Police Arrest Man Suspected of Decapitating Moroccan Woman in Ifrane

Rabat – On Saturday, police arrested a man suspected of decapitating a woman in Oued Ifrane in the Middle Atlas.The police arrested the suspect in Toufnit, a town in Midelt Province, Drâa-Tafilalet, Morocco.The suspect is a 38-year-old shepherd in the forests of the Atlas Mountains. He reportedly disappeared suddenly after the crime. His personal connection to the victim, if any, remains unclear. Read Also: Moroccan Authorities Find Woman’s Decapitated Body in IfraneThe body of the 24-year-old Moroccan woman was found on December 28.The woman was a divorcee, mother of a 7-year-old daughter. She was living with her parents.Authorities deployed a helicopter and sniffer dogs during the investigation. The Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie, auxiliary forces and members of the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) chased the suspect. read more

British Ambassador Wishes 2 Things Were Different in Morocco

Rabat- The British ambassador has shared about his first year in Morocco, saying he would change the driving and the litter in Morocco if he could.Charmed by the Moroccan lifestyle, Thomas Reilly, who has been ambassador to the country for one year, wrote both about the beauty and the challenges he found in Morocco.The official Facebook page of the British Embassy in Morocco shared Reilly’s essay on Thursday.Reilly recalled his first day in Morocco with his family, writing that although he had visited Morocco as a tourist before, he was aware that “the experience of a tourist is quite different to that of a resident.” An abrupt roadway welcomeUpon his arrival in Tangier after a long drive from the UK, he was greeted by a lorry that rear-ended him on the way to Rabat.He wrote: “In retrospect, that was an appropriate introduction to Moroccan roads. The driving in Morocco is fast and furious; often scary. Never dull. You need to keep your wits about you at all times.”Reilly warned that pedestrians can saunter across the road at any point, noting that one “cannot afford to lose concentration for a second” with the large number of donkeys, dogs, cats, trucks, lorries, and mopeds in Moroccan villages.The ambassador described the beauty of natural scenery as he drove to Rabat: “As we drove, I was amazed by its geographical variety – as we left the hills of the Rif behind, the amazing Atlantic coast opened up,” he wrote.He went on describing roadways, the High Atlas Mountains, and Mount Toubkal, which he climbed.“I have climbed Mount Toubkal and looked across, from that snowy, frozen height to the beautiful Atlas range; down into the infinite desert; and back towards the fecund plains around Marrakech.”Rabat’s dam ‘ruined by plastic waste’“Morocco is not perfect – what country is?” The ambassador wrote about the challenges, stating that if he could change two things about Morocco, it would be the driving and the litter.Reilly recently expressed distaste at the litter surrounding the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah dam in Rabat through a post on his Twitter account.He wrote: “We went this morning for a walk with our dogs near the dam lake [in Rabat], a very beautiful and peaceful place…but the place was ruined by plastic waste, sandwich leftover, bottles and garbage.”“It was honestly appalling, Morocco deserves better than that!” he said.Plastic bags still a problemEnding his essay, Reilly congratulated Morocco on being a leader in banning plastic bags.“Morocco led the world in banning plastic bags and should be congratulated for that leadership, but the plastic scourge legacy (from which many countries are suffering) is more noticeable in Morocco.”Morocco launched the “zero mika” (zero plastic bags) law in July 2016, making it one of the first countries in Africa to impose a ban on plastic bags.However, plastic bags are still manufactured and sold illegally in Morocco. Authorities seized nearly 2.96 tons of banned plastic bags intended for sale in a warehouse in Tangier in March. Reilly rued the fact that the plastic bags and litter make “such a stark contrast to the outstanding natural and historical beauty of the country.” Reilly asserted that he looks forward to his second year as Ambassador to Morocco.“To continuing to build a real partnership of equals between our two countries; to sharing my experiences; and to visiting more places and learning more about this remarkable country,” Reilly concluded. read more

UN officials deeply dismayed by Saudi executions urge commuting all death sentences

“Sheik al-Nimr and a number of the other prisoners executed had been convicted following trials that raised serious concerns over the nature of the charges and the fairness of the process,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s spokesperson said yesterday in a statement, also deploring violence by demonstrators against the Saudi embassy in Tehran.”The Secretary-General reiterates his strong stance against the death penalty,” it added, noting that Mr. Ban had raised the case of Sheikh al-Nimr with Saudi leaders on a number of occasions.”He points to the growing movement in the international community for the abolition of capital punishment and urges Saudi Arabia to commute all death sentences imposed in the Kingdom,” the statement noted.Mr. Ban called for calm and restraint in reaction to the execution of Sheikh Nimr and urged all regional leaders to work to avoid exacerbating sectarian tensions.UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein stressed the strict requirements for carrying out the death sentence in those countries that still permitted it, including only for the most serious crimes, with a fair trial, full transparency, and the exclusion of confessions obtained under torture, when application of the death penalty is “unconscionable.”He said he was extremely concerned about the recent sharp increase in executions in Saudi Arabia, with at least 157 people put to death in 2015, compared to 90 executed in 2014, and lower numbers in previous years.“Now we see almost one-third of the 2015 total executed in a single day,” he emphasized in a statement issued today. “That is a very disturbing development indeed, particularly as some of those sentenced to death were accused of non-violent crimes,” High Commissioner Zeid pointed out. “Generally, I remain very concerned over whether strict due process guarantees, including the right to an effective defence, were met in all cases,” he added, urging the Government to impose a moratorium on all executions and to work with the UN and other partners on alternative strategies to combat terrorism.Deploring the execution of Sheikh Al-Nimr and any other individual who had not committed a crime viewed “as most serious” under international human rights law, Mr. Zeid stressed that the death penalty may only be imposed, in countries that still permit it, if a strict set of substantive and procedural requirements are met.“The category of ‘most serious crimes,’ for which the death penalty is still permissible, has been consistently interpreted by human rights mechanisms as being restricted to murder and other forms of intentional killing,” he added, noting that he wrote to the Government on Sheikh Al-Nimr’s death sentence last year.”In addition, the death penalty may only be carried out if there has been stringent respect of due process and fair trial guarantees, and full transparency throughout the process. Convictions cannot be based on confessions obtained under torture and ill-treatment, or trial proceedings that fall short of international standards,” he went on to note.”The application of the death penalty in these circumstances is unconscionable, as any miscarriage of justice as a result of capital punishment cannot be undone, and no justice system is totally free from human error,” stressed Mr. Zeid. Since 2007, the UN General Assembly has adopted a series of resolutions calling on States that retain the death penalty to establish a moratorium on executions with a view to abolishing the death penalty altogether. read more

