Ottawa say Fairfax Financial Holdings interested in broken Churchill rail line

first_imgOTTAWA – The federal government says a Toronto-based holding company is interested in becoming a new partner in a possible deal for a takeover of the broken rail line that runs to Churchill in northern Manitoba.Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr says Fairfax Financial Holdings Inc. has expressed interest in the Hudson Bay Rail line, the Port of Churchill and other associated assets.Carr says Fairfax is considering partnering with Missinippi Rail and One North to acquire the line from Omnitrax.Severe flooding damaged the rail line last spring, cutting the only land link to Churchill, a town of 900 on the west coast of Hudson Bay.The situation is hurting the region’s tourism industry and raising the price of food and fuel.Carr, the MP for Winnipeg South Centre, says having Fairfax involved is an important step toward a positive solution for the people of Churchill.“This development has the potential to contribute to an arrangement supported by First Nations and communities in northern Manitoba,” he said Thursday in a release.“This would enable a sustainable business approach that results in a safe and reliable rail line.”Fairfax president Paul Rivett said the company is optimistic about the north. He said the Churchill rail corridor and the Port of Churchill are important pieces of infrastructure for northern communities and Canada’s economy.“Partnering with First Nations and communities is the right model for this investment,” he said in a release.“We have deep experience in infrastructure projects and have the necessary operational expertise to run shortline railways in partnership with our investee company AGT Foods. The key is that the plan has to be viable and profitable in the long term as a business.”Carr’s comments come only days after Ottawa filed a lawsuit against Denver-based Omnitrax.The lawsuit alleges Omnitrax has failed to repair and maintain the rail line in violation of a 2008 agreement that saw the company receive $18.8 million in federal aid for maintenance and upgrades. The lawsuit seeks repayment of the money.Omnitrax has said it plans to file a complaint against the federal government under the North American Free Trade Agreement.The company has said the federal government’s decision to end the Canadian Wheat Board’s monopoly on western grain in 2012 drastically cut grain shipments along the rail line and through the Port of Churchill.last_img read more

Weinsteins Impact List of men accused of sexual misconduct

first_imgNEW YORK, N.Y. – Since The New York Times published allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in October, multiple men in entertainment, media and politics in the U.S. and beyond have faced allegations ranging from inappropriate behaviour to forced sexual misconduct to rape.To be sure, prominent men have faced sexual misconduct claims before. But the accusations against Weinstein have opened a floodgate, sparked an international conversation and put new pressure on companies, industries, and political leaders to respond. President Donald Trump has condemned some of the accused, been more muted about others, and found himself again being asked about sexual harassment and misconduct allegations levelled against him during last year’s presidential campaign. The Republican says they’re fake.The #Metoo moment is also prompting re-examination of past sexual misconduct claims against powerful men, including Democratic former President Bill Clinton in the 1990s. He was impeached and then acquitted of perjury and obstruction of lawmakers’ investigation into his sexual encounters with a White House intern, and he settled a sexual harassment lawsuit stemming from his time as Arkansas governor.A look at some of the men accused since the Weinstein accusations emerged:Entertainment:— Producer Harvey Weinstein— Accused by dozens of women of sexual harassment or sexual assaults, including rape. Fired by The Weinstein Co. and expelled from various professional guilds. Under investigation by police departments in New York, London, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Weinstein denies all allegations of non-consensual sex, but he has apologized for causing “a lot of pain” with “the way I’ve behaved with colleagues in the past.”— Celebrity chef John Besh — Accused by 25 women of sexual harassment. He has stepped down from the company he founded.— Comedian Louis C.K. — Accused by five women of sexual misconduct. Planned release of film “I Love You, Daddy” halted. Netflix special cancelled. He says the allegations are true and has apologized.— Cinefamily executives Hadrian Belove and Shadie Elnashai — Accused of sexual misconduct. Movie theatre shut down in the wake of allegations due to crippling debt.— Actor Richard Dreyfuss — One woman alleges sexual harassment. He denies the allegation.— Director-producer Gary Goddard — Accused by one man of sexually molesting him when the man was 12. He denies the allegation.—Casting employee Andy Henry — Admitted to urging women to take off their clothes during coaching sessions in 2008 while working on the “CSI” series. He was fired by his current employer.— Actor Dustin Hoffman — Accused by woman of sexual harassing when she was 17. He has apologized for his behaviour.— Actor Robert Knepper — Accused by one woman of sexual assault. He denies the allegations.— Showrunner Andrew Kreisberg — Accused by 19 women of sexual harassment and inappropriate touching. The “Supergirl” and “Arrow” showrunner has been suspended by Warner Bros. Television Group. He told Variety he has made comments on women’s appearances and clothes “but they were not sexualized.”— Actor Jeremy Piven — Accused by three women of sexual misconduct. He denies all allegations.— Filmmaker Brett Ratner — Accused by at least six women of sexual harassment. Playboy shelved projects with Ratner and Ratner stepped away from Warner Bros. related activities. He denies the allegations.— Comedy festival organizer Gilbert Rozon — Accused by at least nine women of sexually harassing or sexually assaulting them. Rozon stepped down as president of Montreal’s renowned “Just for Laughs” festival and apologized “to all those I have offended during my life.”— Producer Chris Savino — Accused of harassing up to 12 women. Fired from Nickelodeon. He has apologized for his behaviour.— Actor Steven Seagal — Accused by two women of rape. He denies the allegations.— Actor Tom Sizemore — Accused of groping an 11-year-old actress in 2003. Utah prosecutors declined to file charges, citing witness and evidence problems. He denies the allegation.— Actor Kevin Spacey — Accused by at least 24 men of sexual misconduct or assault. London police reportedly investigating a sexual assault. Fired from “House of Cards” and replaced in Ridley Scott’s completed film “All the Money in the World.” Massachusetts prosecutors are investigating one allegation. His former publicist has said he is seeking unspecified treatment.— Actor Jeffrey Tambor — Two women — an actress on his show “Transparent” and his assistant — allege sexual misconduct. He denies the allegation, saying in a statement that he has “never been a predator — ever.”— Actor George Takei — One man alleges sexual assault. He denies the allegation.— Writer-director James Toback — Accused by hundreds of women of sexual harassment. Beverly Hills police investigating complaints. He has denied the allegations to the Los Angeles Times.— “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner — Accused by one woman of sexual harassment. He denies the allegation.— Actor Ed Westwick — Accused by two women of sexual assault. The BBC pulled an Agatha Christie adaptation from its television schedule and halted production on a second sitcom starring the former “Gossip Girl’ actor. Los Angeles police are investigating. He denies the allegations.___Media, publishing and business:— Billboard magazine executive Stephen Blackwell — Accused of sexual harassment by one woman. He has resigned from the magazine.— Penguin Random House art director Giuseppe Castellano — Accused by one woman of sexual harassment. Penguin Random House is investigating. Castellano has not commented.— New Republic publisher Hamilton Fish— Multiple sexual harassment allegations. He has resigned from the magazine.— Journalist Mark Halperin — Accused of harassing about 12 women while at ABC News. Book contract terminated. Fired from job at NBC News. He has denied some of the allegations.— Artforum publisher Knight Landesman — Accused by multiple women of sexual harassment and sued by one woman. He has resigned from the magazine.— NPR news chief Michael Oreskes — Accused of inappropriate behaviour or sexual harassment by at least four women while at The New York Times, NPR and The Associated Press. He has been ousted from NPR.— Amazon executive Roy Price — Accused by one woman of sexual harassment. He resigned from Amazon.— Webster Public Relations CEO Kirt Webster — Accused of sexual assault by one woman. Firm renamed and Webster is “taking time away.”— Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner — Accused by one man of sexual harassment. He says he did not intend to make the accuser uncomfortable.— New Republic editor Leon Wieseltier — Accused of sexually harassing numerous women. Removed from the masthead of The Atlantic magazine. He has apologized for his behaviour.— NBC News booker Matt Zimmerman — Accused of inappropriate conduct by multiple women at the network. He was fired from NBC.___Politics:— U.S. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) — Accused of forcibly kissing a woman while rehearsing for a 2006 USO tour; Franken also was photographed with his hands over her breasts as she slept. Franken has apologized, while maintaining that he remembered the rehearsal differently. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has called for an ethics investigation of Franken.— U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore (R.-Ala.) —Accused of sexually assaulting two women decades ago when they were teenagers; about a half-dozen other women have accused Moore of inappropriate conduct. The former state Supreme Court chief justice denies the allegations. He has rebuffed pressure from national Republican leaders to step aside; the state GOP is standing by him.— Former President George H.W. Bush — Accused of patting seven women below the waist while posing for photos with them in recent years, well after he left office. The 93-year-old Republican has issued repeated apologies through a spokesman “to anyone he has offended,” with the spokesman noting that the former president uses a wheelchair and that his arm sinks below people’s waists when they take photos with him.— Florida Democratic Party Chairman Stephen Bittel — Accused of sexually inappropriate comments and behaviour toward a number of women, Bittel resigned. Meanwhile, Democratic state Sen. Jeff Clemens resigned after a report that he had an extramarital affair with a lobbyist, and Republican state Sen. Jack Latvala is being investigated by the Senate over allegations of harassment and groping. Latvala has denied the allegations.— Kentucky House Speaker Jeff Hoover — Stepped down as speaker this month after news surfaced that the Republican had settled a sexual harassment claim from a GOP caucus staffer. Hoover denied the harassment allegation but said he sent consensual yet inappropriate text messages. He remains in the Legislature.— British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon — Accused of inappropriate advances on two women, the Conservative resigned. Sexual harassment and assault allegations have also emerged against a number of other U.K. political figures. Labour Party legislator Carl Sargeant is believed to have taken his own life after harassment allegations cost him his post as the Welsh government’s Cabinet secretary for communities and children. He had asked for an independent inquiry to clear his name.___Sports:— International Olympic Committee member Alex Gilady — Accused by two women of rape and by two others of inappropriate conduct. Gilady denied the rape accusations, said he didn’t recall one of the other allegations, but acknowledged a claim he’d propositioned a woman during a job interview 25 years ago was “mainly correct.” He stepped down as president of an Israeli broadcasting company he founded. The IOC has said it is looking into the allegations.— Former South African soccer association president Danny Jordaan — Accused by former member of parliament Jennifer Ferguson of raping her in 1993. Jordaan denies the accusation.last_img read more

