Positioning small and medium website construction with three concepts

Google into the mobile phone market, G1 turned out, Google fans cheered, for personal Adsense, perhaps it is worth jumping for joy. A new technology product or Internet product will generate a new Internet based user demand, so it will lead to the emergence of a large number of websites offering related products. Based on this fact, I’ll use an example to discuss our topic: locating small web sites in three ways.


novel is nothing more than either a new web site creative mode, such as: VC Web2.0 products to attract many eyeballs, or is the traditional website platform to produce novel content, such as the first QQ theme, the first school code station station. They are good at discovering, are good at breaking through the immediate facts, and looking to the future, so they have been recognized. Novel is nothing more than to do " people do not have me, people have my excellent ". Products do not say, for the discovery of new content of the site, it is also seize the opportunity, coupled with a certain predictability. As in the Google mobile phone comes around the gphone/Android theme to explore its potential trade-offs to meet user needs may be, to build their own site, how to choose the next is to discuss "refinement" thoughts.


Anderson, editor in chief of the wired magazine, believes that the Internet age is concerned with the "long tail" and the era of "long tail". In fact, this is also a refinement of the concept. The idea is to decompose the refinement of user needs, attention to every detail of the needs of users, and then start from the details, focus on creating the product details, from the point of view of SEO, its users will be more valuable, as we refined from Gphone out of the needs of users in detail, also " ", if the long tail keywords; a user’s needs are: " Gphone ", where to buy; while your site is focused on this part of the user demand for accurate delivery of advertising, such as Taobao businesses and other users of your web site is not more value. There are one point one meat and potatoes of everyone in the rush, the front support portal banner, behind the same site tens of thousands of in the crowded bridge, what are your chances of success, but if detailed contents may be more successful, how to refine " ", we should start from the user the demand.

user requirements

many people stressed that content is king, I think it is more important to grasp the needs of users, only on the basis of the demand for the king to do the content, it will become the importance of content. Some users need not necessarily rich content, it can stick to his customers, such as web site, its grasp of Internet users to facilitate the access to useful sites this demand, so it will not bother to do the content, in addition to several other content link is superfluous. On the contrary, stress it

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