Small supermarket how to survive in the cracks around the

has a small supermarket even if the customer is not much, but at least the surrounding customers can visit, business is not fire, but do not worry about the business, but now the small supermarket facing large supermarket "step by step", it is increasingly difficult for business. In fact, with the rapid development of market economy, more and more large supermarkets, small supermarkets how to survive? How can we not be "big fish" to eat it?

this is a problem that many small supermarket owners are confused about. Because of the lack of resources, poor market competitiveness, on the surface, it seems that there is no way to small supermarkets, but the actual situation is not so pessimistic. As long as the right direction, with the right method, the development of small supermarket space is huge. So, "small fish" how to live in the cracks?

is a unique service to find a breakthrough in the current situation, for small supermarkets, if you want to survive, the most important thing is to make clear their customer base, pay attention to the characteristics of the service. Large supermarket offers a range of goods, inexpensive one-stop service, while the small supermarket is to provide features, convenient service.

should not be confused with large supermarkets to "beat", should avoid weaknesses, complement each other, to get out of a tight encirclement. The commodity structure to achieve dislocation and large supermarket management services, starting from the customer needs, and actively develop the characteristics of convenience services, such as one-stop payment card, a station, train tickets, airline tickets and other special services can try.

two is on the development of small supermarket for intensive and meticulous farming because of fewer resources, can not afford to waste, therefore, their "living law" in the market is doing fine. For example: Business Hours, small supermarket Business Hours can hold their own, every morning a small shop can advance business, the evening can also extend Business Hours, the big supermarket not open before and after closing time as prime time small supermarket, small supermarket exclusive period, business can not be lazy, want to get up early with the large supermarket, a time lag, inadequate performance in the big supermarket to the wrong operation and delay operation. This resource is small, but has been y utilized, but also to make the small supermarket sustained and healthy development.

three is to rely on small profits but quick turnover to find customers now, in the thousands of square meters of large supermarkets, pushing the cart in a wide range of goods pick to pick, more and more accepted by the people. But some people have a special liking for small supermarkets". Because small supermarkets and large supermarkets, compared to the majority of small supermarkets are married or run with their families, some of the prices of goods themselves say. The big supermarket is different, large supermarket sales staff are hired, no matter how much to buy or buy less, it is impossible to give more profit in terms of price.

if a small supermarket wants to survive, the best way is to keep customers. In order not to allow consumers to shift the battlefield, smart retailers to learn to do >

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