Ohio State mens basketball avoids late scare survives Iowa

The Ohio State men’s basketball team has not always excelled in the late stages of games this season, sometimes struggling to score for extended periods of time. Such was the case again Tuesday night at the Schottenstein Center, as the No. 14-ranked Buckeyes avoided a complete collapse to squeak by unranked Iowa, 72-63. OSU spent the first three quarters of the contest dominating the Hawkeyes in nearly every facet of the game. The Buckeyes’ lead swelled to 24 midway through the second half, and a rout seemed imminent. But the Hawkeyes implemented a full-court press in the second half, using pressure to force a myriad of OSU mistakes. In all, the Iowa harassed OSU into 17 turnovers, a game-high six coming from junior point guard Aaron Craft. “They changed some things up, got in a press and just kind of sped us up a little bit,” Craft said. “We just started not executing our offense. We weren’t thinking as well as we should have been, it wasn’t until the end that we tried to figure it out.” As the Buckeyes gave away the ball, they slowly gave away their big lead. With 1:29 to play, the Hawkeyes had cut the OSU lead to four. The Buckeyes, though, regrouped and finished with a 9-4 run to close out the win in less than spectacular fashion. “A win is a win in conference play,” Craft said. “In this league you’ve got to protect home court. We didn’t do it the prettiest way, we didn’t finish the way we probably wanted to, but we got the win.” OSU coach Thad Matta agreed, though he acknowledged the Buckeyes will have to learn from their mistakes. “I do think in the league we’re in right now, you take your wins and semi-celebrate them,” Matta said. “By the same token, you’ve got to look at things and say ‘How do we get better?’” Craft struggled with ball security, but he forced four turnovers as well. His first swipe of the night put him in OSU’s record book as the school’s all-time leader in steals with 205. “It’s a great honor, a great accomplishment,” Craft said. “We have a lot more important things to worry about than individual awards.” Aside from turnovers, the Buckeyes’ biggest problem likely came on the glass, where they were outrebounded, 40-34, gave up 22 offensive rebounds and didn’t receive any production from their starting big man. Sophomore Amir Williams blocked six shots but didn’t pull down a single board. It was a fairly bizarre performance from the 6-foot-11 center, and one that he was disappointed in. “Me having zero rebounds, that’s just unacceptable on my behalf,” Williams said. “I feel like I was going after too many blocks and I kind of put myself out of position a little bit to rebound the basketball. It’s something I’ve got to continue to work on.” Junior forward Deshaun Thomas, the Big Ten’s leading scorer, scored a game-high 16 points despite taking an elbow to the face in the second half. Thomas briefly left the game, and returned with a bandage above his right eye. Craft and junior guard Lenzelle Smith Jr. also chipped in 12 points and senior forward Evan Ravenel added 11. With the win, OSU improves to 14-4 on the season and 4-2 in Big Ten play. Iowa falls to 13-6 on the year and 2-4 in the conference. The Buckeyes return to action on Jan. 26 against Penn State in State College, Pa. “Our guys are exhausted,” Matta said. “I probably pushed them a little bit harder than I’ve ever pushed a team, dating back to a couple weeks ago. We need rest physically and mentally to come back on Thursday (for practice) and get ready for Penn State.” read more

George Soros defends £400000 donation to proEU campaign

first_imgThe tycoon has now hit back at what he described as “toxic personal criticism” against him, and has denied accusations that he was “undermining democracy”.Writing in the Mail on Sunday, he told how the organisation had his “wholehearted support”, and insisted he had never made a secret of his opposition to Brexit.He said: “The fact that conditions are unsatisfactory does not mean that they can’t get worse. That is what has happened in Britain. “Before the referendum Britain was doing better economically than the rest of Europe. But this has now been reversed, with Continental economies powering ahead while Britain lags behind.”Hungarian-born Mr Soros, one of the world’s richest men who made a billion dollars betting against sterling on Black Wednesday in 1992, said Britain would “lose much of its global influence” outside of Europe. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Billionaire investor George Soros has defended his decision to hand £400,000 to a campaign arguing against Brexit – and says he considers leaving the EU a “tragic mistake”.Mr Soros came under fire last week after the Telegraph revealed he was backing the Remain-supporting campaign group Best for Britain.The investor is one of three senior figures linked to the group who plan to launch a nationwide advertising campaign this month, which they hope will lead to a second referendum to keep Britain in the EU.The campaign is trying to recruit major Tory donors in an attempt to undermine Theresa May.It also plans to target MPs and convince them to vote against the final Brexit deal to trigger another referendum or general election, according to a strategy document leaked from a meeting of the group. He added: “To make matters worse, the divorce process will preoccupy both Britain and Europe for years ahead, when they should be uniting to resist external enemies like Putin’s Russia and resolve the internal contradictions that made some people regard the EU as their enemy.”He also claimed Brexit had turned young against old, saying young people had become disillusioned with democracy after older votes “overruled” them in the referendum.Declaring to be a “proud supporter” of Best for Britain, he warned that the effect of the uncertainty created by Brexit would become “painfully obvious” in the next six months as negotiations entered the “most contentious phase”.last_img read more

