The six secret bosses won’t tell you not to regret it

working in a company, you are very active in front of the ideas and suggestions that the boss, then your boss will find your proposal to retain it, rather than employees to share, you will need to understand the boss’s real idea. Here are six common ideas that every great boss has, but these ideas are best kept secret:

1. "I’ve had enough to help you solve the problem."

details: "a big part of my job is to listen to your questions, and help you find solutions. But sometimes I really want you to find your own solution instead of relying on me to help you solve the problem."

2. "I don’t earn as much money as you think."

details: "you might think so, as a boss, I have to make a lot of money. However, although there are a lot of CEO really take a huge reward, but I am not one of them. As a matter of fact, I’m trying to make money to pay my bills, just like you."

3. "sometimes I wish I wasn’t the boss."

details: "yes, I worked hard, and in order to have the position of power at the expense of the great, but sometimes I think, if I was an independent contributor to it, is not a bit happier. I like to do my own thing."

4. "I can’t be completely honest."

details: "I would rather not must not let the staff know the secret. However, the fact is that I have legal obligations and organizational responsibilities, which do not allow me to tell you everything I know."

5. "I know you speak ill of me behind my back."

details: "you may think that you are a negative evaluation of my not outgoing lounge, but please be assured that your" friends "in at least one person gave me."

6. "I’d rather listen to an outsider’s advice."

details: "I’m sure you’d rather I listen to you — my suggestions. However, consultants and salespeople have offered me a different point of view, in order to increase the advantage, I can tell them that their ideas are stupid, but it will inevitably hurt their feelings."

how employees are boss love employees. There are some ideas boss did not say, but does not mean that you do not need guidance. These secret bosses will not tell his subordinates, know these secret employees, often can easily find their own position in the work.


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