What are the ways to increase popularity

if the shop is not even individuals, no matter what kind of activities are not customers, this is also how to protect the business of the shop hot? Spring rain is as expensive as oil". But some time ago the pitter patter of the rain, even under four or five days, it will make people fat torture, sunny days. In this spring rain season, the streets and lanes are scarce, shops seem deserted, cigarette retail affected. So, I came up with several children, but also attract a lot of customers, added popularity to the shop.

wonderful music to attract customers

nowadays, in the small town of residence, many shops have small sound. Whenever passing through the front door or to the store to shop, often hear the beautiful songs, filling the ears, people feel happy, invisible increase the desire to buy.

recently, more rain, customers scarce, keep shop I suddenly thought: why not buy a small sound, put the music, one to enjoy themselves, and secondly to attract pedestrians and customers, may be able to bring benefits to the business.

is easy to buy, but what is the most attractive? It is a question worth studying. To this end, I in the online investigation for a long time, and finally downloaded 50 classic songs. These songs and other content are positive and healthy, there are folk songs, pop songs, there are a few good movie episode.

will be placed in front of the shop door, then the power supply, control the volume, began to play music. In the spring, I played the first song is "March rain", still in front of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting. With the sound of music, I carefully observe the pedestrians, who pass the shop door, turn around to see the rate of more than 70%. Some young people also slowed down the pace, it seems to listen carefully to this song before leaving.

an old customer into the store selling cigarettes, he was happy to say to me: "hear this" March rain ", very familiar, very kind, think of the life of the students." I said: "as long as you like, every day to play good music."

three days, I played a small sound of the wonderful songs, into the ears of pedestrians, but also attracted a lot of customers come shopping. Psychological factors may be, I feel that since there is a small sound, into the store to buy things more than usual customers. Therefore, my heart thank sound, thanks to the wonderful music, has brought me happiness, wealth adds to the shop. In the future, I would like to care for their children as well as the protection of the small sound, so that it has become a good helper I shop!

display screen eye-catching

now, with the development of society, more and more electronic display shop front door, in the above advertising information,