Successful people give advice to entrepreneurs

successful entrepreneurs in the path of entrepreneurship will encounter thorns, difficulties, but they have a core idea is to adhere to and innovation. For a successful person, some things must dare to think, if you do not want to think, it can not be done on the. The following is a successful entrepreneurial experience, take a look at it!

entrepreneurs actually do not want perfect in every respect show, their purpose is to promote the completion of the project and benefit. In this process, even if the successful entrepreneurs may make mistakes, so as long as 40% of the confidence, they dare to invest. The spirit of adventure is hard to develop in a professional manager.

" professional managers and entrepreneurs in the value orientation of the difference, often become the obstacle to their business. " before the senior in a commercial real estate company, now has successfully created a number of shopping malls in the old Zou told reporters that the Senior occupation managers tend to have better education background and personal qualities, so they have the knowledge, skill, consciousness, ideas, beliefs of every frame, a lot of things before collecting data for evaluation and the research, and then decide whether the project is feasible.

however many successful entrepreneurs do not spend too much time to do research or in-depth analysis. In contrast, those who are often planning, but sometimes forced to throw away the hard work of the strategic plan has repeatedly come back. Those who spend too much time working on research, thinking about business and planning for the future, are less likely to survive the first three years of the business than others who don’t think much about it.

People focus on constraints, have ability to sail

in some is still in the initial stage of the enterprise, the boss’s business ideas and management methods for the company’s potential crisis often ignored, such as the management of the company to change. The transformation from the professional managers of entrepreneurs, they are usually in the early stages of the creation of the enterprise, the management will be placed in the first place, some of which will be used to modify the previous experience. The former boss has planted a bomb on the firm; the latter has left the company with a lack of viability.

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