Open pot shop to achieve entrepreneurial dream

many people have the idea of entrepreneurship, but because of various reasons have been unable to achieve. In fact, as long as we can choose to a good business opportunity to achieve this goal can also become extremely easy. Here, Xiaobian for you to recommend a good business opportunity, that is to open a pot shop.

"Qingfeng Pavilion" name immediately produced a kind of noise in the hustle and bustle of the metropolis "downtown" sticky.

Two small boss

babe was very open-minded: opening and a half years business better than expected. What’s more, we have the advantage of our high quality and low price: customers can buy a potted product at a very cheap price, as well as other features……"

In addition to off the shelf

, in the Qingfeng Pavilion can also buy a variety of small potted seeds. There are more practical m.buster, such as aloe vera, enjoying the Mimosa etc.. In the purchase of these flowers and grass seeds can also be obtained when the store donated crystal soil and unique glass jars, vases.

is the most interesting of these vases in the vase body engraved with the twelve most stylish pattern, twelve zodiac sign and the years of fortune. According to the owner revealed that it is best to sell DIY bonsai". It is said that this "magic cactus" can generate a cactus in 5 minutes, very magical.

"Qingfeng Pavilion" potted varieties rich and colorful, can basically meet the needs of different levels, there are local characteristics of Guangzhou, but also pay attention to the new, strange, special, endless varieties. A variety of bulbous flowers should be a feature here, "because of the convenience of transportation of bulbous flowers, but also in Guangzhou by the public’s favorite."

"Qingfeng Pavilion" bonsai is the use of "soilless culture" approach. All the pots here are made of crystal soil. Clear crystal soil can clearly see the root of the plant, but also the color of crystal soil with the pot with a very particular about. Red, yellow, blue, and green "soil" caters to the needs of people of different personalities.

shop can even replace the crystal soil for customers free of charge. "Crystal soil can be used for a long time to keep clean, even if broken glass ceramics, but also do not have to worry about cleaning, and this is more beautiful, very popular with customers."

now, this kind of small point is more and more by the vast number of consumers, especially those who pursue petty bourgeoisie. Because the pot is a desk, coffee table on the display, strange, pocket flowers and plants with high ornamental, so also favored by white-collar workers. Because there are only a few specialized shops operating bonsai, so small potted plants in Guangzhou will also have a big market.

revenue and expenditure analysis


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