King Mohammed VI Sends Message to Participants in 3rd Parliamentary Forum

Rabat – King Mohammed VI sent a message to the third parliamentary forum on social justice, which opened Monday in Rabat, under the theme “The challenges of social and spatial justice and the components of the new development model.”Here follows the full text of the message read out by the King’s advisor Abdellatif Menouni:“Praise be to God,May peace and blessings be upon the Prophet, His Kith and Kin Ladies and Gentlemen,It gives me great pleasure to send you this message at the opening of the third session of your Parliamentary Forum. Since I ascended the throne of my glorious ancestors, I have taken a keen interest in social justice issues and have, therefore, always granted your Forum my patronage.I commend you on choosing “the desired development model and the stakes of social and inter-regional justice” as the theme for this session. Your choice reflects a keen awareness of this topical subject which involves many interrelated issues that call for an innovative, holistic approach. The aim, ultimately, is to find practical, applicable solutions to citizens’ real and pressing problems and to achieve balanced, equitable development for all, in a serene, stable environment.As I have pointed out, what we need to do today is to solve problems and refrain from stopping at the diagnosis phase, however important it may be.Ladies and Gentlemen,In my last address to Parliament, I mentioned the factors hindering our development model and called for it to be revisited, using a collective approach.It has become clear that our model, which contributed to countless tangible economic and social achievements, is no longer able to respond to citizens’ growing demands and needs, nor can it reduce social and inter-regional disparities. It cannot, therefore, help achieve social justice.By calling for a review of that model, we are seeking more than just isolated sectoral reforms, or a reshuffle of certain economic projects and social programs.In fact, we are aiming for an integrated vision to shape not only a model for the achievement of the country’s political, economic and social development, but also a system for full-fledged central and local governance, including the legal system underpinning it. This vision should provide strong impetus for the new model, help overcome obstacles hindering its development and address weaknesses and gaps revealed by past experience.In this regard, all stakeholders should take into account the societal changes occurring in Morocco and, as a result, place the youth issue at the heart of the desired development model. Concurrently, we should ponder the most effective ways to improve the situation of our young people, who are our real asset and the country’s everlasting wealth.I firmly believe that the success of any vision hinges upon a change in mentalities. This is the only way to continue promoting the development the country is witnessing in various sectors and at the same time to set the stage for a new culture based on entrepreneurship, self-reliance and accountability.With the same resolve, we need to focus on reforming public administration. No meaningful economic and social development is possible if public service institutions do not discharge their mission properly in terms of serving the citizen and promoting investment, especially as regions, local governments, investment centers and other parties are playing a growing role in spurring development.At the same time, we should strive harder to engage the public and private sectors in innovative, effective partnerships to promote comprehensive development.I must insist, once again, that revisiting the Moroccan development model is an issue which concerns all Moroccans and all of the nation’s forces – individuals, institutions, political parties, trade unions, civil society and professional institutions.By the grace of the Almighty, Morocco has highly skilled human resources as well as solid, well-established institutions. This means we can embark, in a bold, responsible manner, on a constructive dialogue regarding a development model that satisfies all Moroccans.I want to tell all the stakeholders concerned that they are free to contribute objective ideas and proposals. There are neither limits nor conditions to this broad national debate, provided it is in keeping with the Constitution and with the nation’s immutable values enshrined in it.I expect this collective effort to bring about a profound shift in modes of thinking and in the way we address development issues and manage public affairs. It should signal a real break with practices in which time is wasted, development opportunities are lost, reforms impeded and creativity and innovation stifled.Let us keep in mind that Morocco went through difficult times in the past, as with the structural adjustment programs in the 1980s. Throughout its long history, and building on a sovereign will, our country has always managed to overcome obstacles and rise to the various development challenges facing it, thanks to national mobilization and to the sacrifices and combined efforts made by all Moroccans.Ladies and Gentlemen,By turning the spotlight on a key aspect of the question of social and inter-regional justice, this important forum has touched on an essential dimension of the development model we aspire to craft, namely the social and local dimension.As you know, achieving justice between groups and regions has always been at the heart of my political, economic and social policy. It is the ultimate goal of the initiatives and large-scale projects I have launched. The main objective is to improve the daily life of our citizens, in an environment characterized by justice, equity, human dignity and equal opportunity.These values and principles are enshrined in the Constitution. The aim is to help bring about a society committed to solidarity, in which all citizens enjoy security, freedom, dignity, equality and social justice – one in which rights and obligations go hand in hand.However grand ambitions may be, and whatever commitment one may show, the achievement of social and inter-regional justice remains a long, arduous process in all countries. It requires regular evaluation of outcomes and continuous updating of long-term objectives, as well as the development of implementation means and mechanisms.During its first session, the Forum sought to contribute to this objective through the adoption of the Rabat Declaration on Social Justice. In the same vein, the House of Councilors continued to be engaged in the preparation, on a participatory basis, of the Moroccan model for social and inter-regional justice.I am sure you realize that the achievement of social justice requires that a number of key factors be kept in mind. They need to be addressed in a serious, objective and innovative way, particularly the following:the problem of social and inter-regional disparities and the link with the constraints weighing on the management of tax and social security systems;the issue of universal access to basic social services and facilities, this being one of the pillars of social justice;the need to have institutions that are imbued with the values of solidarity and social justice and that contribute to solving citizens’ real problems and responding to their concerns and urgent demands.Ladies and Gentlemen,These are some of the challenges to be tackled in order to achieve social justice – a goal closely related to the development model used. We are aware of the close correlation between the promotion of development and the efficiency of the administrative system.I am sure you will address these and other issues in a wise, clear-sighted, objective and impartial manner, while being invariably guided by the desire to serve the common good.I hope this session of your Forum will lead to practical proposals and recommendations which will contribute to the formulation of an efficient, effective development model that fulfills the needs of Moroccans, achieves the desired social justice and helps us keep abreast of the changes unfolding in Morocco and the world at large.I wish your conference every success.Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh.” read more

Government to decide on Vishwaroopam following censor board ruling

The decision was taken amidst fears the movie may incite religious tensions in Sri Lanka.The Tamil Nadu government had also imposed a temporary ban on the movie which was directed by popular Tamil actor Kamal Hassan. He confirmed that the local censor board had cleared the movie to be screened in Sri Lanka after censoring some controversial scenes. The government had earlier decided to temporarily ban the screening of the Tamil movie in Sri Lanka. The government will make a final decision on the suspension on the screening of the film ‘Vishwaroopam’ in Sri Lanka after the local censor board cleared the movie after removing some scenes.Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella told the Colombo Gazette that the government still has some concern about the movie and will take a final decision on the movie this week. The Tamil Nadu government banned the release of the multi-starrer movie, citing ‘law and order’ reasons, following the demand of various Muslim organisations in the state.The Hindi version of the film titled Vishwaroop was premiered in Los Angeles for the international audience. (Colombo Gazette)Report by Jamila Najmuddin read more

Japanese defense Minister to visit Sri Lanka to counter China

Onodera will also visit a strategically located port in the town of Hambantota, operated by a Chinese firm. Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera will visit India and Sri Lanka from Sunday to discuss military cooperation with those two countries, the Japanese Defence Ministry said Friday, in an apparent effort to counter China’s growing influence in the Indian Ocean.On the first leg of the five-day trip, Onodera will meet with Indian Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, with the aim of reaching an agreement to hold the first joint exercise — as soon as this fall — of Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force and the Indian army. In Sri Lanka, Onodera will meet with President Maithripala Sirisena, who doubles as defense minister, to discuss further Japan assistance to the navy of the Indian Ocean island country, located near sea lanes that are vital to transporting crude oil from the Middle East to East Asia. Japan is striving to bolster cooperation with Asian and African countries based on the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy” promoted by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and endorsed by the United States, in an effort to counter the growing maritime assertiveness of China. read more

