Writing original is actually so simple

the benefits of the original content, I believe we all know very well, there are many ways to get original content. A friend with a good literary grace can write on his own; a friend who is willing to spend money can write; no matter what he writes, or if he spends money on writing, it is a way.

but if the literary talent is not good, but do not want to spend money to do? This is what I want to introduce to you today, the following is my accumulation from some free way without methods to create original content to spend too much time, as Chinese professional stationmaster net, use this method to create a day dozens of original and classic articles, so he was here only original and classic "slogan. Www.id89.com

one, post processing

most forums now have a lot of original postings, but many of them are scattered, not focused, or subject matter is not clear-cut. In fact, we only need to analyze and sort out, select some suitable posts, and carry out simple processing, you can achieve a good original article.

two, blog reprinted

blog has become an indispensable factor in the Internet, we know that blogs are mostly personal, and a lot of content is based on their own hobbies and interests from my play. And the blog’s concentration is very strong, life blog is talking about blog, learning blog is talking about learning, so collect some more professional blog, also can give us reproduced many original content.

three, content review

users in many large web sites is in the very fire, comments are users according to their own feelings to write, so to draw inferences according to some good comments, it is not difficult to create a good original article.

four, tracking hot

is now the Internet, at any time there will be some hot topics, so we follow a hot topic, and then to collect the relevant content in the Internet, through sorting can also create a popular original content.

five, the establishment of QQ group

set up a special QQ communication group, and then published some discussion topics, so that the group friends free to speak, discuss, and finally put the friends published an argument written into an article, which is a good original.

six, vote for system

set up on its website a submission system, for users to contribute, and appropriate to reward contributors. This also can collect a lot of original content.

seven, Baidu knows

in Baidu know post questions, and then according to the user’s answer edit, tidy up, you can create original article.

above is today, I introduced to you how to create original content, hope to still for the original worry friends help.

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