Take the skyline network as an example to see the predicament of Chinese Linkedn websites


has recently been relatively busy with some headhunters, saying that skyline wants vice president of product search. Just recently I’ve been working on a job search, searching for related products, just a candidate for a social networking product, and looking for it from the hiring industry. I think it’s interesting. So I took some time to study the skyline. In my opinion, skyline is experiencing some trouble at the moment.

first review the background information of skyline. The sky network by the French after the acquisition of a large sum of money financing last year, France attaches great importance to the French side of Beijing CEO personally to lead sky network business, at the same time a large number of French executives stationed in the horizon net, just last year for the sky network CEO, the new CEO has a powerful e-commerce marketing background, at the same time mass recruitment. In the second half of last year, several of my team members were poached. According to the positioning of the skyline: workplace social networking, popular saying, China’s LinkedIn, and the acquirer itself is France’s largest workplace social networking site, is the largest social networking workplace in the non English department. LinkedIn is listed in the United States, and everyone believes workplace social networking is a good concept.

since it’s China’s LinkedIn, it’s good to copy it first, and the acquirer is France’s LinkedIn. Why don’t you copy it?

I asked privately, the real data of the skyline is gloomy and the user activity is very low. After many years of operation of the sky, I think the copy must have been copied, but unfortunately, copy the effect is not ideal, performance is not satisfactory, because the copy is not good, so looking for new products for people to break bureau.

, now let’s see what troubles the horizon:

first: user activity is low,

actually, social networking in China is hard to follow. This is my understanding of the national conditions.

for thousands of years, implicit Chinese, introverted, stranger to guard Chinese social ability is not strong, resourceful people like in the side is always a minority. But their social needs are very large, and at the same time, the segments, the workplace, social networking, and demand are great. This is why social networking site natural access to the user’s cost is low, and get the user quickly, because everyone’s heart oppressed social needs, especially in the workplace, hope good luck.

social networking, in my opinion, has 3 purposes: 1) looking for business opportunities; 2) looking for the next job opportunity; 3) looking for like-minded people (including men and women).

– first of all, look for people looking for business opportunities. Such people are destined to be largely bored in social work, mostly sales, advertising companies, and they

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