Kellogg plans to trim 7 per cent of workforce as part of

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Kellogg is planning to cut its global workforce by 7 per cent as the maker of Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies and Special K struggles to convince Americans to eat more cereal.The company, which also makes Pop Tarts and Eggo waffles, also said Monday it expects earnings per share for the year to be toward the lower end of its previous projection as a result of weaker-than-expected sales. According to FactSet, Kellogg has 31,000 employees, suggesting the company plans to cut about 2,170 jobs.“Some employee notifications will take place this week,” the company said in a statement. The company would not confirm the total number of job cuts or specify how many would occur when.Kellogg says the workforce reductions will take place by the end of 2017, along with plant consolidations and other cost-cutting measures it’s dubbing “Project K.”Kellogg, based in Battle Creek, Mich., has been struggling to boost cereal sales in its flagship North American market. Although cereal remains a huge business, Americans have a growing number of options in the morning and are increasingly reaching for foods that they can eat on the go.In the latest quarter, Kellogg said sales in its U.S. Morning Foods segment fell by 2.2 per cent. The company has been trying to find new ways to get people to eat cereal, including a breakfast drink positioned as an alternative way to get the nutrients of a bowl of cereal. But it’s still too early to tell whether those efforts will catch on.To expand into the salty snacks business, Kellogg last year bought Pringles chips. The company is hoping that the chips will also give it a bigger presence overseas as well. But in the latest period, Kellogg said sales in the U.S. Snacks segment also fell by 2.5 per cent.For the quarter, Kellogg Co. said earned $326 million, or 90 cents per share. Not including one-time items, it earned 95 cents per share, which was above the 89 cents per share Wall Street expected.A year ago, the company earned $318 million, or 89 cents per share.Revenue slipped to $3.72 billion and was short of the $3.73 billion analysts expected.Kellogg’s shares rose 1.5 per cent to $63.25 in premarket trading. Over the past year, its stock is up more than 15 per cent.___Follow Candice Choi at Kellogg plans to trim 7 per cent of workforce as part of cost-cutting program AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Candice Choi, The Associated Press Posted Nov 4, 2013 6:29 am MDT read more


Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedEYEWITNESS: Getting on…October 4, 2017In “EYEWITNESS”EYEWITNESS: The free marketFebruary 18, 2019In “EYEWITNESS”EYEWITNESS: Breaking…April 3, 2018In “EYEWITNESS” …in Venezuela?We know the end game in Venezuela’s been taking some time. But “this time na lang time” – even for the lone superpower standing. Time there was when the Marines would’ve long been dispatched after President Trump did a Henry II and exclaimed “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome Maduro?” Maduro, after all — like Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket — just didn’t get it that the old order had to go.It’s not just a clash of ideologies any longer – socialism versus capitalism — that argument had long been settled after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. Trouble was, Maduro’s mentor Hugo Chavez didn’t look next door to Guyana, where Burnham, another leader on horseback (literally!), decided he’d “mould” Guyana’s destiny along “socialist” lines. Hey!! Burnham might’ve been well intentioned and all that, but fact of the matter is he completely destroyed his country and scattered his people like a rice farmer broadcasting paddy for the next crop!!Every country in the vicinity, including Venezuela – but mostly the US and Canada — was invaded by hordes of Guyanese refugees. It’s a good thing our population was small, or the fallout would’ve been catastrophic. But that isn’t the case in the ongoing Chavez/Maduro socialist experiment that is careening towards its inevitable collapse. The international community has to do something before the present 3 million who’ve fled Venezuela become 30 million!!The 40,000 Guyanese who ended up in Venezuela was a drop in their bucket – but can you imagine if the 3,000 presently in Reg 1 swells to 30,000? For one, they won’t remain in Reg 1!! Anyhow, Maduro gave Trump the opening he needed when he called snap elections last year – which the Carter Center, the UN and OAS etc refused to observe. After concededly the lowest turnout in Venezuelan history, Maduro was declared the winner by the Maduro-controlled National Electoral Council (CNE). The US refused to recognise the elections, and declared Maduro persona non grata.After Maduro’s inauguration last month, US VP Mike Pence made a call to the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido, who constitutionally becomes the interim president in the event the office is vacant. He assured Guaido that if he declared himself president, the US would recognise him. So said, so done, and the endgame was in sight. Since then, most European and Latin American states have followed the US lead. Guaido has promised “free and fair elections” once Maduro departs.Mike Pence informed the Lima Group of SA states – in the presence of Guaido – of the final US moves.The lesson is that the US is still ready to defend democratic practices!!…in Guyana?And the above recitation obviously is relevant for us in Guyana, where the PNC-led Government has been playing ducks and drakes with democracy in general and our constitution in particular. Specifically, as it relates to the stipulation that the President and his Cabinet SHALL resign immediately after the NCM of Dec 21 and elections should have been scheduled by March 19.With the PNC Government working in tandem with GECOM, which it controls with the “unilateralised” James Patterson, who is refusing to hold the constitutionally mandated elections, comes March 19, when a new president should have been declared and the incumbent will have to go! What then? According to Art 95, “During any period when the Office of the president is vacant, the office shall be assumed by (1) (a) the PM; and if there’s none, according to (b), another Minister elected by Cabinet”.But Art 95 (c) says if there’s no PM or Cabinet – as is the case — then the Chancellor of the Judiciary becomes the interim President!!We hope the visiting US War College Professor passed on the message to the PNC!!…for East Bank highwayThe humongous 3-hour traffic pile-up occasioned by the toppled flatbed transporting an oil-related rig is a warning of what lies ahead with oil-support companies soon to be lining the entire Demerara River bank!! read more

Developers can disable the PS4s Share button functionality

first_imgSony recently highlighted its five favorite features of the new PS4 DualShock 4 controller. One of those is the Share button, which allows gamers to instantly share key events in the game they are playing either through video footage or captured screenshots.How popular this feature will be is unknown, but it turns out the sharing functionality could be quite limited because developers retain control over it. Rather than letting you record anything and everything, a developer can limit when the Share button is functional during a game. So if they don’t want you recording and sharing a boss fight, for example, they can block it.Such a limitation has been confirmed by Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida and is sure to impact how popular sharing is by gamers on the PS4. It seems unlikely there would be a visual indication of when you can and cannot share, so gamers will be left to guess and probably get a “sorry” message displayed if they press the button when they aren’t allowed to use it. This also suggests Sony may intend to use the feature to limit content sharing. For example, maybe they won’t let you share any adult rated content in 18+ games.This also throws up the question of whether game updates can impose new limits on sharing. For example, if someone finds an exploit in a game, will the developer be able to send out a quick update stopping people sharing it? I’m guessing this is probably going to be an option.last_img read more

