Sunday Potluck

first_imgHere’s a list of quick headlines with minimal comment for mental snacking.  Then it will be time to clear the kitchen for another week of more deep-fried reporting.Magician fools scientists:  Skeptic/magician James Randi tricked a group of scientists, then warned them to doubt their own infallibility (except when it comes to atheism); see Live Science.Louisiana bows to Darwin:  Despite misleading headline, school board blocked challenges to evolution (see Fox News).Lucky strike:  New theory for earth’s mineral wealth: meteor bombs from outer space brought it (New Scientist and National Geographic).  How else could it have gotten here?Evolution of the scientific method:  Chart on The Scientist makes development of scientific method look progressive, ignores many pitfalls along the way and conflicts still with us.Cell wonders:  Details of microbes’ extraordinary maintenance and repair system revealed (Science Daily).Ratatouille:  With human brain cells implanted, will rats cook better? (New Scientist).Leftist slant:  Headline on legal efforts to restrict late-term abortions focuses on “abortion rights foes” and those who want to “outlaw” abortion (PhysOrg).Say what?  Our brains are wired so we can better hear ourselves speak (Science Daily).Death and taxes:  It’s state government tax dollars, not private investment capital, that is funding most embryonic stem cell research (PhysOrg).Whale of a mouthful:  Foraging strategies of blue whales are super efficient (PhysOrg).Ant social justice:  Leaf-cutter ants take care of their elderly and disabled via job swapping (PhysOrg).Evolve or perish:  Powdery mildew is at an evolutionary dead end, claimed PhysOrg. The eyes have it:  U of Nebraska researchers say you can tell liberals by their eye movements, because they don’t see eye to eye with conservatives (Science Daily).  Cause, effect, or shifty-eyed science?Climate exit gate:  “Ice-Age Reptile Extinctions Provide a Glimpse of Likely Responses to Human-Caused Climate Change,” reported Science Daily.  Whose fault was that?Brain glue:  Molecule helps stitch brain cells together and affects how we learn (PhysOrg).Hairy riddle:  What do you call a fly that can’t fly?  A walk? asked New Scientist about a weird hairy fly (er, walk) found in Kenya.Theory breakdown:  Four exoplanets dance in a way that defies theories of planet formation, reported Live Science.  Story on New Scientist includes video animation.Nice birdie:  New Scientist and the BBC News claimed giant storks had hobbits for breakfast.  Either that, or a successful hunt could feed a family of five for a month.  Or the figure is exaggerated.  (So much for the island dwarfism hypothesis.)Something from nothing:  Science Daily said it is theoretically possible to get matter and antimatter from nothing.  But if it is really nothing, that’s something.  Until they do, it’s nothing.Evolution of multitasking:  Early man invented the list of things to do all at once, according to Science Daily.  Not clear who Monica Smith of UCLA interviewed or observed to find this out.Scientists investigate just about everything.  They should mind their own business.  Question is, is their business everything?Get your Baloney Detector on and read, laugh, frown, gasp, groan, weep, or cheer commensurate with the subject and its interpretation.  Otherwise you might just cheer for everything, including the evil, or succumb to the verbal manipulation of scientists and reporters.  The more you practice discernment, the less you will need to rely on our commentaries, which you shouldn’t be doing anyway.(Visited 10 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Teacher mentor programme wins international award

first_imgWith over 30-years in the field, the Western Cape Primary Science Programme develops the professional competence and expertise of primary (or elementary) school teachers (Image: PSP Facebook)A non-profit organisation that works with teachers in the Western Cape’s poorest areas to improve the quality of teaching and learning in maths and science is getting international recognition.The Western Cape Primary Science Programme (PSP), with over 30-years’ experience in the field, received the Global Best award for science, technology, engineering and maths in Africa from the International Education Business Partnership Network (IPN).It was the second consecutive year PSP received the award, given for its professional development work with teachers. The organisation presented its work at the 12th IPN Conference, held in Brussels in September with the theme, Youth Employability. Delegates from around the world shared their ideas, experiences, and efforts to improve youth employability through partnerships between business and education.Brimstone Investment Corporation helped to fund PSP’s presence at the conference.PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCEPSP develops the professional competence and expertise of primary (or elementary) school teachers. It focuses primarily on teacher development in the subjects of natural sciences, mathematics, languages, social sciences and environment. It works with over 1 000 teachers a year, using what it calls a Joint Mentorship Programme.This model gives a two-year cycle of support for first-time teachers. The main components of the programme are: training to build novice teachers’ content and concept knowledge, intensive classroom mentoring and coaching to strengthen their teaching practice, and the supply of resources to enrich their teaching and learning in the classroom.Zorina Dharsey, PSP’s director, said: “The Joint Mentorship Programme model of specific, targeted support sparked much interest at the conference, and we received many positive comments regarding future roll-out. There was also great enthusiasm about the TeachSmart handbook. It was most gratifying and encouraging.”TeachSmart grew out of the work of the JMP, capturing and disseminating key points to a wider audience of novice teachers and schools. “We observed that critical support provided to new teachers made all the difference, helping them connect pre-service theory with the context of practice more efficiently. The process helps to fast-track their professional adjustment in schools. This way positive teaching and learning in classrooms is maximised in the long term for pupils.”While in Brussels, PSP officials noted that challenges around youth employability were not unique to South Africa; many other countries, including France and Canada, face similar challenges.TEACHSMART HANDBOOKPSP launched its TeachSmart handbook earlier this year to emphasize the importance and value of mentorship for first-time teachers. The handbook is packed with practical information and handy tips designed to help first-time teachers succeed from the start.Teacher retention is a growing problem – both in South Africa and around the world – the causes of which are complex. PSP has found, however, that access to the right support and resources for novices during this crucial period in a teacher’s career can make a big difference.“New teachers need the right professional and personal support, but in our experience, too many do not receive it,” Dharsey said. “Faced with the realities of the classroom, early enthusiasm can rapidly turn to demoralisation and frustration. But we believe that resources like TeachSmart and universally available mentoring programmes can prevent this from happening and provide a platform for success.”The handbook contains a range of tested, hands-on resources, such as sample teaching aids, model lesson plans and school policy templates. It also offers practical advice for school senior management teams on how to deliver effective induction and support programmes for novice teachers.last_img read more

Barrettes Clips Hair Clips Diamante Hair Slide Vintage Rose : Didnt work for me but was very pretty.

