Shandong Jining action to promote women’s Entrepreneurship

although the social status of women has been generally improved, but in terms of employment, women or by a lot of unfair treatment, in order to improve the female employment rate, recently Shandong Jining through practical action to promote female entrepreneurship.

to promote female college students’ employment, Municipal Women’s Federation give full play to the advantages of resources, horizontal linkages, in mid August, organized experts have rich business experience, dedication of the 25 successful female entrepreneurs and enthusiastic about public welfare, support of female university students entrepreneurship, labor, tax, tax and other related departments composed of women’s business mentor group.

organized by a business mentor in universities, communities, villages and other activities, take education incentive, on-site counseling, twinning, guide the female college students to participate in the business practice, improve entrepreneurial ability, for the majority of female students, female entrepreneurs to provide business and employment services.

under such support, believe that Shandong Jining will have more success for women to be self-employed, so as to realize their own value, make more contributions to the society, return the country!