Tudou founder Wang Wei tried two venture

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video, we will not forget when tudou.com, Iqiyi has not yet appeared, tudou.com with huge video resources won the praise of the public today, potatoes and Youku merger, tudou.com founder Wang Wei is also looking for a business direction.

according to government statistics, Chinese currently has become one of the world’s second largest film market last year, sales totaled 17 billion 70 million yuan ($2 billion 740 million).

involved in the animation industry, Wang Wei resigned as tudou.com chief executive in August last year. At that time, he was founded in early 2005 Tudou and Youku Youku through nearly $1 billion in stock transactions were consolidated. Although Wang Wei was praised for leading into the growth of Chinese tudou.com network video market, but because of copyright issues and the purchase of authorized content spending so that the company has a lack of cash, tudou.com never achieve profitability.

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