How to manage modern gift industry to make money

gift industry after the rise of e-commerce, it seems to fall into a vicious cycle, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the traditional small and medium gifts merchants are difficult to gain. In 2003, Wu Keji created his own way of Ming gifts. Zhejiang traditional business opportunities and diligence, coupled with more than ten years of experience in the industry, he is known in the local industry, gift experts". Today he taught you how to open a gift shop to make money.

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"many traditional companies are facing restructuring, you must understand what is the gift industry, who is your opponent." Wu Keji said that in the face of the impact of e-commerce, traditional gift shop must transform and innovation.

Chinese in the gift industry is a relatively new industry. At the beginning of development, due to low investment, relatively high profits, there are a lot of people involved in this industry.

"the fundamental reason is that the product itself can not create a moat." Wu Keji said that now the gift industry as China’s economy is currently in the industrial upgrading of the inflection point, but also need a turning point.

entrepreneurs to develop high value-added services to maintain high profits.