Suzhou University of Dayton held in the United States University Students Entrepreneurship contest

China’s innovation and entrepreneurship development has formed a preliminary system from top to bottom, the design of education, economic, political and other aspects. Recently, China’s entrepreneurial career is also the first time to attract the United States – the University of Dayton, Suzhou to hold student entrepreneurship contest.

the entrepreneurship contest the semi-finals from across the country more than 100 college students to participate in the competition. Unlike in the past, China’s entrepreneurial contest is held, the game does not require the players to complete a complete set of business plans, the judges saw the feasibility and attractiveness of creativity. Each team represented only by 90 seconds, with the essence of English will own preliminary business ideas and highlights, presented to the jury by the most concise way.

in schools and entrepreneurs and foreign exchange, Chinese a passenger can understand other countries attitudes and measures of entrepreneurship, and international market development trend. For the future development of business, to lay a solid foundation for the world.

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