I didnt have an Irish accent or the heritage the boys had

first_img‘I didn’t have an Irish accent or the heritage the boys had, but I’ve got to say they were very welcoming’ Although he was forced to retire at an early age, former Ireland striker Jon Goodman has had a fascinating career in the game. ‘We had a lot of good memories together’ – New Ireland boss hoping to channel Klopp’s influenceIreland U19s striker scores cracking individual goal in win over Portugal Image: © INPHO/Tom Honan Feb 15th 2017, 7:15 AM Follow us: Wednesday 15 Feb 2017, 7:15 AM 32,292 Views Share31 Tweet Email1 center_img Jon Goodman alongside the late Gary Speed on his Ireland debut against Wales. Jon Goodman alongside the late Gary Speed on his Ireland debut against Wales. Image: © INPHO/Tom Honan THIS WEEK MARKS 20 years since Ireland faced Wales in a rarely-revisited friendly at the old Cardiff Arms Park.Having started the 1998 World Cup qualifying campaign with seven points from their first three matches, Mick McCarthy’s side played out a scoreless draw with few talking points to take from the 90 minutes of football.It was a significant night for Jon Goodman, however, as the then Wimbledon striker made his international debut along with goalkeeper Keith Branagan.“I remember that game really well because it did not stop raining all day,” recalls Goodman. “Vinnie Jones and Gary Speed were playing for Wales and it was like a Premier League game.“Gary played at centre-back that day. I had marked him for Wimbledon before when he was playing wide left and I was out on the right. I remember thinking ‘Jesus, this boy can run’. He was fit and I just remember chasing after him in that game.“I think I played well that night and had a few chances. I probably should have scored one but the keeper Mark Crossley made some good saves. It’s amazing how vivid that is 20 years on.”Goodman’s path to international football was “quite a complicated one”. Born and raised in London by English parents, the possibility of donning the green jersey wouldn’t arise until he was in his mid-20s.“My dad had an Irish heritage that he was aware of, but he had been adopted at a young age,” he explains. “He didn’t really pursue it while his adopted mother was alive.“When she passed away, he did a little bit more research and found family in Galway. He began to take a keen interest in his Irish history and off the back of that, moved to Wexford to build his relationships back with them and seek a different way of life.“Then he got an Irish passport and I realised I could qualify for Ireland. I knew Mick (McCarthy) and Ian (Evans) and I asked them ‘what do you think I should do?’. They said if I could get a passport then they would have a look at me.” Goodman (centre) training with the Ireland squad. Source: © Lorraine O’SullivanINPHOIt wouldn’t take Goodman long to settle in and he was made feel right at home by the group as soon as he met up for that first training session in Dublin.“I didn’t have an Irish accent or the Irish heritage that the boys had, but I’ve got to say that they were very welcoming and supportive of me,” he remembers.After the highs of Italia ’90 and USA ’94, the Irish squad was going through a transitional period with several players who had been first team regulars for so long coming to the end of their careers.The Boys in Green were expected to make light work of Macedonia when they travelled to Skopje that April but it would turn out to be one of the most embarrassing results in Irish history.Goodman played from start to finish but couldn’t prevent an infamous 3-2 defeat.“I played okay but I wasn’t playing regularly for Wimbledon and it was hard for Mick because it was a poor result and compromised qualification for the World Cup.So it wasn’t all roses. It was difficult for Mick trying to evolve the squad and he was fighting a few fires there.”The striker was then named as a substitute in Ireland’s next two qualifiers — coming on in the defeat to Romania and in a comfortable 5-0 win at home to minnows Liechtenstein.Sadly, his fourth senior cap would also be his last as Goodman never fully recovered from a bad knee injury picked up later that year.“We finished against Liechtenstein, then there was the summer break and pre-season with Wimbledon and I had a chance to sign for Reading. Literally that day, I busted my knee and rang Mick to tell him I was out for six months.“He wished me good luck and said keep in touch but I never came back. The regret would be not scoring, but it was a real pleasure to represent Ireland.”Forced to retire when most players are coming into their prime at the age of 28, some would say Goodman was desperately unlucky but he begs to differ.As a youngster, he wasn’t picked up by the academy of a professional club and played Sunday football before joining non-league side Leyton Windgate.Jon’s mother had always pushed to make sure he obtained the best education he could despite coming from a working class family with no history of attending third level and she was pleased when he earned a place studying computer science at university.In spite of the fact that he was a late developer physically, Goodman broke into Windgate’s first team at 17 as a midfielder converted to striker and balanced his football commitments with studies.When the manager joined South London outfit Bromley Town, he and many of the players followed suit, but the stint there would be short-lived. After impressing in a pre-season friendly against Millwall, he got a call the following day to say they were interested in signing the raw teenager.“Bob Pearson was the chief scout at Millwall and he sat me down and discussed a contract,” Goodman says. “I was desperate to be a footballer so it wasn’t a complicated contract to negotiate.“He was very insightful and said he thought I would be in the Millwall team by Christmas. I was full of self-doubt coming from non-league and with Millwall just relegated from the First Division or the Premier League, as it is now.“I was just keen to sign and as luck would have it they didn’t have many strikers.” Jon with team-mate Alex Rae during his Millwall days. Source: PA Archive/PA ImagesThe college course was put on hold and Goodman made his Lions debut on St Stephen’s Day of 1990. He enjoyed a bright first season under manager Bruce Rioch, playing up front with a young Teddy Sheringham at times, and Millwall got to the play-offs but missed out on promotion.Sheringham was sold to Nottingham Forest, but Goodman found himself further down the pecking order as Chris Armstong, Mark Falco and John Calqhoun all came in. It was a step backwards but he learned a lot from them and developed himself as a player during that period.Mick McCarthy succeeded Rioch in March 1992 as he was handed the role of player/manager and the young forward was re-installed to the starting line-up.“Mick put me back in the team and probably gave me my confidence back. He was a good man-manager straight away. He understood players and was brutally honest but fair as well. He created a good, young side.“It was a pleasure to play in (that team). Mick had us playing a good style of football and we got close. We reached the play-offs a few times but just didn’t quite get over the line into the Premier League.”Goodman enjoyed his time at Millwall but it was a club of limited financial resources and interest from Wimbledon signalled another move — although he wasn’t sold on the idea initially.“I had scored a few goals and there was an agent that looked after most of the players who met me for a coffee and said Wimbledon are going to make a bid so would I be interested in going?“I thought ‘well of course I would, it’s a Premier League club’. I didn’t really give it too much more thought and he said there might be a double deal with another player coming as well. Millwall needed as much money as possible.“I got a phone call after training on the Monday from Mick who said they’d agreed a fee with Wimbledon so myself and Kenny (Cunningham) went to (owner) Sam Hammam’s house in St John’s Wood.“We were sitting in his loft and they were having discussions about the terms of the contract and whatever else. To be honest with you, neither myself nor Kenny were mad on the move. We didn’t really want to go.“We didn’t agree anything that evening and went back into training the next day, where Mick was a bit surprised to see us.“Funnily enough, I went out and trained but then twisted my ankle. So I come in mid-training and I’m sitting on the treatment bed when Mick arrives in and says ‘what are you doing? Are you trying to pull a fast one?’. ‘No Mick, seriously I’ve just wobbled my ankle,’ I told him.So he took me into the office and said ‘listen Jon, the club is skint and you and Kenny have got to go’.“Sure, it was a step up to a Premier League club. It was a different style of football and the money wasn’t a significant change to what we were earning at Millwall so there wasn’t a financial motivation to move and from a football perspective there wasn’t one either because I was really enjoying my time there.“But I probably did need to make the step to test myself. In the end, me and Kenny duly went and signed for Wimbledon before making our debuts together against Newcastle two weeks later.” Celebrating a Wimbledon goal with Robbie Earle, Mick Harford, Dean Holdsworth and Efan Ekoku. Source: PA Archive/PA ImagesGoodman remembers Lebanese businessman Hammam taking him to Selhurst Park, a stadium he describes as “bare” and “disjointed” for the first time to meet manager Joe Kinnear and his new team-mates ahead of an evening kick-off against Aston Villa.The Dons still had the ‘Crazy Gang’ image at that time, and the result epitomised what they were all about.“They went 3-1 down to Aston Villa but somehow turned it around to win 4-3,” he says. “Ron Atkinson (the Villa boss) gets sacked the following day and it was just a typical Wimbledon performance on a horrible night. They were amazingly difficult to play against and very resilient.“In the first few days training there I felt the players weren’t as good as we had at Millwall in terms of the style of play, the build-up and the quality of the movement. But as time went on, you realise that everyone knew their job really well.“Robbie Earle knows he’s got to make runs into the box and get on the end of crosses. The wide players know they’ve got to cross it for Robbie to head in. Dean Holdsworth knows he’s got to get onto the flicks. Throughout the team, everyone knew their job.“Set pieces were really well-drilled. It improved me and I became a better finisher. I was told to forget all the pretty stuff and that when that ball lands in the box I’ve got to be there sticking it in the net. That was my job. Forget linking up play and nice touches on the ball. The brutal reality is we create, we score and we stop goals.“It was pretty harsh off the field. The lads were tough-talking but great fun as well. They had a great spirit and there was a tremendous togetherness from Sam Hammam down to Joe, (assistant manager) Terry Burton, Ernie the youth team coach and everybody there.”Goodman made 59 Premier League appearances in his first three seasons with the Dons — scoring ten goals — before sustaining the injury that would ultimately call a halt to his playing days.There were a couple of attempted comebacks, but they all ended in vain.“I made it onto the bench a couple of times but my knee was killing me and I was thinking ‘why am I doing this? This is ridiculous. I’m trying to play football at a high level, but I don’t want the ball, I can’t run and I don’t feel confident’. It was horrendous.I had to keep going back for surgery and the more operations I had the more distant the chance of coming back was getting as it was creating further complications. I was 28, I had a two-year crack at trying to get back to full fitness, but it wasn’t right.“It wasn’t a hasty decision and it was a relief really that I could start the next stage of my life.”Rather than dwell on the uncertainty that retirement might bring, Jon took motivation and a sense of optimism from a number of opportunities that had arisen.During his rehab, he began an accountancy course with the idea of helping footballers manage their finances, but switched to a sports science degree being run by the PFA after he was informed of it by the Wimbledon physio. Jon spent some time on the backroom staff at Northern Ireland. Source: DARREN KIDDThat whole area captured his imagination and he attended classes two days-a-week with Terry Burton, who then became the Dons manager and offered him a role once it was completed.He enjoyed three years back there as a sports scientist but it was a difficult period as a result of administration, the move to Milton Keynes and fans boycotting the club.Thanks to his decent networks in the game, similar positions at Crystal Palace, Watford, Reading, Leeds and Northern Ireland would follow.I worked at Reading with Shane Long, Kevin Doyle and Stephen Hunt. I loved those three lads,” he says of his time under Steve Coppell with the Royals.At one stage, Goodman also “got a little bit restless and bored” and spent a couple of years developing a business and doing some consultancy work.And it was through a friend that he first heard about the Nike Academy. One of the world’s biggest sports brands was looking to set up a football training camp on a part-time basis for youngsters who had been released from Premier League clubs, and asked him to help get it off the ground.Current Brentford manager Dean Smith was brought in as a coach and the course quickly evolved from part-time to full-time due to the success.“We trained them well and in that first year a lad signed professionally for Stockport County and we thought ‘wow, we can get players into the professional game’.“I was only a consultant at that time but I was a reflection of the type of football they were looking for — a lad that has been missed by the system like myself, possibly coming from non-league, who is willing to work and learn.”Goodman came on board as head coach with former Wolves goalkeeper Matt Murray his assistant, and it has grown from strength-to-strength. There’s also a performance analyst, physio, strength and conditioning coach and sports scientist currently working full-time.The programme is now based out of the home of English football — St George’s Park — and caters for a squad of 24 boys between the ages of 16-20 from an array of different countries who eat, sleep, live, train and play together. Jon with France boss Didier Deschamps. Source: Facebook/NikeAcademyThe hopefuls are picked from an international competition called Most Wanted, which is held by Nike every six months in several cities around the world. Ireland does not host the trials, however.“We’ve got a lovely programme that is really well-run, well-supported and funded by Nike,” says Goodman. “There have been some amazing experiences as well and it’s very pure football coaching. It suits my needs to develop as a coach.“The challenge is that we lose our best players along the way but it gives us an opportunity for the next ones to come in. You develop them up and hopefully they move onto clubs.”Last season, 12 of their players went on to sign for professional clubs and this year the number is already up to six. The academy’s most famous graduate to-date is current Celtic and Australia attacking midfielder Tom Rogic. there’s a weekly commute from London to Burton-upon-Trent involved for Jon and it means he often has to be away from his wife and 17-year-old twins from Monday to Friday, he is thriving in the role and hopes to stick with it for the foreseeable future.“This is probably the longest I’ve worked in a football environment since Wimbledon,” he adds. “I feel very comfortable within the set-up. Nike is a great organisation to work for and we’ve got a lot of stability. They are forever pushing us to improve the programme and achieve greater things.“While that is going on, I would like to spend more time doing it and it has enabled me to develop as a coach and a manager.I’ve seen so many friends in and out of work. I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to experience that again but it’s an emotional rollercoaster working in football.“The manager is different because they are paid relatively well and get compensation when they move on but say if I’m support staff like an assistant coach, you put your family through a lot chasing the job you enjoy doing.“This one is great and I do enjoy it. I’d like to continue for a long time but as much as it’s my decision it’s Nike’s as well.”The42 is on Instagram! Tap the button below on your phone to follow us! Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL By Ben Blake 12 Comments last_img read more

