These are suitable for the opening of a number of spicy hot shop

likes to eat a lot of spicy hot, spicy hot shop is also a way to go, but to open the shop first to know where to open the right. Today to introduce you to a few suitable for hot and spicy shops in a lot of good, this is a reference to it!

1, residential community

residential community composed of ordinary guests compared to average, Malatang stores the dining area should be large enough to accommodate the consumer table dishes to the selection and collocation of relatively rich, the decoration of shops to express cordial and warm feeling, to meet the needs of adults and children. For lunch, dinner, snack consumption and holidays, no clear peak and peak seasons. In this proposal, hot pot hot pot, hot pot and hot pot casserole for the operation of choice.

2, School Park

The annual summer vacation from

3, industrial and commercial zone

Malatang stores choose to work together the central ethnic, time to day, so the opportunity is due to consumption of lunch, lunch time is not long, but the meals are in between 11-13, the supply rate higher, industrial and commercial areas of the dining environment is not high, emphasis on hygiene, service attitude is better, the seats can be more intensive, to accommodate more customers, as long as the overtime dinner guests, such as exquisite dishes feature you, to help business dinner, every Monday to Friday is the consumer focus time, Saturday is relatively greasy. Recommended to sign a series of hot and spicy, bowl of hot pot and hot pot for the operation of the first choice.

4, market night market

5, shopping super

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