INSPORTS in limbo

first_imgThe Institute of Sports (INSPORTS) has found itself in a bind as the role of the administrative director, Ian Andrews, particularly as it relates to signing powers, has not been restored – as mandated – by the board of directors, which is led by Don Anderson.As a result, staff and creditors of the government-run agency are being significantly impacted as health benefits and personal deductions for staff, which have been signed by Andrews, are not being co-signed by Anderson or any other board member.Also, some creditors who have rendered services in various sports development programmes carried out by the government organisation cannot be paid, as Anderson refuses to co-sign the cheques with the administrative director.And only last week, one creditor, Edward Cooke, filed for compensation by the agency through his lawyer, for monies ($619,000) owed by INSPORTS.The issue is long-running, since September last year when Andrews was sent on administrative leave and his signing powers revoked by the board, following appraisal by the Auditor General’s Department.The Jamaica Civil Service Association (JCSA), which mediates on behalf of government workers, intervened and cited discrepancies in the removal, noting that it was unconstitutional.It said the decision to send Andrews on administrative leave was not in line with public-sector leave protocol and instructed Andrews to remain in his job as the board acted irrational and without foundation.The JCSA also insisted that Andrews’ signing powers be restored and even warned against the current dilemma facing the Institute, as a result of the administrative director’s signing restrictions.”This goes against proper governance … and will impair the smooth running of operations,” a portion of the letter from the bargaining unit shared.Further, it said because the bank had already accepted on the board’s request to relieve Andrews of signing power, it called on Anderson to make the corrective changes with the bank to restore such privileges.Since then, the Ministry of Finance and the permanent secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister have instructed Anderson to restore the signing powers of the administrative director. However, he has refused.The request was first made at a meeting between representatives of government ministries, the INSPORTS board and Andrews.In a letter to Anderson dated November 9, 2015, Alison McLean, chief technical director, Ministry of Finance, called for the expedition of the removal of the administrative leave and that “any consequential arrangements that were predicated on that instruction be rescinded from the date of the correspondence as agreed in the October 6, 2015 meeting”.A second letter to Anderson, dated November 18, 2015, from Elaine Foster-Allen, permanent secretary attached to the OPM, instructed: “Following our conversation this morning (Foster-Allen-Anderson), I write to confirm that the directives issued in relation to the administrative leave of administrative director Ian Andrews, which has been withdrawn, also indicated that his authority to sign on behalf of the Institute of Sports has been restored.”Please be kind enough to indicate that this has been done.”When The Gleaner asked Anderson about his refusal to follow the directives, he gave no clear answer.”That is a redundant question (why Andrews’ signing power is not restored). When you spoke to me last week I told you exactly what the position was … The thing about it is that I have answered this question already, unless you are trying to stoke up something else,” he said.”Talk to me in a few days time and all will be clear, hopefully. But I have to be sensible about my response, so later on we will talk,” he promised.last_img read more


first_imgLocal Gardai are seeking public assistance in relation to illegal shooting of wild deer species in rural Donegal following a successful Garda operation yesterday.In recent days Gardai in the County have been receiving reports of deer stalking in different areas of rural Donegal. With assistance from the members of the public Gardai in Donegal Town were successful in capturing a number of persons shooting deer illegally on Coillte lands at Lachlum, Donegal Town on Tuesday.Sgt Paul Wallce said: “In order to shoot wild deer species the requirements under the Firearms Acts 1925 in relation to the storage, possession carriage and use of Firearms must be achieved. A deer hunting licence is required & Gardai have power to demand production of a users firearms certificate, and deer hunting licence. Permission to shoot across lands is also a requirement Powers are also provided to stop,search,seize firearms and the arrest of offenders. “The weapons required for deer hunting/shooting are high powered rifles ranging from .2250 .243/.270..308.330 mm calibre. The storage of Firearms of this type is subject to certain and strict requirements as set out Firearms Secure Accommodation Regulations.“It should be noted the use of lamps, mirrors etc in the hunting of deer species is also prohibited. The use of vehicles in the shooting or hunting of deer is similarly prohibited unless an order under section 42 of the wildlife act 1976 has been granted. Gardai have powers to search, examine and seize any vehicle for the purpose of further investigation if required.”Hunting Season:The hunting / open season for male red deer is from 1st of September to 31st of December annually. The hunting for female deer is from 1st of November to 28th February annually.People living in isolated rural areas are asked to become more vigilant for the movement of jeeps vans & cars in rural areas in the evenings or late at night. The careless & indiscriminate use of firearms in rural areas is dangerous and poses a significant risk to the public.Vehicles which would be categorised as ‘strange’/ not from the area should be reported to local Garda District Headquarters Station which provides a 24/7 service for your area.The salient details i.e. registration numbers, colour and if possible the make/type of vehicle will be useful in the investigation of this activity.District Headquarters stations (see below) which are open on a 24/7 basis should be contacted so that this information can be considered for further dissemination amongst the community via the Community Text Alert Scheme which are in operation in conjunction with Community Alert in various areas throughout the County. Text Alert:Text Alert is designed to facilitate immediate and cost effective communication from An Garda Siochana to the public working in conjunction with Community Crime Prevention initiatives i.e. Community Alert & Neighbourhood Watch .Your Local District Headquarters 24/7 Service Garda Stations are:Letterkenny 91-67100 / Buncrana 93-20540 / Milford 91-53060 & Ballyshannon on 071-98-51102 Garda Confidential Line 1800 666 111. GARDAI CAPTURE DEER POACHING GANG was last modified: September 30th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

