What do you want to make money shop operating Road

everyone want to start your own business, everyone wants to be your own boss, but his shop is not a easy thing, entrepreneurship is successful or failed, today, the whole network Xiaobian for everyone to talk shop want money to have what way of business.

a blind entry. Many people in the shop at the beginning of what the store did not open any objective basis, but to see or hear someone to open a shop to make money, on a whim to open up shop. How to set up shop in order to avoid failure? The exposure shop business to make money, when the shop opened up after the discovery of the entire industry market is not the first thought, the stuff is good, can rival innumerable, quality and price of products in the market have no advantage, continue means more losses, finally become the best choice to give up.

if the owner or shopkeeper playing online games, left the guests into the store and make the guest no transaction; Business Hours arrangement is not considering the convenience of guests, but considering the convenience stores themselves; another volume store appearance do not care about the store, the products do not care, make store and product image not fit to be seen. How to set up shop in order to avoid failure? Exposure shop to make money to operate the road, in addition, the staff lack of passion for work, go to work listless, can not guide the guests to buy, and other aspects of non professional behavior are difficult to improve store performance.

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