How to do a good job of solid wood flooring store experience

solid wood flooring stores will certainly be a lot of consumers into the store every day to experience the product. As a franchisee, how to make your shop to improve profitability? Improve the consumer experience is the key. If you are a novice, do not know where to work, Xiao Bian to help you, the following analysis of hope to help you.

1, store image experience

solid wood flooring terminal through the shop for consumers to display product positioning and brand image. From the store in terms of substance, solid wood flooring store is actually a comprehensive integrated experience store, each product variety, style, selling points, styles are required to plan and coordinate with. Some stores supporting wood flooring products are factory or dealer purchased products rather than products of this series of planning within the brand, it is so price positioning, product quality, appearance and supporting the brand positioning match is very important.

2, brand value experience

in the low attention of the solid wood flooring industry, consumers are the first to solve is to find a trusted brand. Consumer confidence in the solid wood flooring brand mainly from the factory background, strength, production, service cycle and quality of service. Solid wood flooring store experience mainly rely on static display material, store environment, personnel image to expand, and the best effect is to try to persuade the store display and brand performance so that consumers feel themselves, often make the mistake here is the sales staff to the enterprise brand image as a product to sell.

3, human services experience

due to the solid wood flooring industry product sales cycle and service cycle are longer, compared to other industries, with the consumer contact time is longer, from a few months to more than one year are. Such a long service cycle, the relationship between customer relationship maintenance and network mining has become a strong evidence of brand value. To fully express the customer relationship and the case in the terminal store is an effective way to promote consumers to experience the brand value and consumption.

The operator of

solid wood flooring stores can start from many aspects of stores, products and services, to provide consumers with better consumer experience, preliminary experience as long as consumers get better in the shop, so it’s easy to facilitate the deal, the above methods you learn?

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