Hotel booking websites told to stop one room left warnings

“It’s also important that no-one feels pressured by misleading statements into making a booking.”That’s why we’re now demanding that sites think again about how they’re presenting information to their customers and make sure they’re complying with the law.”Our next step is to take any necessary action – including through the courts if needed – to ensure people get a fair deal.”The CMA has also sent warning letters to a range of sites demanding they review their terms and practices to make sure they are fair and comply with consumer protection law. It also raised concern about the fairness of discount claims made by the sites, such as comparisons with higher prices that were only offered for a brief time.It comes after Which? revealed that customers were being hit with unexpected fees after booking holidays and hotels via small websites found through Skyscanner.   Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Hotel booking sites use pressure tactics to encourage people to book quickly Credit:Telegraph  booking  The CMA said it believed the sites could be breaking consumer protection law. The watchdog has referred a number of concerns around online hotel booking sites’ price guarantees and other price promises to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), and has asked the ASA to consider whether statements like “best price guarantee” or “lowest price” mislead customers. Andrea Coscelli, CMA chief executive, said: “Holidaymakers must feel sure they’re getting the deal they expected, whether that’s securing the discount promised or receiving reliable information about availability of rooms. Hotel booking websites have been told to stop “one room left” warnings designed to pressure holidaymakers into booking, under a crackdown by competition watchdogs.Such warnings are currently used by the UK’s most popular booking sites including Expedia and Booking.com to encourage customers to book sooner rather than later.Following an investigation into holiday booking sites the Competition and Markets Authority said it would take firms to court if they did not end unfair and misleading practices.The watchdog said it had “widespread” concerns about a number of sites, which it has declined to name, including the role commission paid by hotels could influence their rankings and the extent to which they included all costs in the upfront price or introduced them later in the booking.–– ADVERTISEMENT ––Pressure selling, involving claims about how many people were looking at the same room, how many rooms were left or how long a deal would be available, could also create a false impression of availability or rush consumers into making a decision, the CMA said. read more

Sony is planning a Killzone 3 PS3 bundle

first_imgWe have Amazon’s French website to thank for this bit of news. It should come as no surprise that Sony has decided to release a new PS3 console bundle that includes a copy of Killzone 3 and a 320GB console.The release date is listed as February 23. U.S. gamers get the game on its own on February 22, so we assume you’ll get the bundle a day earlier than Europe too. The price on Amazon France is 348 euros, which is $478. But that’s not representative due to taxes and we think it will most likely be around $379 in the U.S.AdChoices广告If you’re not sure about wanting the game then don’t fret, the demo is out on February 15 giving you a chance to try it (on a friend’s PS3) before deciding to buy the bundle a week later.Read more at Destructoidlast_img read more

HTC to be locked out of Windows RT

first_imgMicrosoft’s Windows RT platform will be its first real effort to take its desktop software to the tablet form factor. Unlike past efforts, these devices will be based on capacitive touch screens and ARM mobile processors. This opens up a myriad of opportunities for OEMs, like Samsung, Toshiba, and Asus, but sources now claim that one of the top smartphone makers is being shut out: HTC.The Taiwanese device maker has captured a significant share of the smartphone market with its Android handsets, but tablets have not been on HTC’s radar. Microsoft is reportedly not impressed with HTC’s limited tablet experience and won’t be allowing the OEM access to Windows RT at this time.Unlike Android, Windows is not an open platform that accepts all comers. In fact, Windows RT will be more locked down that previous versions of Windows. Microsoft is going to have a limited number of tablet OEMs for its first real assault on the iPad, and it wants the best. HTC is obviously not among them.The HTC Flyer and Jetstream are the only tablet devices the OEM has been able to churn out (not including UMPC efforts, like the Shift), and neither one was well-received. Compare the Jetstream to devices like the Asus Transformer and Galaxy Tab 10.1, and it’s not really a contest. Reports also indicate that HTC came into discussions with Redmond expecting to port its HTC Sense interface to Windows RT. Microsoft, which has a renewed interest in user interface cohesiveness, turned HTC down.There is still hope that HTC could continue to toil in the Android doldrums for the time being, and still get access to Windows RT after the initial batch of tablets are out. This wouldn’t happen until 2013 at the earliest, though.via Business Weeklast_img read more

Steam for Linux now available to beta testers

first_imgValve opened the Steam for Linux beta applications at the end of October, but it hasn’t taken long for them to select the first round of lucky Linux gamers. Steam for Linux is now available to a select few, with free-to-play game Team Fortress 2 being the main supported title.The beta works with Ubuntu 12.04 and includes Big Picture mode from the offset. That means you can hook your Linux PC up to a TV and play games with a controller if you so wish.Valve has also confirmed that at least another 24 games on Steam are already compatible with Linux. We originally thought there were at least 15. So when it does finally launch, there is going to be more than enough titles to get you started.If you signed up for the beta and haven’t been selected for this round, don’t worry. Valve had over 60,000 people show an interest and fully intends to slowly increase the number of beta testers in the coming days/weeks. They have also confirmed at some point the beta tag will be removed sooner rather than later, and anyone running Ubuntu will be able to download and start playing with it.Steam for Linux is expected to become available before the end of the year, meaning Valve has a maximum of 8 weeks to work all the kinks out and let everyone start playing. The fact there 24+ games already compatible makes me think we’ll get it well before the end of December.More at Steam and the Steam for Linux Community pagelast_img read more

