The 2B relationship between buyers and sellers in B2B trading value chain

, Alibaba, SEO, Wu Jiayang, "China’s future development of B2B e-commerce" has aroused wide discussion. Living in Alibaba, his views are more from the perspective of B2B electricity supplier third party platform to consider. So, as a large and medium-sized enterprises, will be placed in the supply chain system, and what to do? The following share with you from Teng yuan (China chemical industry group chief e-commerce officer) point of view.

Wu Jiayang mentioned three types of B2B typical business platform in this paper, the first class has information superiority of B2B electronic commerce, a typical representative of China manufacturer (Made in China), second class representatives such as Linkedin (collar British) the social advantages of B2B electronic commerce, the third category is the ecological advantages of B2B electronic commerce representative Amazon Supply. Based on his observations of Linkedin and AmazonSupply, he also proposed a "B2B break" hypothesis that requires greater control over interpersonal relationships, purchases, payments, logistics, and customer feedback. He put forward three possible directions of development of B2B, an online marketing and is under heavy line at O2O mode, two is the platform and integration with enterprise ERP heavy online mode, three is for high profit standard B2B retail model.

I may not agree with Wu Jiayang on the platform of the B2B classification, but quite admire Wu Jiayang as general Internet technology elite so in-depth understanding of B2B business links, and from the platform provider’s point of view to analyze the problem and development direction. On the whole, everyone’s view is consistent, the current B2B platform has not met the requirements of 2B enterprises. Why exactly, still need to analyse from B2B transaction value chain.

B2B trading value chain

The author tries to

from the angle of B end of traditional enterprise more careful analysis of the whole process of the transaction, to need what kind of service 2B business, then we will see the B2B platform should start from where, the real entry into the B2B business to.


The first step in the

transaction is information sharing and trust building. 2B and platform operators have different appeal points.

buyer B

wants to see the most suitable supplier information (it is not the more the better, but the short list of quality suppliers and through the platform), with customers to establish a preliminary contact and communication, may also need to understand the products and services of technology exchange sellers through the line with the seller, or through the social networking platform by industry peers, professional recommendation people, preliminary selection of supplier selection list. From the supplier management (Supply, Relationship, Management) link, this is the supplier technical selection and business evaluation process.

if the seller and the buyer who have done the transaction, this pass >

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