Novice shop tips to make you earn 365 a year

recently quit the job, want to open a shop at home, can save every day to go back and forth to work hard, but also their own boss. But before just bought clothes online, the process for the shop is not understood. How to set up shop in new online? More and more people want to open a shop on the Internet as a sideline, but do not know how to open a shop on the Internet, the whole network of small arrrr share their experience, and I hope to help you.

novices in the open shop before, always have many concerns, in contact with many novice, on this point it is very deep. Many friends do not have to purchase their own shop can also be opened up do not understand. In the work shop do not shop, summed up the following points, and to believe that new year open shop friends can have some help:

1, to be aware of what to do shop selling. Is your purchase or sell a do not have their own distribution shop.


2, do not own shop can not easily open shop goods distribution. Avoid long-term investment, occupation of funds.


The decisive factor

A netizen

do online is a long process, not after you open up shop there will be income. Open up shop can be said that the long march is the first step. The rest is the core. The store has, how can let others know, between a shop is not profitable how to do, then what kind of mentality to face this problem?

2, the first to open shop promotion. How should promotion must be familiar with in the heart of their online form. This is a step to decide whether the shop can make money.

3, > shop promotion technology

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