest news posts. As of this morning, the conversation tracking service is offering another level of news-related discussion through its live chat feature. In addition to aggregating topical blog posts and real-time blog comments, Blogged lets you find your online friends and create article-specific or topic-specific chat boxes. If you’re like me and you have a knack for putting your foot in your mouth, this chat feature helps ensure that your buffoonery is kept amongst your inner circle. Last month ReadWriteWeb covered Blogged’s transition from a blogging directory to a social news service. The company shifted its focus to facilitate discussion on news-related blog posts. While Blogged’s site, Facebook application and widget allow for public conversations and trackbacks, today’s live chat release is more discrete. Rather than immortalizing and publicly broadcasting sensitive conversations, this feature keeps political commentary and snide comments in the shadows. In addition to the chat feature, the company also offers users the opportunity to retweet their posts and embed Blogged services into their own sites. By embedding the Blogged code, users eliminate the need to repost information. The service syncs and refreshes all of your posts and comments from the Facebook application, widgets and Blogged site in real-time. The new Blogged service is best described as one part news feed, one part Echo conversation aggregator and one part Google Wave. To check out the service visit or try the Blogged Facebook application. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting dana oshiro 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Ateneo Blue Babble protests CHR budget, EJKs at halftime performance

first_imgThe House of Representatives on Tuesday voted 119-32 to approve the P1,000 budget.This was not the first time that the Blue Babble Battalion used the halftime show to get their message across. Last year, members of the team wore shirts that spelled “NOT A HERO.” LOOK: Loisa Andalio, Ronnie Alonte unwind in Amanpulo for 3rd anniversary E.T. returns to earth, reunites with grown-up Elliott in new ad  For the complete collegiate sports coverage including scores, schedules and stories, visit Inquirer Varsity. After tearing a huge placard that said “P1,000″ into two, members of the BBB held up signs that read “stop the EJKs [extra judicial killings], uphold human rights” during their performance. LATEST STORIES ‘Bato’ to be ‘most effective’ CHR head? It’s for public to decide – Gascon PLAY LIST 01:38‘Bato’ to be ‘most effective’ CHR head? It’s for public to decide – Gascon00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games Right mindset key to Dennison’s easy transition to FEU’s go-to-guy Read Next Frontrow holds fun run to raise funds for young cancer patients  Nonong Araneta re-elected as PFF president BSP sees higher prices in November, but expects stronger peso, low rice costs to put up fight Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC MOST READ WATCH: Streetboys show off slick dance moves in Vhong Navarro’s wedding View comments Fire hits houses in Mandaluyong City Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Stop the EJKs and uphold human rights. #UAAPSeason80#MensBasketball— Ateneo Blue Babble (@AteneoBabble) September 13, 2017The Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion on Wednesday took a stand against the extrajudicial killings and the House of Representatives’ decision to allocate just P1,000 of the 2018 budget for the Commission on Human Rights.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutThe group made the statement during the its routine performance at the halftime break of the game between Ateneo and University of the Philippines at Smart Araneta Coliseum in the UAAP Season 80 men’s basketball tournament.ADVERTISEMENTlast_img read more