Oil spill cleanup impedes major Texas ship channel

first_imgTEXAS CITY, Texas — A barge that once carried some 900,000 gallons of heavy tar-like oil was cleared Sunday of its remaining contents, a day after the vessel collided with a ship in the busy Houston Ship Channel and leaked as much as about a fifth of its cargo into the waterway.Coast Guard officials said that up to 168,000 gallons were dumped after one of the barge’s tanks ruptured and that oil had been detected 12 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico as of Sunday afternoon.“This is a significant spill,” Capt. Brian Penoyer, commander of the Coast Guard at Houston-Galveston, said.But he said the emptying of the barge Sunday, a process known as lightering as contents are transferred to other vessels, was an important step as it had eliminated the risk of additional oil spilling.The channel, one of the world’s busiest waterways for moving petrochemicals, was shut for a second day Sunday. As many as 60 vessels were backed up both trying to get out and get in.Over 380 people — “and we’ve ordered more,” Penoyer said — plus a fleet of oil-retrieving skimmers and other vessels deploying some 60,000 feet of containment booms around environmentally sensitive areas worked to mitigate the damage.last_img read more

Plantation teams up with local entities to assist people affected by mall

first_imgPLANTATION, FLA. (WSVN) – Plantation officials are extending a helping hand to those affected by a suspected gas explosion that leveled parts of a shopping plaza and sent nearly two dozen people to the hospital.The city has teamed up with multiple support and crisis services to help anyone who lost their job, witnessed the explosion or got injured.Fire officials said a shuttered pizza restaurant exploded at the Market on University shopping plaza, July 6.Twenty-three people were injured, and the debris from the blast crushed several cars.The cause remains under investigation.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Fortnite season 9 week 7 challenges and where to find the giant

