What is the pattern of self service barbecue

barbecue is a favorite way more than a lot of friends, and now with the needs of everyone, more and more stores have a self-service barbecue, so that consumers hands, is now a very popular way of dining. So operating self-service barbecue shop, what are some of the business model?

barbecue shop business model, there are the following:

, a separate operating barbecue.

is just to provide barbecue services, then the characteristics of the barbecue to create a variety of barbecue and the diversity of forms. What is the pattern of self-service barbecue? Xinjiang style barbecue, roast buffet, customs in Northeast China Han Han, net plate burning, burning series of beer. Such as: Mongolia group, Hawaii seafood baked, roasted, grilled Las Vegas Thailand palm barbecue, Italian style, Japanese barbecue, Mt Fuji net roast lamb, roasted Spanish American American Hot Dog Brazil barbecue; of course, together with the fruits and vegetables can be grilled.

two, run spicy hot.

what is the pattern of self service barbecue? Can be used alone to open shelves to attract customers. This is a run type, because some customers just want to try, not to the whole process of their own barbecue, so this semi barbecue semi spicy barbecue shop will be more popular, especially female customers.

three, drinks, drinks series.

what is the pattern of self service barbecue? Fruit drink series, classic coffee series; is offering a variety of drinks on the other side of the barbecue, the combination of the two, the general market is very wide, because barbecue meat easily thirst, at this time of drinks have a complementary.

four, gourmet series.

series, leisure series, beautiful dish delicacy porridge series, freezing soup series, desktop series, snack series, pie series, Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings baozaifan Bibimbap series, bag series, special series and so on Rice noodles. What is the pattern of self-service barbecue? Add a variety of snacks in the barbecue shop, waiting for the baked process is not dry, this is also accepted by the public way.


above is about self-service barbecue some business model, I believe we have a detailed understanding of the specific only for consultation, so that when we shop to better join the investment, this is the good choice.

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