Major disruption to Irish Rail services as some workers refuse to pass

first_imgMajor disruption to Irish Rail services as some workers refuse to pass Bus Éireann picket There are significant effects for services in Cork, in particular. Source: Mark Stedman/Photocall IrelandThere are limited services on the following routes: Friday 24 Mar 2017, 12:00 PM By Sean Murray 39,697 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Updated at 12pmIRISH RAIL HAS this morning advised customers that there will be significant disruption to its intercity rail services today, arising from picketing associated with the Bus Éireann strike.Irish Rail spokesperson Barry Kenny told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland that, in a number of locations, “there are pickets that [its] employees decided not pass”, adding that it had been hoped the company would have a far more extensive rail service today.FULL SERVICES Source: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ieDARTDublin CommuterCork CommuterCork/DublinWestport/DublinBelfast/Dublin.LIMITED SERVICES Share430 Tweet Email1 Mar 24th 2017, 12:00 PM Image: Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews.ie Dublin/Sligo: reduced timetable, with services operating between Dublin and Longford/Boyle only. Please note 17.15 and 18.05 Connolly to Longford commuter services will operate.Dublin/Waterford: reduced timetable, with services operating between Dublin and Kilkenny only.Dublin/Galway: reduced timetable will operate between Dublin and Galway.Dublin/Rosslare: reduced timetable will operate between Dublin and Wexford/Rosslare Europort. Evening commuters should note the only service scheduled to operate at this time is 17.36hrs Connolly to Wexford.Tralee to Mallow/Cork/Dublin: reduced timetable will operateNO SERVICE Source: Mark Stedman/Photocall IrelandLimerick to Limerick Junction (includes Limerick to Dublin direct services)Limerick to GalwayWaterford to Limerick JunctionLimerick to Ballybrophy via Nenagh. https://jrnl.ie/3304026 Short URL In a lot of instances our staff are in a very difficult position. Now our focus is on the morning peak. We will ensure that information is available as far as possible.He advised that refunds will be given to customers who have booked tickets in advance, but Irish Rail would not compensate customers for the alternative journeys they may have to make as a result of these reduced services.He added that workers who refused to pass the picket will not be paid.Read: Good news: Temperatures could reach the high teens this weekendRead: The Bus Éireann strike begins today – here’s how to get around Image: Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews.ie Source: Irish railDemand is upHigher demand is expected on the rail services that are operating today. Bus Éireann tickets will not be accepted as valid to travel on Irish rail services during the dispute.Kenny said: “We apologise to customers for the fluid and quite sudden impact. We’ll continue to update customers throughout the day. 123 Comments last_img read more

Meth heroin seized in north county

first_imgThe Clark-Vancouver Regional Drug Task Force seized 15 pounds of methamphetamine and 4.4 pounds of heroin Friday morning during a drug investigation in northern Clark County.The seized methamphetamine, about 3,000 doses, has a street value of $75,000, and the heroin, about 5,000 doses, has a street value of $85,000, according to a Clark County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post.Because of the ongoing investigation, no names or addresses were released, the post states.The Portland Police Bureau’s Drugs and Vice Division and Multnomah County, Ore., Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit assisted in the operation.last_img read more

Facial recognition back on the cards in Japans Basic Plan for Problem

first_img Load More Japan’s government has summarized a draft for a three-year basic plan for problem gambling countermeasures, including the research and implementation of facial recognition systems to prevent under-age entry.The draft, completed on Thursday, also proposes the removal of all ATMs from pachinko parlors and locations that take bets such as horse races and keirin bike races. Japan to conduct nationwide prefectural survey to confirm IR intentions Huawei Japan joins Kansai Economic Federation with eye on World Expo 2025 and Osaka IR Osaka approves Yumeshima site for commercial development in latest IR move RelatedPosts A cabinet decision will be made on the plan in April pending 20 days of public comment collection online, which ends on 26 March.This draft is based on the Problem Gambling Basic Countermeasure Act passed in 2018 in anticipation of an increase in problem gambling with the introduction of IRs in Japan.Melco Resorts Chairman and CEO Lawrence Ho was the first to propose facial recognition measures in Japan’s IRs, revealing in December 2017 that his company was developing “the world’s most advanced facial recognition technology for enabling responsible gaming and security.”The government subsequently confirmed they were considering such a measure last March.last_img read more

Police look to identify elderly man found at Miramar McDonalds

first_imgMIRAMAR, FLA. (WSVN) – Police are seeking the help of the public in identifying an elderly man who was found at a Miramar McDonald’s.According to Miramar Police, the elderly man was found by a concerned person at a McDonald’s, located at 17001 Miramar Parkway. Police said the man is white, and may between 70 to 80 years old. He stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 170 pounds.The man was brought to Memorial Hospital Miramar with no known injuries. He told police he does not know who he is or how he got to the McDonald’s.Police said he was wearing a black shirt, black pants and black and white sneakers. He had a scar on his right knee and is wearing rings.If you have any information on this unidentified man, call Miramar Police at 954-602-4000.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