49ers mailbag: Will ‘Lack of Pass Rush’ be 2018 motto?

first_imgSANTA CLARA — Better mail than kale? Wait, let‘s nourish ourselves with both as we answer 49ers questions and pack lunch midway through the exhibition season:What are the chances that Nick Mullens beats out Beathard? The guy is mobile and accurate.— G Funk 49 (@GoldenBoi_49) August 20, 2018 Who knew, outside of Southern Miss and fellow alumn Brett Favre, that Nick Mullens had this in him. Go-ahead, fourth-quarter scoring drives in each exhibition? His stats: 17-of-20, 228 yards, …last_img read more

Improving Africa’s public service

first_img16 August 2005Public servants throughout Africa are to get a skills boost when a new pan-African management institute is launched in Johannesburg on Thursday. The institute aims to improve the ability of the continent’s public servants to deal effectively with management problems.Called the African Management Development Institute Network (Amdin), the initiative is to be launched by the Department of Public Service and Administration in partnership with SA Management Development Institute and management development institutes from other African states, under the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (Nepad).According to the Department of Public Services, Amdin will work to build the capacity of the continent’s management development institutes so as to improve public service.The need for Amdin was first discussed at the Nepad Management Development and Public Administration Institutes Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 2000.At the conference it was decided to work towards the establishment of an African network of management development institutes that would provide a platform for collective efforts in solving management problems facing governments on the continent.African ministers have expressed their full support of the establishment and operations of Amdin, saying the new body will play a significant role in the development of Africa and its people.Amdin’s executive management committee, to be elected at the launch, will be presented to the conference of the Pan African Ministers of Public Service and Administration scheduled for 30 August.Among those attending the launch will be Public Service Minister Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi, Nepad officials and directors of management development institutes from Botswana, Ethiopia, Egypt, Kenya, Libya, Malawi, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

What is the Fastest Lens Possible?

first_imgIs there a limit to how fast a lens can be?If you’re a gear fanatic like me then you may have considered, “what is the fastest possible lens?” The lens market is currently flooded with lenses that are approaching or have surpassed a f-stop of 1…but is there a limit?In the following video created by Matt Granger he looks at how fast a lens can get and still be useable.F-StopsCalculating F-StopsCostUsability of Large-Aperture LensesWhen considering the f-stop of a lens, manufacturers have many considerations but the big two are usability and price. As you probably already, know f-stops aren’t a representation of the amount of light coming into a camera, rather they are a mathematical formula:As you might imagine, if you wanted a lens to have an f-stop of .2 on a 50mm lens you would have to have an aperture diameter of 250mm (which would look and feel ridiculous if you were actually trying to shoot with it). Such a lens would have such a shallow depth of field that you practically wouldn’t be able to use it.The second consideration, price, is also a huge factor in determining the potential f-stop of a lens. Lenses with large apertures are expensive…some are really expensive. For example, take the Canon 50mm, a 1 stop jump from the 50mm f/1.8 to the 50mm f/1.2 is an increase from $100 to $1,500. That’s a 1500% increase, yikes!Want to learn more about lenses? Check out our Understanding Lenses Series, where we take a practical look at how lenses work.Have any experience with shooting on large aperture lenses? Share in the comments below.last_img read more