first_img Fortnite Nintendo Share your voice Stormlight SkirmishNightbeam and Flare narrowly escape a daring midnight raidWeek 7— FireMonkey • Fortnite Intel (@FireMonkeyFN) June 18, 2019 14 Days of Summer challenges— FireMonkey • Fortnite Intel (@FireMonkeyFN) June 18, 2019 Name: “Scimitar”Description: “Razor sharp and battle ready.”Rarity: RareName: “Sandstorm”Description: “Timeless Warrior”Rarity: RareMale/Female Skins in this ->— Lucas7yoshi // Fortnite Leaks & News (@lucas7yoshi) May 22, 2019 How Fortnite, AR and YouTube influence toys Tags To find this hidden Battle Star, head to Pressure Plant and look for a building with a metal staircase on the outside. The Battle Star will be under the staircase, but it will only appear if you completed all the week 7 challenges. Fortnite is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and Android and iOS devices.In the multiplayer online game, you parachute onto an island and use various weapons to eliminate opponents in a last-person-standing scenario. The massively popular game has attracted players with live events like virtual concerts and special limited-time game modes. Developer Epic Games is also hosting the Fortnite World Cup this summer. Online qualification for the esports competition began in April, and finals will take place in New York in July, with a prize pool of $30 million.Originally published June 19.June 20: Add Fortbyte #12 and week 7 Utopia loading screen. June 21: Adds Fortbyte #03. June 24:  Adds 14 Days of Summer info and Fortbyte #43, #98 and #20. June 25: Adds Fortbyte #11. June 26: Adds Fortbyte #60 and 14 Days of Summer challenges guide.Correction, June 20: An earlier version of the story incorrectly explained how vending machines work.  That will take players to the mountain northwest of Pleasant Park. If all challenges for the week have been completed, a hidden Battle star will appear. Fortnite season 9 week 5 utopiaLocations for the week 5 Utopia hidden Battle Star. Epic Games Week 6’s Utopia loading screen, called Sure Shot, is a clue for Fortbye #02. When players complete all of the challenges for the week, they will unlock the new image with the description: “Only the best snipers can take out a holo-clock tower lamp from the rooftops of Neo Tilted.”Fortnite season 9 week 6 utopia screenThe week 6 Utopia loading screen has a clue to find a Fortbyte. Epic Games Players can find Fortbyte #02 at the holo-clock tower in Neo Tilted without needing to complete all of the week’s challenges.  Vehicles will once again play a roll in this week’s challenges. Epic Games Fortnite season 9 is past the halfway point and will end soon. This means players have a short amount of time to complete all the challenges to get the final Battle Pass reward. Fortnite season 9 week 7 challengesChallenges for Fortnite season 9 week 7.  Epic Games Free challengesSearch chests at Junk Junction or Neo Tilted (0/7)Search ammo boxes in different locations (0/7)Suppressed Weapon Eliminations (0/3)Battle Pass challengesDeal damage to opponents while riding in a vehicle (0/200)Stage 1 of 3: Visit The Block and Loot Lake in a Single Match (0/1)Stage 2 of 3: Visit Fatal Fields and Neo Tilted in a Single Match (0/3)Stage 3 of 3: Visit Snobby Shores and Mega Mall in a Single Match (0/4)Search a chest, use a vending machine, and a campfire in a single match (0/1)Eliminations from 5m or less (0/3)Search 7 chests at Junk Junction or Neo Tilted — 5 Battle StarsOf the two locations, Junk Junction will likely have fewer players at the start of a match, making it an ideal place to gather seven chests without having to worry too much about other players. Still, Neo Tilted will likely have more chests available but at a higher risk. Search 7 ammo boxes in different locations — 5 Battle StarsAmmo boxes, especially later in matches, tend to be left behind as more players want more weapons and items than ammo. As the storm circle begins to close in, make sure to stop by the named location and do some quick checks for ammo boxes. How to complete 3 suppressed weapon eliminations — 10 Battle StarsThe good news is that suppressed weapons give players an advantage by letting them land silenced shots on opponents. The bad news, especially for this challenge, is that there are only three suppressed weapons in the game right now:  Suppressed Pistol, Suppressed Sniper Rifle and Suppressed Assault Rifle. Of the three, the best bet for eliminations is the sniper, but it will be a tough weapon to find as there are only Epic and Legendary variants. The highest chance to get one is via a Supply Drop. How to deal 200 damage to opponents with a vehicle — 10 Battle StarsIn week 6, players were tasked with attack opponents in vehicles and now it’s time to run people over. Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder to hit other players with a vehicle. If you’re lucky, there is a chance of catching a group of players off guard and dealing damage to all the players at once to reach the 200 goal. There is no easy strategy on this challenge since the vehicles in the game can be easily avoided and can be seen from a distance. Fortnite the blockThe Block found in Fortnite Epic Games Visit The Block and Loot Lake; Fatal Fields and Neo Tilted; and Snobby Shores and Mega Mall in a Single Match — 5 Battle StarsThis challenge is straightforward. Start off in one location and make a beeline to the other. The optimum strategy is to start with locations on the outer parts of the island and make your way in as the storm closes in. This means starting at The Block and then going to Loot Lake, going to Fatal Fields and then Neo Tilted and landing at Snobby Shores to then reach Mega Mall. Where to find a chest, a vending machine and a campfire in a single match — 10 Battle StarsWhile a chest, vending machine and campfire can be found all over the island, there’s one location that has all three: Lonely Lodge. Land there and search for all three to complete this challenge in one trip. How to complete 3 elimination from 5m or less — 10 Battle StarsShotguns. Get a shotgun and get right in your opponent’s face, ideally when they’re not at full health. That will give you the elimination and repeat two more times. 14 Days of Summer ChallengesEpic on Monday revealed the start date for the Fortnite 14 Days of Summer event. Starting on Tuesday, players will have access to new challenges, limited time modes (LTMs) and unvaulted weapons each day. One of the LTMs returning for 14 Days of Summer is the John Wick’s Bounty mode that came out around the time of the release of John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum.Data miners found the 14 Days of Summer challenges in the v9.30 update released last Tuesday. Completing challenges will earn players sprays, toys and other in-game content.  6/16/19• UNLOCKED: Fortbyte #2 – Found at a location hidden within Loading Screen #6.— Scenario (@iScenario) June 16, 2019 Week 5 Loading screenRaging StormNot even the slipstream is safe from the raging storm…— FireMonkey • Fortnite Intel (@FireMonkeyFN) June 6, 2019center_img 6:20 Now playing: Watch this: Mobile Gaming Dance at 6 different beach partiesAdded at the start of the 14 Days of Summer were several beach party spots across the map. Contrary to the name, these beach parties are not at all near the beach. Be on the lookout for umbrellas, balloons and folding chairs indicating the party. The map below will show the six locations. Head over to each one, do a dance and you’ll receive the Dive In emote. Fortnite season 9 beach partyThe map locations of the six beach parties on the island for the Fortnite 14 Days of Summer challenge. Epic Games Bounce a giant beach ball in 5 different matches There are three giant beach balls on the island. One is just south of The Block, another is west of Dusty Divot and the third is on the northwest road in Paradise Palms. Bouncing a ball simply means run up to it and bump it. Hopefully, you’ll get their first before other players bounce the ball farther away. A new summer-themed loading screen is the prize for those players who complete the challenge.Fortnite season 9 beach ball days of summerThe map locations for the three beach balls to complete the 14 Days of Summer challenge.  Epic Games FortbytesNew in Fortnite season 9 are Fortbytes, which are only available to Battle Pass owners. The collectibles are scattered across the island, but also unlockable by reaching certain tiers and gaining a designated amount of XP. Each Fortbyte will reveal a piece of an image teasing Fortnite season 10 and a new one appears every day.Fortnite Season 9 Fortbyte Challenges01: Awarded for gaining 175,000 XP02: Found at a location hidden within Loading Screen #603: Accessible by using the Skull Trooper Emoji at the western most point06: Accessible with Yay! Emote at an ice cream shop in the desert07: Accessible by using the cuddle up emoticon inside a rocky umbrella08: Found within Junk Junction10: Awarded for gaining 60,000 XP11: Found beneath a circling jungle parrot12: Accessible by using the Nana Nana Spray inside a molten tunnel13: Found at a location hidden within loading screen number 214: Found within an RV park16: Found in the desert house with too many chairs17: Found inside a Wooden Fish Building19: Accessible with the Vega outfit inside a spaceship building20: Found at the center of any of the first three storm circles22: Accessible by using the Rox Spray in an underpass24: Found within Fatal Field25: Awarded at Battle Pass tier 4026: Accessible with Bunker Jonesy outfit near a snowy bunker31: Found at a meteor crater overlook32: Accessible by wearing Kyo Pet Back Bling at the northernmost point35: Awarded for gaining 225,000 XP36: Accessible by Sentinel on a frozen island39: Awarded for completing six challenges from Week 241: Accessible by using Tomatohead Emoticon inside the Durrr Burger restaurant43: Accessible by wearing the Nana Cape Back Bling inside a Banana Stand44: Awarded at Battle Pass tier 2046: Awarded at Battle Pass tier 10047: Found between a Reboot Van, pirate camp and a crashed battlebus48: Accessible by using the Vox Pickaxe to smash the gnome beside a mountain top throne49: Found in Trog’s ice cave50: Accessible at night time inside mountain top castle ruins51: Accessible by using the Cluck Strut to cross the road in front of Peely’s Banana Stand55: Found within Haunted Hills57: Awarded by finishing top 10 in squads, duos, or solo 25 times58: Accessible by using the Sad Trombone Emote at the north end of Snobby Shores59: Accessible with Durrr! Emoji inside Pizza Pit restaurant60: Accessible with Sign Spinner Emote in front of the happy Oink restaurant61: Accessible by using Sunbird Spray on a frozen waterfall64: Accessible by Rox on top of Stunt Mountain65: Found in a basement budget movie set66: Awarded by finishing top 10 in squads, duos or solo 75 times68: Found within a snowy town bookshop69: Found inside a stone pig building70: Accessible by skydiving through the rings above Lazy Lagoon with the Vibrant Contrails71: Awarded for completing six challenges from Week 172: Found within Salty Spring74: Found in a filing cabinet inside an assassin’s basement on the desert coast76: Found behind a historical diorama in an insurance building can be seen below77: Found within a trackside taco shop78: Found within a Ranger tower overlooking a drained lake79: Found within an arcade80: Accessible by using the Bunker Basher Pickaxe to smash the rock at the highest point of the volcano rim81: Accessible in daytime near a mountain top cactus wedge82: Accessible by solving the pressure plate puzzle NW of the Block84: Awarded at Battle Pass tier 6085: Awarded for gaining 30,000 XP87: Awarded by finishing top 10 in squads, duos or solo 50 times88: Found somewhere within map location J3.89: Accessible by flying the Scarlet Strike Glider through the rings east of Snobby Shores.90: Awarded by finishing top 10 in squads, duos or solo 100 times91: Found at a location hidden within loading screen #4, the latest Fortbyte to unlock92: Accessible by using Rock Love Spray near a lava fall95: Found at a Solar Panel Array in the Jungle96: Awarded at Battle Pass tier 8098: Found within a Viking longhouse99: Awarded for gaining 125,000 XPFor those who don’t want to wait for all 100 Fortbytes to be revealed, one Fortnite data miner discovered what the complete image will look like.  Comments Fortnite season 9 map week 4 fortbyteWhere to find Fortbyte #91. Epic Games Week 5’s Utopia loading screen features a new skin. To the right, in white, are the map designations of B2, B3, C2 and C3.  would appreciated to be credited if used <3— RISE. 👑 (@fortrisen) June 18, 2019 For week 7, players who complete all the challenges will receive a new Utopia loading screen with a clue to a hidden Battle Star.  The image shows Bunker Jonesy, one of the skins introduced in season 9, drawing images from previous events in the game including the meteor shower, the volcano erupting and a giant cube, all of which were used to end a season. Off to the right near his foot appears to be the Polar Peak beast that is causing destruction on the island this season. More importantly, Jonesy appears to be covering a drawing that's likely the big event to end Fortnite season 9. Utopia ChallengesAs in previous seasons, Fortnite season 9 has a season-long set of tasks called Utopia Challenges, for Battle Pass owners. Tackling these special challenges requires the completion of all the weekly challenges throughout the season. The reward for all the work is the Utopia skin.Fortnite season 9 Utopia ChallengesFortnite season 9 Utopia Challenges Epic Games/Screenshot by CNET When players finish the weekly challenges, they’ll receive a new loading screen that hints at a secret Battle Star. Completing the Fortnite season 9, week 1 challenges unlocks the loading screen below. The clue to where to find the secret Battle Star is on the side of the minigun that gives the coordinates I5, I6, J5 and J6. This is a spot just south of Lonely Lounge, right before the green plains turn into the desert. The hidden Battle Star will appear only if a player who completed all challenges is within close proximity.Fortnite season 9 week 1 Utopia loading screenFortnite season 9, week 1 Utopia loading screen Epic Games For Fortnite season 9, week 2, the unlocked loading screen doesn’t have a hint hidden in the image, but instead, it’s in the description of the screen. It says, “Last seen battling at Dino Park outhouse, these two can’t be stopped.” This’ll lead to the location of Fortbyte #13 and not a Battle Star for the week.Fortnite season 9 week 2 Utopia loading screenFortnite season 9, week 2 Utopia loading screen Epic Games Once a player’s done with week 3’s challenges, a new loading screen will show a new Doggo skin. The hint for the Battle Star is in the drawing on the small wall that the dogs are sitting on. It leads to a stack of cars in Junk Junction and the secret Battle Star will appear when players come near it.Fortnite season 9 week 3 Utopia loading screenFortnite season 9, week 3 Utopia loading screen Epic Games As in week 2’s Utopia loading screen, week 4’s image provides players a clue of where to get a Fortbyte rather than Battle Star. Players on the search for Forbyte #91 will need to visit Paradise Palms. Off the main street in the area is a storefront where the “D” and “I” are on the map. Look for a bench near the road and Fortbyte #91 should appear.  2last_img read more

