Li Junfu former director of housing was arrested sacked his wife fled

now China the whole domestic anti-corruption movement can be said is like a raging fire, at the same time, now has several officials have been sacked, recently, Guangzhou housing secretary Li Junfu Chinese was found at the same time, corruption and bribery, Guangzhou Guotufangguan system corruption case 16 dry horse tribe.

"Wenchuan hero" Li Junfu broke a pot of soup, Guangzhou Guotufangguan system corruption case 16 cadres sacked


Li Junfu after "life – transformation officer’s officer", at the age of 44 as the Guangzhou city bureau level cadres’; he led the working group of Guangzhou aid Wenchuan front feats in the reconstruction period; he is a person who is also the city Guotufangguan Bureau, the Municipal Office of housing security, "three old" office, city land development center four "number one", smug, in high and vigorous spirits.

in front of the public, Li Junfu is to create a knowledgeable, clear thinking, be enthusiastic and press on heroic figures, however, just 4 years time, the scenery behind the figure, has been in a disastrous state.

with Li Junfu sacked, including director of Surveying and Mapping Management Office Guotufangguan Bureau Zengmou, security office, project director Xu, director of Project Management Office of Ma et al use their powers to seek benefits for others housing, first recommended

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