India Today readers write to editor-in-chief Aroon Purie

first_imgA Lesson LearntThe findings of the survey are not surprising (“What’s Wrong With Our Teaching?”, November 27). We are still following the teaching norms set by the British. They had designed our education system to produce clerks who would simply follow their orders. We have hardly done anything to change,A Lesson LearntThe findings of the survey are not surprising (“What’s Wrong With Our Teaching?”, November 27). We are still following the teaching norms set by the British. They had designed our education system to produce clerks who would simply follow their orders. We have hardly done anything to change this.SUNIL MUNDRA, on e-mail”The cover story was an awakener, not a revelation. To rectify the flaws in our education system, we need to promote learning by understanding.”ANJUM M. SAMEL, on e-mailOur Government should take serious steps to revamp the education system and focus on imparting real knowledge, which is not determined by marks alone. It is disheartening to see students performing well in examinations, yet lacking analytical skills.MAHUA VENKATESH, DelhiThe problem doesn’t lie with the syllabus alone. There is a dearth of trained tutors in our country as teaching today is a profession adopted by people who fail to make a mark in other fields. There should be enough remuneration and perks to attract educators in our country.HIRAK SENGUPTA, DelhiA clear distinction has to be made between learning and knowledge. Students should not be encouraged to memorise lessons to score in examinations. In stead, they should be motivated to exchange ideas on various educative topics with their fellow classmates to gain knowledge.S. LAKSHMI, on e-mailINDIA TODAY’s delineation on the education system unmasked some of the drawbacks that prevail in our schools. The learning process is akin to a sport. You need to play the game and not just read about it to be completely evolved. Perhaps, we need to adopt a lab approach which will help students learn faster.K. CHIDANAND KUMAR, BangaloreadvertisementThere is a craze to admit children in good schools but in reality, do we know the definition of one? The best products come out of unknown schools. Just compare the results of civil services in the last decade and you’ll know that motivation doesn’t come from the tag of the school.MAN MOHAN BHATIA, DelhiPrisoners of FateIt is really outrageous that defying all international norms and protocols, Pakistan has not returned the Indian prisoners of the 1971 war, even after India released more than 93,000 Pakistani soldiers. (“Missing in Inaction”, November 27). India should take up the issue with the Pakistani Government and seek a solution for the release of the hapless POWs languishing in their jails.V.K.TANGRI. DehradunIt is disheartening to see that a story about our prisoners of war gets just two pages in a magazine like yours. The media seems to be blissfully unaware of the plight of the POWs and their families. The job of the media is to highlight the grievances of the masses. On this issue, however, it seems to have failed.BHAVYA BHATNAGAR, DelhiHu’s FriendsIt is only prudent on India’s part to improve relations with China in the face of increasing hostilities from Pakistan and Bangladesh (“Return of the Dragon”, November 27). We certainly cannot afford more enemies in the neighbourhood. Even on economic front, improved co-operation with China is imperative. As they say, if you cannot beat them, join them.SANJEET KHAJURIA, LucknowMoney and the MomsIt is incorrect to say that children of working women get a better deal than single income homes (“The Mummy Factor”, November 27). True, urban households with working women have higher annual incomes, but that’s not the only criterion to ensure better quality of life as the spending capacity of a family does not determine a child’s upbringing.VIJAYA BHARATI, RourkelaNo Child’s PlayWe need a clearer definition of innocence (“Loss of Innocence”, November 27). Today, no parent is keen on having a shy or dumb kid. Every one dreams of a Sanchita or an Akansha in their child and there is no problem in that. Children should be well trained to take on the competition around them.LATA RAGHAVAN, DelhiRoyal MistakeWhile elaborating the politics of royalty, you have mentioned that “Shrimant” means “your highness” (“A Battle Royale”, November 27). This is totally misleading as in the Hindi dictionary, the meaning of this word is wealthy and revered. When it is prefixed to a name, the more appropriate meaning would be revered.M.A. GHATGE, on e-mailDigital DivideOur technology is breeding a sense of deprivation among those tender minds whose parents cannot afford the gizmos that they see their friends hooked on to (“Wired Generation”, November 20). Such youngsters have a tendency to feel left out and inadequate during their school years. Such feelings can later develop into serious complexes, affecting their overall performances.SANDEEP SHETE, PuneadvertisementClean Up CricketIndian cricket has come of age; it has aged. So have our cricketers (“Perform or Pay Up”, November 20). Cricket now is not about performance but about endorsements and politics. Cricketers should be judged on their performances. There is no use dragging in coaches into the mess when the team is unable to perform.PRITAM SETH, on e-mailIt’s certainly the best time to institute a “pay for performance” system for our cricket team, which is under scrutiny for quite some time for its poor performance. If a fine is levied on them, our cricketers will be forced to perform on field. After all, they too should justify their salaries.JAYASHANKAR JAYARAMAN, BangaloreLabouring Over Child LawsIt shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Government has announced a ban on child labour without putting in place a mechanism to ensure a good future for them. After all, rehabilitation as a term has always been anathema to Indian governance.ALEX PAPERWALA, on e-mailThe coordination among ministries may be lacking as far as proper implementation of a ban on child labour is concerned, but at least the Government seems to have woken up to the problem. One should give Manmohan Singh some time to remove the speed breakers.KAILASH PATHAK, Patnalast_img read more