Fake cards Hazaribagh fraud syndicate busted by CID

first_imgThe Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on Tuesday arrested five members of an alleged fraud syndicate from Hazaribagh in the city on charges of cheating people issuing internet-based online Master Cards.The CID also recovered 141 Payoneer pre-paid Master Cards, cash Tk 921,000 and fake Payoneer pre-paid Master Card making instruments and materials from their possessions.The arrestees are Riazul Islam alias Imran, 22, Askar Ibne Ishak alias Shakil, 24, Sayed Mehedi Hasan alias Mehedi, 29, Haider Hossain, 30, and MS Jahirul Islam, 25.Based on secret information, a special CID team conducted a drive at Hazaribagh and arrested the five gang members from a flat of a multi-storied building in the area at around 5:10pm, said assistant superintendent of police (ASP) Sharmin Jahan of CID media wing.Arrested Riazul Islam along with his syndicate members have been involved in selling online based Payoneer pre-paid Master Card after issuing those using fake names and addresses for a long time. These fake cards were being used in sending money abroad illegally, ASP Sharmin added.last_img read more

Bus crushes pedestrian in Sylhet

first_imgA pedestrian was crushed under a bus on the Dhaka-Sylhet highway at Bhanudeb village in Nabiganj upazila on Monday morning, reports news agency UNB.The deceased is Motai Miah, 55, resident of the village.In-charge of Goplar Bazar police investigation camp Abdur Rahman said that the Sylhet-bound ‘Sagorika Paribahan’ bus hit him while he was crossing the highway beside his house around 10am, leaving him dead on the spot.Later, the angry villagers blocked the highway for one and half hour which halted vehicular movement.On information, police rushed to the spot and brought the situation under control.last_img read more

Delhis tryst with mangoes

first_imgArvind Kejriwal appreciated the festival and complimented the efforts of Delhi Tourism, in keeping the tradition of organizing this unique event alive from the past 27 years, which offers a delectable display of mango varieties under one roof.The 27th Mango Festival showcased over 500 varieties of mangoes, which were on display at the event. The various types of mangoes on display included Langra, Chausa, Amrapali, Rataul, Hussainara, Ramkela, Kesar, Fazri, Mallika and other assorted varieties. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The exhibition at the festival also offered sale of processed mango items including products like pickles, jam, chutney, mango pulp, mango juice, jelly, aam papad, and aam panna.The Mango festival also featured an array of recreational events and activities associated with mango, like mango eating competition for women and men, mango quiz and mango slogan writing competition for children, magic show and cultural performances. Dilli Haat, Janakpuri saw a large number of visitors on the very first day of the festival. The display this year also showcases mangoes, which are as small as a grape and as big as a papaya.last_img read more

Protest Update 35 trucks burnt on N3 at Mooi River recovery and

first_imgClean-up and recovery operations are continuing, with both the northbound and southbound lanes still closed after last night’s protest action on the N3 at the Mooi River Toll Plaza.The Mooi River Toll Plaza is still currently closed, with no vehicles able to pass through the toll gate.The KwaZulu-Natal Acting Provincial Commissioner, Major General Bheki Langa, has strongly condemned the unlawful protest action.“This is totally unacceptable and we will not condone people venting their anger by damaging private and public property or blockading our national roads. We will intensify our operations and ensure that those responsible face the full might of the law. Any person who blocks our national roads will be treated as an ordinary criminal and will face the full might of the law. There are many avenues for people to voice their grievances, and resorting to criminality is definitely not one of them,” he said.Last night (April 29) at about 7.30pm, a group of people began throwing objects onto the N3 freeway and set some trucks alight.A total of 35 trucks were damaged, including those that were set alight.Local police and neighbouring police stations were mobilised, and dispersed a number of people who were looting the burning trucks.A total of 54 people were arrested and will face charges of public violence.Also read: Protest Update: Close to 20 trucks burnt on N3 at Mooi River, recovery and clean-up operations are continuing WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Also read: Protest Update: 10 trucks torched, N3 still closed at Mooi River (No Go Area)Also read: Warning: N3 closed at Mooi River due to protest action and burning trucks – make use of alternative routesThe arrested suspects will appear in the Mooi River Magistrate’s Court later today (April 30).The situation on the N3 is calm today, although the road is still blocked due to the trucks that were burnt. Police are monitoring the situation and are on high alert. Traffic is being diverted onto alternative routes for now.The following alternative routes can be used:– Southbound traffic is being diverted at Estcourt through Pietermaritzburg and Greytown.– The northbound traffic flow is being diverted at Mooi River (Wimpy ramp) onto the R103 and then back onto the N3 at Hidcote.Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img read more

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first_img Related Content News | Artificial Intelligence | August 05, 2019 Montefiore Nyack Hospital Uses Aidoc AI to Spot Urgent Conditions Faster Montefiore Nyack Hospital, an acute care hospital in Rockland County, N.Y., announced it is utilizing artificial… read more News | Radiology Business | August 01, 2019 Philips Completes Acquisition of Carestream Health’s HCIS Business … read more By Melinda Taschetta-Millane, editorial directorWith the theme of “Innovation. Impact. Outcomes. Onward,” HIMSS14, the annual conference and exhibition of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, will hold its annual event February 23-27, 2014, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.The educational lineup will feature top leaders sharing their insights and lessons learned on the most critical topics today, including keynote speaker Hillary Rodham Clinton. With hundreds of educational sessions to choose from, healthcare professionals at all levels can customize their own agenda to meet their individual needs. New this year is a revised, attendee-friendlier schedule with more time between sessions and more time to visit exhibits; a new “unconference,” featuring a Tuesday track in which attendees decide the content; and symposia sessions powered by content recommended by attendees through a special call for proposals.In addition, experience thousands of products and services on the exhibit floor. A reimagined Interoperability Showcase offers the most interactive, attendee-engaging demonstration to date, and a new and unique exhibit area highlighting start-up companies. A few of the technologies that will be featured at HIMSS13 are highlighted below.For more information: Sponsored Content | Case Study | Radiation Dose Management | August 13, 2019 The Challenge of Pediatric Radiation Dose Management Radiation dose management is central to child patient safety. Medical imaging plays an increasing role in the accurate… read more News | PACS | August 09, 2019 Lake Medical Imaging Selects Infinitt for Multi-site RIS/PACS Infinitt North America will be implementing Infinitt RIS (radiology information system)/PACS (picture archiving and… read more The CT scanner might not come with protocols that are adequate for each hospital situation, so at Phoenix Children’s Hospital they designed their own protocols, said Dianna Bardo, M.D., director of body MR and co-director of the 3D Innovation Lab at Phoenix Children’s. News | Artificial Intelligence | August 08, 2019 Half of Hospital Decision Makers Plan to Invest in AI by 2021 August 8, 2019 — A recent study conducted by Olive AI explores how hospital leaders are responding to the imperative read more Technology | Cybersecurity | August 07, 2019 ScImage Introduces PICOM ModalityGuard for Cybersecurity ScImage Inc. is bridging the gap between security and functionality with the introduction of the PICOM ModalityGuard…. read more center_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Videos | Radiology Business | August 02, 2019 VIDEO: Key Topics for Radiology Administrators at AHRA 2019 Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) President … read more News | PACS | August 08, 2019 NetDirector Launches Cloud-based PDF to DICOM Conversion Service NetDirector, a cloud-based data exchange and integration platform, has diversified their radiology automation options… read more News | Electronic Medical Records (EMR) | August 01, 2019 DrChrono Teams With DeepScribe to Automate Medical Note Taking in EHR DrChrono Inc. and DeepScribe announced a partnership so medical practices using DrChrono EHR can use artificial… read more Blog | February 12, 2014 HIMSS Offers the Latest in Health IT for 2014 Key Topics for Radiology Administrators at AHRA 2019Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 7:33Loaded: 2.15%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -7:33 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. Feature | Information Technology | July 31, 2019 | By Greg Freiherr How Smart Devices Can Improve Efficiency Innovation is trending toward improved efficiency — but not at the expense of patient safety, according to… read morelast_img read more

