The campaign against the coronavirus of Simeone and Atlético adds to the cinema

first_imgLaLiga Santander* Data updated as of March 31, 2020 The ‘We give everything’ campaign that Argentine coach Diego Pablo Simeone and Atlético de Madrid launched to raise funds for the Red Cross activity against the coronavirus in Madrid, is advancing in contributions and is adding personalities to Spanish cinema. This initiative, launched by the rojiblanco coach and his partner, Carla Pereyra, together with the Red Cross and the Atlético de Madrid Foundation on March 20, using the same motto that they used in previous years to organize food collections, “It goes very well” regarding the arrival of economic contributions, as explained to EFE sources close to the technician, who ask “do not loosen”.During the last days, the rojiblanco president Enrique Cerezo, the captains of the first male and female squads, Koke Resurrección and Amanda Sampedro, or the president of the Fundación and former rojiblanco footballer, Adelardo Rodríguez, They have been adding their support through the rojiblanca website, where there is a web link and the account number to make donations.center_img Also the maximum shareholder of the club, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, announced in the letter sent last Friday, in which it communicated the decision to make a temporary employment regulation file (ERTE), that the club would channel its aid against the pandemic through this initiative.“We have decided to channel all the club’s aid to the fight against this pandemic through the #LoDamosTodo campaign, whose entire collection will go to the Red Cross, so that it can meet the needs of the health workers who fight against Covid-19 in the Community of Madrid, which unfortunately is the region most shaken by the coronavirus in Spain “he pointed out.That same Friday, players like the striker Álvaro Morata, the Ghanaian midfielder Thomas partey or the substitute goalkeeper Antonio Adam They starred in a video asking rojiblancos fans to also make a donation to support the Red Cross fight against Covid-19.They were joined from the weekend by personalities from the world of cinema and entertainment such as the humorist José Mota, the music producer Carlos Jean, he ‘Wizard More’, the actor and former president of the Antonio Resines Film Academy, and the actor and director Safe Santiago, with videos in which they show their support for health personnel and ask to make donations to the Red Cross.last_img read more

Monsura Is Waiting An Effective Short Film About Family Faith and a

first_imgYou’ve never seen anything like Monsura is Waiting, but you might find something you like in this strange, campy short film. Taking place on “one helluva night in Bridgeport,” Monsura tells the story of two aging showgirls. They perform a nightly show that revolves around Monsura, a giant moth monster inspired by Japanese kaiju movies. In their song, they call out to Monsura to come and take them away from the cruel world. Betty, played by Nell Gwynn, believes Monsura will come soon. Dot, played by Amy Staats, isn’t so sure. She’s dealing with real-world stuff like rent and bills, while Betty tells her not to worry. Monsura will come.The 15-minute short doesn’t let on whether Monsura is real or not until the very end. Even then, it’s semi-ambiguous because let’s be honest, that’s not what the film is really about. At its core, it’s a family dramedy. Betty and Dot believe in what they’re doing, but faith alone isn’t enough for Dot anymore. Dot works up the courage to confront her sister and take control of her own life. Possibly at the exact wrong moment.The cast does a fantastic job. Staats is perfect as a woman who lost the plot at some point and can’t figure out where. You can see the stress and disillusionment build over the course of the film until it explodes once the sisters are in the dressing room. Gwynn as Betty, on the other hand, is the diva we all want to imagine ourselves as. Life hasn’t worked out the way she planned so far, but that hasn’t shaken her confidence. She knows she’s destined for great things, and she makes sure the world knows it too. Only in her case, those great things involve a giant moth shooting fire from its eyes.The cinematography and production design add to the fun. The bright color palate gives the whole film an anachronistic, otherworldly feel. The camerawork draws you into the world, almost making you feel like a part of this strange Bridgeport nightclub scene. Add in some strikingly artful scene transitions, and you’ve got yourself on good looking short.Monsura comes from the minds of playwright David Johnston and stage director Kevin Newbury and has been hit on the film festival circuit. It won Best Fantasy Film at the Mexico International Film Festival, Best Cinematography at the Williamsburg Independent Film Festival, and Best Cult Short at Queen City Film Festival. Monsura is Waiting is a simple, honest story with a fun, campy sci-fi twist. It’s definitely worth your time.You can learn more about the film at its website, or check it out on iTunes.last_img read more