India Today readers write to editor-in-chief Aroon Purie

first_imgA Lesson LearntThe findings of the survey are not surprising (“What’s Wrong With Our Teaching?”, November 27). We are still following the teaching norms set by the British. They had designed our education system to produce clerks who would simply follow their orders. We have hardly done anything to change,A Lesson LearntThe findings of the survey are not surprising (“What’s Wrong With Our Teaching?”, November 27). We are still following the teaching norms set by the British. They had designed our education system to produce clerks who would simply follow their orders. We have hardly done anything to change this.SUNIL MUNDRA, on e-mail”The cover story was an awakener, not a revelation. To rectify the flaws in our education system, we need to promote learning by understanding.”ANJUM M. SAMEL, on e-mailOur Government should take serious steps to revamp the education system and focus on imparting real knowledge, which is not determined by marks alone. It is disheartening to see students performing well in examinations, yet lacking analytical skills.MAHUA VENKATESH, DelhiThe problem doesn’t lie with the syllabus alone. There is a dearth of trained tutors in our country as teaching today is a profession adopted by people who fail to make a mark in other fields. There should be enough remuneration and perks to attract educators in our country.HIRAK SENGUPTA, DelhiA clear distinction has to be made between learning and knowledge. Students should not be encouraged to memorise lessons to score in examinations. In stead, they should be motivated to exchange ideas on various educative topics with their fellow classmates to gain knowledge.S. LAKSHMI, on e-mailINDIA TODAY’s delineation on the education system unmasked some of the drawbacks that prevail in our schools. The learning process is akin to a sport. You need to play the game and not just read about it to be completely evolved. Perhaps, we need to adopt a lab approach which will help students learn faster.K. CHIDANAND KUMAR, BangaloreadvertisementThere is a craze to admit children in good schools but in reality, do we know the definition of one? The best products come out of unknown schools. Just compare the results of civil services in the last decade and you’ll know that motivation doesn’t come from the tag of the school.MAN MOHAN BHATIA, DelhiPrisoners of FateIt is really outrageous that defying all international norms and protocols, Pakistan has not returned the Indian prisoners of the 1971 war, even after India released more than 93,000 Pakistani soldiers. (“Missing in Inaction”, November 27). India should take up the issue with the Pakistani Government and seek a solution for the release of the hapless POWs languishing in their jails.V.K.TANGRI. DehradunIt is disheartening to see that a story about our prisoners of war gets just two pages in a magazine like yours. The media seems to be blissfully unaware of the plight of the POWs and their families. The job of the media is to highlight the grievances of the masses. On this issue, however, it seems to have failed.BHAVYA BHATNAGAR, DelhiHu’s FriendsIt is only prudent on India’s part to improve relations with China in the face of increasing hostilities from Pakistan and Bangladesh (“Return of the Dragon”, November 27). We certainly cannot afford more enemies in the neighbourhood. Even on economic front, improved co-operation with China is imperative. As they say, if you cannot beat them, join them.SANJEET KHAJURIA, LucknowMoney and the MomsIt is incorrect to say that children of working women get a better deal than single income homes (“The Mummy Factor”, November 27). True, urban households with working women have higher annual incomes, but that’s not the only criterion to ensure better quality of life as the spending capacity of a family does not determine a child’s upbringing.VIJAYA BHARATI, RourkelaNo Child’s PlayWe need a clearer definition of innocence (“Loss of Innocence”, November 27). Today, no parent is keen on having a shy or dumb kid. Every one dreams of a Sanchita or an Akansha in their child and there is no problem in that. Children should be well trained to take on the competition around them.LATA RAGHAVAN, DelhiRoyal MistakeWhile elaborating the politics of royalty, you have mentioned that “Shrimant” means “your highness” (“A Battle Royale”, November 27). This is totally misleading as in the Hindi dictionary, the meaning of this word is wealthy and revered. When it is prefixed to a name, the more appropriate meaning would be revered.M.A. GHATGE, on e-mailDigital DivideOur technology is breeding a sense of deprivation among those tender minds whose parents cannot afford the gizmos that they see their friends hooked on to (“Wired Generation”, November 20). Such youngsters have a tendency to feel left out and inadequate during their school years. Such feelings can later develop into serious complexes, affecting their overall performances.SANDEEP SHETE, PuneadvertisementClean Up CricketIndian cricket has come of age; it has aged. So have our cricketers (“Perform or Pay Up”, November 20). Cricket now is not about performance but about endorsements and politics. Cricketers should be judged on their performances. There is no use dragging in coaches into the mess when the team is unable to perform.PRITAM SETH, on e-mailIt’s certainly the best time to institute a “pay for performance” system for our cricket team, which is under scrutiny for quite some time for its poor performance. If a fine is levied on them, our cricketers will be forced to perform on field. After all, they too should justify their salaries.JAYASHANKAR JAYARAMAN, BangaloreLabouring Over Child LawsIt shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Government has announced a ban on child labour without putting in place a mechanism to ensure a good future for them. After all, rehabilitation as a term has always been anathema to Indian governance.ALEX PAPERWALA, on e-mailThe coordination among ministries may be lacking as far as proper implementation of a ban on child labour is concerned, but at least the Government seems to have woken up to the problem. One should give Manmohan Singh some time to remove the speed breakers.KAILASH PATHAK, Patnalast_img read more