Personal webmaster should be good at taking advantage of holiday opportunities to create profit grow

we know that whenever holidays come, major shopping malls, restaurants, tourist attractions, laundries, domestic companies, recreational places will be busy. It is understood that the total consumption of the May Day holiday grew by 13% compared with last year, and many families are preparing for tourism, shopping, leisure and other activities during the holidays. As a result, each market participant is highly concerned about the use of holidays to seek opportunities and create sales. As a personal webmaster of Internet is an emerging force, a lot of personal website in the holiday business services have gradually formed a certain scale, personal webmaster also gradually integrate into the trend, beginning a holiday economic profit report. Now that the Mid-Autumn Festival has just passed, the National Day holiday, Christmas and new year’s day are coming. Holiday is approaching, this gradually strong whole festive atmosphere, our personal Adsense whether already had in National Day holiday on the occasion of the profit growth point?

well, I’m not guessing, today ADMIN5 is to share more about how to grasp the opportunity, I leave the individual owners, marketing services, create profit growth point of holiday understanding and experience sharing.

first of all, holiday marketing website pre construction, promotion preparation.

we know that opportunities are for those who are prepared. The personal Adsense wants to create a profit growth point for the holidays and can not be prepared without a good preliminary plan. Of course, we say how to prepare, according to the specific case, for example, a webmaster of my friend, he every year around October time will focus on the promotion of his Christmas gifts network, through the website to update many Christmas gifts, "the original, false content, from October to December after two months of renewal and maintenance a website to obtain Baidu ranking and flow. And its website itself mainly carries out the Christmas card, the Christmas gift delivery service, through the Taobao transaction and so on. The services of Christmas cards and Christmas gifts are outstanding, convenient, quick and safe. Through my example of this Christmas gift net, for personal Adsense to carry out holiday marketing services, must first of all to the festival to do enough understanding, such as this Christmas, we already know very well. For Christmas, relatives, friends, blessing, gifts and other activities, to carry out customized gift delivery service, it is very appropriate.

on the other hand, personal webmaster need to do enough sufficient supply of goods, in the arrival of Commerce, supply is a fundamental problem. "People without me have", "people have me all" is a true reflection of the supply advantages. How to predict the supply situation, and closely cooperate with suppliers, ahead of schedule is particularly important.

second, personal website to create a good atmosphere for holiday management

if our personal website does not have those big companies, large enterprises holiday marketing scale, does not have the atmosphere, the impact of large and so on. So sincere, sincere, warm and considerate, it is our personal website can create.

personal website, holiday management, you need to focus on creating a holiday atmosphere, which includes holiday style website >

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