Small entrepreneurial miracle college students selling underwear online into millionaires

now many universities have such a status quo, is strictly prohibited out of the style of teaching so many students in the university campus mediocrity, even after the completion of the industry, but also a half will not find the goal of life. But for the hero we are talking about today, he is an exception!

like all college students: entrepreneurial ideas, and then start a business, setbacks and failures, the ultimate success of the entrepreneurial process is extremely difficult. However, he is not the same as other entrepreneurial students, personal economic benefits, just a small business success. If there is no social benefit, it is not real success." Xie gravel told reporters that he hopes to find a copy of the network business model, so that more students benefit from it.

twists and turns to find out the project solution is gravel of Wuhan University of science and technology law and economics college administration research three students, is now a pure faction (Wuhan) Technology Co. Ltd. CEO. Solution gravel said, just entered the research at the moment, he will be the firm’s own entrepreneurial ideas, and locked in the eyes of the minimum demand for e-commerce platform.

"I first chose to sell books on the internet." Solution gravel said that in the first half of 2009, he was the first attempt to start an online book dealer". In early July, 14 solutions of gravel and like-minded friends set up a network of entrepreneurial team, the official in the sea.

through their own family relationships, decided to cooperate with Shanghai a textile company, and personally come several times, in good faith to persuade each other, finally took over the company the only authorized electronic business center brand, which is responsible for the operation of the company’s brand in the market, all network TV shopping, telephone shopping market direct business.