Six new industries to become rich in rural areas

is now in the rural areas is a very broad market and business opportunities, at the same time, the majority of entrepreneurs entrepreneurial vision also turned to the vast rural areas, also produced a lot of promising entrepreneurial projects in rural areas.

1. residential design industry. Building is a top priority in the farmer’s life, with the development of social economy, but also to the farmers residential practical and beautiful, individuation, more and more rich peasants in the building are more cautious, so vital, so you need to have the construction and research of new type of residential special design.

2. elderly services. With the improvement of people’s living standards and the renewal of ideas, the socialization, specialization and industrialization of the aged service industry will become a unique industry in rural areas.

3. natural fertilizer industry. Natural fertilizer is the general name of the organic manure, natural fertilizer in addition to improving the quality of agricultural products, but also for the market demand "green", which is the basic requirements of the market for agricultural products.

4. brokerage industry. With the gradual integration of agricultural products and the international market, good agricultural products circulation is becoming increasingly important, brokers will also show industrialization, large-scale.

5. rural tour guide. With the rise of sightseeing agriculture and leisure agriculture, rural tour guides will become a new career. Due to the particularity of agricultural tourism, agricultural science and technology knowledge should be enriched.

6. farm machinery rental industry. Because of agricultural machinery and tools and a large one-time investment for most farmers only in the production season, one investment buy uneconomical. If the development of agricultural machinery leasing business, not only to meet the requirements of agricultural cultivation, but also greatly reduce the cost of agriculture.


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