The police officer against drug traffickers sacrifice to pay tribute to the brave Officer

Yunnan is a very beautiful place, but also very frequent drug trafficking. Recently, there is a police officer against drug traffickers sacrifice, brave officers had more do a lot of good, now, let us together to pay tribute to this great. At the same time, we must strictly refuse drugs.

2016 in March 7th, Yunnan border detachment Jiangcheng Puer border brigade investigation team captain Yang Jungang against the armed drug traffickers, was seriously wounded and died after sacrifice.

7, Jiangcheng border brigade soldiers were ordered to check the drug in the town of Kangping Jiangcheng County dam card area, found 3 men flustered suspiciously. The investigation team captain Yang Jungang came to implement inventory, 3 suspects men found after border officers ran. The pursuit of the process, a hand-held gunpowder gun man suddenly sprang from the roadside grass, to catch and shoot Yang Jungang in the chest and abdomen at the front of the injured, the injured in the left hand over his position and continue to move forward in pursuit of more than 10 meters after the fall, 4 suspects men quickly rushed to flee overseas.

as the site of the incident from the border near, and the surrounding terrain, border officers and soldiers in our territory after the 4 suspects. The wounded officer Yang Jungang after the scene after emergency treatment was quickly sent to Jiangcheng county hospital, eventually due to excessive blood loss, rescue invalid, died.



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