Chengdu five venture capital subsidies to help college students entrepreneurship

for entrepreneurs, it is necessary to determine the need to first understand the local welfare policy, will bring a lot of convenience for your business. In particular, just graduated from college students entrepreneurship, if there is a local financial support will ease the pressure on entrepreneurship.

entrepreneurship subsidies, pre employment training to participate in subsidies, employment of college graduates also have subsidies…… Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of human resources and social, in order to further promote the employment of college graduates and entrepreneurship, Chengdu introduced a series of preferential policies for the implementation details.

entrepreneurship training subsidies: 900 yuan

implementation of the rules, the graduation year (ie, 12 months before the year July 1st from the beginning of the year) in Rong college students, according to the standard of 900 yuan / person to give entrepreneurship training subsidies. Entrepreneurship training includes: SIYB training, entrepreneurship training, or by the human resources and social security departments to promote other entrepreneurship training programs.

entrepreneurial success subsidies: 10 thousand yuan

graduated from the administrative area in Chengdu city for the first time in 5 years (since the success for the "tax registration certificate" the date of tax records for 3 consecutive months) of college graduates, to give 10 thousand yuan venture subsidies; more than 1 years of continual operation, according to the project to give a one-time award of $3000.

entrepreneurship employment: the highest 50 thousand

graduated from college graduates in five years (including non household registration in the city for the first time) founded in the administrative area of Chengdu city enterprises, employment of urban and rural workers (including non city residence, employment) signed a 1 year contract, and is required to pay social insurance premiums, giving a one-time reward of 1000 yuan per person standard, single family enterprise award the highest total not more than 50 thousand yuan.

graduate trainee: 800 yuan per month

to attract college graduates (including non city household registration) to participate in the employment of probation enterprises (units) can apply for employment of basic living allowance. Probation period of 3 to 12 months, the basic living allowance for employment trainee for each person $800 per month.

small secured loans: 100 thousand interest free

college graduates have entrepreneurial aspirations and abilities (graduated 5 years) the "ordinary high school graduation certificate", "identity card", entrepreneurship project description, site certificate and other relevant materials, to apply for small loans. After the application of small loans secured by the financial sector by the people’s Bank of China announced the basic interest rate to give 100% discount support, the total amount of loans of not more than 100 thousand yuan, discount period of not more than 2 years.