Sincerity let Shao Haixia business booming

in the current market, if you want to run a business booming, certainly has its own business skills, it is worth learning other operators. Art is not easy to find cigarette and liquor vendor in Lixia District liberation road, although it is in the way to work every day, reporters must store about seven or eight square meters, looks not conspicuous, but in a continuous line of business.

so, what is this store unique cheats?

"there is no better business than" sincerity "." Long hair fluttering beauty boss Shao Haixia want to, leisurely spit out this sentence.

people into the store, we took out the most sincere heart

"people into the shop, we took out the most sincere heart." Shao Haixia said that some of the old customers, eat ice cream, drink a bottle of water, she does not want money, customers may not care about this a few dollars, but to do so, they can feel my heart."

"some people say that you can look at the passers-by, but who can say that the road will not become old customers?" Shao Haixia said, "when I shop, there is a work at the site of the customer to the store to buy water, I see he bought ice, remind him to drink too cool to hurt the stomach, also greeted him to rest next to the fan. Now, he became the boss of a company, is still a regular visitor in my store."

Shao Haixia is willing to pay attention to the customer’s heart, as long as there is a customer to inquire, she put the phone number stored. For those who do not want to disclose the name of customers, customers like cigarettes or other information on the label. Now, there are two hundred or three hundred customer information on her cell phone.

"there are customers who evaluate me as a ‘

"sincere" two words, looks simple, really stick is not easy.

"there are customers who judge me." Shao Haixia said, "my greatest weakness is the fact that the advantages are real."

, for example, she has always insisted blatantly, to meet the customer demand, she told the customer said: "if this is your store, you will lose money to sell? If you buy at such a low price, quality can be no problem?"

, for example, she has been insisting on the law, only sell cigarettes from tobacco companies. Once a customer to use less than the gift of cigarettes, want to deal with her cheap price to her, she refused.

"these customers have a good relationship with me, but let me sell the informal channels of smoke, I can not do." Shao Haixia said, after she refused, there is a customer that she is dead, but also good

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