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Two States’ police searching for twins

first_imgThe Madhya Pradesh police on Wednesday announced a reward of ₹50,000 for information on six-year-old twin brothers who were abducted from their school in Chitrakoot town in Satna district.As the children lived across the border in Uttar Pradesh, the police of both the States are working on the case, a senior officer said on Wednesday.Even after 24 hours, the police have not got any strong leads in the case. The children are residents of Ramghat in Chitrakoot Dham (Karwi) district in Uttar Pradesh. They travelled four km across the border to the school every day, said Satna Superintendent of Police Santosh Singh Gaur.Mr. Gaur said over phone that the family has not received any ransom call so far. “We are working with the U.P. police. We have got some inputs,” he said, adding that the police have picked up six to eight persons for questioning.last_img read more

Umtiti wants Griezmann at Barca

first_imgTransfers Umtiti: It would be fantastic if Griezmann came to Barca Dejan Kalinic 10:16 6/5/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) GriezmannUmtiti - Cropped Getty Images Transfers Barcelona Antoine Griezmann Atlético Madrid Sevilla Primera División The defender would welcome the forward to the La Liga champions, but insisted it was not something he discussed with his France team-mate Atletico Madrid star Antoine Griezmann would be a fantastic addition for Barcelona, according to defender Samuel Umtiti.Griezmann, 27, continues to be linked with a move to the La Liga champions, with the France international expected to announce his future before the World Cup.His international team-mate Umtiti – who signed a five-year deal with Barca on Monday – said Griezmann would be a welcome recruit at Camp Nou. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Goalkeeper crisis! Walker to the rescue but City sweating on Ederson injury ahead of Liverpool clash Out of his depth! Emery on borrowed time after another abysmal Arsenal display Diving, tactical fouls & the emerging war of words between Guardiola & Klopp Sorry, Cristiano! Pjanic is Juventus’ most important player right now However, the 24-year-old said he had no discussions with Griezmann about his future.”I talk a lot with Griezmann but not about this topic. We talk about Playstation, food, everything, but not about this,” Umtiti told a news conference.”He is a great player and could help any team in the world. If he wants to come here, it would be fantastic.”Another player linked to Barca is Sevilla’s French defender Clement Lenglet.Umtiti said he liked what he saw from the 22-year-old, who has spent the past season and a half at Sevilla.”I watch every game because football is my life and I think Lenglet is a great player,” he said.”I like how he plays and, in terms of if Barcelona will sign him or not, you have to talk to the managers, but I really like how he plays.”last_img read more

Georgia Opens First Phase of Cyber Center in Augusta

first_imgGeorgia this week celebrated the opening of the first of two facilities in Augusta that will make up the Georgia Cyber Center, a $100 million investment by the state intended to leverage the Army’s decision to relocate its Cyber Command headquarters to Fort Gordon. The center, which will provide workforce training through certificate programs and undergraduate and graduate-level degree programs, is a public-private collaboration with multiple universities and colleges, state agencies, Augusta, and other federal and local partners. The new facility was designed with the objective of integrating students and professionals in a close environment, reports Fifth Domain. “This visionary approach to cybersecurity underscores our commitment to encouraging innovation and developing a deep talent pool ready to establish Georgia as the safest state in the nation for today’s leaders in technology,” Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) said in a press release.Army Cyber Command’s move to Fort Gordon is expected to be completed by the end of 2020 and bring 1,500 active duty military, defense civilian and contract personnel jobs to the region.Illustration courtesy of Georgia Cyber Center Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

Harris County Commissioners Postpone Vote On Whether To Fire Chief Public Defender

first_img 00:00 /00:46 Share Listen X center_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Bunin’s case will now go to the Harris County Public Defender Board for review. George McCall “Mac” Secrest, a former chair of the board, was one of several attorneys who came to Commissioners Court to speak up for Bunin.“Alex Bunin is a department head,” Secrest told the commissioners. “He’s hired by you folks. You guys got to make the call. That’s your decision. But he also has a duty and an allegiance, and I say this with all respect, not to any one of you but to his clients. And by definition, what he does in support of his clients from time to time is going to rub you all the wrong way.”Bunin has admitted to providing confidential details on 78 juvenile defendants to a bail reform advocate.Correction: The original version of this story stated that Chief Public Defender Bunin also provided confidential information to representatives of the “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” television show. An attorney in the public defender’s office said the information provided to Full Frontal with Samantha Bee did not relate to the juvenile defendants and was not confidential. We regret the error. Andrew SchneiderChief Public Defender Alex Bunin (first from the left) answers questions from Harris County commissioners during the meeting they held on June 12, 2018.Harris County’s chief public defender will hold onto his job, for now. Harris County Commissioners decided Tuesday not to vote on whether to fire Alex Bunin over allegations that he leaked the personal information of dozens of juvenile defendants. Bunin says that any information he provided was to advance his clients’ interests.last_img read more