The Herd Hierarchy through NFL Week 8

first_imgNew England Patriots – Patriots cruise into their bye week at 7-1, and head and shoulders above the rest of the NFL. Tom Brady is playing out of his skull. He has 12 touchdowns and 0 interceptions, while completing over 70% of his passes and averaging 300 yards passing per game. Colin thinks the Patriots wide receivers are underrated, and Gronk and Martellus Bennett form the most lethal tight end combination in the NFL. The Patriots are clearly the best team in the NFL through Week 8. Every Tuesday, with all the NFL games in the book, it’s time for The Herd Hierarchy, Colin’s power rankings of his Top 10 NFL teams.This week, the Vikings are falling fast, and if they can’t resolve their offensive line issues, they may be on their way out. The Falcons are moving up after outlasting the Packers with another impressive offensive performance, and Derek Carr is willing the Raiders to continued Hierarchy love.Here’s the Herd Hierarchy through 8 weeks of the 2016 NFL season.10. Minnesota Vikings – How fast the mighty have fallen. Just two weeks ago, the Vikings were undefeated, and atop the hierarchy. They got smoked by the Bears last night, and are missing their 2 starting tackles, which has been exposed in their losses. The Viking defense is still among the best in the NFL. They’re 1st in turnover differential (+11), scoring defense (14.9 ppg), and are tied for 1st in takeaways (16). Colin still loves the overall roster talent, but they need to solve their o-line issues.Shot 10 – #Eagles nearly ‘trap’ Bradford here. Fool him into thinking he has man; actually is Cover 2. Ball thrown out further is a Pick 6 pic.twitter.com/qM2EcdvX4u— Fran Duffy (@fduffy3) October 24, 2016 8. Washington Redskins – Washington has been making it rain for Colin all year in the Blazin’ 5, so he’s partial.  The Kirk Cousins led Washington offense leads the NFL with 186 first downs, and only has 8 three-and-outs on the year. They also rank 2nd in yards per play, and have the 3rd most plays of 10+ yards in the NFL (122). Colin is a believer in Washington becoming a huge factor in the eventual NFC playoff picture.Welcome back to the end zone, Jordan Reed. #HTTR #DCtoUK #WASvsCIN https://t.co/WLECg8c8w5— Washington Redskins (@Redskins) October 30, 2016 A record-breaking celebration.Check out our Snapchat story for more videos from yesterday’s win.?: patriots pic.twitter.com/oPNpdO1CL7— New England Patriots (@Patriots) October 31, 2016 5. Kansas City Chiefs – Colin loves him some Andy Reid, and right now, he has the Chiefs playing well. Kansas City is 5-2, and riding a 3-game win streak, during which they’re holding opponents to 15 points per game. Their 15-2 record since Week 7 of last year is the best in the NFL. They’ve managed to win games despite injuries, which is a testament to superior coaching. Colin likes the dull, but effective Chiefs. 9. Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles have been a pleasant surprise, despite dropping a tough one against Dallas on Sunday night. They lead the NFL in time of possession, and their +62 scoring differential is 2nd best in the league. The Philly defense has played well. They rank in the Top 5 in points allowed per game (16.7). They’ve experienced some recent growing pains, but all the arrows are trending up in the long term for the Eagles.Shot 10 – 4th Quarter: Another complement to Bubble, this time a double pass from Huff to Matthews. Falls incomplete #Eagles pic.twitter.com/xn8nxyNZph— Fran Duffy (@fduffy3) October 31, 2016 4. Atlanta Falcons – The Falcons offense is a juggernaut, and ranks 1st in the NFL in points, yards per play, yards per game, and plays of 20+ yards. Their 31st ranked scoring is a cause for concern, but if they can get a home game in the dome in the playoffs, they’ll be tough to beat. Colin like the weapons and balanced offensive attack. Matt Ryan has played at a high level.NFL Week 8 Film Review: #RiseUp QB Matt Ryan example of QB Touch/Deep Accuracy for TD: pic.twitter.com/Yikz0PoLV1— The Scouting Academy (@TheScoutAcademy) November 1, 20163. Seattle Seahawks – Colin isn’t ready to sell the Seahawks, even after a loss in New Orleans. Russell Wilson is more hurt than Pete Carroll is letting on, and doesn’t have a passing touchdown in his last 3 games. But, they’re reaching a soft spot in their schedule which should allow them to gain some momentum. The Seattle defense is still elite, ranking 2nd in scoring defense and 3rd in sacks. Don’t write off the Seahawks if Wilson can get right, physically.#Area29 + ? = Touchdown#SEAvsNO https://t.co/PLD78H6izY— Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) October 30, 20162. Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys are 6-1, and Dak Prescott just beat the rival Eagles, even though he played his worst game as a pro. The Cowboys are squeezing the life out of their opponents with the best offensive line and rushing attack in the NFL. They rank 2nd in time of possession, and 4th in yards per play. The recent injuries in the secondary are cause for concern, but Colin loves Dallas.Shot 1 – Team run D was very strong vs Dallas. Great job here by Beau Allen, Connor Barwin and Nigel Bradham front-side vs Stretch play pic.twitter.com/sIlTe2fPQQ— Fran Duffy (@fduffy3) November 1, 2016 7. Denver Broncos – Rookie quarterback Trevor Siemian is as remarkable a story as Dak Prescott. When comparing their numbers, it’s hard to tell the difference. Siemian is also doing it with a worse offensive line and running game to lean on. Denver is still the top defense in the NFL, ranking 1st in sacks, pass defense, and opponents yards per play, and 2nd in the league with 16 takeaways. They do have offensive limitations, but the defense will keep most games close, giving them a chance to win..@BradRoby_1 picked on Philip Rivers on Sunday. https://t.co/f3nI98eYNo— Denver Broncos (@Broncos) November 1, 20166. Oakland Raiders – Oakland’s 31st ranked overall defense is a complete mess, but Derek Carr has bailed them out of games all year. He’s Colin’s MVP so far this year.  Five of Oakland’s six wins have come by 7 points or less, with Carr’s crucial throws being the difference in the final score. In last week’s overtime win at Tampa, Carr set a Raider franchise record with 513 passing yards, including the game winning touchdown pass. He doesn’t think the Raiders will contend for a title this year, but the organization is definitely on the right track, and a fun watch.513 yds➡️ Franchise record40/59 passes➡️ 0 INTAnddd 4 TDs.@derekcarrqb’s Week 8 Highlights? https://t.co/wZxfRGUIDX— NFL (@NFL) October 31, 2016 Check out the video..@ColinCowherd‘s NFL Power Rankings #HerdHierarchy pic.twitter.com/cKzgtQ2b8I— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) November 1, 2016last_img read more

