Three path analysis of China’s nternet development in the next ten years

flash, Chinese Internet has twenty calendar years, the number of Internet users in the world’s first, the network is also more than that can not count, it is the birth of two billion dollar level of listed companies (ALI is listed, but generally will not be lower than the estimated $100 billion). In the past 20 years, China’s Internet has grown from scratch, it must be admitted that it has a huge impact on china. So, the next ten years, China’s Internet will appear what kind of change? This paper makes a bold prediction, mainly divided into three paths.

in the internal Chinese, the Internet is the main tool of IM and email. This is indeed a great deal of internal communication to improve the efficiency, but whether it is IM or e-mail, are relatively light service, more to play a role: the exchange of messages, file transfer. It is difficult to carry such a heavy demand such as teamwork. As a software OA, once popular in the past, but in the specific application, as used by the people, will feel very heavy and inconvenient, especially OA in the mobile terminal’s performance is very poor, do not conform to the trend of the future mobile internet.

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