Delphinus Relocates Headquarters Triples Size of Facility

first_imgNews | Breast Imaging | May 17, 2016 Delphinus Relocates Headquarters, Triples Size of Facility Move follows $40 million financing round, expansion of management team Related Content Technology | Artificial Intelligence | July 18, 2019 Paragon Biosciences Launches Qlarity Imaging to Advance FDA-cleared AI Breast Cancer Diagnosis System Paragon Biosciences LLC announced the launch of its seventh portfolio company, Qlarity Imaging LLC, which was founded… read more Technology | Breast Biopsy Systems | July 24, 2019 Fujifilm Releases Tomosynthesis Biopsy Option for Aspire Cristalle Mammography System Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A. Inc. recently expanded its breast imaging solutions with the launch of its… read more Technology | Mammography Reporting Software | July 25, 2019 Hologic Partners With MagView to Develop Unifi EQUIP Solution Hologic announced a partnership with mammography information solutions provider MagView to develop Unifi EQUIP, an… read more May 17, 2016 — Advanced breast ultrasound technology provider Delphinus Medical Technologies Inc. announced it is relocating its corporate headquarters from Plymouth Township, Mich., to Novi, Mich. in mid-May.The new headquarters is nearly triple the size of its prior location, growing from 7,500 to 21,000 square feet. This will allow Delphinus to expand its staff, dedicate more space to research and development, and prepare for commercialization of SoftVue, a whole breast ultrasound system that allows physicians to image the entire breast for diagnostic imaging purposes.The expansion is the latest in a recent series of achievements for the company. In December 2015, on the heels of a Series C venture round of $40 million, Delphinus added two new senior-level advisors to its board of directors, as well as a new vice president of quality and regulatory affairs.One of the additions to the new facility will be a dedicated demonstration room that will allow the company to showcase SoftVue and image review to site visitors.As an ultrasound technology, SoftVue offers the potential to not only assist physicians in finding more cancers, but also to reduce the false-positive rates that have troubled other breast imaging techniques. SoftVue’s design incorporates a circular ultrasound transducer featuring proprietary TriAD (triple acoustic detection) technology. This multi-dimensional advancement presents cross-sectional ultrasound slices through the entire volume of breast tissue, capturing not only reflected echoes in a 360-degree array, but also signals passing through the breast, depicting tissue characterization.SoftVue is indicated for use as a B-mode ultrasonic imaging system and is not intended to be used as a replacement for screening mammography.For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Mammography | August 14, 2019 Imago Systems Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic for Breast Imaging Image visualization company Imago Systems announced it has signed a know-how license with Mayo Clinic. The multi-year… read more Feature | Artificial Intelligence | July 19, 2019 | Michal Chorev AI Models Predict Breast Cancer With Radiologist-level Accuracy Breast cancer is the global leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women, and the most commonly diagnosed cancer… read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more News | Breast Imaging | August 02, 2019 Volpara to Distribute Screenpoint Medical’s Transpara AI Solution Volpara Solutions and ScreenPoint Medical BV signed an agreement under which Volpara will sell ScreenPoint’s Transpara… read more News | Mammography Reporting Software | July 26, 2019 Ikonopedia Releases Automated Combined Reporting Package at AHRA Ikonopedia showcased its recently released Automated Combined Reporting package and its entire suite of structured… read more Image courtesy of Imago Systems News | Ultrasound Women’s Health | July 11, 2019 FDA Clears Koios DS Breast 2.0 AI-based Software Koios Medical announced its second 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Qlarity Imaging’s software is used to assist radiologists in the assessment and characterization of breast lesions. Imaging features are synthesized by an artificial intelligence algorithm into a single value, the QI score, which is analyzed relative to a database of reference abnormalities with known ground truth. Image courtesy of Business Wire. News | PACS | August 09, 2019 Lake Medical Imaging Selects Infinitt for Multi-site RIS/PACS Infinitt North America will be implementing Infinitt RIS (radiology information system)/PACS (picture archiving and… read more IBM collected a dataset of 52,936 images from 13,234 women who underwent at least one mammogram between 2013 and 2017, and who had health records for at least one year prior to the mammogram. The algorithm was trained on 9,611 mammograms. Image courtesy of Radiology. read morelast_img read more

Jacó Happenings

first_imgNo related posts. A few exciting news quips from the past six weeks: In Late May, the Garabito Municipality & IFAM announced a new project that proposes the inversion of one billion colones in the Jacó Beach Boardwalk and Bike Trails. According to MayorMarvin Elizondo, the construction will start in January 2014 and will be divided into four phases. The route of the boulevard will be 4.2 kilometers and will have spaces for playgrounds, bike rental, outdoor exercise, public showers and toilets, reference focal points and areas for craft markets. The boulevard will be illuminated by lamps with polycrystalline solar panels and LED lighting that will be placed every 8 meters. If you would like to know more about this project, please contact the municipality at 2643-3038 or the Central Pacific Chamber of Commerce at 2643-2853.June 20 marked the ground breaking of The Croc’s Casino and Resort. The casino resort and hotel is an exciting new additional to the north end of Jacó Beach. For more information about the project, stop in The Croc’s new sales office, which is open across from BCR and in front of the Acqua Residences. Or call 1-800-590-0001 toll free, or visit Jacó will be featuring “Mi Vida Empieza Cada Dia” on June 28 and 29 at 8 p.m. This monologue comedy is directed by Alexander Campos featuring actress Grettel Cedeno. It’s about the renewal of life and the idea that regardless of one’s age, life begins each day. General Admission is $10, VIP admission is $20. For more, contact Teatro Jacó at 2630-9812.Lots of Surfing action this month with great waves in the Central Pacific zone. Carlos Muñoz made it to the quarterfinals in the WQS 6 Star Event held in Mexico earlier this month. Last weekend, Jair Peréz won the Copa Olympus Tough Series of the National Surf Circuit. The finals of this circuit are to be held the last weekend in July in Playa Hermosa. Tomorrow, June 29, it is all about surfing in Playa Hermosa. It is the last day of the Quarter Series Metropolitanas Punto Surf Competition, followed by the weekly Saturday Surf Series out at the Backyard Bar. Come check out some of the best surfers in Costa Rica.James Felhofer from the Falcon International School has reported that Falcon has held its first high school graduation. Both graduates are going on to study medicine; Ashley to be a veterinarian and Gabriel a neurologist.Additionally, University Catolica classes are now being offered at Falcon and is the first university to offer classes in the area. For more information about Falcon School, call 2637-7400 or email The 4th of July Independence holiday is fast approaching and there will be lots of options in the Central Pacific zone to choose from. In Jacó Beach: Tsunami sushi will be featuring a Jazz & Piano Night with Sasha Campbell and Jacó Taco will be having their annual fireworks celebration. Out in Playa Hermosa, the Backyard Bar’s 17th anniversary and 4th of July party will feature a free BBQ from 4-7 p.m. Wear your bathing suit because the Chupacabras will be playing live in a foam pit starting at 7 p.m. That’s right, a foam party at the Backyard! No cover. $2 beers and free BBQ. Bring your friends.-Christina  Facebook Commentslast_img read more

With the biggest shopping days ahead Costa Rica still lacks good ecommerce

first_imgRelated posts:Finance Ministry issues warning ahead of shopping season Black Friday in Costa Rica: Half of Ticos surveyed plan to shop Most Costa Rica workers plan to save their Christmas bonus: survey Clock ticking to ship gifts to Costa Rica in time for the holidays While two of the biggest shopping days –Black Friday and Christmas – are quickly approaching, Costa Rican lawmakers are working to pass legislation that improves controls and consumer protection of e-commerce transactions, an area where the country lags.Legislative Bill #19,012, known as the “Electronic Commerce Bill,” aims to set a legal framework based on international standards, particularly those established by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), a legal body with universal membership specializing in commercial law.Attorney Vilma Sánchez del Castillo, an e-commerce law specialist, in 2013 drafted and submitted the bill to Costa Rica’s Legislative Commission on Economic Affairs. Lawmakers at the time accepted the initiative, but failed to move forward on it.The proposed legislation would better regulate all purchases made through electronic platforms including websites, emails and chats – essentially “any transaction in which the parties are physically separated,” Sánchez said.The regulations would oversee database queries, online advertising on websites, social media, emails, and any other kind of new service or information technology that becomes available in the future, Sánchez said.“The bill does not propose the creation of new crimes, but rather seeks to impose civil sanctions to protect both parties involved in online transactions – not only customers,” she added.Infractions in the bill are classified as very serious, serious and minor, and provide fines ranging from 30 to 100 minimum salaries, or about ₡12 million to ₡40 million ($22,000-$75,000).Sánchez, currently a legal clerk at the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, said the initiative aims to fill a gap in Costa Rica’s commercial legislation. She said Costa Rica currently has only general rules set by the country’s civil and commercial codes, which are insufficient to regulate and resolve problems arising from e-commerce and international commerce.The bill was brought up again for discussion by current members of the Economic Affairs Commission, and its drafting has received approval of the Assembly’s technical services office. It must now be voted on in the commission before moving to the full Assembly.“Costa Rica is lagging on this issue,” Sánchez said. “Many regional countries already have current legislation: El Salvador and Honduras recently passed laws on electronic signatures and electronic commerce precisely based on UNCITRAL standards.”Be safe, shoppers.Instead, Costa Rica’s Finance Ministry last week launched a publicity campaign to encourage safe shopping online, including messages on social media and in newspapers.Finance Vice Minister Fernando Rodríguez said packages entering the country and showing “irregularities” would be held at customs. The publicity campaign includes steps to safely shop and to identify courier companies registered with the Customs Administration.The director of the Economy Ministry’s Consumer Support Office, Cinthya Zapata, said the lack of specific laws for e-commerce is troubling.“From a regulatory point of view, we know the system has flaws. There are things that need improvement. But we must also improve prevention,” she said last Friday.Zapata said most problems occur because people buy at unsafe online stores, prompted by promised deals and promotions.“People here usually buy in known stores like Amazon, but at certain times of the year many buy from less-known virtual shops, or from personal Facebook pages offering appealing deals. Most don’t offer any kind of guarantee or security,” she added.Complaints to the Consumer Support Office for problems with online purchases already surpassed figures registered last year by as much as 400 percent, Zapata said.Some of the most common complaints were about shopping websites that don’t offer information about a physical address, or no local representation in Costa Rica, making the option to file a claim difficult, the Economy Ministry reported.Other problems include customers receiving the wrong products or defective ones.Customers who currently have complaints with online purchases can send an email to:  Complaint also can be filed via an online form at the Finance Ministry’s website or the Economy Ministry’s website.Good luck out there.Recommended: Black Friday in Costa Rica: Half of Ticos surveyed plan to shopSee one of the messages from the Finance Ministry: Facebook Commentslast_img read more