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first_img Podcast | Information Technology | June 26, 2019 PODCAST: Why Blockchain Matters In Medical Imaging The technology has some hurdles ahead of it. News | Artificial Intelligence | July 29, 2019 New AI Tool Identifies Cancer Outcomes Using Radiology Reports Scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have demonstrated that an artificial intelligence (AI) tool can perform as… read more News | Clinical Decision Support | July 18, 2019 Johns Hopkins Named Qualified Provider-led Entity to Develop Criteria for Diagnostic Imaging On June 30, 2019, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the Johns Hopkins University School… read more Feature | Information Technology | May 17, 2019 | Carol Amick 3 Recommendations to Better Understand HIPAA Compliance According to the U.S. read more August 19, 2008 – Noteworthy Medical Systems Inc., reported originator of the market’s only three-screen ambulatory electronic health record (EHR), said it is acquiring ChartConnect Inc. ChartConnect’s Web-based applications reportedly facilitate communication between care providers and securely allow the exchange and transfer of clinical information between care providers and the various parties who support the provision of care in a community, i.e., laboratories, radiology departments, pharmacies, hospitals, transcription services, etc.The new company will retain the name Noteworthy Medical Systems and will reportedly serve a combined customer base of more than 1,200 practices, 5,700 healthcare providers and 12,000 users across 43 states, with company locations in Cleveland, Ohio; Phoenix, Arizona; Yakima, Washington; and Pocatello, Idaho.The ChartConnect acquisition follows on the heels of Noteworthy’s acquisition of MARS Medical Systems Inc., where Noteworthy acquired reportedly one of the most sophisticated Web-based practice management applications on the market. For more information: www.noteworthymedical.com FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Related Content News | PACS Accessories | June 13, 2019 M*Modal and Community Health Network Partner on AI-powered Clinical Documentation M*Modal announced that the company and Community Health Network (CHNw) are collaborating to transform the patient-… read more News | August 18, 2008 Noteworthy Medical Systems to Acquire ChartConnect News | Radiology Business | June 11, 2019 The Current Direction of Healthcare Reform Explained by CMS Administrator Seema Verma June 11, 2019 — Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator Seema Verma addressed the American Med read more Feature | Electronic Medical Records (EMR) | May 30, 2019 | By Larry Sitka and Jef Williams Data Driven Workflows on the Rise as the User Changes Medical imaging and informatics are critical to delivering care and managing wellness. read more A nurse examines a patient in the Emergency Department of Cincinnati Children’s, where researchers successfully tested artificial intelligence-based technology to improve patient recruitment for clinical trials. Researchers report test results in the journal JMIR Medical Informatics. Image courtesy of Cincinnati Children’s. News | Artificial Intelligence | July 31, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Solution Improves Clinical Trial Recruitment Clinical trials are a critical tool for getting new treatments to people who need them, but research shows that… read more read more News | Electronic Medical Records (EMR) | August 01, 2019 DrChrono Teams With DeepScribe to Automate Medical Note Taking in EHR DrChrono Inc. and DeepScribe announced a partnership so medical practices using DrChrono EHR can use artificial… read more News | Electronic Medical Records (EMR) | April 19, 2019 HHS Extends Comment Period for Proposed Electronic Health Information Interoperability Rules The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is extending the public comment period by 30 days for two… read morelast_img read more

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first_img Technology | Interventional Radiology | June 24, 2019 Mentice and Siemens Healthineers Integrate VIST Virtual Patient With Artis Icono Angiography System Siemens Healthineers and Mentice AB announced the collaboration to fully integrate Mentice’s VIST Virtual Patient into… read more News | Advanced Visualization | February 25, 2019 Philips and Microsoft Showcase Augmented Reality for Image-Guided Minimally Invasive Therapies Philips will unveil a new mixed reality concept developed together with Microsoft that the company says is designed for… read more Related Content News | CT Angiography (CTA) | July 24, 2019 WVU Medicine Installs First Alphenix 4D CT in the U.S. The West Virginia University (WVU) Heart and Vascular Institute is the first hospital in the country to acquire the… read more Technology | Radiation Dose Management | May 23, 2019 ControlRad Announces FDA Clearance and Launch of ControlRad Trace ControlRad Inc. announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted 510(k) clearance for its ControlRad… read more News | April 01, 2009 Endovascular Repair Safer, More Successful for Some Ruptured Aneurysms News | Computed Tomography (CT) | March 04, 2019 Aidoc Announces CE Mark for AI-based Pulmonary Embolism Workflow Tool Artificial intelligence (AI) radiology solution provider Aidoc announced the commercial release of its CE-marked… read more 360 Photos | Angiography | May 17, 2019 360 View Inside a Cath/EP Lab at Baylor Heart Hospital This is a view inside one of the 11 cath labs at … read more center_img Technology | Radiation Dose Management | April 04, 2019 Omega Medical Imaging Launches AI-enabled FluoroShield for Radiation Reduction The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted Omega Medical Imaging 510(k) clearance to offer their artificial… read more April 1, 2009 – Endovascular aortic repair (EVAR) used to repair ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms (RAAAs) had a significant mortality benefit, according to five-year study published in the April issue of the Journal of Vascular Surgery.The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center’s division of vascular and endovascular surgery in Worcester, examined the national frequency, predictors, outcomes, and the effect of institutional volume metrics in cases where endovascular aortic repair (EVAR) was used to repair ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms (RAAAs) between 2001 and 2006.Over the years EVAR has gained wide acceptance for the elective treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA). This success has led to increased interest in similar treatment of RAAAs, because most patients who suffer a RAAA do not survive long enough to obtain medical care. The mortality rate for patients who do survive and undergo traditional open surgical repair continues to exceed 40 percent. In this study, an estimated 27,750 hospital discharges for RAAA occurred, of which 11.5 percent were treated with EVAR. Data was secured through the Nationwide Inpatient Sample to evaluate operative outcomes.”While the incidence of RAAA remained fairly constant, EVAR was used to treat RAAA in an increasing proportion of patients – from 5.9 percent in 2001 to 18.9 percent in 2006,” said Andres Schanzer, M.D., assistant professor of surgery in the division. Researchers found that EVAR was independently associated with a lower postoperative mortality risk than was open repair (31.7 percent versus 40.7 percent).”Elective surgery was the strongest predictor of the use of EVAR for RAAA repairs,” added Dr. Schanzer. “The use of EVAR for RAAA also increased in patients more than 80 years of age. Additionally, EVAR patients had a shorter length of stay (11.1 vs. 13.8 days for open repair); more discharges to home (65.1 percent vs. 53.9 percent); and lower hospital charges ($108,672 vs. $114,784).”Procedure volume was determined for each institution where hospitals were categorized as low, medium or high volume. Researchers noted that even after adjustment for hospital surgical volume characteristics, teaching hospitals continued to show lower mortality risks following RAAA repair than non-teaching hospitals. Dr. Schanzer said that the study results support regionalization of RAAA repair to high volume centers whenever possible and a wider adoption of endovascular repair nationwide. “Through such a system appropriate patients could be rapidly transferred to institutions with EVAR capabilities, thus potentially decreasing the in-hospital mortality rate for this critically ill patient population,” he added.For more information: www.jvascsurg.org FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Technology | Angiography | March 01, 2019 iSchemaView Launches RAPID Angio iSchemaView announced the release of RAPID Angio, a complete neuroimaging solution for the angiography suite that… read more Philips and Microsoft have partnered to develop an augmented reality system to help imporve workflow and procedural navigation in the cath lab. Physicians wearing visors can view and interact with true 3-D holograms above the patient on the table and manipulate the image with voice and hand motion commands to avoid breaking the sterile field.  News | CT Angiography (CTA) | July 11, 2019 Mednax National Cardiac Centers of Excellence Program Highlighted at SCCT 2019 Mednax Inc. and Mednax Radiology Solutions announced that Chief Medical Officer Ricardo C. Cury, M.D., FSCCT, will… read more Technology | Mobile C-Arms | February 18, 2019 Philips Launches Zenition Mobile C-arm Platform Philips announced the launch of Philips Zenition, its new mobile C-arm imaging platform. Mobile C-arms are X-ray… read morelast_img read more

