How to identify common venture scam

Telecom fraud after another, in the field of entrepreneurship is frequent occurrence. Many scammers use urgent mentality of entrepreneurs, cajoling entrepreneurs to pay various fees. Telephone, fax, Internet and other tools, not only to bring the convenience of communication, at the same time, but also to provide convenience for various types of economic fraud. All sorts of tricks such as open Pandora’s box, have emerged. They weave a variety of beautiful lies, design a seductive trap, smallpox pendant non-existent disorderly throw pie, in order to achieve the purpose of cheat scam.

this is our most common and most kind of scam online contact. They often pretend to have a foreign fancy your products, you quote, send samples or even samples, and then inform you to go to their company signed a contract, with 30% of the deposit. The results of those who cheated excitedly to the Swindlers Company, but was cheated out of commissions, cigarettes, wine, and liars always asks you to go to the designated hotel, for you should see through the scam when he sat close to the hotel too stingy to pull out a hair of his "fee".

Mining fraud: "our factory to send welfare workers……"

pretexting is Moumou factory supply division of cadres, labor insurance, welfare, purchasing and other prizes by phone, he told you to go over there and then signed a supply contract, Pianchipianhe cheat rebate. They call the unit 99% is counterfeit, it is best to check the true number of units through the 114, then make a decision. This type of fraud is mainly concentrated in Anhui and Jiangxi, Shangrao, usually in the eve of the festival, is the season of their deception.

this liar is generally fake local famous enterprises, say to want to buy your product, luring you hooked. One time I was cheated by a liar in Anhui, Anqing, said he was a Anqing food factory, state-owned enterprises, to buy our equipment. I checked the national food business directory, hit 114, his address, the phone really exists, I think anyway, Hangzhou is not far from Anqing, went to a trip. I went to Anqing on a taxi to the driver to understand the situation of the plant, and asked the doorman before entering the factory, the basic determination is a liar (just rented a group of their factory, the guard did not know it! And he went into his recommendation

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