Novice lighting shop should pay attention to what

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lamp life can not lack, has a very broad market, as long as we are operating properly, earn in such a market to wealth will become a thing easily. However, if you want to do such a business, naturally there are more attention, especially for a novice. So what should we pay attention to?

1, capital. In general, the opening of the lighting shop, two or three types of cities may need 5-10 million or more of the opening fund, big cities need some more, small cities need less. This is related to rent, water, electricity, labor and other local price levels, can not be generalized. However, the removal of rent, decoration and other expenses, cash on hand is generally not less than 50 thousand yuan.

2, site selection. Unless you have a great deal of money and a large retail area, light shop address should be around the existing building materials market, or around the lamp retail locations. If those good places are difficult to rent, then the only way to buy the building materials is also a good choice!

3, sales positioning. That is, what kind of consumer groups in the future. No high school low-end positioning, or very vague, is bound to affect future sales. Therefore, the sales orientation must be realistic, to meet the local consumption level. If the position is higher than the local average level, it may cause a highbrow, in front of the cold situation.

4, pre brand. A good retail store, there must be one or two brands to attract consumers. A good brand can not only drive sales of other products, but also increase the popularity. If you want to worry more, then you can choose to open a lamp shop to do a factory store.

5, decoration. Note: (1) the ceiling height of not less than 2.8 m; (2) the shop decoration is not too bright, do not have too much natural light; (3) the ceiling and wall lamp installation position should fully consider the size of reserved area. Wall width of not less than 0.5 meters, ceiling box not less than 0.8 square meters, the condition should be reserved in a significant position 4-6 block size of 1 square meters of headlamps.

(4) decoration color should be one of the main color, auxiliary color is not more than 2 kinds of suitable. The color is too much too complex, will play the opposite effect; (5) the shop layout should be reasonable, should be light or a relatively large volume of products, accounting for the significant position, while other products around them to make more use of the corner, and the cylindrical placed lights.

6, supply. In general, the lighting shop in the vicinity of the wholesale market is appropriate, other products can be adjusted or other goods distribution products, although a little profit margins, but will not cause too much backlog of products due to vision and experience. Unless otherwise specified

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