Xinjiang group open day Zhang Chunxian three answer reporter asked

Xinjiang development in recent years is very stable, although there is a case for fear of violence, but also has dropped significantly, in NPC and CPPCC during the Xinjiang delegation open day activities held in the Great Hall of the East Hall, 2 hours and 40 minutes of Zhang Chunxian’s "three a reporter asked.

since April 2010 later ruled Xinjiang, Zhang Chunxian is the sixth time this year to participate in the national NPC and CPPCC party secretary of the autonomous region’s identity. Hongkong media has been called "the most open mainland officials of Zhang Chunxian, every time it appears in the" open day ", will be regarded as the Chinese and foreign media focus on" encirclement ", some sensitive issues have been mentioned, the same day.

"reports from the public view, the 2015 Xinjiang terrorist violence cases exposure significantly reduced, it means to stabilize the situation in Xinjiang? I would like to ask the current situation in Xinjiang exactly how?" A female reporter in Hongkong media first asked Zhang Chunxian.

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