nnovative mechanisms for the management of irrigation and water conservancy in Guangyuan City

although the pace of urbanization is accelerating, but there are still many areas in our country, for the construction of farmland water conservancy assets, is a very important infrastructure projects. Guangyuan City, the distribution of income "to promote the transformation of farmland water conservancy, break up the whole into parts" as the cost of production and operation of the assets of specialized cooperative organizations and farmers, explore "equity + quantitative insurance proceeds + mechanism share dividends + lease workers’ earnings. Among them, according to the source of investment in infrastructure equity quantization, the proportion of financial investment in agriculture to form fixed assets allocated to the village according to the proportion of 5:3:2 collective, farmers and poor households.

resource management "on linkage", established two counties responsible for the unified standard, township, village, owners, farmers association is responsible for the management of village regulations and "thing" day-to-day management of affairs, grassroots organizations, service users association, professional association of management of water conservancy infrastructure more than 40%. In order to explore the "long river" river management mode, the water quality of the upper reaches of the Qingchuan River and the upper reaches of the upper reaches of the lower reaches of the upper reaches of the river were explored.

economy is accelerating the development of the times are constantly changing, in order to better play the advantages of rural areas, improve infrastructure is fundamental. Guangyuan city management responsibility "of a plug in the end, according to the" public welfare project government guarantee, management of engineering market, quasi public welfare project of governmental support "principle, the implementation of differentiated management responsibility to the government, the owners and the masses, the construction of farmers mutual agricultural building facilities management service organization, implement the village administrator of more than 3000 people, the management service covers more than 70% of the city’s land area.

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