This NWSL Season Has Been Nuts Heres How We Forecast The Finish

W. New York120.3138.197.811.95.52.699%65%37% RATINGAVG. SIM. SEASONPLAYOFF CHANCES Seattle109.9101.6120. Orlando90.882.1101. Washington115.0123.5104.311.54.44.1965829 Boston63.175.647.51.915.82.4<1<1<1 Houston93.683.6106. Chicago99.689.3112. Portland106.9110.9102. Although our preseason forecast didn’t think it was impossible for both Seattle and Kansas City to miss the playoffs (it assigned roughly a 6 percent chance to that possibility), their drastic decline may indicate that we should re-evaluate some components of the model for next year’s NWSL season. As in many of our sports forecasts, each NWSL team’s rating is reverted toward the league average between seasons to account for factors such as changes in personnel and retirements. For the NWSL, two-thirds of a team’s rating from the previous season carries over into the new season; that amount is based on the first three seasons and is in line with other soccer leagues around the world (both men’s and women’s). This year’s results, however, may indicate that NWSL teams should be reverted further toward the league average each season. Or maybe this is just a crazy season. Only time (and more data) will tell. If at the start of the National Women’s Soccer League season you thought two-time defending champions FC Kansas City would be in third-to-last place just over halfway through the season or that two-time regular-season champions Seattle Reign FC would have almost as many losses as they did in their previous two seasons combined, you’re either psychic or your predictive abilities are far greater than ours.Before this year’s matches got underway, we built a model to forecast the league using the best information we had available: data from the three previous NWSL seasons. But because two of those years were dominated by Seattle and Kansas City, correctly predicting this year’s chaos in the league would have been very difficult. So with the table in tumult and the end of the regular season not far off, we thought this would be good time to update our initial predictions, see what’s changed and look ahead to which four teams are most likely to reach the playoffs this fall. Below is a table showing each team’s overall rating — made up of offensive and defensive components (higher is better for both) — as well as its projected win-loss-tie record and its chances of making the playoffs. Sky Blue97.299.494. Kansas City103.696.1113. TEAMOVERALLOFF.DEF.WLTPLAYOFFSFINALSWIN This year’s surprise standout, the Western New York Flash, has skyrocketed to the top of our table and now has the greatest chance of winning the NWSL championship — 37 percent — up from just a 5 percent chance before the season started. With the league’s top two goal scorers, Lynn Williams and Jessica McDonald (seven and six goals, respectively), the Flash are almost certain to earn a playoff spot. The Washington Spirit will likely grab another — our model gives them a 96 percent chance of making the playoffs.There’s a little less certainty for the third and fourth playoff spots. The Portland Thorns are currently in first place in the league, with 26 points, and have an 86 percent chance of making the postseason. But the team has lost their past two games, in part because several national team players have been absent as they prepare for the Olympics. So Portland may continue to fall in our rankings over the next month. The Chicago Red Stars’ chances of making the playoffs have remained about the same from our initial forecast — dropping to 46 percent from 47 percent — but a strong start to the season has given way to three losses in the past four games.The biggest shock this season, however, has undoubtedly been the rapid descent of the league’s top two teams, Seattle and Kansas City. Both teams were heavily favored in our initial predictions — with a 78 percent and 72 percent chance of making the playoffs, respectively — but at this point, it’s extremely unlikely that either team will earn a playoff berth. There are still six weeks of matches left, but both teams’ chances of winning the championship have plummeted more than 20 percentage points since the season started. read more