Small cloth shoes achievements good cause

selling shoes may be able to earn a sum of money, but how much? Not to mention this to achieve their own career. So, there are very few entrepreneurs by selling shoes to get rich. However, the protagonist of this article can be different, Lou Jia with their own efforts, as well as the pursuit of the United States, for their own to create a great cause of cloth shoes, for everyone to bring more good products shoes.

"90" has always been a controversial group, remember to go to school when the teacher said, "after 90" is a let her feel unbelievable groups, they are good to make 70,80 the fear of talent, but also makes people a headache naughty. But over time, "90" started to enter the society, writing their life, it seems everyone on this group is no longer too much attention, they belong to the rebellious era is over, now what are they doing?

Lou Jia, 92 years of birth, the first time I heard her, and chat with friends. I remember when my friend said to me, she looked at the photos, see my blood boil, and then think of it, this nameless excitement probably comes from the desire for "free soul".

Lou Jia’s specialty is "visual communication" seems a bit strange to us, but to put it plainly, is to pass the beautiful things to you. When I was a sophomore Lou Jia encountered a bothering her, she went out to buy things, meet the love are too expensive, but not cheap and love, this let Lou Jia very tangled, tangled this until she bought a pair of shoes "peacebird".

was bought back, wearing a few times on the deformation, and later to buy can not buy." This double "peacebird" opened a new world for Lou Jia, the special love this pair of shoes, when to buy, Lou Jia put his this pair apart, his imitation of the start, so Lou Jia began his entrepreneurial path.

began to sell on the Internet, but also put a stall, business, I feel pretty good." She smiled and said to me, selling shoes probably earned two thousand dollars, in retrospect, this is her first pot of gold. Lou Jia is lucky, maybe her early pioneering effectiveness, after graduation, she wants to go back to Chongqing to open a shop of his own, I did not think that her decision, and not by parents against, on the contrary, her parents are very supportive of her. So, Lou Jia shop opened in Chongqing ciqikou.

one day, my mother and I said, for me, she is my greatest regret and their generation, living without "indifferent". Yes, in this life, if you can live for a love of their own things, how happy and how lucky. I remember watching a show, Yang Liping said to a contestant, "you love to dance, you have to think about it."

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