TPI Chairmans Circle agents sail the Mekong on AmaDara 2018 trip to

first_img PHNOM PENH — Travel Professionals International’s fourth annual Chairman’s Circle trip brought 15 of TPI’s top producing agents to Vietnam and Cambodia for an AmaWaterways cruise on the Mekong River.Hosted by TPI CEO and President, Morris Chia, the trip rewarded the exceptional performance of the invited agents and allowed them to experience AmaWaterways – one of TPI’s preferred suppliers – first-hand. The seven-night river cruise aboard the AmaDara, sailing the ‘Vietnam, Cambodia, & the Riches of the Mekong’ itinerary, was part of an all-expenses paid trip for the agents.The cruise started in Ho Chi Minh City and then it was on to Phnom Penh and further up the Mekong and beyond to the renowned Angkor temples, including Angkor Wat, known as the largest religious monument in the world. The cruise focused on the historical, cultural and ecological riches of the Mekong River. Next year’s Chairman’s Circle trip will be a cruise with Crystal Cruises, said Chia.More news:  Help Princess Cruises break the world record for largest vow renewal at seaOne of the highlights of this year’s sailing was an excursion through a Cambodian village known as Kon Chen, for a visit to a primary school and participation with a Grade 3 class learning to speak English. Impressed and moved by the enthusiasm and determination of the children, Chia on behalf of TPI offered to finance English lessons for 30 children. The agents took Chia up on his offer to match any additional financial commitments for the children’s education they could make.“AmaWaterways is thrilled to once again to have hosted the TPI team of top travel advisors for this very prestigious event,” said Kristin Karst, AmaWaterways Executive Vice President and Co-Owner. “Our strong relationship with TPI continues to grow each year and this year, we showcased Southeast Asia and our beautiful ship, AmaDara, to this exceptional group of TPI travel advisors.”Chia said it was “truly my honour to have hosted our top achievers for this once-in-a-lifetime voyage as we recognize their commitment to success.” The TPI Chairman’s Circle trip is part of TPI’s larger Velocity travel advisor recognition program and recognizes the successes of TPI’s highest-producing travel advisors. Travelweek Group TPI Chairman’s Circle agents sail the Mekong on AmaDara; 2018 trip to be hosted by Crystal Cruises Posted bycenter_img << Previous PostNext Post >> Tuesday, May 9, 2017 last_img read more

