What qualifications do you need to open an employment agency

mobility, so that career opportunities are full of business opportunities, many people have become the choice of entrepreneurial choice. However, if you want to open an employment agency, but also need to meet the relevant conditions. So, what are the conditions required to open an employment agency?


person can be opened in Shanghai profit-making agencies as long as the occupation, have to adapt, and the business scope of the number of compliance with the requirements of the occupation introducing broker, and issued by the Department of labor and social security "Shanghai occupation permit", will be able to apply for a for-profit occupation introduction organization.

the term "for-profit employment agency" refers to a company, partnership, sole proprietorship enterprise and other economic organizations with professional intermediary (non domestic service) activities.

however, the implementation of Shanghai city occupation qualification examination system, employees must first obtain the occupation qualification examination certificate, and then according to the municipal administrative department for Industry and Commerce for registration of brokers, receive the occupation introduction class brokers practising certificate, be engaged in the occupation.

so you can start an employment agency, but you must obtain the above qualification certificate before you can get approval.


requirements of different provinces and cities, taking Beijing as an example, to carry out clear occupation introduction service object, form and content of the business scope; to adapt and business scope of the use of not less than 50 square meters of fixed premises and office facilities; not less than 100 thousand yuan of funds not less than 5 people; the full-time working personnel etc..

so, if you want to open an employment agency in your area, you want to know what kind of conditions you need to meet, you also need to contact your local authorities. In short, if you want to start a business, it is entirely possible.

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