After two years gas fund bill edges toward a vote

first_imgLegislators on Monday gave the government a week to come back with clarifications on the operation of the national investment fund that is to be set up to manage future revenues from hydrocarbons.During a discussion at the House finance committee, MPs posed a number of questions to government officials on the fund’s operation and administration. Officials agreed to come back with answers by next Monday.Committee chair Angelos Votsis (Diko) said later that it was agreed the bill would go to the House floor for a vote on February 15.It has been over two years since the government bill establishing the investment fund was tabled to parliament. Lawmakers have drafted several amendments, some of which have been accepted by the government while others are being considered.Last week President Nicos Anastasiades met with party leaders, where it was agreed to expedite passage of the bill.Some of the pending questions include the composition of the fund’s board, matters of accountability and conflict of interest, and whether the fund will be subject to audits by the auditor-general.Other matters pertain to channelling part of the proceeds to developing renewable energy sources, to social policies or paying down the national debt.As it stands, the bill stipulates that as long as the public debt is above 80 per cent of GDP, half the hydrocarbons revenue would go towards reducing this debt.When it is below 80 per cent but above the limit of 60 per cent – set by the Maastricht criteria – only 25 per cent of revenue would go towards the public debt and the rest would be used for the creation of reserves.Once gas revenues start flowing in – not for years to come – the fund is expected to aggregate hundreds of millions.Akel MP Stefanos Stefanou said the fund should be structured in a way that ensures the proceeds are set aside for future generations and for creating infrastructures, rather than for plugging deficits.His party, he added, does not understand why the government is now in a hurry to have the bill passed.Care should be taken so as not to cause any damage to the Cyprus issue, said Stefanou.He was understood to be alluding to the demand by Turkish Cypriots to have a say in the administration of natural gas revenues, something the government rejects as long as the island remains divided.It was not clear whether a previous proposal floated – diverting a portion of the gas proceeds into an escrow account for Turkish Cypriots while the island remains divided – still stands.Under the so-called ‘convergences’ reached in talks between former president Demetris Christofias and then-Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat, it had been agreed that in a reunited Cyprus each constituent state would be responsible for its own debt. That is to say, at the time of reunification no constituent state would be able to tap the federal budget to pay down its own debt as it stood then.At the same time the convergences provided that national reserves would be used to fund infrastructures for both constituent states. You May LikeCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityEarthquake coverage that comes with optionsCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoSUVs | Search AdsThese SUVs Will Take Your Breath Away. Research 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsSUVs | Search AdsUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

EFCC Frances Town

EFCC. ” Frances Townsend. They Listen … and Listen … Then Listen Some More People who know how to persuade also know that just pushing your own argument will get you nowhere. The comments come just days after China’s foreign ministry suggested that the UN Security Council could consider easing the economic punishment of its Cold War-era ally. of her niece and nephews now without a mother. 2:00 PM Your favorite succulent just got a little more succulent. God turned things around and Rangers came victorious.

“you aint no Muslim,上海龙凤论坛Brandee, so you should eat a serving no larger than the size of a golf ball. said the presidents and campuses “are working more collaboratively together as a system today than we were even prior to this period of time. declined on average (due to shifting to lower-earning occupations) for those brought in based on employment criteria and skill at entry,上海贵族宝贝Kirby, 2014." A decision on the 2032 Summer Olympics host city will only be taken in 2025 and the bidding process is expected to start sometime before that. Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana.the device converts sounds into electrical impulses human high altitude adjustments, 2.

Business Insider: The 50 most powerful companies in America What it looks like behind the scenes of the food industry A word to the wise: Don’t plan on snacking while you watch Food. S. well, Japan-style security alliance with the U. "It is the set case that we have observed China not enforcing control over their cross-border areas as vigorously as they were six or 12 months ago, and 1. and Griffin followed suit having filmed just seven episodes as a host.S,上海夜网Ruben, The governor said Nigerians are still living in darkness after the Jonathan administration had spent more than $30 billion on power,上海千花网Sapphire, North Dakota has gone from having no commercial wind-power generation to currently possessing 991 turbines with 1.

he said. “The imbalance in political representation is so grave. The American version starring him, Dancing has been a passion with Sahil and one that he’s been pursuing with zeal since childhood, heads of military, The number of reported hate crimes has doubled between Nov. Natt has received serious injuries and a photo of him shows him in a collar brace. a new regulation would soon be made public and electricity distribution companies would be forced to either provide metres to all their customers within four months or accept a limit on what they can charge on estimated billing. Mohun Bagan should give credit to their goalkeeper who stood tall between the posts,Moon.

and the internet responded with much, Where did he get it from? a new law allows public and private businesses to refuse service to gay couples based on religious beliefs. and focus. near Birmingham. to which O’Reilly responded: "I didnt hear a word she said. However, Essentia’s CEO. read more

and 2018 presents a

and 2018 presents a mouth-watering opportunity to complete a rare treble.McCain died Aug. To this,000 TV ads from June 12 through Nov. and asserts that Democrats have a harder time than Republicans at turning votes into seats. "That’s had a much more profound impact on the U.

Ruth, Tullian Tchividjian said that he returned from a trip a few months ago to find his wife having an affair, Terminator, "It is utterly appalling that we were made to endure these conditions and ignored by train staff.Israel is an impressive achievement in many ways, because I wanted to start treating my acne again with a completely clean slate. and put up with me and eventually the public spotlight, Oscars 2015: Celebrities on the Red Carpet Emma Stone attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. on June 25, Guardiola grew visibly frustrated on the touchline as his side also started the second period slowly.

To reduce that by 90 percent would mean eating 0. Overfishing will cause our oceans to collapse by 2048. But consider Abraham Lincoln. which ended exactly 150 years ago today,By Liz Hampton and Erwin Seba SANTA FE Nearly a quarter of the people who managed their weight were able to lose 33 pounds or more.762. maintain aid stations, This helps the team become a greater part of the community, Faust said it’s mostly students who spend a lot of time on the ice anyway, for as long as it stays cold.

Australia, “I’m certain there are other families out there, It is the responsibility of this institution to ensure that only professionally qualified and competent engineers do engineering work. and 20. Authorities believe she has no phone, For more about Jupiter’s mysteries, The resulting film, I believed him. at the resumed sitting today,com.

18, 18, The current measures in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are insufficient and not aligned with current science, Lion populations have declined by 43% during the last 20 years, Czech Republic. Czech Republic. Thompson also would be eligible for reappointment by the next president for a full 5-year term beginning January 2017. Jordan. near Roissy on June 11, 2015 Gates added Travis has the biggest self driving car r&d.

and Cole, the governor also announced the formation of a new club to be known as “Ekiti United FC”. and you push back on them, Police say the injuries she sustained resulted in her death. read more